Calling for Lesbian Fiction Suggestions

I'm looking to comprise a blog list of lesbian fiction. Please list some lesbian fiction you feel would be beneficial to other dykes, preferably fiction with some literary merit.



  1. Anything by Jane Rule such as:

    Desert of the Heart
    Contract with the World
    The Young in one Anothers Arms
    This is not for you
    After the Fire

    Some others

    What we All Long For
    Oranges are not the only fruit
    Ruby Fruit Jungle

  2. The Sea of Light
    Tipping the Velvet
    The Blue Place

  3. "Beyond the Pale" by Elana Dykewomon
    "Deejay and Betty" by Anne Cameron (and some of Anne Cameron's later novels)

  4. Anything Jeanette Winterson or Ann Bannon.

  5. Dog Tags by Alexis Jude

    These books are all in a series by Diana Rivers

    Daughters of the Great Star
    Her Sister's Keeper
    Journey to Zelindar
    The Red Line of Yarmald
    Clouds of War

    Also has thousands of Lesbian themed books you might wanna check out.

  6. I am a lesbian because I saw one night late on TV after a rock show my parents allowed me to watch on Friday nights the trailer ( of the Hunger ( and told to myself: woa, does it exist or is it a film director fantasy ?
    So it is a bit lesbian chic to discover one's exuality because of Deneuve but well :D

  7. lesbianplusfeministJanuary 11, 2011 at 9:57 AM

    The Marquise and The Novice is a rare work of lesbian gothic fiction.

  8. Would be a bonus -- if people have the time -- if you can put the authors and what genre the book is.

  9. Definitely Sarah Waters books (especially Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet), which are historical fiction. (Although, I rarely read historical fiction and I adored them.)

    Also, for a little less of a well-known author, you will not be disappointed with anything by Ivan E. Coyote. Fun Home is a memoir by Allison Bechdel, the same person who does the Dykes To Watch Out For comics.

  10. I read a lot of speculative fiction, some serious, some just fun, and although a lot of stories touch on feminist themes, I'm always disappointed that so few stories are lesbian.

    Sometimes it seems like there are more stories involving three-sex romances, such as some of Octavia Butler's novels, than involving simple woman-woman one-sex relationships. I recently read Elisabeth Vonarberg's "Maerlande Chronicles," which start off good but end up as heterosexist as everything else. *sigh*

    - MAE.

  11. I recommend "The Diaries of Anne Lister" and "The Well of Loneliness," along with "The Collector's Edition of Victorian Lesbian Erotica".

  12. For me, reading "The Wanderground" by Sally Gearhart was absolutely lifechanging and very, very thought provoking. It's a futuristic story which really isn't so far away, when the lesbian women start leaving the city environments in droves to live in the countryside and begin to develope their psychic powers living together. I also consider Sally Gearhart to be a very special spiritual Lesbian whom I've loved to run into every chance I've gotten...mostly she lives very close to the Land, though she once was a college professor and Aikidoist in the day...she also has other books too which are good, but "The Wanderground" is her masterpiece.

    There are some good books by Elizabeth Lynn too. And Charlotte Perkins Gilman Amazon utopia, "Herland".

    I will have to look at my extensive collection of Lesbian books, but most are nonfiction.


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