Astraea LESBIAN Foundation for Justice-another NCLR

Astraea  is another "lesbian" org using a slight of hand through using lesbian identity to fund non lesbian cases.

This org claims to have a "commitment to feminist principles" yet clearly supports trans/trans ideology which is steeped in anti-feminism by its continued adherence to the shrinking roles of women, promotion of hyper femininity and the misogyny that is the foundation for all who transition. That is NOT a "commitment to feminist principles", that is paying lip service to feminism in name only in the same way this org is paying lip service to lesbians.

Save your dollars for a more worthy cause lesbians.



  1. You should have a tag for all those articles called "using lesbian org money for trans".

  2. Wow, just when I think I can't be shocked-Astrea is selling out the dollars to non-lesbians! What is so hard about lesbians sharing resources with other lesbians? Why are we giving away one dollar to any non-lesbian thing? LESBIAN.
    Thanks for starting this info campaign Dirt. The word has to get out, and lesbians need to take those organizations back, get rid of the boards of directors that sold out, and cut off the funds if it isn't 100% lesbian centered.

  3. @HistoriDyke

    Because women have been raised to give and to be the care taker, to sacrifice themselves for males...They used to do it for gay males now they do it for FTM...

  4. Yep. First it was NCLR(and by the way, I put my two cents in on their facebook blog), and then Astraea, and I was UTTERLY disappointed...but my latest, and I'm about to get kicked off a size positive queer site because of this: is NOLOSE: National Organization for Lesbians of Size Empowerment...and as a large sized Lesbian I always wanted to go to their conference, and stated in that group that I would not, because IT'S NO LONGER LESBIAN ONLY AND ALLOWING TRANSMALES INTO THE EVENTS AND ORGANIZATION!

    Now how come, if they're gonna change the intent of who they are serving, why don't they then change the name and take out Lesbian if they aren't going to serve primarily or exclusively Lesbians and not EVERYONE ELSE????

    But, yet, should we MENTION this or should I MENTION that I dont' want to go to an event that allows 'men', including transmen, I'm TRANSPHOBIC, and I state, well Lesbian is in the MIDDLE of the organization's name, and if it doesn't serve Lesbians and women, I AM NOT INTERESTED in going to a size positive event originally MEANT for Lesbians but NOW including men, cuz it's men who have always hassled me around my size, and I dont' feel safe discussing size empowerment issues with men, trans or NOT!

    No, instead because I dont' think it's perfectly o.k. to let trans MEN take over what used to be a Lesbian organization/event, or allowed in, I'm 'transphobic'...WHATEVER!


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