In Response to some Responses

I (a lesbian) wrote a post on my (a lesbian) blog, regarding lesbians/lesbian community and seeking responses from lesbians in an open environment. Shortly after a handful of responses from lesbians, there came a deluge of comments from transmen and a few male transitioners. I closed the open comments and deleted the remaining anti lesbian comments. Two striking things stand out from these deleted comments: 1) the post in question dealt with the results of Friday's poll regarding transmen in the lesbian community and 2) Femme as a mindless fuck hole with no will or desire of her own.

Striking problem number 1) The issue being discussed was how the "queer" set, particularly transmen have ran roughshod over the lesbian community in the last decade or so, creating a less than lesbiancentric atmosphere. So what happens here? In run the transmen to tell lesbians that they aren't disrespecting lesbians or lesbian spaces. I'm being polite by using "disrespecting" rather than their hate filled words. By commenting attacking posts strictly for lesbians, YES you ARE disrespecting lesbians! If you are a man now, then go on and be a man within straight society or gay male culture. Men aren't lesbians and do not belong when lesbians are trying to have some lesbian community and lesbian intimacy. There are always Pride days and the like for bringing the various communities together to commingle. The Lesbian community isn't one big Pride day open to all with open legs. Lesbians aren't here like good mothers to prop up the pseudo trans-masculinity of scared, insecure transmen nor are lesbians expected to coddle transmale fears by letting transmen hide under the skirt of the lesbian community and it is completely wrong and unfair for transmen to think otherwise!

Striking problem number 2) Femme lesbians. There were quite a few comments from transmen exclaiming Butch lesbians do not want transmen in the Butch/Femme community because we're all just "jealous" because the transmen are "taking all" our "Femmes"! No, I did NOT make that up. It was said and reiterated. My first thought is the Butch/Femme community isn't some version of Ellis, Hall and the fucking Well! Femme lesbians are their very own individual dykes, they aren't carnival cupie doll prizes for who looks more like a man, which btw Butch lesbians do not remotely resemble! Femmes lesbians ARE LESBIANS! There is no Butch-transmen competition for actual Femme LESBIANS! Femmes lust after Butch emotions, Butch sensitivity, Butch softness, Butch skin, Butch knockers, Butch pussy and the smell of Butch pussy, period. Femmes love and lust after a WOMAN'S body, hence the whole LESBIAN thing. Its not rocket science, but it is my favourite chemistry class!

So much for lesbian respect and support from the greater "queer" alphabet.



  1. Right. Make up your mind, you useless prattler. We are men, we aren't men, we are women, we're not women. How can we have done SO much damage to a community that has nothing in common with us? The answer is: we didn't. Your community was never what you thought it was. People DID have a desire for more physical masculinity. People DID have a sexual and romantic desire for men and transmen. All that bottled up and policed behavior DID bust out at the seams-and that's what you get when you are too controlling.
    It's a good lesson, though, to keep your wits around you and keep only friends who are true regardless of identity-they will stick around. Rather than reveling in a false sense of security in a social group
    based on a shared sexual desire- That's not enough to hold the company of the most creative, intelligent, passionate, and worthwhile humans the world has to offer.

  2. And until you are declaring lesbian-only space, it's not lesbian only space, you territorial chump.

  3. Anon@ 6:40 and 6:43 Im assuming is the same person who is not even creative enough to at least make up some initials, maybe its you that needs to surround HERself with some creative, intelligent, passionate and worthwhile people instead of reveling in a false sense of security in a troubled group based on a shared delusion that you are men...
    You ARE NOT MEN! You are drug infused girls living a fantasy of what you think is a man but never will be. It is impossible.. Since you have chosen this path, you no longer have the right to include yourself in a womens or lesbian discussion or space. You want Dirt to make up her mind? FTM transitioners are and will always be women but when you pump your body full of hormones and start tricking people into believing you are a man by growing a beard and shoving a plastic penis over your vagina..its no wonder we dont know what to call you. And what have you(FTM)(MTF) done to cause so much damage you ask? by sucking Lesbian resources and by bringing your delusions into our spaces and pushing your GENDER disorder to the forefront of OUR agenda. If you want to pretend to be a man, then GO, get off this blog(or actually freaking READ IT so you understand) and get off youtube and go live your life. You were spot on when you said, "a community that has nothing to do with us."

  4. FTMs damage our community by clinging to it with their phallic worship long after they've been disfigured by recreational testosterone and elective cosmetic double mastectomies.

    If you do a google search for recent FTM news the only issues you will find are related to casual sex with males. Is gay male GPS site for casual hook-ups Grindr banning FTM profiles? Were FTM's prevented from casual sex in a windy city basement party space? Are FTMs "sleeping with the enemy" by their casual hook-ups with straight guys via craigslist? That's it. Those are the FTM issues of the day. And this has WHAT to do with lesbians and the women's community???

    About the lol-inducing (and oft heard) proclaim from the FTMs that "butches are jealous cause we take women away from them". First of all, you are a sad self-hating woman-hating person to conceive of females in that objectified way. Secondly, FTMs do butches a favor, seriously, by putting a red flag on the curious straight girls and hetero stone femmes who feed on butch dysphoria like it was a dollar meal drive-through double melt. So thanks for that part at least.

    Now, fly away to your man-love universe! Buh-bye! Watch that door on the way out!

  5. Good points!

    As a summary:

    1/ Come on boys. Be grown up and either go to gay bars or straight society but forget lesbians and their places! You don't belong to there anymore once you transition because your body is no more a female body! We all know you feel so much secure to stay in the lesbians' mums skirts and you feel so protected in our places but you made a choice s stick to it! Isn't it what the doctor call "real life experience"? Do a real "real life experience" : go in men's room, in men's sport club, in straight men's bars, in gay men's backroom...

    2/ Lesbians date women. Lesbians love boobs. Lesbians are usually sick to see your scars, body and facial hair and weird clito. If you have found a "lesbian" who is in love with you, this person is probably not "lesbian" in the first place but a sort of confused bisexual who loves freak!

  6. Keep on keeping on! Wow, I LOVE your responses! Good thread Dirt, as always!
    -In Solidarity,
    We are Female Identified Butches and we are rising and taking our Dyke communities back, as well as Female Proud Butch Dyke identity!

  7. I don't know if some FTM will read the article and the comments.

    Most FTM have modified their body with T or surgeries, in a way it is more masculinised and in way it does not fit anymore the usual "women category".

    The only "women category" they can fit is "woman who has hirsutism and a breast cancer leading to massec"...

    So after doing all that pain to your female body, after having modified it in a way it is not at all attractive to lesbians as you have removed the boobs, added body hair, lost your hairs, grow up a beard, working-out to loose the curves ...
    , can you tell us why you think you still should go/enter in lesbians' spaces?

    Your body is repulsive to 100% of lesbians so why do you want to bring it there?

    Can a FTM answer? Is there any answer?

  8. Shorter, one of the many chickenshit anonymous commenters:

    Everything male is glorified by every one and every thing, so we, being the mindless drones that we are, decided to go along with the program, so nyah, nyah to lesbians.

  9. FtM's are women with a gender disorder. If they take testosterone they have biological problems as well.
    I think most are clinging to the Lesbian Community because they are scared shitless to go out and really try to live as the men they mimic - even like going to a straight bar. I guess it must be the testosterone that makes them want to compete with Butches.
    I do feel sorry for them, pining away for what they will never be.

  10. @Gallus Mag

    "FTMs do butches a favor, seriously, by putting a red flag on the curious straight girls and hetero stone femmes who feed on butch dysphoria like it was a dollar meal drive-through double melt. So thanks for that part at least."

    Preach on sister!

  11. Actually, a lot of trans men would not want to go into women's only spaces. There are some who will, but they also are a lot who will not. You are correct to say that trans men do not belong in lesbian or women's only spaces.

    That being said, I'm still going to use the women's restroom sometimes, because I'm pre-T and pre-op and haven't had my legal gender changed so it is illegal in my state to use the men's bathroom.

  12. "so it is illegal in my state to use the men's bathroom."

    I am sorry, I am not from the US so I am surprised to read this: ca someone explains?

    In my country, you go to the bathroom you want based on availability so, in a sense, women have males privileges...

  13. Alexander (same one again)January 19, 2011 at 3:53 AM

    I think it should be fucking obvious to anyone.
    Lesbian = woman
    Trans man = man
    Lesbian spaces = spaces for women
    Lesbian spaces = spaces not for men
    Lesbian spaces are not for trans men.

    LGBT spaces, sure
    Gay male spaces, sure (if appropriate)
    Bi male spaces, sure (if appropriate)
    Straight male spaces, sure (if appropriate)
    Male spaces in general, sure
    Queer spaces, sure
    Lesbian spaces - Fuck NO

    (a frustrated trans man)

  14. "Lesbian spaces are not for trans men."
    Yes technically but they go there to convert lesbians into straight women.

  15. Thank you Alexander! Knowing there at least there is one trans man who gets it makes me a little more hopeful

    And to Anon on 1/19 at 1:51am. In the US, we have separate, designated bathrooms for men and women. (Although with a stomach disorder, I sometime wish we didn't. I hate waiting in line for the ladies room.)

  16. That big dude over thereJanuary 30, 2011 at 3:53 AM

    Gross you like Butch Pussy Periods? Also, change this to a lesbian blog if that is the case. Can't you just stop and for one second understand that most transMEN are only categorized as lesbians because a lot of transMEN cannot be put on hormones at birth or before they are labeled for liking pussy too?? Two different groups, one big coincidence. PS. I got a real pretty femme lesbian that is jumping to suck on my tiny transMAN cock and I have about five million on red that says I will get off harder and more often then you because I love my female clitoris so much that I wanted hormones to enlarge it into the size of a small penis. Why? Because I like miniature things. Same reason I drink out of tiny cups. Speaking of Tiny cups, if youre so proud of your tits why dont you show them? I can figure out a way to crop out that God fugly face of yours.

  17. Transmen are not Lesbians, Lesbians arent TransguysJanuary 30, 2011 at 4:32 AM

    I am a transgendered person. I was born and raised female but made the conscious and educated choice to transition by rubbing a testosterone gel on my body once a day. I am not following a trend or fad, just my heart and my head. I do not feel as if I am a fake or "pumped" full of hormones. I do not wish to associate with lesbians as if I am one of them because I am not, I never have been. I respect what you are saying from that prespective. What annoys me are drag kings who transition and during the day want to live as men and you have to tip toe around them, and then at night they are fine with being identified as a male impressionist. I will say that like with most women, I do find lesbians attractive, as they are women, but that does not give me the right to insert myself into their community. I understand words, and I know what lesbian means. Now what we need is a word to label women who are totally okay or attracted to transguys. Because they are not lesbians, and they do exist. At best they are Bi, is this not right? I wish you all the best and I hope that people understand that the people you can talk out of transitioning are obviously not transgender and do not have biological issues. I have read your blog for a while now, before hormones and now and it still doesn't shake me because I know my own truth and what I am and where I belong. This is not a mental disorder for me and that is something my straight doctors and psychiatrist had to convince me of. It is biological for some and we have to remember to respect every human life and their right to make their own decisions.


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