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I've created a 24 hour poll which is located on the top right of the blog. If you would like to discuss the poll question "Has anything you've read on this blog changed how you feel about transition"- further, you may do so here.



  1. The trannies trenders will just lie anyway.

  2. This blog is helpful in debunking excuses and lies used by ftms to justify their behavior.

    Such as the completely nonsensical concept of someone born female being able to "feel male" or "having a male brain" in a female body....

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. To me that's the most insane one. How can anyone actually see this as logical or legit??

  3. I think some of them really do believe that they have a "male brain." They need to believe something, because many of them really do have serious problems (as lots of us did as teenagers.) Now we have a bunch of teenaged girls on testosterone.

  4. I found your blog when I already stopped thinking about transition, but I still found it very interesting, in particular the sections about body dysmorphia and female expectations.

  5. Perhaps the various partial-brain sex theories are unproven. But that doesn't make them completely nonsensical.

    Even if the partial-brain-sex theories are true, it is still important for people to consider other possible explanations for their feelings; society-wide misogyny can feed a lot of body-hatred and gender-discomfort that one might take for an inborn need to transition.

    Even if the brain structures required different hormone levels, testosterone injections would create as many problems as they could solve. Widely spaced injections would mean too much testosterone at the beginning of the cycle and not so much at the end. The body converts excess testosterone, above the female level in these cases, into DHT and estrogen. So injecting testosterone would not create normal male hormone balances. The extra DHT means much faster hair loss. And, of course, the things mess with one's natural endocrine system.



    -other M.

  6. Anon at 6.00 pm: completely true.

  7. Though I feel as strongly as ever about mutilating body surgeries and artificial hormones are NOT the way to a masculine/Butch/boyish Dyke's/Female's liberation, and oppose all the transitioning nonsense for many, many reasons, that it is NOT a way to either deal with woman/dyke/butch hatred or not feeling like one 'fits in' to the female role and therefore must be male....I have gotten ALOT more information and fuel for the fire through your blog.

    I was especially horrified watching the video(of which I could only stomach watching half of it) you put up as a link on your site about what the ACTUAL genital Female to Male surgery looks like. The carving of the arm to create a phallus that has little sensation and may not even work and get necrotic(that is, dies), and what is done to the vagina, clitoris and labia. That's where I stopped. It reminded me that this is nothing more than genital mutilation to female bodies, as bad as what's being done to women in Arabic and African countries in the name of religion. The only difference is that this is a 'choice' and it's being done in the name of an ideology upon female bodies, at least those FTM's who elect such surgery, which is why most don't.


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