Trans Trenders...The New Goth?

Are trans trenders the new goth?



  1. The comparison to goth is interesting and I think accurate. It also brings to mind the popularity of Vampires. I think when we're young, a precious few of us, (female or male), are comfortable in our skin. This is just my theory, we search for something to make ourselves unique because we don't quite fit into the box that society wants to put us into, even though this same society teaches us to be unique, it also wants us to not stray from what's acceptable for normal. It's expected for our youth to push boundaries, to do things their parents consider over the top, so I understand goth and the attraction to vampires. Body mutilation, I don't get. If you're 16 to 35 and feel/ believe you are in the wrong body, was there something or someone, that happened in your life to bring this feeling/ belief on? If you've spoken with your family about being Trans gender, do they mention an event or person they think may have effected your belief? Do identify trans gender or Trans sexual?

  2. Hehe. :) I'm a goth. I like Bauhaus, I like Joy Division, I like wearing big stompy boots and black coats and the whole vampire mystique.
    I know, I know, it's silly and childish, but oh-so-pretty. I like vampire flicks and black corsets (on men and women - mum being a fetishwear seamstress might have something to do with that!), I like the idea of drinking absinth and looking at the full moon and staying up all night long living on coffee and candy.

    I like wearing black, it's a nice colour. I like wearing and listening to what makes me happy, and ignoring what everyone else thinks.

    I am a lad with a fancy for laces and steeltoes, really horrorshow devotchki and science fiction films. I like languages and computers and the hyperfocusing ability that my disability sometimes gives me.

    I'm me and I love it!

  3. Great Article Dirt. I didn't realize this was a link, lol, and then I happened upon your article on Magazine Project (went there to read BevJo's article). A pleasant surprise- keep up the good work.

  4. Whoa they just pulled it-and BevJo's too- holy censorship.

  5. This is ridiculous and a perfect example of how "transphobia" is just thinly-veiled transfascism. Since the article was not aimed at the trans population at large, but just at the swarms of young girls who due to anime and musical influences (j-rock and other pretty boybands such as Tokio Hotel) want to become "pretty boys", it definitely wasn't about the trans condition a priori. Nor were there comments which were transphobic, just questioning at best. Saying questioning something is illegal and offensive IS fascism, even if veiled by a "you can never say anything bad" patina our "society of nice" enforces, ON WOMEN ESPECIALLY. And, even if I disagree with white supremacists (as an example), I don't whine about closing Stormfront, I make comments on it about how racism is wrong! (and yes, actual white supremacists there accept dissenting memebers, even black ones, even if with much disdain)

    At the end of the days, this just strengthens the reality of transphobia as transfascism, and that in its violent denial of anything that might contradict it trans-theory IS fascistic.


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