Calling for Lesbian Film Suggestions

I want have a blog list of lesbian films. Please list your favourite lesbian films suggestions. Preferably films that portray the unique friendships and romantic relationships between lesbians. Films that capture that non spoken knowingness that goes on only between dykes.



  1. i liked Better than chocolate myself

  2. Last weekend the GF and I watched 'Tipping the Velvet,' a BBC miniseries based on the Sarah Waters novel. It wasn't perfect, but we did both like it. Definitely of a higher quality than some other lesbian movies I've seen. The actress really portrayed the sweet dawning of love that Nan has when she first meets Kit, her infatuation with her despite Kit's obvious major shortcomings, and we also liked the way Jodhi May portrayed Florence.

    Also saw a documentary called 'The Aggressives' a few weeks ago, about studs & ag girls in NYC. It wasn't edited very well, but it was interesting subject matter.

  3. I couldn't get through more than 20 minutes of 'Better Than Chocolate,' but I tried. I might try again in the future.

  4. I'll add Waiting for the Moon and Oranges are not the only Fruit.


  5. One of my personal favorites was "The Watermelon Woman."

  6. High Art
    Go Fish
    Desert Hearts(Yeah I know but it was groundbreaking)
    Aimee and Jaguar

  7. Fire
    Desert Hearts
    Aimee & Jaquar
    By Hook or By Crook
    Hannah Free
    Late Bloomers
    Itty Bitty Titty Committee
    When Night is Falling

  8. I'm trans as you know but I loved Salmonberries, as I love K.D.Lang to death (She freaking rocks). I also liked Better than chocolate, Bound, and If These Walls Could Talk 2. There's just so many to choose from.

    You could always watch the L Word. I only watched the first 3 episodes as they didn't really have butch women on the show but it was okay.

    Queer As Folk was a good show because they did have a few pretty hot lesbian scenes but it's mostly gay guys and their drama but I enjoyed it. I even went and bought every season on DVD.

    I can say though that I really loved Salmonberries. I can't find it on DVD but I do have it on VHS but I don't have a VCR anymore.

    I just now ordered all of the Ellen Show from Netflix as I laughed on every episode. I love the puppy episode when Ellen comes out. What a great show. I love Ellen!!

    I'm trying to think of more but my mind is blank...hmmmmm.....Teresa's tattoo maybe? Or maybe, Set It Off?

  9. I second Bound, Aimee and Jaguar, Hannah Free, When Night is Falling, and the Aggressives.

    Some other ones I enjoy:

    The Incredibly True Story of Two Girls in Love

    But I a Cheerleader

    Lost and Delirious

    Saving Face

    Imagine Me and you

    If these Walls Could Talk 2

    8 Femmes ( mostly for the songs)


    Black.Womyn ( a documentary)

    If I think of some more I'll be back!

  10. I just went through my movies and found some more lesbian movies. How about, Incredibly True Adventures Of Two Girls In Love, Girls In Prison, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, Butch Camp, Chasing Amy, The D Word, or The Sisterhood???? Still going through all of our movies right now to make more suggestions.....

  11. Just so you know... Susie Bright was the "technical" [i.e. lesbian sex] consultant for Bound. It's very much an artifact of the 90's sex wars.

  12. All the films made by Monika Treut (except Gendernauts).
    MT is an openly lesbian German film director, the only one in the world who own her independent women/lesbian only film company, is an entrepreneur and do beautiful very small films budget !

    She was interviewed in "Lavender Limelight" ( and from all the women here, she is the only one who stayed true to herself and did not sell her lesbian soul to patriarchy.

    An impressive person in life and in her job and very close to her audience too! A symbol for me of what a lesbian should be when she has access to media!

    Films list:
    *Female misbehaviour (docu but super interesting)
    *My father is coming (comedy)
    *Virgin machine
    *Seduction the cruel machine (for the ones of us into BDSM, a must see because women can be Domin and bad girls too ;)
    *Danish girls show everything
    *Erotique (where 2 women give a feminism "lecture" to a f* macho)

    I like her films because women characters are strong or unconventional but not like a "Shane rebel phase" no, more like a political gesture against males and their domination...

    She is available on Facebook here: and answer directly the questions...

  13. Ghosted
    M├Ądchen in Uniform

  14. By Hook Or By Crook is certainly not a lesbian movie, by any stretch. Tipping the Velvet has a character dressing male and passing for male. And Bound has a femme who fucks men. So you can cross those off your list.

  15. The Girl and The Incredible Story of Two Girls in Love

  16. High Art, by Lisa Cholodenko, starring Ally Sheedy & Radha Mitchell

  17. Read 'Tipping the Velvet.' The main character in it, Nan, does pass for a male when she has to survive penniless on the streets of Victorian London, but at all other times when she is wearing men's clothes, she's either in drag as a performer or she is an openly acknowledged woman (with Diana and with Florence). No one ever mistakes Kitty for a male.

  18. Chasing Amy is a profoundly homophobic movie by a male director (Kevin Smith) who has a lot of problems with women's sexuality in general. Oh, and he's a born-again, evangelical Christian. Despite the "edgy" subject matter and foul language, his views are right out of the 1950's.

    And I hate to say it, but I've pretty much given up on lesbian-themed movies. Very few of them actually depict lesbians as people. The ones by male directors usually make us look like we're from outer space, and the ones by lesbian directors tend to be heavily subcultural (everyone in them is part of some sort of scene, no one's just living their life.) I'm not saying there are no exceptions, but they're few and far between.

  19. There was a new series on the BBC at the end of last year which was kind of like a British Version of the L Word. It was called Lip Service and this was i thought a great series. Although my favourite has to be If Walls Could Talk 2. The different decades and how the lives and relationships were different shows how much the world had come along.

  20. An amazing film by an Indian director Deepa Mehta called "Fire." It was protested in India, but it's a deeply moving story about love between two women in a homophobic society.

    Also, "But I Am A Cheerleader," more fun and funny, but lesbian.

  21. Wow we need some new lesbian movies. Not exactly a deluge here...

    My favs that haven't been mentioned already

    Born in Flames
    Entre Nous

  22. Some great movies already mentioned, but my 2 favourites are:
    Show Me Love (foreign film)
    Lost and Delirious (Go Canadian movies!)


  23. @Anon at 2:55 am. " can cross those off your list."

    Oh please, spare me your lesbian purity standards. Real live lesbians live real live complicated lives - they don't pop out of the womb fucking women and live sequestered away in lesbianville. By your standards, pretty much none of the films listed on this page would pass (the vast majority of lesbian characters that have ever been put on film are hinted to or shown to have been with men before coming out).

    Bound has women having hot, intense sex with each other and then running away together (one of them used to be with men) - this is no different than Desert Hearts. Tipping the Velvet is about vaudevillian performance, women falling in love with each other, one freaking out at the consequences, and the other who dresses and performs as a man to survive in Victorian England and goes on to have a lifelong commitment to a woman. You know, complicated stuff. The women in By Hook or By Crook are butch, having sex with other women, and searching for meaning in their lives as lesbians. It's worthy of discussion what some of the messages are, but their struggle with their identities as "women" or "butch" or being she/her or he/him is very closely related to Dirt's own recent post. I know, because I've seen the filmmakers speak about what they were trying to say.

    Every one of these films features born women who are in love with and having intimate and sexual, committed relationships with other born women. That's what a lesbian is, thank you very much.

  24. After wracking my brain, I finally remembered the name of another one I liked from the 90's:

    The Sticky Fingers of Time

  25. Nobody mentionned the Millenium film serie whose main character Lisbeth Salander is lesbian. I love the scene when she punishes the guy who previously raped her (

  26. Oh, and, "The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls"

    I've seen a lot of good lesbian flicks by going to film festivals. But I've forgotten most of the names of them (and they weren't picked up for wider distribution) and many of them were shorts. One I remember was called "My Next Girlfriend." It was hilarious. Someone should create a database of all the lesbian films that have been at festivals over the years - it would be wonderful to have that resource.

  27. Anon said "So you can cross those off your list" regarding Bound, By Hook or By Crook, and Tipping the Velvet.

    Well I'm a FAB, never-het lesbian, more than a few decades in, and if I say they're lesbian films, then they're lesbian films. So nyah, nyah to you. ;-)

    And if we're going to engage in that kind of thing, by the way, we better have Dirt herself tell us what she meant by a "lesbian" film. (I already didn't put all the ones I could think of on this list for various reasons, but maybe I should have.)

  28. To Anon @ 1:06am who said:

    "Oh please, spare me your lesbian purity standards. Real live lesbians live real live complicated lives - they don't pop out of the womb fucking women and live sequestered away in lesbianville. "

    Some real live lesbians DO pop out of the womb fucking women and forgo the male-fucking. Quite a few of us actually. So please save me your purity standards for what a real live lesbian can be. And the sequestered away in lesbianville comment? What do you mean by lesbians who don't fuck men are "sequestered"? Lesbians who don't fuck men are typical lesbians.

    "Every one of these films features born women who are in love with and having intimate and sexual, committed relationships with other born women. That's what a lesbian is, thank you very much."

    Are you saying that bisexual women (those who aren't "sequestered in lesbianism") can't fall in love with and have intimate and sexual committed relationships with other women?
    As much as you may wish to redefine lesbianism, it remains a term for women who are solely attracted sexually to other women. THAT's what a lesbian is, thank YOU very much.

  29. Aimee and Jaguar was my favorite Lesbian film to date....the rest, well were kinda lame in many ways, not a big enough budget or decent acting, or too weird and avante guarde...but I also like mainstream films that have Lesbian characters, even if they're cameos or minor roles, cuz I HUNGER for Lesbian presence....there was a Lesbian character in the second Matrix, she was a soldier who gave her life to defend the complex and for another female soldier who was her buddy, and also in the second ALien, along with Signourney Weaver, a Butch Lesbian Marine, who gave her life for Signourney Weaver and in real life she is a Jewish Puerto Rican Butch Dyke!

    'Go Fish', one of those weirdly avante guarde films, one thing I liked about it, is it did show REAL Lesbians, IN COMMUNITY, not just in a vaccuum with a torrid affair separated off. There were some realtime community in jokes that were quite funny in that movie!

    I'll see if I can think of others I liked, but really, Aimee and Jaguar was the best, and a film both my partner and I deeply related to because of our mutual backgrounds.

  30. I can't believe nobody's added WATER LILLIES to the list yet.
    It is visually stunning, well written, and completely unexpected.It is basically about being completely in love with your best friend at age 15.
    It's one of my favorite films, not because it's a lesbian-ish film but because it's simply an amazing film.
    You must watch it. It's available to watch instantly on Netflix, btw.

    A few other interesting films that I like but are not super well known:

    DOGTOOTH (weird parents keep their 2 daughters and son totally isolated from society)
    MURDEROUS MAIDS (the true story of lesbian sisters that murdered their employers in 1930's France)
    THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT (simply insane, watch it with a bottle of wine)
    WORKING GIRLS(a realistic portrayal of several prostitutes working in a upscale locale in NYC, the main character is a lesbian)

    I could list so many more... I'm addicted to cinema.

    Watch Water Lillies first.


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