Trans.........MAN enough to Rape?

I will preface this post by saying, I have never said nor am I saying now that all transmen are rapist. There are no credible statistics of transmen who have raped, but as someone quite versed with this group, the number who have raped is very small.

What isn’t small though is the number who seems to support rape on some level such as the 5000+ transmen who support the known serial transmale rapist: Kael T Block. Or the untold number of transmen who have threatened me personally with rape or prayed I get raped, and that's just two incidents that I'm aware of.

I was banned from FaceBook for protesting various pro-rape pages earlier this year, along with some other feminists; we did manage eventually to close down these pages/groups. Rape is a tool that males have used to keep women fearful, shamed and controlled globally since man first dawned. There are cave drawings by our cave ancestors depicting males raping females, classic artwork hanging in our most famous museums depicting men committing rape. As a female child we learn regardless of the loving or not so loving families we were raised in that we are vulnerable to rape. As young females we learn to edit our behaviors so we do not incite rape. Because we live under patriarchal systems, rape is place in our laps as something we as females are responsible for, making men unaccountable for their actions. We learn that if we weren't asking for "it" in some way, then males wouldn't rape us.

Rapist are scary we're taught, and men are primarily behind rape, which gives all males a silent power over all females, even if they never rape a single female. Just having that power in their back pockets is what is behind keeping males who do not rape from challenging rape on the scales it would take to eradicate/seriously punish rape/rapists. The threat of rape helps to keep men in power; therefore rape culture is essential to males maintaining their throne.

So where do transmen fit into rape and maintaining rape culture? Transmen are biological females, who grew up as biological females, who are subjected to the same internalize misogyny all females are subjected to. Does then the development of a transmale identity coupled with an internal misogyny, and a history of rape vulnerability, compel consciously or unconsciously, thousands of transmen to utilize rape or the threat of rape in helping uphold male control, by helping to maintain rape culture? Thus insuring their membership into the boys club? Is rape or the threat of rape the ultimate password into REAL manhood for transmen

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  1. Many people don't know about Kael T Block's history of rape. It needs to be common knowledge amongst trans men, but it isn't.

    XXBoys is a great website and people enjoy it without realising the history of the creator.

    Many of his events at clubs have been cancelled due to complaints from the trans community.

    I can't speak on behalf of the trans community, but I certainly do not support rape or Kael T Block.

  2. no it's not the password to manhood. ive never heard a transman talk about rape. if anything, transmen know how vulnerable women feel, as they lived yrs as women. i highly doubt most of them would want to subject a person to that, especially if they've seen the movie Boys Don't Cry.

  3. @Dirt, Kael T Block the rapist can be also fund by buying stuff at his online store:

    And the names of the 5333 transmale who support xxboys/Kael the rapist are here:

    Among them : TJ Jourian, Meiko Elias Xavier, Aydian Downing, Waren Kunce...all those trans-poster boys who claim this blog is hateful ...Shame on those guys ! And guys, don't pretend you are feminist !

  4. and photos of the rapist with a MTF friend...

  5. Alexander (same one again)November 9, 2010 at 6:21 PM

    I'd say as a man I aim to do my best not to play into rape culture. I'm not always sure how to do this, but I try and do what I want people to do in order that I feel safe. For me, being seen by society as someone who is likely to be the perpetrator rather than likely to be the victim is a relatively new thing, and I'm finding it hard to learn how to work with this privilege. As someone who's been raped, whilst still living as female, it has important to me to see men around me giving off signs that they don't have those intentions, such as not walking behind me in the dark, which is something I endeavour to make sure I never do to a woman now.
    I do not support any man who rapes, who advocates rape, or who uses the threat of rape as a tool, and think that any man who considers that the pinnacle of manhood is despiciable. I also know however that I may not always do the right thing, and may not know what the right thing to do *is* in denouncing rape culture and actively working against it. For me, having been socialised as female and been raped whilst living as female, I feel that this has made me more aware of the social weapon I now have, and more aware that I need to learn how not to hurt women.
    As a trans man, I denounce Block,as I denounce any other man who has raped. As a man I want to do what I can to eradicate rape culture. In the end though, this isn't about me, as a man, it's about women.

  6. Ill say that i have discussed this with a lot of my trans friends and we were unaware of the rape that occurred with kael. I do not support rapists. His art I liked, but I do not like what has happened. After hearing this on your blog i did research it. It is sad that people rape people. Women rape people too though. Rape can occur from any angle. Honestly, a lot of my friends here did not even know who Kael was...


  7. "Women rape people too though. Rape can occur from any angle."

    How dare you come on this blog and spew your rape apologist hatred. Find a clue.

  8. I'd be interested in joining/supporting some of the transmale groups that are fighting against rape and rape culture, and any that the transmen have organized that demand Kael T Block pay for his crimes and any that are organized to remove him from FB.

    I'm sure there are other non trans readers who would also be interested. So if some of the transguy readers could post some links for us that would be great!

    This is surely an area we can put our differences aside. I would imagine one of the first major issues on every transguys mind after they are legally transitioned is educating bio males and working to help end rape.

    Please also link any transmale site created to educate bio males, I would like to link all my male friends and family.



  9. Hmmm I'm not sure what the mythological Boys dont Cry movie has to do with transmale rape.

    From what I recall the movie centered on an adult lesbian woman who lied to various underage girls in order to sleep with them.

    While she certainly committed statutory rape multiple times, I'm speaking more of forced rape. But I guess I can see your point. Even though TB never ID'd as trans.


  10. In short, no.

    I'm trans. I've been raped. I would never, ever, ever in a million years wish that experience on another human being, nor will I tolerate rape threats or rape "jokes" in my presence. Rape is evil, and rape culture is evil, and I condemn it with every ounce of moral fiber in my body. And I will not associate with anyone, male or female, who will not do the same.

    If there are any pathetic little boys out there who think that threatening a woman with rape makes you a man: it doesn't. It makes you a rapist-collaborator and a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  11. Alex,

    So if men are the primary perpetrators of rape, men hold all of the power, thereby have the power to stop rape, and you claim to be a "man" how in the fuck is this NOT about YOU!

    What do you do as an all powerful male to stop rape??? Besides put rape responsibility back onto its victims????????

    Way to be a fucking man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Hold on, Dirt, am I reading your last comment correctly - are you implying that you think Brandon wasn't violently raped and murdered?

  13. Jr,

    Nice pass off from your male responsibility, "oh wait, women rape too"!!! Show be the proof that women use rape as a tool to hold men down and keep women in power! Show me the tens of thousands of website that illustrate mens fear of living in a "male rape culture"!


  14. And before another ignorant person says "women rape too", I dont see anywhere in this post that discusses women rapist.

    If you would like to discuss females who rape I suggest you make a post about it and invite us to participate. THIS post however isnt about that.


  15. Yep Evan ya read it wrong, the post as well as the comment.


  16. Here's another victim of FTM rape.

    Several people commenting on the video also report being raped by FTMs.

  17. You had me almost in tears, as a woman who found out while I was still just a little girl that being female can mean being damned in that sense. Young girls are targets, women are targets and everything you said about what it is to grow up female is right.

    Anyway, you inspired me to write in my own blog speaking out against the trans trend. I go over how going outside the gender norms doesn't make anyone male in a female body using my own partner as an excellent example. You don't have to post this comment (or you can, I don't mind either way) but here is the link:

    Every little bit helps, I think.

  18. "Ill say that i have discussed this with a lot of my trans friends and we were unaware of the rape that occurred with kael. "

    -> Google him: all the testomionals are online. Does it mean that 5333 FTM of us have not even checked what they were subscribing to when supporting XXboys ?

    "His art I liked, but I do not like what has happened."

    -> we agree : his photos on xxboys project are great but he is a rapist so shall we support him despite he is a rapist because he makes nice photos ? The answer is no. Every Bro who is among his 5333 FTM fans list supports de facto rape.

  19. I have checked on FB 5 370 people are supporting XXboys/Kael T Block...

    It is a shame and a surprise to see that the transguys who make video on Youtube against Dirt blog are also the one who support this rapist...

    Why do FTM glorify violence against women ? Is it part of the transition process to rape a woman or to call for rape ?

  20. Dirt this convo today on :
    really made me laugh so I thought I would share it.
    The crazy trannies threaten to stab her!

  21. Alexander (same one again)November 10, 2010 at 8:35 AM


    In saying it's not about me, I meant the fact that I am a male victim of rape is irrelevant to this discussion - it's not about me as a victim, it's about how, as a man, I can work to prevent rape against women. It is about the male privilege I wield, I'm not denying that in any way, I apologise for the ambiguous phrasing. What do I do to try and prevent rape? Very little, far less than I should.
    I take part in a campus initiative offering company to anyone female crossing campus after dark, in order to try and prevent there being people who are easy victims, but at the same time this scheme puts the responsibility onto the victims of rape not to be alone, rather than onto men, not to rape.
    I do my best to be non-threatening in every way possible, but may not always succeed. I'd like to know what I can do that would be helpful. If you know of any links, I'd appreciate that.
    Before knowing the history of Kael Block, I supported his artwork, but a ftm friend linked me to some background information on him, and I immediately withdrew my support. I would like to see more within the community that denounces him. A while back a group of UK trans men looked at starting up a similar project but without the history of rape, to enable people to have the pride in their bodies that they see xxboys as offering, without supporting or enabling rape, but the project never got off the ground.

  22. "If there are any pathetic little boys out there who think that threatening a woman with rape makes you a man:"

    Ah yes, I love when masculinity lovers want to reframe the wages of masculinity (i.e. the violence inherent in gender hierarchy) as just defective or incomplete "masculinities" [sic].

    Only fake men rape! They're like sissy boys! Real men are good and awesome to women, those LITTLE people who are still the polar opposite of those real M-E-N with their white knight masculinities 2.0 intact.

    I'm actually male and I'd rather be a pathetic little boy (which I'm guessing none of you transmen ever were!) than have anything to do with the misogyny involved in your hierarchy formulas designed to make yourself feel macho.

  23. Dirt, I'm appalled at your comment about Brandon. He was raped.

  24. On the subject of rape culture and youth culture- among teens the word PIMP is currently used to signify something GOOD: pimp this, pimp that, he's pimp, etc. I told my daughter that in case you didn't know, a pimp is a sexual predator, a rapist, a parasite, an abuser who forces women to go out on the streets as prostitutes- therefore, I don't want to hear that word in this house used to represent anything cool or good.

  25. An FTM speaks out against rape and sexual violence:

  26. I like this Alexander person... :) Hi!

    And apologies if any of my comments are offensive to you, it's just that most people within the trans community (or at least those with the most shouty voices) seem to be committing some seriously objectionable behavior. I do realize that there are at least a few who are quite nice, etc, but unfortunately their voices are drowned out.

    About rape. Rape is extremely dehumanizing regardless who the victim is, but the relevant thing to notice about rape is that the threat of rape, and the threat of the grossly unfair repurcussions from being raped, are used in a very target-specific, very gender-specific systematic way to prevent class female from ever achieving equality with class male.

    It's impossible to behave in your day to day life as if you are equal when you realize that many people would happily see you be dehumanized at the drop of a hat.

    The mechanism by which this occurs is subtle, but the result is not. Most men would never say directly, "you must be subserviant, act coquetish, tolerate my arrogance, or if you don't then some man will surely rape you". Those things are never said explicitly but the threat is usually there.

    These implicit threats comes in the form of a thousand different messages which are directed only at females from the day they are born, and continues every single day of her life. It's why the usual misogynistic reaction to a publicized rape case is so damaging -- all those blame-the-victim tropes which are trotted out only serve to reinforce the message that dehumanization of females is acceptable, and that any excuse no matter how ludicrous or illogical will be accepted as valid.

    Once you realize that you can be dehumanized with impunity, then it's simply not possible to act as if you are equal with those who are considered human. And this awareness affects every move you make, every course of action you ever consider making in your day to day life; it becomes second nature to pander to the egotistical demands of those who have power over you in order to avoid their abuse.

    It isn't *just* the fact that most guys are bigger and stronger than me, it's the knowledge that our society doesn't care enough about my humanity to prevent men from thinking they are entitled to dehumanize me. That's rape culture.

  27. Sara,

    Nowhere did I say Teena was not raped, try reading again.

    Clearly this post is about transmen who rape and the threat of rape, NOT females(teena) who have been raped.

    Interesting you would jump to that conclusion and not even mention the young girls Teena Brandon raped.

    You should be ashamed.


  28. Alexander (same one again)November 10, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    m Andrea:

    I really appreciated your post because I felt like it outlined stuff I could do, to some extent.
    I know that I shouldn't be looking to women to educate me in how to be a good ally, and have tried to educate myself but posts like that really help me


  29. Anon @ 8:50. Thank you. You have just articulated why I cringe when I see bumpersticker sayings like "Real Men Don't Use Violence." Actually, that one makes me feel like hitting someone with a two-by-four. I don't, of course, but seeing as how I'm one of the little ladies, no one ever slaps me on the back and says, "Good for you for not using violence! You're a Real Man (TM)!"

  30. I am transgender, ftm. I don't know who Kael T block is, but I am going to look him up. I will make sure that I DO NOT support anything that he is apart of. I disagree with a lot of things on this blog, but one thing that I do strongly agree with is the fact that rape is a disgusting thing! anybody who is that evil doesn't deserve the support of anyone.

  31. As a trans man, I loathe rape culture. I was raped when I was female, my sister was raped, my mother was raped, most of my friends have been raped. I do not deny that it is a powerful tool of patriarchy to keep female-assigned people down. If I could rid the world of one thing, it would be rape. And I also find it disgusting for trans men to be supportive of a rapist just because he's trans they are desperate for role models. He is not my role model and I have many trans men friends who loathe him as well. Not all trans men are tools of the patriarchy; some are, but just as feminist men exist, trans male feminists also exist.

    Seriously, why do you hate trans men so much? While I do discount the pressure that many butches must feel to adopt a trans identity (which is wrong) or transition (also wrong), but misgendering trans men does nothing to fix the situation.

    If you don't believe that trans men are men, then why treat them any differently than womyn? You don't blame womym for rape, therefore, you can't single out trans men either.

    You can't claim Brandon Teena/Teena Brandon as a woman anymore than trans men can claim hir, because he's not here to tell us. I have a feeling, though, that if he were alive you would still call hir a rapist and call hir a woman, which proves your entire premise that men are entirely responsible for rape culture incorrect or that you don't entirely believe it to be true. Or it could be that some women do rape and do actively support rape culture.

    Regarding your accusations, you can't deny the existence of people while simultaneously blame them for the ills of the world. It lacks logic, but I suspect that your hatred/severe dislike/disrespect for trans man has any thing to do with logic and is more about your feelings.

    Personally, I think it's odd that you feel so passionately about something you claim to not exist. Or are you hating it because you would like it eradicated (which means that it does exist) because you've personalized the experience of trans men onto your own. FWIW, I was never a butch lesbian. I've never slept with a woman; I've only slept with gay men because I'm a gay trans man. Where do I fit into your classification system? Am I an utterly confused straight woman who likes to be publicly scorned for shits and giggles? Just curious. Continue on.

  32. On the subject of FtM rapists, I have been hearing a lot lately about someone on the internet who calls themselves "Lycere Cunningham" who IDs as FtM and has been sexually harassing illustrator and online celebrity Fyodor Pavlov. (hasn't raped in person , as far as I know.) But this Lycere has been threatening to rape Fyodor, and stalked him and hacked into his emails, because he turned down Lycere's advances or something. Fyodor has an FtM partner, so I think Lycere thinks he should've appreciated his advances more than the next guy or something, I don't know. I'm a fan of Mr. Pavlov's, so I really don't want to see him get hurt. The thing is, I think that Lycere thinks that by threatening to rape, and sexually harassing, that he's being more of a man, and that that's male priveledge he was denied while living as female, that he wants a part of now. It's pretty damn scary.

  33. I am what scientists call 'transman' myself and I don't think that transmale identity is necessarily coupled with an internal misogyny. We better not think from a kind of psychological point of view which labels and generalizes immediately. But for some transmen it could be so, and it could be as you said, that they think that such sexually alarming behavior insures their membership into male category. That they are heavily influenced by notions of 'The Real Man' and want to assert themselves as one.

  34. I am a transman myself. I do not agree with feminism on many points when it comes to broader theoretical discussion but pertaining to this post,
    As you have said earlier, let's not assume that all transmen have internal misogyny which couples with development of trans identity.
    But some might have it. A person could be misogynist irrespective of his own gender.
    Some transmen might be thinking that sexually alarming behavior ensures their membership in male category as they are influenced by the notion of 'Real Man' and want to assert themselves as so.


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