Outrageous Lesbians...Are there any left?

In the late 70's Bertha Harris said that lesbian literature should be outrageous, unassimilable, awesome, dangerous, outrageous: distinguished”, what modern day lesbian writers, lesbian political activist and all around lesbian rebels exhibit these qualities so necessary for change and lesbian presence and lesbian futures?  

Friday Open Day

In lieu of some new beginnings, today (and today) is open comments day...

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Transman Charles Asher ripping off other Transmen???

A female transitioner, Charles Asher, was brought recently to my attention and because this blog has quite a few ftM readers I'm bring it to yours as a precautionary post. I only know what several ftM's are claiming against this ftM, so I do not claim to have any pure facts here. But based on the couple of video links I'm providing and some screen-caps of the comments, I suspect there is some truth to their claims. Seemingly this female transitioner (according to claims) has sold various ftM items to other ftM folks and did not send back the purchased items yet kept the money. So this is a warning to all female transitioners to take caution buying anything from Charles Asher.

See videos:


Charles Asher is a dick.

Some comments from the vids:

If anyone has more info of this possible rip off artist, let us know.


Topics Tuesday-Lesbian Sex

There seems to be a bit of a separatist resurgence lately that is policing lesbian sex and using past sexual experiences as well as current sexual practices with lesbian partners as a measuring stick to determine who is a real lesbian. Due to some recent complaints about this from a few different places I wanted to bring the issue up here for a topic discussion.

Some possible questions:
1) If a female has had past sexual experiences with a male, but none after coming out, is she still a lesbian?
2) Are "gold star" lesbians the only true lesbians?
3) Can lesbian couples do anything in bed to revoke their lesbianism? (anything involving the couple only)
4) Is enjoying penetrative sex unlesbian?
5) Is strapping unlesbian?


Progress toward a Butch Visibility

A piece I wrote, which began life here as a "post" regarding Butch childhood/life/troubles has been published in a mainstream literary mag. It is a small start to bringing Butch lesbians a tiny bit of the visibility we so need and for so long deserve. The Berlin Wall didn't come down all at once, it fell brick by brick, I've removed one brick from the wall of Butch Invisibility, a light can now be seen through the crack, before long the sun.


A change of pace Sunday

What are some of the crushes you had growing up, whether cartoon characters, movie stars, singers, sitcom stars, who were they? Specify if it was an I-wanna-be-like-this-crush or a romantic crush. Feel free to tell us how you ID as well if you feel comfortable.

Open Comments if on topic


Angry Transman at Smith College

Received this email last night, two disturbing features I'd like to address, one is obvious, the other isnt. The obvious issue I'll address is the refrain by many a female transitioner when they encounter strong Butch women, that we surely must somehow be "trans in denial". This accusation more than anything illustrates these transmen's notions of woman and the strict adherence to woman based on visual cues fed to us by society. It illustrates the fear and insecurity female transitioners have and shines a bright spotlight on why they seek to transition. Rather than live and carry their femaleness in ways that is comfortable for them, ways that might question and strain society, they fearfully try to opt out of being female altogether convincing themselves they're "born in the wrong body". As a Butch woman, I was born in the right body! It may have been a difficult road to get comfortable on, but one things for sure, it was well worth the struggle!

The second issue I'd like to address about this email is where it came from, Smith College per the header information. So here is a student at a WOMAN'S college who hates herself, is likely some form of transMAN and from the tone alone, sees herself as something more than female as female contempt underlines her every word. I pity any young woman or women who have to share dorm facilities with her, her female hatred is seethingly strong. 

To sum up, we have a scared young woman who hates herself and other women because she's too afraid to live a life not accepted by society yet depends on the shelter from the same women she hates and has contempt for. 

And the "queer/trans" community wonders why lesbians want nothing to do with either of them, like it isnt painfully fucking obvious! 


Friday's Poll Discussion

Please use this post to discuss todays poll question regarding the female partners of transmen.

Open Comments


Trans Trending-Who is Tranitioning

In a world where misogyny is king, there is always a fresh supply of female bodies for the flames.


In Response to some Responses

I (a lesbian) wrote a post on my (a lesbian) blog, regarding lesbians/lesbian community and seeking responses from lesbians in an open environment. Shortly after a handful of responses from lesbians, there came a deluge of comments from transmen and a few male transitioners. I closed the open comments and deleted the remaining anti lesbian comments. Two striking things stand out from these deleted comments: 1) the post in question dealt with the results of Friday's poll regarding transmen in the lesbian community and 2) Femme as a mindless fuck hole with no will or desire of her own.

Striking problem number 1) The issue being discussed was how the "queer" set, particularly transmen have ran roughshod over the lesbian community in the last decade or so, creating a less than lesbiancentric atmosphere. So what happens here? In run the transmen to tell lesbians that they aren't disrespecting lesbians or lesbian spaces. I'm being polite by using "disrespecting" rather than their hate filled words. By commenting attacking posts strictly for lesbians, YES you ARE disrespecting lesbians! If you are a man now, then go on and be a man within straight society or gay male culture. Men aren't lesbians and do not belong when lesbians are trying to have some lesbian community and lesbian intimacy. There are always Pride days and the like for bringing the various communities together to commingle. The Lesbian community isn't one big Pride day open to all with open legs. Lesbians aren't here like good mothers to prop up the pseudo trans-masculinity of scared, insecure transmen nor are lesbians expected to coddle transmale fears by letting transmen hide under the skirt of the lesbian community and it is completely wrong and unfair for transmen to think otherwise!

Striking problem number 2) Femme lesbians. There were quite a few comments from transmen exclaiming Butch lesbians do not want transmen in the Butch/Femme community because we're all just "jealous" because the transmen are "taking all" our "Femmes"! No, I did NOT make that up. It was said and reiterated. My first thought is the Butch/Femme community isn't some version of Ellis, Hall and the fucking Well! Femme lesbians are their very own individual dykes, they aren't carnival cupie doll prizes for who looks more like a man, which btw Butch lesbians do not remotely resemble! Femmes lesbians ARE LESBIANS! There is no Butch-transmen competition for actual Femme LESBIANS! Femmes lust after Butch emotions, Butch sensitivity, Butch softness, Butch skin, Butch knockers, Butch pussy and the smell of Butch pussy, period. Femmes love and lust after a WOMAN'S body, hence the whole LESBIAN thing. Its not rocket science, but it is my favourite chemistry class!

So much for lesbian respect and support from the greater "queer" alphabet.


The Lesbian Community and the Trouble with Trans(men)

Here is a pie chart of Friday's poll with an overwhelming majority choosing transmen as the largest cause for the plundering of the Lesbian community. Lesbian have long remained strong against keeping out male transitioners and rightly so, but we were lax when it came to female transitioners with a lesbian history.

We didnt foresee how testosterone would change them internally; we didnt foresee like their breast, their womanness and lesbianness would also be removed and incinerated from their being, we didnt foresee how the acquiring of male privilege would change them so, we didnt foresee how testosterone and male privilege would lead them to sexually objectify us, we didnt foresee they would bring privileged straight women into our mix, we didnt foresee them urging others in our mix onto transition, we didn't foresee them sleeping with men while still demanding access to our community, we didnt foresee a whole lot of things.

Young lesbians everywhere are suffering, lost and without a community because we failed to keep our community safe from men, any man or females calling themselves men. We have been shamed, threatened with violence and rape and screamed at for "transphobia" whenever we spoke up and declared ourselves Lesbians. Lesbian has become a dirty word, and those of us who refuse to "queer" ourselves by standing our lesbian ground, dirty with it.

We have a future to create, what would you like to see change for lesbians/the lesbian community? And what are you prepared to do to make those changes happen?

This is an open post for the female bodied.


A Room of One's Own-Virginia Woolf

Read Full text here.

...Be that as it may, I could not help thinking, as I looked at the works
of Shakespeare on the shelf, that the bishop was right at least in this;
it would have been impossible, completely and entirely, for any woman to
have written the plays of Shakespeare in the age of Shakespeare. Let me
imagine, since facts are so hard to come by, what would have happened
had Shakespeare had a wonderfully gifted sister, called Judith, let us
say. Shakespeare himself went, very probably,--his mother was an
heiress--to the grammar school, where he may have learnt Latin--Ovid,
Virgil and Horace--and the elements of grammar and logic. He was, it is
well known, a wild boy who poached rabbits, perhaps shot a deer, and
had, rather sooner than he should have done, to marry a woman in the
neighbourhood, who bore him a child rather quicker than was right. That
escapade sent him to seek his fortune in London. He had, it seemed, a
taste for the theatre; he began by holding horses at the stage door.
Very soon he got work in the theatre, became a successful actor, and
lived at the hub of the universe, meeting everybody, knowing everybody,
practising his art on the boards, exercising his wits in the streets,
and even getting access to the palace of the queen. Meanwhile his
extraordinarily gifted sister, let us suppose, remained at home. She was
as adventurous, as imaginative, as agog to see the world as he was. But
she was not sent to school. She had no chance of learning grammar and
logic, let alone of reading Horace and Virgil. She picked up a book now
and then, one of her brother's perhaps, and read a few pages. But then
her parents came in and told her to mend the stockings or mind the stew
and not moon about with books and papers. They would have spoken sharply
but kindly, for they were substantial people who knew the conditions of
life for a woman and loved their daughter--indeed, more likely than not
she was the apple of her father's eye. Perhaps she scribbled some pages
up in an apple loft on the sly but was careful to hide them or set fire
to them. Soon, however, before she was out of her teens, she was to be
betrothed to the son of a neighbouring wool-stapler. She cried out that
marriage was hateful to her, and for that she was severely beaten by her
father. Then he ceased to scold her. He begged her instead not to hurt
him, not to shame him in this matter of her marriage. He would give her a
chain of beads or a fine petticoat, he said; and there were tears in his
eyes. How could she disobey him? How could she break his heart? The force
of her own gift alone drove her to it. She made up a small parcel of her
belongings, let herself down by a rope one summer's night and took the
road to London. She was not seventeen. The birds that sang in the hedge
were not more musical than she was. She had the quickest fancy, a gift
like her brother's, for the tune of words. Like him, she had a taste for
the theatre. She stood at the stage door; she wanted to act, she said.
Men laughed in her face. The manager--a fat, looselipped man--guffawed.
He bellowed something about poodles dancing and women acting--no woman,
he said, could possibly be an actress. He hinted--you can imagine what.
She could get no training in her craft. Could she even seek her dinner
in a tavern or roam the streets at midnight? Yet her genius was for
fiction and lusted to feed abundantly upon the lives of men and women
and the study of their ways. At last--for she was very young, oddly like
Shakespeare the poet in her face, with the same grey eyes and rounded
brows--at last Nick Greene the actor-manager took pity on her; she found
herself with child by that gentleman and so--who shall measure the heat
and violence of the poet's heart when caught and tangled in a woman's
body?--killed herself one winter's night and lies buried at some
cross-roads where the omnibuses now stop outside the Elephant and

That, more or less, is how the story would run, I think, if a woman in
Shakespeare's day had had Shakespeare's genius. But for my part, I agree
with the deceased bishop, if such he was--it is unthinkable that any
woman in Shakespeare's day should have had Shakespeare's genius. For
genius like Shakespeare's is not born among labouring, uneducated,
servile people. It was not born in England among the Saxons and the
Britons. It is not born to-day among the working classes. How, then,
could it have been born among women whose work began, according to
Professor Trevelyan, almost before they were out of the nursery, who
were forced to it by their parents and held to it by all the power of
law and custom? Yet genius of a sort must have existed among women as it
must have existed among the working classes. Now and again an Emily
Brontë or a Robert Burns blazes out and proves its presence. But
certainly it never got itself on to paper. When, however, one reads of
a witch being ducked, of a woman possessed by devils, of a wise woman
selling herbs, or even of a very remarkable man who had a mother, then I
think we are on the track of a lost novelist, a suppressed poet, of some
mute and inglorious Jane Austen, some Emily Brontë who dashed her brains
out on the moor or mopped and mowed about the highways crazed with the
torture that her gift had put her to. Indeed, I would venture to guess
that Anon, who wrote so many poems without singing them, was often a
woman. It was a woman Edward Fitzgerald, I think, suggested who made the
ballads and the folk-songs, crooning them to her children, beguiling her
spinning with them, or the length of the winter's night.

I told you in the course of this paper that Shakespeare had a sister;
but do not look for her in Sir Sidney Lee's life of the poet. She died
young--alas, she never wrote a word. She lies buried where the omnibuses
now stop, opposite the Elephant and Castle. Now my belief is that this
poet who never wrote a word and was buried at the cross-roads still
lives. She lives in you and in me, and in many other women who are not
here to-night, for they are washing up the dishes and putting the
children to bed. But she lives; for great poets do not die; they are
continuing presences; they need only the opportunity to walk among us in
the flesh. This opportunity, as I think, it is now coming within your
power to give her. For my belief is that if we live another century or
so--I am talking of the common life which is the real life and not of
the little separate lives which we live as individuals--and have five
hundred a year each of us and rooms of our own; if we have the habit of
freedom and the courage to write exactly what we think; if we escape a
little from the common sitting-room and see human beings not always in
their relation to each other but in relation to reality; and the sky,
too, and the trees or whatever it may be in themselves; if we look past
Milton's bogey, for no human being should shut out the view; if we face
the fact, for it is a fact, that there is no arm to cling to, but that
we go alone and that our relation is to the world of reality and not
only to the world of men and women, then the opportunity will come and
the dead poet who was Shakespeare's sister will put on the body which
she has so often laid down. Drawing her life from the lives of the
unknown who were her forerunners, as her brother did before her, she
will be born. As for her coming without that preparation, without that
effort on our part, without that determination that when she is born
again she shall find it possible to live and write her poetry, that we
cannot expect, for that would he impossible. But I maintain that she
would come if we worked for her, and that so to work, even in poverty
and obscurity, is worth while.

Friday's Poll Question

What has caused the most devastation to the Lesbian Community?

 Use this space to discuss today's poll question.

Comments are open...


An email from a Reader

I'll let her speak for herself:

Thank you for your words and great luck on your journey to loving the beautiful woman you are, never forget she is worth all the difficulties in doing so.


Astraea LESBIAN Foundation for Justice-another NCLR

Astraea  is another "lesbian" org using a slight of hand through using lesbian identity to fund non lesbian cases.

This org claims to have a "commitment to feminist principles" yet clearly supports trans/trans ideology which is steeped in anti-feminism by its continued adherence to the shrinking roles of women, promotion of hyper femininity and the misogyny that is the foundation for all who transition. That is NOT a "commitment to feminist principles", that is paying lip service to feminism in name only in the same way this org is paying lip service to lesbians.

Save your dollars for a more worthy cause lesbians.


Mid Week Discussion: Lesbian Films

Since a discussion of sorts has broken out on the post seeking dyke films, how about we utilize this space for the discussion of what constitutes a lesbian film and leave the other space for film suggestions?

So, in your opinion makes a lesbian film? (notice I said film, not lesbian)

And a polite reminder, it isnt having a sexual past with males that revokes your lesbian card, but having sexual futures with men that does.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Any one of these young females could be your daughter. Misogyny + the male medical machine + limited roles for females and hyper femininity equals what you see before you, self hating females desperate to eradicate all traces of their femaleness. 



Woman. Until I was nearly 40 years old, I couldn't bring myself to apply "woman" to myself. There is so much shame attached to the word and I as Butch attached even more. I could be girl. When flounced by the public with "are you a boy or a girl" questions I always said in a matter of fact voice "a girl." It just was. I never attached much meaning to it, if I thought about it at all. Girl. But woman always seemed so much more, woman represented things that I never saw when I looked into a mirror. It's that disconnect, Butch Invisibility feeding Butch Shame. I can go anywhere, any country, any city and when I scan the crowds of people, among the women I see, I don't see or rarely see me in any of them.

I often wondered how could woman feel so right against my skin, but so wrong inside my head? I could easily recognize the power, the beauty, the passion and grace in other women, but when I felt powerful, attractive, passionate and moments of gracefulness woman felt nothing less than utter grossness when I tried applying her to me. How can a word feel gross? But it did. Shameful, yucky and wrong, that's what woman felt like to me. Logically, I could tell myself that adult females are women, but there was no logic to my shame. I could literally feel myself flinch whenever woman was applied to me. For years I used Butch as a crutch, as a way not to have to identify as woman. I'm a Butch not a woman, and when you say it enough times, those around you take the hint, especially lovers. Femmes who feel our shame as much as we do, Femmes who try to ease or eliminate our pain, Femmes who we see wince whenever we flinch over being called woman.

When you partner with a woman and you are a woman and you cannot fathom the woman you are? You hurt the woman who loves you, the woman you love - and maybe all women, but most definitely the woman who loves you. Realizing that was my biggest stepping stone to being a woman. My repulsiveness to woman and my physically negative reactions to being called a woman in the presence of a Femme lover was akin to me punching her in the gut with my fist. Because she SEES the woman I am and she LOVES the woman I am, desires her even so that when she struggles amid a world of female hatred to love the woman she is, when I reject myself as woman, I reject her too. Butch and Femme are intricately wound, and both are bound by our love of woman, which is the essence of us both, that unique adult lesbian femaleness. We may carry woman differently, maybe you cradle yours in your strong Femme arms, maybe I toss mine over a shoulder like a cave dweller and pad her around in my socked feet, we both need and want her and need to be proud of her so we can both face another day.

So well into my thirties, I became a woman for the first time, or rather I allowed myself to be the woman I had been all along. I packed away those kid comments that I heard repeatedly and even participated in between boys, where woman was used the ultimate insult. "You don't wanna play tackle football, what are you a woman???!!!" To admit and apply woman to myself was a liberation from some of the Butch Shame I carried, not all of it, but so god damn much of it. And I won't lie to you, it didn't feel right at first, but it did feel freeing and through years since of running free with her, she became who I am today.


Calling for Lesbian Film Suggestions

I want have a blog list of lesbian films. Please list your favourite lesbian films suggestions. Preferably films that portray the unique friendships and romantic relationships between lesbians. Films that capture that non spoken knowingness that goes on only between dykes.


Calling for Lesbian Fiction Suggestions

I'm looking to comprise a blog list of lesbian fiction. Please list some lesbian fiction you feel would be beneficial to other dykes, preferably fiction with some literary merit.


Lesbian Only and Lesbian Student Only Orgs

I spent several hours yesterday searching Lesbian/Student Lesbian only organizations and found none. I will continue to look and if I do find any or if you happen across any email me them and I will keep that list at the side. But while searching and coming up empty, my searches werent a total bust, I found out that according to wiki, Audre Lorde is now a queer poet and activist! Oh really, does the deceased LESBIAN poet and activist Audre Lorde know this? Does she also know her name is being used for this "project"...???
Using a LESBIAN activist's name, claiming to be for the "queer" alphabet soup, yet its front page picture clearly illustrates just what this "project" is all about: TRANS.

The Audre Lorde Project is another deceptive organization utilizing a famous black LESBIAN for its deceptive needs.

If you are interested in helping lesbians, do NOT donate your lesbian time or lesbian money to this "project". This is another org. who needs to alter their name to reflect their true goals.


NCLR and where your Lesbian dollars are going

Miss Kendell has been asked repeatedly on HER own FB "note" for a break down of where the money is going and to whom for the NClR. Obviously I have no access to those numbers nor is the NClR going to show us any TRANSparency, I can however show you where some of the money isnt going and it isnt LESBIAN issues.
How does allowing biological males to compete against biological females in sports benefit lesbians or females period? Am I missing something???

Click here for full article.
Special privileges for "trans travelers", your lesbian dollars at work.

Click for full article.
Money going towards a male transitioner in PRISON no less! Maybe while they are at it they could put some money in Manson's prison account.

A malecentric self hating female, promoting the self hatred of other lesbians, not something I want MY time or money or NAME going to! 

Click for more info.
A male transitioner wanting to be treated like a real woman, gets treated like real woman, then complains! Malecentric and male privilege to boot, sickening that lesbian dollars went to fight and lose cases like this. Change society, NOT your body!

I see "transgender" listed as a specific, yet on an org that calls itself a national center for LEBIAN rights, while lesbians may have issues in the other areas listed here, issues specific TO lesbians are not addressed, YET trans is.

This obviously is just a tiny smattering of what this org is about and not about, but lesbians rights, lesbian issues are not the focal point for this organization. Out of cases pending not having to do with "gay marriage" two cases pending are lesbian specific, SEVEN cases are non lesbian specific. You dont have to take my word for it, do your homework, go to their website and you will be as disgusted as I am.

Lesbians as a minority group make FAR less money than any minority, especially lesbian who are non white. We work hard for our money, it often doesnt come easy to us, especially if we live openly as lesbians. The NClR does not value your lesbian dollars, if it did, the name would reflect their practices. Save your money for a more worthy place, lesbians deserve better for a fucking change.


Lesbian must be put back together...piece by piece

(Lesbians)..."lead m/e to your scattered fragments, there is an arm, there is a foot, the neck and head are together, your eyelids are closed, your detached ears are somewhere, your eyeballs have rolled in the mud...I announce that you are here alive though cut to pieces, I search hastily for your fragments in the mud....I find your nose a part of your vulva your labia your clitoris...I assemble you part by part, I reconstruct you...then you m/y Osiris m/y most beautiful you smile at m/e undone exhausted".

Like Monique Wittig's characters in Le corps Lesbien, we must reassemble ourselves into a living lesbian body. Right now we lesbians are only the parts we see displayed in Wittig's work above, an arm here or there, a leg, a nose, a vagina, parts of a lesbian body, but not the whole. Those fragments of the lesbian body are the result of malecentrism/male systems and their great fears of lesbians. They are also a result of our own lesbian fears of ourselves, especially our fears of lesbian power. And by lesbian power I certainly do NOT mean the Kate Kendell's of the world, that power is a malecentric power, i.e. acceptable power because it follows male rules. We saw in the 70's mostly, hints of lesbian power, hints of what lesbians could do as a working body, when class and race and religion were stripped from the lesbian body, when the lesbian body was simply new, naked and pure.

WE were building houses with our lesbian hands, WE were lifting walls with our lesbian legs, WE tasted home grown foods with our lesbian mouths; parts of a lesbian body working together to create a whole lesbian body, a working femalecentric system. And I'm not speaking of nor advocating lesbian separatism, lesbian separatism was the beginning of the end of the lesbian body/community. Lesbian separatism made two lethal mistakes, it retreated from the fight, then made a declaration to straight women to leave their straight lives and choose instead a "lesbian" life.

Separatist led women to believe that lesbianism was something any female could choose regardless of the absence of lesbian nature and lesbian desire. We still occasionally hear from a handful of them still stuck in some separatist hey-day-mud bitching, moaning and begrudging those straight women, who after a few years of playing house in the woods, moved back into life and back into lives with men as well as those lesbians who moved on to educations and careers whom are treated equally as betrayers.This anti-essentialist politic helped to usher in the queer politics that have hack the lesbian body into the pieces I'm hoping and I'm hoping you're hoping, to help assemble back into something meaningful and whole.

So no, no lesbian commune. What we need is a lesbian body, parts of a whole all working together in the real world, fighting real problems, lesbian problems!

Give us your hand, your leg, your eyes, your breast and help reassemble the LESBIAN BODY! For SHE is far from dead!


Kate Kendell NCLR Email

This is the email I received a few days ago from the exec director of the NCLR, short but not sweet. Why the figure head of a several million dollar a year national org would feel the need to personally email a lone blogger who dared to correct the deceptive nature of the orgs name against the orgs true intentions I can only hazard a guess: to intimidate me.

Kate says the NClR is "committed to the safety, security and liberation of lesbians" among others. Amid the fetid "queer" atmosphere that gets thicker and thicker with every lesbian breath we take, an atmosphere places like the NClR helped create and are helping to further. I ask you, do you as a lesbian feel safe, secure and fucking liberated???? Maybe we lesbians could see if the NCLR would sue itself for false advertising, false promises and using their malecentric power/wealth to harm lesbians everywhere!

This is an open comment discussion post with relation to your feelings on the NClR and any other decpetive org like theirs.


Lesbian Based Orgs-Lesbian Based Student Orgs

Please comment with any lesbian based orgs and lesbian based students orgs that you are aware of, regardless of country. I would like to compile a list which will be kept at the side of the blog for lesbians who are looking for lesbian specific places they can donate their time/money and efforts to. Or if you are considering or in the process of beginning a lesbian based group, let us know.


NCLR Poll Pie Chart

Nearly 62% of those who voted feel that the National Center for Lesbian Rights NCLR should serve strictly Lesbians, reflecting both its name and the purpose for which the org. was originally founded. I find this to be a very high number given the amount of trans readership of this blog. Which makes me think, were large samples of the lesbian communities made aware of the deceptive nature of the NCLR that number would be even higher.

I have already received a few emails and a handful of Facebook messages from lesbians who were not aware how strongly malecentric in both staff and cases that the NCLR is and going forward swore they will no longer financially support such malecentrism. The lesbians I'm speaking of were aware that the NCLR did take on cases that  were gay male and/or trans related, what they were NOT aware of was the high volume of such cases at the expense of lesbians.

I also received what reads to me like a polite passive-aggressive email from the exec. director of the NCLR which I'll share in the (part 2) NCLR post I'll try to have to you no later than Saturday.

There seems an overwhelming response from lesbians expressing that we did not and do not know how UNlesbian this org is, even though the National Center for LESBIAN Rights is USING our very lives to sell their false products/promises. I know we have for some time now been lacking in REAL Lesbian community, both in spirit and heart. We feel our identities, that special entity which creates community, have been colonized and brutalized by queer/trans groups for decades now, the same groups the NClR supports. I cant even put a number on the amount of lesbians who have expressed to me alone a desire to distance themselves from identifying as lesbian! We all know a handful of these women, maybe you're one of those women.

Maybe you are one of the many women loving women who cannot fathom calling yourself a lesbian any longer, because lesbian has been emptied of its beauty, its uniqueness, its natural feminism, its absolute in your fucking face fierceness, its kind gentle hands, its strong capable hands, hand that build homes for our lives, hands that bring us ecstasy! Emptied and replaced with instead male fetishist, women abused by men, male transitioners with penis intact, female transitioners too fearful or selfish, male transitioners with neo-vags, BDSM males, queer males and queer females and combinations of all of the above.

I was only a kid when lesbian feminism was coming into its own, when lesbians across the country and even the world were coming out in droves and finding one another. Finding each other through snail mail and lesbian chapbooks, lesbian magazines without all the fucking gloss, through bars, through sports and through love. There was no world wide web, yet lesbians were finding each other, creating communities and joining other lesbian communities in an us against them collaboration. Then gay men came along, with their all their male privilege and smooth talked us right back into that good girl civility, a civility that we were just beginning to leave behind. A civility patriarchy instilled in us before we could walk or talk, "be a good girl" we were told, we barely tasted the freedom to just be us, without feeling obligated to perform for men. When the men we felt we could trust most, gay men, told us that by being radical no one would listen, no one would take us seriously, that we should pool our efforts and along with using their male privilege our sorry and often times sub human existences would change.

Well ladies, they were right. It has changed. Fitting into polite society was/is the gay male dream, it was never ours, nor within patriarchy could it be. We tried so hard, we fought, but what we were working toward and fighting against was ultimately for men; our needs, our hopes, our dreams never figured in. Somewhere we just gave up, we let ourselves be led, we listened, we folded our hands in our laps and crossed our legs just so and we lost our identity. Like a strong independent woman, who once married didnt think much at first about picking up her husbands dirty draws off the bathroom floor, or making him dinner even though she works too, its a partnership she thinks to herself, she works to convince herself its a partnership till she just does what she does, house work, child care, laundry, chores etc. Sometimes who she was before comes flooding back to her, but her hubby is always there to remind her how lucky she is and how far she has come. This is what I despise about places like the NClR and all other "queer" organizations, lesbians are always forced or pressured or expected to be the fucking dutiful housewives who should count our fucking blessings that we have been chosen to pick up their shit stained tightie-whities from the mucky floors all the while with a smile on our chops!

I think we just need to admit that we fucked up and move forward by moving backward. There was so much promise in those early days of collective lesbianism, so many great ideas (and NO I'm not talking about separatism-bad idea-bad bad bad) so much energy, drive, shared experiences, learning new experiences together. With the internet we can reach so many more lesbians than our fore-lesbians had, we can be effective in ways they probably didnt even dream. But before we can do any of that, before we can reach for our sisters hand and take a giant step forward, we MUST take back our name.

My name is Lynn and I am a Lesbian.


Mid Week Dirt Discussion-The NCLR

What do YOU think the NCLR (National Center for LEBIAN Rights) should be for???


NCLR aka Trans/Gay Male Rights Org. Part (1)

ncI have been meaning to write something on the NCLR for a while now. If you arent familiar the NCLR is The National Center for Lesbian Rights. Sounds great right? LESBIAN rights and a NATIONAL center devoted to the multitude of ways lesbians are discriminated against daily, from jobs, to housing to lesbian mothers who are losing their children everyday in this country alone. Well, do not let the name fool you, this organization does very little for lesbians, this org. has buried lesbian issues and drowned our lesbian presence beneath the same QUEER alphabet soup that has been drowning us for the last 20 years.

I joined the NClR's Facebook page recently to see if their FB ran anything like their website, i.e. concerned primarily with gay men and trans issues. Their FB page does regular posts about issues the org is currently dealing with or interested in. I joined a few weeks ago, and have yet to see any post that is specifically lesbian oriented! That to me says either one of two things, nothing is happening for lesbians everywhere or queer/trans/gay issues are being placed above lesbian issues therefore lesbians arent making any progress anywhere. At any rate I made a few comments on a few of their posts asking why the gay male or trans posts were being posted on an organizations page that calls itself a national center for LESBIAN rights. I received this message from a MAN no less:

Interestingly HE lists "lesbian" first, yet if you check their past and present case load it consists of nearly every case being either gay male related or trans related with a few token dyke cases thrown in.The L very often is placed at the front of the queer alphabet soup mix yet over and over and over again "lesbian" figures last or more often recently not at all among the mix. It is a deliberate queer ploy used to give lesbians the impression that they/we figure in when in truth we figure no where. Lesbians are the biggest threat to patriarchy and its misogynistic systems, our very natures are an affront to maintaining those systems, which is why we continue getting buried or erased by "queer progress". Queer ideology in the face of patriarchy and misogyny is just more of the same, it is merely another branch on the patriarchy tree. A branch that uses instead of an ugly in your face brute force, flat out shame or blatant sexism, deceptively uses buzz words like "queer", "feminism", "homophobia", "butch", "femme", "queer rights" etc, that early on lulled lesbians into a false sense of solidarity. 

A sense of solidarity that created a "we're all in this together" queer atmosphere that led lesbians to believe if they/we gave our time and money to queer causes and queer rights groups OUR causes, OUR needs, OUR rights were being looked into, supported and changed for the better. We were also led to believe that the more letters added on to the queer alphabet soup meant more folks are going to be there fighting for our causes, our needs and our rights with their time and their money and their passion in the same way we have for theirs. Instead we've woken up some twenty years later like some lesbian Rip Van Winkles to find we've made no major gains in lesbian visibility, lesbian rights or political lesbian presence. What we've also woken up to find is that we are the smallest letter of and at the bottom of, the queer alphabet soup bowl!

And before someone yells what about DADT or "gay" marriage in some states. Had even half of the gays and lesbians in the military came out since we invaded Iraq the military would have repealed DADT itself because it couldnt afford to lose that many soldiers! And personally I do not consider it progress because now gays and lesbians can freely serve in the military. The male military machine was created to enforce male centered politics and privilege with as much gusto (or more) as "defending" our country. The military has long been an area that has given lesbians a place/paying wage, but it is and remains at a high price to both women and lesbians! Becoming a cog in the male military machine isnt progress, progress would be creating or opening up womencentric/lesbiancentric jobs.

And "gay marriage" is a joke! Marriage historically and in many places still is today if not in legal practice than in ideology a patriarchal system utilized to hold women down, keep women down, keep women under the power of males, legally allow men to take ownership of their property and whatever rights they had/have. Now I don't know about any other lesbian out there but personally when I meet the lesbian I give my whole too and received hers in return, I do NOT want that tainted with anything that past, present or future was/is used against women or used to harm women! Gay marriage isnt "progress" for lesbians, progress for lesbian unions would not only recognize and celebrate the unique love between two lesbian females, it would do so while giving us the basics rights and benefits available to any other legal couple.

Getting back to the NClR, I responded to (Erik's) message asking him did the org have any plans on changing their name to reflect who they truly are representing because their name as it stands is quite deceptive, and two days later I havent heard anything back, which to me speaks volumes.

I will write more about the org itself, what it espouses and who is working for them in part (2) of this subject coming in the next day or so.


Trans Trendering-Who is Transitioning

We are ALL to blame for the shear, pure self hatred that these young women feel. What are YOU doing to STOP the Misogyny?


Yesterday's Poll-For Lesbians Only

I was pleased to see that lesbians ranked as the highest sexual orientation reading my blog! Awesome! So this post is strictly for you.

How do you feel about the lesbian community as it stands right now?

What would you like to see change for this year in the lesbian community?

And feel free to bring up anything lesbian related.


Do not comment if you are NOT a lesbian. This space is for LESBIANS ONLY.

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