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What would you like to see discussed tomorrow???



  1. I would like to see a discussion on why females would like to be "treated as male".

  2. Suggestions for preserving and nurturing lesbian / WBW-women-identified-women spaces.

  3. I would like to know why you care so much... also i have a question to Dirt... i posted a question and it said it would be viewed with your approval, why have you yet to do that even tho you have been active on here since i asked, i am guienly interested in your response.

    im not trying to create arguements i just want to hear were you stand on that



  4. DD, I like your suggestion!


  5. Anon@3:31am,

    I'm a female, what kind of female would I be NOT to care about women and children?

    Regarding your question, I release a lot comments without thoroughly reading them, what was your question?


  6. I respect your answer but my response was to anon December 13, 2010 7:35 PM.. but thanks any way, you also made a good point.

    "And remember passing as a male isnt the same as living as one, only males can actually live as males."

    (i dont remember the actual question only a basic outline)

    I am interested to know about your views on a 'FTM' living as a man, i do NOT use the term 'passing' i personally dispize it, as i am not 'passing' passing as a man i have been living as a boy/man since pre puberty my mother NEVER enforced gender/roles on myself or my siblings.
    I work in a male dominent field and i have NEVER had my gender questioned i have NEVER disclosed my 'GID' status to anybody and yes i could be dangerous if i was to do so, BUT im sure they wouldnt care as i have NEVER tried to get treated any different....
    ALSO on the topic of womens services, i would NEVER dream of using a womens service (excpt in extreme situation) but in saying that i would NEVER take a place over a women and would NEVER recieve assistance from govt i will cover all costs (as i do now).. i am a strong believer in mens services as much as womens services.

    how would you view this?
    I would appreciate an honest answer without feeling degraded, i am also happy to talk in a non public forum if you would prefer. i have a guenuine interest in you thoughts with the information i provided you with

    Thnx Z

  7. Anon@307am,

    For as much as "T" alters superficially some parts of the body and brain, it can never alter the fact that all FEMALEtMs are and will always remain female, therefore there is no actual "living as a man" there is only pretending to "live as a man", ie passing.

    No one can physiologically change their biological make up, every cell in an ftM body is female and nothing can change that.

    Some people have surgeries to look like animals and claim to "live" as said animal, that does not change them from actually being 100% human.

    I pass everyday as male, that does not mean I "live" as male, because I'm biologically female, therefore everything I think or do is 100% female.

    If you want to discuss more, you can always email me at

    No degradation intended.



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