Who is Transitioning

In the handful of months I have been doing the "who is transitioning" and the dozens upon dozens of females in the "who is transitioning" posts and the hundreds upon hundreds of female transitioner's vids I've combed through, while it pains me to see any of these females self harming through transition, I am please to see not a single solitary Butch in the bunch.

I wonder if today's Butch youths are doing like their Butch (and Femme) elders and reverting to how we were forced to live 60 years ago with private meeting places? Or like many lesbians, due to queer/trans co-option of lesbian identities are they just no longer IDing as Butch? Hmmm



  1. Speaking about FTMs (The Journal of Sex Research, 30: 303-315.):

    "After the participants had begun their transitions, the situation became more clear cut. All but one of the people who called themselves straight men or lesbian women before beginning their transitions identified themselves as straight men afterwards."

    "It is intriguing that there was a 275% increase in the number of post-transition participants who began to find gay men sexually attractive. The participants who developed an interest in sexual relations with gay men after they themselves had become men tended to be among the furthest into their changes, averaging 10.75 years since beginning their transitions. More significantly, they averaged 7.4 years into their transitions before starting to find men sexually attractive."

  2. Dirt: I suspect the latter. Everyone is now identifying as genderqueer, which means gender supporter, which means patriarchy supporter.
    "If you can't beat them..."wi

  3. Want my still-working opinion why T "turns" many FTMs gay?

    Heterophobia, especially internalized straight female phobia. This in my opinion affects some FTM who like men from the beginning but don't want to be seen as a straight woman, but also those FTM who identified as lesbian before and start liking men when they pass on testosterone. Maybe they liked men all along but they couldn't bear to be "just a straight girl".

  4. TAKE MY FUCKIN PICTURE DOWN SLUT!!! your just mad because the fish between your legs smells like shit you sloppy bitch, go munch some carpet and stop posting our pics

  5. "they averaged 7.4 years into their transitions before starting to find men sexually attractive"

    Translation =

    No women wanted them anymore as after 7 years on T, you are bald with acnea.

    So they end up as wet warm glory hole in gay backrooms ;)

  6. [aiden said...]

    Is testosterone really a good idea when you are already this short-tempered?

  7. Why are they all named Aiden, or Jayden, or Kayden?? Wierd......

  8. " 27, 2010 9:21 PM
    aiden said...

    TAKE MY FUCKIN PICTURE DOWN SLUT!!! your just mad because the fish between your legs smells like shit you sloppy bitch, go munch some carpet and stop posting our pics"

    You should be fucking ashamed of yourself for that man. Look, I'm trans too, and did til fairly recently have an active account on youtube, so I get it, you don't want pictures of yourself up here. But resorting to what you said there is disgusting, and makes us ALL look bad.

    If nothing else, think about what saying that is saying about you. Before, people that saw your pic would -at worst- think you're a confused young woman. Now you look ignorant and hateful on TOP of that. Way to go bro.

  9. Blue, I think your comment about heterophobia is dead on. I have known straight women who idealize gay relationships, but are weirdly fatalistic about the possibility of meeting a straight man who doesn't treat them like crap. For some reason, they don't try the obvious solution, which is to be ruthless about weeding out the sexists early on -- probably because there's so much stigma attached to being a single heterosexual woman.

  10. Aiden is only 16. He's so young to be using such horrible language. Dirt could be his mom..

  11. @ Greg

    Which Aiden? There's so many, LMAO

  12. Aiden seems to forget that she has the same "fish" between her legs as all women do, its her vagina, and if Aiden's vagina smells like fish, she should probably go have that checked out by her GYN. I think the shit smell she is smelling is coming from her foul potty mouth.

  13. and you sat in the comforts of your home... watching hundreds of videos, stealing hundreds of photos... for what? the same stuff your doing... someone that hates you even more is doing the same thing. thats right... theres some butch-bashers out there. i understand your old and dusty... but its a new generation... no one gives a fuck about hags under the rainbow hating on other members... especially when they make an entire fucking page about.

  14. The trolls always bring some version of woman-hate and still somehow expect to be taken seriously.

  15. "[T]here was a 275% increase in the number of post-transition participants who began to find gay men sexually attractive."

    And do we know what gay men feel about having these people sexually attracted to them?

    I have a personal experience with this - a trans "man" (who was a lesbian), whom I met while working on a film festival project, decided after transitioning that he was actually a gay man. He's also one of the most bitter people I've ever met.

    Anyway, our political circles overlap significantly, so I tend to see what he's up to pretty regularly. In the years since his transition, he has worked his ass off to ingratiate himself with gay men and insert himself into gay male spaces - he has done everything from writing for the gay newspaper to being president of the men's issues group at the center to volunteering for anything and everything related to gay men (the rodeo, the court, health-awareness events, etc.), while being ubiquitous at the men's leather bars in town (that's often what he's writing his column about - his studly encounters at the bars).

    He's done everything he could to immerse himself in that culture. But from what I can tell when I see him out and about in person, he is at best tolerated and at worst, bullied by the men he so desperately wants to be with. Yet he saves his vitriol for women, and especially lesbians, when we find ourselves working on a project together. Imagine that.

    Watching him, I realized that it makes a kind of sick sense for him to be a gay man. The ridiculous notion that you can hate yourself as a woman, but then be able to fully love, honor, and respect a woman as your partner, could only be cooked up by the patriarchy, which supports a more common version of that fantasy every minute of every day when it encourages men to hate women, but still have relationships with them.

    His hatred of women and willingness to do "women's work" (taking care of men and their egos) are probably the only things that bond him with the few gay men who tolerate him.

  16. Noanodyne,

    I must say, I like the way you think!


  17. Seriously Aidan there was no need for such a vicious and down right disgusting outburst. I am a transman. I regularly follow this blog and even though there are times when i dont agree with the opinions that are posted here, i look at them for what they are, opinions. Your point is that you are not happy that you picture has been used without your permission. Why not write to Dirt and ask for your image to be removed or do something else that is constructive instead of hurling abuse. I understand that you might be angry but that kind of language and behaviour is only going to fuel more opinions about you and the rest of the trans community. If you requested the image be removed with some dignity and politeness Dirt might remove it, but then again she might not but that is for you to do something about. But hurling abuse is not the answer. If you act respectfully then Dirt might show you some respect in return but then she might not. I dont claim to know her or what kind of person she is. I will not form an opinion of her based on the information and posts that she puts on her because these are her opinions and i dont know her as a person, so you shouldnt claim to know her either. I find that even though i may not agree with some of the opinions posted that some of the information and facts that are posted are very interesting and also educating. I am happy and have respect for myself and if other people wish to form an opinion of me based on my choices in life then that is their right to free speech. Have some respect please Aidan. You might wish to abuse others but there are people like myself who have respect for other peoples opinions whether you agree or disagree.

  18. oh the drama never ends.... i just wish people would understand no matter how much you attack or not Dirt will never stop doing what she feels is right for her and other 'women'.

    To be honest i bet most of the young men Dirt has posted a picture of on here havnt contacted Dirt in a civil and respectful manner... i mean if you want to be a man learn how to respect a women because i can garentee society DO NOT allow that type of foul language or abuse at women.
    and if i ever saw another man in the street speaking to a women the way Aiden did id kick his head in.

  19. Anon@4:21 AM.

    Scare quotes around the word "women," huh? So you consider any gender non-conforming woman not to be a woman. That is fucked up.

    "if you want to be a man learn how to respect a women because i can garentee society DO NOT allow that type of foul language or abuse at women."

    Being a man is not a function of how you act. You're a man if you're born with male biology.

    Also, if you believe that society does not allow that kind of behavior, what rock have you been living under? Society allows it on a regular basis, just not in certain situations. At some level, you probably realize this, and can't handle the idea that as a female-born person, you are also the target of this abuse.

    "...if i ever saw another man in the street speaking to a women the way Aiden did id kick his head in." It's sooooo much more fun to think of yourself as part of the group that either abuses little ladies, or defends little ladies against their attackers by "kicking their heads in." I have news for you: bio men typically do not intervene in such situations. In some cases, it's because they have been socialized to condone such behavior; in other cases, it's because they're afraid of getting their asses kicked. You are kidding yourself, btw., if you think you'd do well in a fight with a bio man, who would still have greater mass and a lifetime of experience in physical altercations.

    But keep on fantasizing, so you don't have to think about the fact that you were born female -- in other words, a target in the eyes of most of the world.

  20. Hey, I'd appreciate it if you took down my picture. You dont have my permission to post it on your site. thankyou. If you neglect to remove my picture, I will get the legal people involved.

    p.s. someone else posted a comment as aiden and I am not that person, just making that clear.

  21. Anon @ 12/31 11:07a-


  22. Which girl thinks her vagina is stinky fish? The one in the middle?

    -Krystal Suzanne Saint Barth

  23. @ anon December 31, 2010 11:07 AM

    umm you dont know me so nice 'assumptions' your self their.

    also what rock have i been living under?
    again you dont know me or where i reside so nice assumptions.

    by the way i have seen many men intervene those sort of situations.

    as for socialisation ummm im glad you tolerate that BS your preching, your basically excusing many men for that behaviour which is an embarrasement in its self (to you not me)... also have you not considered attacking the person for that comment i commented to as i was merely discussing how disgusting that agressive behaviour was being presented to a women...

    i do not hate on Dirt for her blog i actually have alot of respect for her. although i dont agree with some of her oppionions i believe she is doing what could potentionally damage someones life if its not right for them.

  24. Anon@4:00. Uh, no, I'm not excusing that behavior, I'm describing reality. You still sound like a delusional woman who doesn't want to deal with the fact that she was born into the class of people viewed as helpless little ladies, rather than the class viewed as macho protectors of helpless little ladies.

    If you use scare quotes around "woman" when discussing any bio female, you are, to use your expression, "hating on" her. If you believe that one lone blog can "potentially damage someones life if its not right for them," (presumably, you mean if not transitioning is not right for them), you either have a low opinion of your fellow FTMs' ability to think for themselves, or you want to shut down all critical discussion.


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