Transmen, the Trans Community and Rape

There is one main issue that has come out of this recent trans trenders frenzy over my blog. The seething anger and sheer hatred this community or at least those representing the trans community hold towards women and specifically lesbians, anger and hatred that has now become very public, in the form of comments, blog posts and videos.

While a certain portion has been made towards me specifically, the threats of rape, since we live in a rape culture, where one in over a million females REPORT a rape every year in the US alone, and it is estimated that unreported rapes are twice that number. But when we live in a rape culture, one threat of rape against one woman surpasses that individual woman and threaten all women, because rape is a fear and reality of all women, everywhere in the world. When one person says "someone should fucking rape you, you fucking bitch, cunt, whore", they are in fact by what rape cultural is, is saying that ALL women should be raped.

How divorced could this group be from their very much still rapable female bodies that they are either advocating rape or supporting those making rape threats? I dont care how much of a "man" you are as a transman, but I assure you if some guy is violently shoving his cock repeatedly into your vagina against your will, you arent going to experience that rape as a man would. You will however be brought back to the female body you still possess and experience that rape just like any other woman. I dont know if this is how the majority of the ftM community feels, but right now I have yet to see a single post, comment or video admonishing those advocating rape(the exceptions being here by made by a few). The silence reads to me like the majority of transmen think that rape and rape threats are no longer their problem because they are "men" now and rape is problem of women.

 I did receive comment after comment and email after email about how I'm suppose to be "accepting" and "understanding" of transmen because I'm a Butch lesbian and we're all in this together, well if RAPE and ADVOCATING RAPE and RAPE THREATS are your idea of "togetherness", I'll tell you like I would any man, go fuck yourself! If I am "suppose to know better" because I'm a "lesbian", than why is it that transmen arent supposed to "know better" as female bodied "men" that RAPE is no idle fucking joke???? Sexism much???

Someone commented yesterday that the T needs to be removed from the GLB, if had any doubts about that before, I no longer do now!

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