William Blake's America, 2010 and Trans Youth

Read this article this morning and wanted to share it with you all, as I feel much of it and Blake of course, IS pertinent, even to us/this blog, and our discussions on the matters at hand.

From the article:

What does it mean, from Blake's perspective, to be mentally imprisoned? It means, among other things, that you see the world from your own private perspective. You look out for your own advantage. You pursue your own success. You hog and hoard. You've entered the state that Blake calls the state of Selfhood, which is individualist, reductive, and isolating.
You think that affirming Selfhood will get you what you want in the world—the Self is a radical pragmatist. But all the state of Selfhood does is to cut you off from the possibility of a better life. The ascendancy of Selfhood isolates you from other humans. Selfhood destroys the drive for community and solidarity. It makes you lonely, frustrated, and angry—on your face come "marks of weakness, marks of woe."

And this is exactly what I see befouling this new trans generation/trans trenders which is solely created and promoted by the advent of the internet. A form of technological consumeristic communication which promised global community but as of yet has only born clique (trans) communities where (trans) folks congregate and drown in their own individual narcissistic loneliness's together. A narcissism made lonely by both the nature of individual narcissism itself and the isolating demands from a shade ridden community that cannot see the forest for the trees blocking all the light.

Paul Celan's short poem Threadsuns reads in full: Thread suns/above the grey-black wilderness./a tree-/high thought/tunes in to light's pitch: there are/still songs to be sung on the other side/of mankind. There is an assortment of circumstance that can happen where an individual or community finds itself lost in the forest with thick tree coverings obscuring the lone sun, but what are we to make of that individual or community that shuns and even attacks the woodcutter or the person like me or you who dares to "thread suns/above the grey-black wilderness"?

Moving on, from the article: Blake suggests that if you want to understand the moral state of a country, you had better check first and see how it deals with its children. Does it treat them with loving kindness, or does it exploit them? What is the moral state of the medical "country" who deal with "trans acting" children/young people? How is it dealing with them? Are trans identified/labeled youths being exploited by the medical community? What is the moral state of the trans community dealing with "trans acting" or trans identified youths? How is the trans community dealing with them? Does the trans community exploit "trans acting"/identified youths for its own trans affirmations? If you read this blog, you already know the answer to all those questions.

More from the article: Blake, the High Romantic...A High Romantic, one might say, is someone who believes passionately in the idea that by joining, sexually and spiritually, with the beloved, one can be transformed into a higher, better version of oneself and help to transform the beloved as well. Blake believed this literally...What is the condition of the erotic life that Blake sees around him in London? It has gone over to prostitution—the whore and the john dominate Blake's vision. For Blake, sex is a sacred matter: It's at the heart of the ceremony of fusion between one human spirit and another. To make of sex something that is bought and sold is to give over to the Selfhood something that rightfully belongs to the Soul....The fruit of prostitution is disease, both physical and spiritual. The "youthful Harlot's curse / Blasts the new born Infant's tear / And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse." The infant inherits syphilis from his mother; the bride from her husband, who has been consorting with the harlot. And along with this physical decay comes spiritual sickness....Love for sale! That is perhaps the greatest oxymoron. Love is never for sale, but sex always has been and will be. The Internet is probably the greatest market for sex without love that has ever existed. Hunger for pornography epitomizes the erotic life of the Selfhood in its current state. Porn is exciting, isolating, and attractive. It uncouples physical desire from the desire of the spirit, denying the very existence of the latter. Someone addicted to porn is someone who has given up on the possibility of a transforming love. Such a love involves risk—the risk of rejection, the risk of shame.

I, like Blake, would also consider myself a "High Romantic", but I dont limit myself to strictly occupying a High Romantic belief with a lover only, transformative connections can be made with friends also. I agree with the author of the article, the internet for many has severed the head from the heart (body) and nowhere is this more profound and apparent than in "queer"/trans spaces whose whole ideology is founded on the mind/body split first and second a rejoining the mind/body through transition! Transforming ourselves spiritually (mind) and through High Romantic connections is how we truly transform our earthly selves (how we feel in our body), it isnt the other way 'round. But the isolating individualistic narcissism that the trans identified and the trans community are so entrenched in doesn't leave any doors open where transforming the self/body through the spiritual is even a possibility. Where does a closed door leave a confused, questioning youth, regardless of which side of the door they are on?

Lastly from the article: Jesus said that it was a better thing to put a millstone around your neck and fling yourself into the abyss than to harm a child. Which reminds me of a Dostoevsky character when he said "and if the suffering of children goes to swell the sum of suffering that was necessary to pay for truth, then I protest, that truth, is not worth such a price"!

You have seen the "suffering of children" here, scarred youths, unhappy, afraid, angry, insecure, confused and a community both medical and trans, who selfishly exploit every scar, every unhappiness, every fear, every anger, every insecurity and every fucking confusion, a "sum of suffering" that in the long run the only ones paying for it will be the children themselves while the pink elephant Truth, stands silently, due to the gag in its mouth, in the corner.

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  1. Words of wisdom far above the low level of understanding of the trans community ie in other words : I am not sure that the trans kids have the brains to get it ;)

  2. This post and Blake's poem speak directly to my experience and to my heart...it is an isolating (and incomprehensible to others) narcissism the one most trans people suffer from. I shall write a post about a similar story soon

    You should make more posts similar to this one, so maybe the trans community will learn not to judge you before better reading you (and knowing your personality a bit)

  3. Honestly im glad you do what you are doing for once my brothers and I are standing up and uniting as one.So thank you for putting the fire under our ass.So rock on Dirt keep up the good work.From your one and only transguy fan.

  4. "to judge you before better reading you"

    I don't think the trans community will do this. Everyone who says something against them is a a eeeevil transphobe.

  5. I can hear it now, “Oh, no! Dirt’s quoting Jesus on her awful blog!” Never mind that the quotation was actually from Mark Edmundson’s article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and it was connected with a philosophical inquiry. Nope, it’ll get taken out of context, as so many of your observations often do.

    I think that most of the parents, and probably many doctors and therapists as well, are not particularly well informed about the current trans trend. That is, they aren’t aware of the social environment that’s driving the trend. Their understanding would probably be more along the lines of rare occurrences of people feeling “trapped in the wrong body”.

    Let’s say a kid goes to a doctor or therapist and says, “I’m a yaoi fan kid. I like anime and manga about cute gay boys in love. I’m bi and I’m genderqueer and maybe I’m pansexual. I’m not down with the binary gender system, but I really think I’m a boy, I definitely don’t feel like a girl. I hate my moobs, and I hate it when boys at school stare at my chest, so I bind with Aces. I want to look like Adam Lambert, I think I’m really a transfag, cuz I’m not into the straight boys, I like the gay boys, the really pretty ones, but sometimes I like bi girls who are bois, especially if they’re Goth. I want to go on T, I want to present more male when I dress up like Spock at the cosplay convention. I hate homophobia and transphobia, I like to hang out at the queer youth center, it’s this totally accepting place. And I have all this gender dysphoria, I’ve been cutting more lately, and I might be pro-Ana…”

    Would the doctors or therapists even have any idea of what the kid’s talking about if they came in and said this? Would their parents have any clues if they paid enough attention to happen to overhear the kid talking about this stuff?

    So, the kid goes to the trans forum websites, where she hangs out online with lots of cool “Bros” and “Guys” and “Dudes”, and she finds out what to say to get a doctor to go along with the trans plan, which would definitely not be the narrative shown above. What she would say would be more along the lines of “I’ve felt like a boy all my life. I never liked to wear a dress or play with dolls. My true identity is male, I want to live as a male, I’m a guy. I’ve always felt like this, and it’s not going to change.” And so on. And the middle-aged doctor or therapist sees a kid in front of them dressed like a teenaged boy, and they don’t have any reason to question what the kid’s telling them. And what’s more, the kid herself probably even really believes the trans narrative at this point- by this time she’s re-written her personal history to fit the story of a trans childhood.

    If the kid has parents that are liberal or progressive, this type of parent will feel that they need to be understanding and accepting, and even though they never noticed anything particularly gender-atypical about the kid before, perhaps they were just too busy to notice. So now they’re searching their memory for any evidence of non-stereotyped gender behavior in the kid’s past in their effort to understand: things like “Emily used to like to run around with the boys with her shirt off when she was 4, sometimes she liked to pretend she was a cowboy with the boys, I wonder if I raised her the right way, maybe I just didn’t see the signs….”

    These are not the transsexuals of yesteryear. This is a whole different phenomenon. I encourage members of the community to learn more about just what these teens are getting into and all the “support” they are getting for “transition”. These are kids. They need help. And like you said before, Dirt, they weren’t born in the wrong body. They were born in the wrong society.

  6. BT,

    There are dozens of such posts just like this if you chose to read them.


  7. Shane,

    Why do you feel you are a "fan"?


  8. Thanks for your real-life observations, DM. They're worth a thousand pages of postmodern gender babble.

  9. When you consider how girls are expected to dress and act these days, it's not surprising that some of them would rather be any kind of man instead. Even a stigmatized kind of man. Gay guys may get beaten up, but no one expects them to wear sweatpants with the word "Juicy" written across the butt.

  10. Great post Dirt.
    Like the first commenter above I sometimes wonder if there is a correlation between transitioning and an absence of critical and abstract reasoning. I don't say that in a humorous or judgmental way but as an actual observation.

    If you really listen to what trans people have to say-as I'm sure most of us here have- you are left with the same nonsensical dogma repeated ad nauseum. The whole entitled naval-gazing "becoming myself" through body modification. The dogged insistance that a person's essence is what they display physically. The almost fascistic superficiality.
    The absurd re-framing of civil rights tropes
    (Remember when MTFs claimed it was "Transphooobia" if lesbians didn't want to sleep with them?).

    Maybe I've listened too closely to trans activists. Like the ones posting hate videos calling for Dirt to be raped, murdered, cut, hit by a car, drowned, calling her (and any other trans-questioner) cunt, bitch, motherfucker- with their two year old child sitting in their lap as they spew profanity at the camera on YouTube. Commenst from the death threaters like "She says fight for women's rights but why she look like a man to do that?" I could go on but I'll spare you. The hatred threats and violence of the trannie swarm are well known to anyone who does as they ask and listens to them.

    I don't think brilliant nuanced posts such as the one I'm attaching my comment to are going to reach such people. Maybe a lightbulb will turn on for one or two people reading it and that's a good thing. But I'm starting to wonder if it might not be a better use of resources to give up trying to dialog at all with the trans community and instead detach the T from the LGB and stop them from using the hard-earned political goodwill (such as it is) towards lesbians and gays to forward a misogynist homophobic agenda that most LGB people completely oppose.
    Instead of pointlessly engaging the trans community and wasting our energy we should lobby for medical trans ethics reform and oversight and stop the straight men and practitioners who are exploiting these kids for their own financial or social gain.

  11. "instead detach the T from the LGB and stop them from using the hard-earned political goodwill (such as it is) towards lesbians and gays to forward a misogynist homophobic agenda that most LGB people completely oppose. "

    goodwill and ressources and budget and job position at student affair or at lesbian and ga studies and at lgb non profit...Doing your shopping in the LGB community when you are the T is so good :D

  12. 'Remember when MTFs claimed it was "Transphooobia" if lesbians didn't want to sleep with them?'

    Oh, this is still going on. Straight men, gay men, straight women, lesbians, they're all transphobes if they think transsexuals should disclose their status to potential dates. They can't accept that it's a dealbreaker for some people, and insist that they have a right to waste those people's time by not being upfront.

  13. DM, I think you are right that most parents and health care professionals don't understand the trendiness of this at all. I am one of them, whose eyes has been opened by Dirt's blog.

    The radical feminist in me was concerned about trans folks taking over women's spaces and the refusal to admit and analyze how male privilege plays a role in the lives of trans folks. But I had NO IDEA how much peer pressure and social forces were acting on teenagers to become trans. I really believe that if my colleagues understood this, many of them would be behaving differently.

  14. So I finally wrote the piece...it rambles a lot but there's meat in it, I promise:

  15. DM,

    I will leave myself Anon for fear of some of my trans-brothers rising against me, but I have seen these "ftm" who wear their hair pink. Who call themselves 'gay men'. Those who act even as "femme gay men"!

    Those yaoi girls who try to suddenly become gay themselves, who try to act like the idea of being with anything but a gay man is absolutely disgusting! This will set them up for a lot of heartache in their futures. They are usually cutters who take anti-anxiety pills, and decide one day to just jump into this world that genuine transsexuals have struggled in since early childhood to establish.

    I try not to be appalled, out of respect I address them using male pronouns, but in the back of my mind as I watch them change their name from Chase to Chad to Charles to Pikachu.. I feel almost disgusted by them, invading the trans community and making us all look like lost loons.

    I met a 'transsexual' a few months back in a transgroup I attended back then, who did not pass very well. But being a transguy, and having been through the awkward stages myself, I accepted this person, addressed them with the desired pronouns, the whole shebang. Well, randomly out of nowhere this person says "Oh I decided I'm not a transsexual." I TRIED not to scream at this person, I felt like a total moron for having been taken for a ride. I felt as if I'd given my trust to this young person who infiltrated my space and then completely made me look the fool for believing them.

    I understand where you are coming from when you speak of those who are becoming trans due to the 'trans-fad.' I do not believe all transgendered folks are in this category, however. Those who make the most noise, who act the most defensive.. are the frauds.

    I hope Dirt can open her LGB heart to a few of the silent T's who aren't wishing rape and murder to her..

  16. Even if we don't agree with each others opinions we can argument like normal people. DM is a good example.

  17. I'd forgotten what a Romantic Blake was. While I don't subscribe to that school of philosophy, being of a more Epicurean nature, I can still appreciate some of his sentiments.

  18. Anon@ 5:14,

    Awesome comment!


  19. I've taken the "T" out of "LGB" for a few years now. Truly, there is nothing in common between people trying to gain human rights for being who they are, and people who are giving themselves a major mind-f*ck and want everyone else to play along (just like the abusive alcoholics in my life).

    I stopped giving money to anything that works for "T" rights, because I'm a lesbian and what I get is short-sheeted enough in this world without having to argue in people that have nothing to do with what my life is like. ENDA, for example -- last I heard our federal protection did not pass because people weren't ok with the "transexual" part added on later. Well, why couldn't gays and lesbians have their protections while those who want to hurt themselves with "T"/etc continue working to get theirs? It's like not letting Blacks be protected from being fired for being Black until alcoholics _also_ have the right to be alcoholic and not be fired. It's ridiculous.

    I started out supporting people who want to be "trans", but in the last several years _trans_ people have screwed up my community, ruined my safe places, and rewritten what it means to be me. Then, when I speak up about wanting my own spaces with people like me, they accuse me of oppressing _them_.

    Sorry. "Trans" is a mental disorder, and as pointed out in this article, a social disorder. I don't support people hurting themselves -- or me. I no longer support anything "trans".


    A big butch lesbian woman who's had it.


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