Trans Trenders-the New Goth and "themagazineproject" caving to Transfascist Hormonally induced Rantings

The below article was written for and posted here originally last week, it was removed last night due to transfascist threats, lies and pressures. This is the article in full:

Trans Trenders-the New Goth?

Transgenderism/sexualism began as a treatment to cure gay males of their homosexuality. It was ignorantly believed that gay men by their attraction to men must really be women trapped inside a male body, compulsory heterosexualism at its most extreme. The treatment for feeling “born in the wrong body” hasn’t much changed in the last sixty plus years, hormonal drugs and various surgeries based on the believed sex remain the treatment used. How Transgenderism/sexualism is viewed, trans rights, academic jobs based in trans ideologies and public opinion of trans people has however changed. Queer Theory combined with the almighty internet being the primary reasons for the most significant changes in public perception of trans people and the dissemination of trans related information.

Among females there has been until recently a generalized but standard female of the lesbian persuasion who has been the primary seeker of transition. These are females who felt from an early age or around puberty that they were “born in the wrong body”. With those feelings also comes a feeling of extreme body dysphoria, which very often is centered on body parts society deems specifically female, such as breast, shapely hips and vagina. The advancements of trans rights, scholarship, general knowledge, popular reality TV etc. has unfortunately come at a time for females when the feminist backlash has reached all new heights circumscribing the female role to that of a hyper-femininity coupled with a hyper-sexuality. Girls as young as two or three years old are now being clothed to please the male gaze. Options for female possibilities and female futures have drastically gone from house wife to that of visual “eye candy” whore. For females, “dressing for success” has come to signify; no erection equals no raise, no promotion or no job, take your pick.

In the past, youths have used Punk, New Wave, Goth, multi-colored dyed hair, mohawks, shaved heads, piercings and tattoos as a form of rebellion, self expression and a way to transcend momentarily narrow gender roles. It is a different story today however; female youths are choking and gagging on the inescapable hyper-femininity/hyper-sexuality being shoved down their smooth young throats by family, religion and society. Only they are escaping, in droves even, through transition. Technology and narrow gender norms have created a circumstance and a space where female youths are changing their limited female destinies by transitioning to “male” rather than changing the rules for all females as feminist had done in the past.

The hugest difference in the female youths who are falling prey to this trans trend is that most of these young women are heterosexual. They begin transition believing that they are and will be “gay men” once transitioned. Many, once on testosterone seek gay male sex/relationship partners knowing little to nothing about gay male culture or how gay male culture functions within gay malecentric spaces.

One of the main technological sources spreading this “trans trend” like wildfire, a trend affecting mostly white females, is Every week there is a whole new set of trans trending females ranging in age from young teens to early twenties. They range also in the arena of transition from “pre-ftM”s cutting their hair short and binding their breast down for a flatter appearing chest, to others just starting a testosterone regimen and others still, several years on testosterone and having already had their healthy breast surgically removed. Each YouTube trans trending testament and record of transition begs for supportive unquestioning listeners.

These young pre-ftMs and ftMs give each other that support, through friending, subscribing to and copiously supportive commenting on each trans trender’s video. The comments alone encourage and increase trans trending behavior, affirmative comments read on their videos and positive reinforcing comments trans trenders read on other trans videos. These trans trendering YouTube spaces function very much in the way Pro-Ana sites function supporting the behavior of anorexics, they are both instructional and reinforcing.

The article, like the "who is transitioning" posts here, highlight the mass trans trending taking place among female youths growing up in less than radical feminist times. Times which demand hyper femininity and hyper sexuality to signify "normal" female development. Times which leave no room for females youths to dream, let alone realise those dreams unless those dreams are bent like the hairpins holding the perfectly coiffed hair in place so as not to upset the narrow straight jacketed status quo demanding our female youths SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! Times which lead our female youths into believing that to resist or out right tear off the female gender jacket constricting their choices, thereby their lives and futures, they must tear off their very female natures!!! But in the word of the folk genius Bob Dylan: The Times They are a Changin!

If you were ever on the fence regarding trans ideology, this issue alone should be the deciding factor in your about face from the trans position. If you have lived past the age of 30, you are well aware that the greatest judge about any community is how it treats its children. The trans community, trans adults are more invested in trans trenders justifying their trans decision than they are in questioning this trend or even allowing it to be questioned. This isnt a community who loves its/our children, this is a community so narrow and narcissistic it would rather thousands upon thousands of girls be given a drug that has no long term studies, a drug that unless the breast are removed and a hysto completed these girls will have a HIGH chance of developing cancers in those areas. A community that supports and encourages the removal of these female youths breast leaving them permanently mutilated, despite the fact that most of these trans trenders will later regret their youthful trans trend exuberance.  A community that prefers and practices the mental and physical distortion/destruction of children and young adults isnt part of MY community, is it yours?

You can contact TMP (themagazineproject) here:  

If you have even the slightest bit of feminist backbone, contact this site immediately! Our female youths very lives are at stake right this very minute!

Edit to add, the article has been reposted after the site owners of TMP reviewed the comments and realized most comments were from trolls who havent even read the article and were/are merely there to angrily trouble make/silence women.


  1. I just wrote to them, dirt. Here is the letter I got back.


    Thank you for your response. We are currently deciding what to do with
    the 2 trans-related articles given the severe backlash from the trans
    community. It is not so much a reaction of fear but a reaction of
    inclusivity - we do not want to isolate anyone from the LGBT spectrum.

    Please stay posted and we will make a decision shortly.


    I guess she missed the part why I asked where I asked how I could feel included if an analysis with my political views isn't even allowed to be posted? Geez.

  2. Thanks Laur,

    They told me they were worried about losing their 25% trans readership, clearly they arent interested in their 75% lesbian and feminist readership.

    The men speak and the women bow to their patriarchal cocks, rubber, real or shoved back into their male cavity.


  3. "The trans community, trans adults are more invested in trans trenders justifying their trans decision than they are in questioning this trend or even allowing it to be questioned. This isnt a community who loves its/our children, this is a community so narrow and narcissistic it would rather thousands upon thousands of girls be given a drug that has no long term studies, a drug that unless the breast are removed and a hysto completed these girls will have a HIGH chance of developing cancers in those areas."

    What really had me surprised is how (I suppose) trans adults only defended those young girls' "transness" without even knowing the "pretty boy" phenomenon that is spreading on Youtube and elsewhere (not everyone was like this, but I could count the exceptions on half a hand). TS people, in fact, should be the ones going against being "trans at all costs". I think there should be some kind of objective criteria to be trans, not just hating your boobs or other parts or wanting to look like a bishonen (especially wanting to look like a bishie, since testosterone will shatter that with all probabilities). Did all lesbians welcome with open arms the "le trenders" in the 80s and beyond? No, and not only that: they were the most critical voices against them. The fact the trans community at large is not interested in this, and also the censorship due to "transphobia", is symptom of the self-centered narcissism of the community itself (not of every single TS person though), its lack of empathy for what could potentially happen to misguided young girls who want to look like Bill Kaulits (and they'll take T to reach that look? COME on, I probably have more T than the Kaulitz guy and that's saying everything!), and of its paper-thin collective ego that would shatter to dust if criticism were to go uncensored. This is not a rant against transsexuality or specific TS people but trans communities at large and especially "support sites". No wonder many TS people kill themselves if they follow those communities' suggestions!

  4. BTW, this is what I sent:

    Hi, I was posting as Bluetraveler and I think the removal and censorship of Dirt's article regarding "trans trenders" is both damaging to your credibility and potentially dangerous.
    1) because the article itself was referring not to the trans community at large, but rather at those young girls who due to anime and j-rock influences misguidedly call themselves "FTM", but at the same time don't want to look male - they want to look like a "kawaii pretty boy". The phenomenon is relatively new but also quite rampant and if there's no criticism of it whatsoever then censuring someone reporting it, besides the fact it makes you look opinionated, it' also
    2) dangerous because it's like saying to those girls "what you are doing is perfectly ok, and no worries, you will turn like a pretty bishie under testosterone", which is very demonstrably FALSE. But you see, many of those girls have also (sadly) lost contact with reality ages ago an they genuinely believe that, with some luck and maybe by "stopping T" early, they'll get the results they want. Hormones don't work like that.

    Also, while I am not against trans indiviuals as persons and know a few critical, intelligent ones, the majority as of now will not accept anything that might go against the smallest of their beliefs, which they arrogantly assume everyone must share OR ELSE they are transphobic. Censorship on trans issues will only increase this fascist voice in the trans community and only do damage to those who want a honest discussion (critical TS people included)

  5. Dirt,

    I agree that it's dangerous for anyone to transition for the wrong reason, partly because of the health risks of hormones, surgery, binding, etc. and also because the pressure to prove one is trans enough, for the doctors or the community, often means pressure to be more dysphoric.


    Comments on your blog don't seem to work for me.

  6. This blog is proof what the trans community does to their own.

  7. The entire trans philosophy is based on the oppression of females so it shouldn't be surprising that trans believers lack feminist consciousness and so happily throw women and girls under the bus.
    Silencing feminists is a crucial part of their platform and has been since the male medical establishment began their sex surgery experimentation.
    But we're not being silenced, are we? I'd say the average person in the lesbian and gay community is becoming less and less interested in the sex mutilation bullshit these people are selling, and trans believers can see it too. They can throw up as many non-sensical lies and non-arguments as they want, and spew emotional appeals about how "victimized" they feel when we say sex is a scientific fact. They're like creationists or Holocaust-deniers. In the end they always revert to silencing and censorship through harassment and bullying because it is the foundation on which their platform is built.

  8. To the one who talked about comments: I'll always check the spam box from now on, but don't be surprised if they don't show up immediately. I don't know why and I apologize for it.

  9. Anon@ 2:36- Very interesting commentary at that blog, thanks.

  10. Great article, Dirt! And the pro-ana analogy is RIGHT ON. We have a lot to think about when the PRIMARY COMPLAINTS of any phenomenon are:

    "... centered on body parts society deems specifically female, such as breast, shapely hips and vagina. "

    I posted about something similar, I think it's called "I hate my body + [gendered social conditioning]" or something like that. Bottom line is, women HATE their bodies. I don't believe there's a significant difference between body dysphoria that seeks to highlight your sex-organs ala sexual-femininity or body dysphoria that seeks to KILL off female sex organs ala transition-- it's ALL about the inherent INADEQUACY of the female body in her natural state. Reveal: misogyny.
    Love, UP

    PS. do you have any stats or studies on the number/frequency of young white heterosexual females who are diving into the MtF deep end? I mean, it's so OBVIOUS to me that this is the primary affected group. Just wondering if you have any research in this notoriously neglected area of concern.

  11. They re-posted the article. For once the fascist trannie-swarm censorship machine has failed. I love that site!

  12. They are moderating my post in that thread although there was nothing controversial about it. Sitting in the mod bin...

  13. "They re-posted the article. For once the fascist trannie-swarm censorship machine has failed. I love that site!"

    We asked for it to go back up along with everybody else, and I expressed that I didn't know why they'd removed it in the first place. I may not necessarily agree with Dirt's viewpoints, but I certainly do not agree with censoring Dirt. Every woman deserves to have her say.

  14. I am the anon from 1:34. Seems my post went into mod because of links, not censorship. It was later posted. I was not censored on that site at all. They are not censoring any posts. My mistake.

  15. Very thoughtful post. I think it would be necessary to talk to you about my experience, as I identify as FtM. Now with me, I'm not saying I want to be a pretty boy, or be anything in the youtube videos. When I discovered the trans community on YouTube, Tumblr, and blogspot, I ended up feeling alienated because I always felt like a boy, yet these people suddenly felt it, and because they are loud and complain a lot about everything, suddenly my experience becomes invalid. What I don't like is how we as a community, the LGBT community in general, alienates people who are quiet and thoughtful. Well that is how I felt, anyway. I work on my own car, did construction, and worked very hard to be able to move out of my mother's house who can't even contemplate the idea I liked girls! So in comparison to a lot of these gay trans guys, I'm pretty masculine and can pass for male regularly (until I open my mouth) without trying. I have thought about T for many years, because I worry about health problems that may arise. Heart disease runs in my family. I have decided though, that I would rather go through the risk because it has driven me to near suicide to be transgender and not accepted by the (gay) trans guy community because my interests and manner are way too mannish for them. They end up lusting after me, and I end up kind of confused because it's true, they don't know male culture, they can't gel in it. I can and while I stand up for them, I worry they will never be happy for themselves. I worry about that for myself, too. Because I do bind and pack, and I hope it makes the pain go away. Always did. Sometimes it doesn't.

  16. My girlfriend is amazing, though. She will ignore my parts I don't like about myself (chest, really. I don't mind the vagina deal too much, it has a clit), and treat me with respect and love. It blows my mind that people do not expect to be treated with respect and so develop complexes about their judgement. It's like this: I know I'm a man, my tits don't make me any less of a man, but they happen to be there. I may get rid of them, maybe not. I am the same way with T and I still am unsure as to whether I should take it because while it may make me more comfortable, I don't like plugging into becoming a douche of a man. That's what these guys are doing, taking T and posting videos to be narcissistic, to be brave, to be hardcore. To be When in reality, they just plug into the system in order to take advantage of what may come to them without fighting for the betterment of all people. This is why transitioning bothers me too. I pick the pronouns for myself, I correct people when it feels safe and they misgender me, I changed my name. It was a lot to deal with and very heartbreaking in terms of dealing with my family (they disowned me for perceiving me as a lesbian though in their eyes already), but satisfying because it has allowed me to give myself the perspective on life and happiness with myself to well, be myself. I don't really care if I end up poor for the rest of my life as a result. I grew up poor anyway and I majored in studio art, so there you go.

  17. I try to respect other peoples' decisions on what they want to do to themselves, because they are not me. It may do wonders to the world because it might not matter someday, what sex we are assigned to, but it is worrisome if every woman upset with their role in life want to become men. It just enforces that men are better when in reality both sexes are equal, but it's not practiced.

    Maybe MTFs are so serious because our society does not reward femininity. It is a big thing, perhaps, to give up masculinity and reward for femininity, while women who behave more masculinely are rewarded and don't see that they can just be butch. But I am a fan of people being themselves and people DO have to find out for themselves lots of things, it's just unfortunate that most people are stupid and do jump on trends.

    There is serious competition in blogs, starting T, getting surgery. It definitely is an online phenomenon, as if it's people who live by posting their image online and want to be their image. I never did that- I never even posted a picture of myself. I'd be there, with whatever cartoon character,
    and just be some guy.

    There is serious competition in blogs, starting T, getting surgery. It definitely is an online phenomenon, as if it's people who live by posting their image online and want to be their image. I never did that- I never even posted a picture of myself. I'd be there, with whatever cartoon character, and just be some guy.

    Some guy who loves women, supports women, supports women's rights, loves his girlfriend to pieces, and knows how hard it is for ANYONE in this world to succeed in life and be themselves. Even if it's people who are being gay FTMs and lesbian MTFs.

    That said, I keep tampons handy for my girlfriend at all times. I've even gone to the store to buy them because, well, I want to be everything for her and while some people think it makes them less manly or "genderfucked" or "genderqueer", I am simply a guy buying tampons for his girlfriend because she needs them and he cares about her needs.

    To each their own and to all their own self-respect. May we someday fly among the stars and all be allowed whoever we want to be-

    and this is why I don't participate in the queer community. I am myself, first and foremost, with my quirks that deal with me, not a community's needs. But still, to each their own.

  18. And sorry about the length of my comment. I just can relate to everything you've said and I did feel like I was the only person who felt excluded in LGBT communities.

    Thanks, Dirt.

  19. Oh, for f***'s sake. I have known plenty of conventionally feminine women who work in construction and can fix their own cars. And quite a few gay guys who do the same, and are not the hypermasculine bear type. Doing those things does not make you "mannish," "manly," or "masculine."

  20. Right, it's utilitarian.

    It doesn't change how I feel about myself, though.

    And not for anyone else, and their identities. I just happen to have mine.

    That said, my heterosexual straight, very feminine mother taught me how to fix my car.

    And I can cook. I still feel manly when I cook. Sexy, even. Especially for my girlfriend. :)

  21. Manliness are characteristics of men, if you are female, how is it exactly that you "feel manly" whether cooking or otherwise?


  22. It's just how I feel about it, it's a personal thing, nothing more or less. :)

  23. was the part about "shoved down their smooth young throats" really necessary?


    100% agree with rest of the writing.


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