The Male Medical Machine aka G O D ( a series)

I often receive comments from transmen and their apologist spouting something along the lines of "you are not a doctor". Used both as a tactic to undermine my posts legitimacy and because the trans community has literally placed its creation and continuance in the hands of the male medical machine. For centuries we have worshiped doctors like they were gods, the trans community has taken the biblical doctor as GOD belief a step further and like adam and eve before them, doctors are CREATING transmen and transwomen in the image of men and women, and I stress the word "image".

The male medical machine is historically notorious for utilizing their medical machination to empower men with by mentally and physically threatening, holding hostage and harming women. The male medical machine is NOT a group any female should trust, ESPECIALLY in areas of mental issues! Women still have the highest instances of (supposed) mental illness according to the male medical machine and if the trans trenders are an indication of medical progress, little has changes for women in the last few centuries.

If you are a female who has placed her identity and life TOTALLY in the greedy paws of the male medical machine, I will show you in a series of posts that the GODs you are on your knees for, arent GODS at all, but men.

This info comes from a recent email:

"There is a common misconception that the enlargement of the female breast is not necessary for maintenance of health or treatment of disease. There is a substantial and enlarging body of medical information and opinion however, to the effect that these deformities (small breasts) are really a disease which in most patients results in feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence, distortion ofbody image and a total lack of well-being due to a lack of self-perceived femininity. The enlargement of the under-developed female breast is therefore, often very necessary to insure an improved quality of life for the patient."

This quote comes from a petition in 1982 from The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons to the FDA who were questioning the health risks of breast implants. This is all part of the same medical group that females are literally placing their lives in.



  1. Bitter angry butch lesbian feminazi, u make us LOL, so what can u do??. we will transition whether u bark or not. oh wait u have been barking for years, and were has that gotten u, FTMs are increasing in numbers, and yr brain cells are doing the opposite.

    got to hell.

  2. Since Charcot, and before, male doctors are using women for their experiment. They try to control what they can't: feminity and all sort of female self-expression (including butchness)...Female "deviant" (to their standard) sexual orientation...
    Male plastic surgeons set up the standards for boobs size and opened the boob job market. Back in the early 90's as the trend was fading away, they started to evangelise the young queer community at that time at True Spirit Conference where some famous plastic surgeons (among them Brownstein: had opened workshops to convince women that it was time to transition.

    All those women who entered in this early trans-fad were fooled and brainwashed by males doctors whose only goal was to make money...

    That is the sad story. There is nothing true, there is no spirit in giving a maled doctor 8000 $ to have your healthy boobs removed.

    Don't be candid, the same old story apply to T prescription...Those labs and companies are making thousands of money out of it...

    All those women who became transFTM are just cash cow for those male doctors...

    And guess what ?, the money scam is not over: in 5-10 years from now, the first liver cancer will appear and then all those fTM would have to find a way to pay for their medical bills of all the treatments: surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, photodynamic therapy, Hyperthermia, Radiation Therapy and Radiosurgery....

    All those proud transmen are just abused fool of male dominance...

  3. Wow. The quote is really horrific, it seems straight out of some topsy-turvy world (but it's the truth). What about women accepting their small breasts? Oh, that wouldn't make money...

  4. why are 'FTMs increasing in numbers?'
    no reason?

  5. The above FTM really needs to get a spell-checker. Though if you really can't spell single syllable words without assistance, you likely aren't mature enough to handle transition. Please quit embarrassing us with such asinine messages.

    I'm actually very anti-psychiatry/psychology these days. Somehow, I get the feeling that's one of the few things that we likely have in common. I don't believe they have any business profiting off of choices made at one's free will. The way they handle transsexuals is like a system for circus animals, not for people.

    I do wonder if one day you'll ever have any respect for those of us who work our fingers to the bone to do the right thing despite what we are, Dirt. Whether you believe it or not, some of us weren't given much of a choice. There's also a lot more to a human being than the genitals they were born with.

  6. "There's also a lot more to a human being than the genitals they were born with"

    Precisely, and if you actually read this blog rather than react to it, you might see that.


  7. to the effect that these deformities (small breasts) are really a disease which in most patients results in feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence, distortion of body image and a total lack of well-being due to a lack of self-perceived femininity.

    FUCK that. I love my lil' ones. It's not a DEFORMITY. Oh my goddess. I mean, you'd think it was a JOKE. Or I'd like to. But misogyny this deep is so commonplace, that it's as normal as my small breasts. And btw, large breasts *can* be significantly disabling to women. But, you know, who cares! Pump 'em up!! Then you'll feel better because MEN will VALIDATE your "femininity." Oh, now I'm LOL-ing!!!

  8. one of the things I really enjoyed about the masters program I did for counseling is that it generally was very anti-medical establishment. The professors and students tended to be very philosophical/spiritual/holistic in their approach to counseling and we talked about the dangers of over-medicalizing mental health issues. There are some mental illnesses that medication can treat, but in my time there, and in my practice now, I have developed an understanding that the vast majority of mental health problems arise from traumas, including social oppression.

    It is disgusting how the male medical industrial complex has become so trigger-happy with medicalizing every mental heath issue, every unhappiness, every sense of unease or dysphoria. Disgusting, but easy, as you say, because it is easier to maintain the status quo (patriarchy) by shoving pills down the throats of people whose experience betray the injustice of the system. Social change, which is ACTUALLY needed, is much more difficult, time-consuming, expensive, etc. Teh poor menz would have to give up their privilege.

    Sometimes I question whether I'm maintaining that status quo or helping the situation by being a therapist. I work almost exclusively with women (not because I don't accept male clients, but because men just don't typically come to me unless it's for couples counseling) and I want to make sure I'm not just helping them find ways to be complacent with a status quo that oppresses them.

    To try to check myself on that, I watch the kind of changes my clients are making. Lately I'm seeing them less likely to put up with the bullshit the men in their lives give them, less likely to think something is wrong with THEM if their needs and desires don't fit with what society tells them they should be. God forbid I should ever become a therapist who helps people become complacent with their oppression.

  9. (i do wish any ftm would answer the question above as to why the drastic increase in numbers... dirt, if any try to explain please publish the comment)
    (i saw on youtube how many young ftm's despise you! i think it's actually a good thing for them to be forced to defend the practice a bit)

  10. I love my breasts, but have to lose them due to cancer. I hope no one mistakes me for a man.

  11. "Bitter angry butch lesbian feminazi, u make us LOL, so what can u do??. we will transition whether u bark or not. oh wait u have been barking for years, and were has that gotten u, FTMs are increasing in numbers, and yr brain cells are doing the opposite.

    got to hell."

    Had to say I am quite embarrassed for the first FTM comment here, please do not lump us all into that category. We're not all illiterate morons. The end was the worst part.. ugh.

  12. The first comment posted here is so vile and misogynist.

    When women say something men or ftms don't want to hear they call us bitter, angry, feminazi and bitches (surely that is what all the references to "barking" suggest).

    There will be a time when we look back in horror at the unnecessary medicalization of women's bodies for transitioning/masculinizing.

  13. And don't forget those doctors will not help you when you will experience trans-regrets and moreover very woman pregnancy regret (see there

  14. I have a friend who is "transitioning" and she went from making thoughtful, politically correct comments about women, to making really sexist comments and being very fixated on male genitalia. It's like some kind of a dam was opened.
    She thinks she's a gay man, but can't find a bio-gay male partner (which she wants)and is even more depressed than before. She was a really good-looking woman (Lesbian) before the "T" and could have gotten any straight guy for any fantasy sexual encounters she might have had, but now she's kind of a strange-looking gnome. It just makes me sick.

  15. I've had all female doctors!

  16. Can someone please clue in anon@11:38 about basic misogyny 101?



  17. Women doctors are not magically free of sexism and/or misogyny. They grow up in the same world everyone else does. As a matter of fact, some of the most openly misogynistic doctors I've ever encountered were women.

  18. First off, ever since the Dyke Witches who were STRONGLY FEMINIST brought me out, literally, I rejected the male god, because that system of belief wiped out the WiseWomen, the healers, the powerful Spinsters, Amazons and Crones during the Middle/Dark Ages with the infamous witch trial book; Malleus Maleficarum. It was to destroy the powerful Pagan/indigenous Tribal cultures where women had real spiritual, political and Warrior power, and a place and a say-so.

    All the knowledge these women possessed to heal their tribal members was suppressed to make room for MALE doctors and priests who often did more harm than healing. Such is the same medical model today, and women were DENIED the ability to go into the medical colleges and learn the craft, until the 20th century.

    Women who used their tribal, natural, Earth centered herbal remedies who were found out were accused of being Witches and tortured, tormented and burned at the stake, including the revolutionary Sacred Maiden Joan of Arc, who dared to wear men's clothes, though still FULLLY FEMALE, and lead armies defying the Church and the inquisitors.

    That fear still lives in the bones of Western women, should we grow too powerful, too independent, too Spinster like, and take on doctor like alternative medicine roles, as many Lesbians have done. Congress will shut them down, with the voice of the extremely conservative AMA, and the rightwingers still howling at ANY independent women, especially Lesbians.

    So, this shit goes deep. End independent Dykes and Dyke and women healers, for the male medical machine and dependency on it, and you have real social control. Again, you've silenced the women to make them reborn in a male image.


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