Having Trans Doubts? Maybe it is because you are Not Trans

For all the trans trenders jumping into the water, there are an equal amount of females debating, wondering whether they should dip their toe into the water. There are two very sure indications on whether or not you were born trans and should plunge head long into the trans sea.

1) If you have had or have now, any sort of body dysphoria, whether that be your entire body head to toe or whether that be specific body parts such as breast or hips or vagina etc. you are NOT trans. Were you born trans, you would simply be trans in the trans body you were born with.

2) If you feel the need to change your body in more than a superficial way, such as exercise, eating healthy, wearing your hair different ways etc you were not born trans. Those born trans, with their natural trans bodies have nothing medically to alter. Only those who seek physical changes from the medical community do so, because of something they ARENT or DO NOT HAVE, NOT because of what they ARE and DO have! Does the person having a nose job do so because they were born with a perfect nose? Does a female get breast implants because she already possess large-ish breast? Does a person take steroids because they already have a huge, muscular body? No, no and NO! If you are seeking to appear trans, it is solely because you are NOT trans. Trans, like male or female, gay or straight, white or black exist all by itself. 

Do not confuse what you are by what you are not. If one or both reasons listed here apply to you, you clearly and most assuredly are NOT trans. Its perfect okay to explore who and what you are, I tend myself to agree with Eliot on that matter, just make sure you examine everything, leaving no stone unturned before figuring yourself into what can only amount to a terrible mistake.



  1. I pretty much agree with this post. Unless you feel suicidal about your body, there's no need to undergo the dangerous and still experimental process of medical transition. If you have gender-related body dysphoria, it might also be due to something else than being trans, like internalized mysogyny (I had it, due to cultural conditioning). There are many non-transitioning trans people but the worst thing is that they often are being discriminated against for being "not trans enough" when they simply fear for their health. Medical transition is a huuge thing and anyone taking it superficially as a new hairstyle is decidedly and dangerously wrong.

  2. Just for fun here's a word for you to toss around.


    I think you could put it to good use here.

  3. it seems to me that once they start on the testosterone all natural logic goes right out the window because they're digging the effects so much and bonding with others doing the same. i haven't read all your posts yet to see if you've addressed the major trend of ftm's having sex with biological men- so weird and sad to me the whole thing is.

  4. Please, I beg you, email me at ria.s113@yahoo.ca and tell me exactly what you think about ftm? I don't quite see what your stand is.

    ...After doing that, please read this. AFTER. Really, I would honestly like to know what I asked.
    ...Okay, now you can read it.

    I'm a man. Guess what. I have a woman's body. Guess what else. I'm not, in the least, attracted to women.
    So? I hate my body so much, it hurts. It's disgusting to me. It really, truly, physically hurts when I think about the fact that I have breasts. Hell, I even have a SHADOW penis. The same way amputees can feel their lost limbs. EXCEPT WITH A PENIS.
    There are exceptions to every rule. If I feel, every day, like it would be better to commit suicide than to have to live in a woman's body, then I think it would be safer to just transition. I really would if I had the resources.
    Not everyone is the way you describe in your blog. Sometimes it's a matter of honest-to-god-self-hate, or a semblance of normalcy.
    Please don't set an umbrella over people who transition.
    There are other people like me, who don't want the procedure. We really do NEED it in order to have any kind of life at all. Just consider, and if you think a little bit about it, that's all I ask.
    Thank you for listening, I suppose. :)

  5. trans.
    you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


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