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What are some of the crushes you had growing up, whether cartoon characters, movie stars, singers, sitcom stars, who were they? Specify if it was an I-wanna-be-like-this-crush or a romantic crush. Feel free to tell us how you ID as well if you feel comfortable.

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  1. My Gym Teacher!!


  2. Kate Jackson, Joanne Woodward, Patty Duke, my English Teacher to name a few

  3. @Canadian,

    I second Kate and Joanne!


  4. Prince Valiant and Tarzan. I'm a straight woman, but was raised to expect that it wouldn't matter being female, I was sure I was gonna be a hero and have adventures. I'm still working on the hero part...

  5. I'm female and the various heroes or characters I liked very, very much were (chronological order):
    -Jacques the mouse from the Disney "Cinderella" movie. He was the quickest and smartest of the mice.
    -Sailor Moon (because she was born my same day and she was the most powerful being in her universe, she more often saved her boyfriend than the contrary. No other relation personality-wise, she was a crybaby)
    -Pippi Longstockings, she was so awesome and adventurous. Really fearless.
    -Fox McCloud from the Starfox series. An antropomorphic fox in space out to defeat a mad scientist who's a flying monkey head. I liked him so much I signed myself Fox and always played him in my pretend games.
    -Link (Ocarina and Majora version) from the Legend of Zelda series. He was a silent hero who saved the world even though no one ever realized it, and asked nothing in return.
    -Mulan from the Disney movie because she lead the life I wish I had.
    -Lady Oscar from the "Rose of Versailles" anime. She was again a brave and selfless soldier in a time where women could at best only be dames.
    -Seung Mina from the Soul Calibur 2 game, because she was really really overconfident and awesome (standard phrase: "You'll lose!")
    -Billy Lee Black the gunslinger priest from Xenogears. Angelic-looking but badass, he cared for children a lot. His theme is called "The Blue Traveler" and that's where I took my nickname among other things (my early obsession with the color blue and exploring also helped)
    -Spike Spiegel from the Cowboy Bebop anime. A really weird character for a anime, he would be far more comfortable in a film noir setting. From the same series I also liked Faye Valentine, although I figured I would hate her at first. She's never been a model for me though.
    -Godot from the Phoenix Wright series. He was very far from a perfect character (had some really obvious and nasty flaws), but his stories and his character were so well-written and compelling. He's probably one of my favourite characters ever. I always liked stories of redemption, even when the redemption can't really happen (and what he did in the end was inexcusable). Still, I really liked his very "gray area" status and his way of phrasing things and of debating.

    And that's it for now...as you can see I liked both male and female characters, because I like characters first and foremost. Female Japanese characters are so insulting lately though, it makes me puke. I want Lady Oscar back!

  6. I had my first crush on this guy when I was 6 years.

    But the most of the crushs I have had have been on men and women whom burns for socialism.

  7. *those were not romantic crushes. And since I'm a private person, no, you won't get those. You could count them on a hand and there would still be fingers anyway. I'm very picky.

  8. my earliest crushes:
    ginger from gilligan's island
    olivia newton-john
    donna summer

  9. One of my first female crushes was on Katie Holmes of (then) Dawson's Creek fame.

    I also promised my best friend I would marry her when we were preschool age, though I wouldn't say we were in love, really.

  10. I had quite a few crushes when I was growing up. One of them was Boy George. I just thought he was pretty. My dad hated him and called him a "fruit loop" and didn't like me listening to him. I always swore to my dad that he isn't really gay and only wears make-up for performing and for pictures. He knew better though. LOL. It wasn't a romantic crush.

    I had a crush on Pete Burns, the lead singer of Dead Or Alive. My dad also didn't like him either because he wore make-up.

    Another crush I had was on Madonna. I still think she's hot!

    I had a crush on Jo from The Facts Of Life.

    My biggest crush was on Joan Jett. I still to this day think she is hot.

    I had a crush on K.D Lang for a long time before she crossed over from Country into Pop music.

    I did have a crush on this girl from kindergarten up until the 3rd grade. Then the teacher told us that girls don't kiss girls.

    I don't think I wanted to be like any of my crushes, although I did want to be famous, if that counts.

    I identify as FTM. I was a teen in the 80's and I didn't know there was a word for what and how I was feeling. I went to counseling from age 15 until I was 18 and was diagnosed with GID. I didn't know any thing about testosterone at that time but could have went on it. I had to try and find books on the subject but there really wasn't a whole lot to read at that time. Then in 1998 I got a computer for Christmas and did research of my own on transsexualism and hormones. I started living full-time as a man as of Sept. 30, 2007 and was put on T on July 13, 2009.

    Yes, I am very comfortable with who and what I am. I have my days in which I get down but doesn't everyone? The down days are because my fiancee and I have had to live a part from each other for a year and a month. We are two hours a part from each other but we hope to get our own place again very soon.

    Oh yeah, I did have a crush Belinda Carlisle for a brief time. I thought she had the cutest smile.

  11. My first crush was Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams. I then went on to Janis Joplin, Tina Turner and Patti Smith.

  12. Maria, from Sesame Street was my first crush. Ingrid Bergman when I was in middle school. Annie Lennox and Joan Jett when I got to high school.

  13. to anonymous 5:41

    did hearing that 'girls don't kiss girls' have a strong effect on you?

    (i'm from 4:37, and i'm a 'boyish' (their word not mine) lesbian)

  14. @Anon at January 24, 2011 7:48 AM...No, because to me it was natural.

  15. This was sort of more of a teenage thing, but I wanted to be Susan Sarandon's character from Bull Durham. BAD. She was smart and sexy and spiritual and IN CHARGE. She wore great clothes that had NOTHING to do with fashion and her house was gorgeous and she listened to wonderful obscure music. Then shortly after I had my first daughter she played Marmee in Little Women and I wanted to be like her all over again. Gentle but strong, principled, passionate, capable and STILL gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous in no make-up and civil war rags. I also loved her house in that one too :) When I was really little I alternated between wanting to be: Laura from the Little House books, Anne from Anne of Green Gables and Susan from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I think I kind of had a bit of a crush on Marie Osmond too, despite being straight. I didn't want to kiss her, I think if I could have articulated it I would have said I wanted her to be my teacher. Don't know if that counts.

  16. I'm Femme and I was/am a big wrestling fan. I was in love (and still am) with Chyna (Joannie Laurer). She is big, buff, smart, and totally sexy. I bought both Playboys she was in. If I had a chance with her - I'd take it in a heartbeat and make her the happiest woman alive.

    I didn't know they were crushes at the time, but I definitely got "warm and fuzzy" feelings for some of my teachers when I was younger.

    Anon at 7:48 asked another poster if hearing "girls don't kiss girls" influenced her. It did me. When I was 13, I first came out. I told my Mom I thought I was gay. She told me I couldn't be. I guess she said it to make me feel better. I believed her because she was my Mom. It did the opposite and pushed me into the closet with unhappiness and denial. I didn't come out again until I was 28.

  17. @BR: I hear you. I got conflicting messages all through middle and high school. On the one hand being called "lezzie" and "dyke" (ie my liking girls was obvious and shameful) and on the other, I couldn't possibly be one b/c I liked skirts and lipstick (and Doc Martens... and sk8boarding. I guess I was a boi-ish femme, LOL). So it was always, "When you meet the right boy," which is just the teen version of "you've not had the right dick yet." So confusing!

  18. I also want to add I had plenty of crushes on boys growing up. I don't believe I was "born" a lesbian, just that I didn't fit into the "girl" social role very well, and thus was called "gay/lesbian".

    That said, I love loving wimmin!

  19. I had a wide range of crushes but I think my first girl crush was Britney Spears when I was a freshman in high school. i just thought...wow I want to make-out with her. This was way before she went crazy.

    I also had a kind of crush on Ricky Martin because I really wanted his dance moves and hair style, at that time my dad wouldn't let me have my hair short. I wanted to spike my hair and be suave with the ladies.

    As I got older I started to crush on Amazon looking women like Chyna and Xena because I wanted to be strong and built like them.

    Now I have crushes on women who argue with me.

    I'm flamboyantly butch.

  20. I just have to add my crush to this list.
    My crush is Jennifer Tilly. I think she is beyond sexy. I prefer pictures of her fully clothed, and just being herself. She's been my crush for very long time, and will probably stay that way for a long time to come. I guess you could say, she's my ultimate crush. My current crush, and attainable for me, is my girlfriend of 5 years. She's amazing to me and I love her.


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