Female Body/Gender/Sexual Dysphoria Normal-Not Trans

 Butch lesbians have been dealing forever with BGS dysphoria, our Butch Shame informs it and our society insures we develop Butch Shame. Until about four decades ago, most Butch lesbians worked through their BGS dysphoria, usually a combination of us maturing along with us coupling with Femme lovers. We've all heard about the "stone butch" and the Femmes who "melt the stone". Meaning a Butch lesbian whose body shame was so great, her insecurity about her body and sexuality so strong, she panicked or froze or pushed away her lovers hands or mouths. And the kind, loving, patient Femme who let her Butch know that being made love could never unbutch her lover, and that afterward nothing would change except how close they became, the Butch is still the Butch and the Femme is still the Femme.

As the medical community began to believe it could "cure" homosexuality through heterosexualizing gay men(men they thought were gay) through transition, it was only a matter of time lesbians would become their next target for sex change, making them "normal"  (heterosexual) too through transition. Among those early females who were transitioned, most were primarily Butch lesbians. Women who the medical community ignorantly believed had all the "classic signs" of being born in the wrong body. (as if-I know) The classic signs being, interest and comfort in things associated more with male than female, from clothes, to friends to play.

As the option of transition became more well known, postmodernism birthed "queer theory" and more and more dykes, dykes who dreamed of being Butch, began to transition. They too claimed to have had all the classic signs that put them in line for transition. They were and remain the primary number of females who seek transition as an answer to their troubled minds. 

Now, forty plus years after the womens movement, with the backlash against feminism coupled firmly with queer theorist, queer peoples and queer supporters fluidly spreading their semen stain across college campus's globally till todays female youths options have shrunk to either hyper-femininity, hyper-sexuality or bust, now more and more female youths are turning to transition as the only god in their starless skies.

There is one thing all these different types of females have in common, it is something we have in common with nearly all women, only most of us dont realize it. I whose only close relationships growing up were with males wouldnt understand this till I was well into my 20's and began dating and forming friendships with women. What I learned from women is that we all in our own way suffer from some form, some degree, at some time, feelings of hating or being uncomfortable in our bodies, feelings that would have us think our bodies are "wrong". We're made to believe before we even have the ability to speak, to form a sentence, that our bodies are inferior to male bodies. We're made to believe that our bodies are something to be ashamed of.

We're reminded everyday to hate our bodies, to feel ashamed, while just writing this post I heard in the background, no less than half a dozen tv commercials regarding weight loss specified towards females only and a few commercials geared around the smell of our vaginas which man has taught us is unnatural and stinky. I've seen women try to laugh off in the company of men the horrible jokes about our bodies such as men joking "I never trust an animal that can bleed for 7 days and live", hardy fucking har har. With all the blatant and subtle messages informing females how gross, how fat, how smelly, how weak, how unnatural our bodies are, how could we fail not to have body issues, body shame, body/gender dysphoria?

Most females through our super female strength, that inner strength that only females posses, most of us endure, we work though our body shame and all the different area that that shame colours. It takes time, maturity and us learning to love ourselves.

If you are female, and you have suffered from any form of BGSD, you unfortunately, are normal. Sadly these unfortunate normal feelings that females develop from growing/living in femalephobic societies have been misconstrued by the money making male medical machine. In a world where man is god and male doctors are GOD, and women are shit, strangely he cannot fathom why (unless something was inherently wrong with her) that a female would feel uncomfortable or wrong in her own body. The male medical machine thus has deduced that BGSD is a sure sign that the female in question is "trans".

If you are female and uncomfortable in your body, feel your body is somehow wrong, feel ashamed to let a lover make love to you, hate your hips or breast or ass or scrawny arms etc, this isnt a sign you are trans, it is a clear sign that you are NOT trans. 

If trans wasnt created in a lab, if trans wasnt about correcting something wrong and if one were actually "born" trans, there would be no dysphoria. There may be feelings of feeling different, like when one is right handed and tries to write with their left hand, it doesnt feel wrong, it feels not quite right. It is something that with a little practice one easily adapts, there isnt any feelings of dysphoria or wrongness about the body, only a feeling a difference. Knowing one is different, living and being proud of that difference, if one were born trans, thats what it would be like.

Dysphoria isnt something that can be corrected surfacely, it isnt something one can take a pill or get an injection or cut off or add on to "cure". Dysphoria isnt skin deep, its at our core because it began when our core was being formed. If you seek transition because you feel dysphoric in your body or around certain parts of your body, you arent truly trans, you are truly female.

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  1. Dirt, if I had to read only one post from your blog, I'd choose this. It's wonderful and precise as well, really hits the nail. After reading this, I'm not sure how the trans community can mantain you hate them all any longer.

  2. Absolutely splendid Dirt, every woman gay/straight should read and internalize this message. Its simply powerful.

  3. What I fear most for the FTM girls is the void they are putting themselves in identity wise. They are attempting to build an identity based on things that have nothing to do with what an actual identity is. Especially these girls who are transitioning and modifying everything about their bodies and minds when they are teens or not even old enough to legally drink!

  4. fuck you bitch, lots of people have seen your short little ass in person and it's only a matter of time before someone punches you straight in your face. It's not about the ideas you have it's about your stalking and humiliating people on your dumbass blog. Only a matter of time bitch

  5. @ the person called "fuckudirtybitch" who left this hateful comment above:
    *What is wrong with you ?
    * How can you be so violent and upset in front of a blog ?
    * What is wrong with you if having someone putting in perspective the history of queer bullshit and FTM fad makes you so angry ?
    * Don't you have understood that the queer and FTM fad is almost at the point of vanishing away as mots queer people are now more interested in the juicy perspective of "social justice" as scholar, student affair professionals....?

    I am really sorry for you if in the meantime you have butchered your body but you should have thought twice ;)

  6. Kids: Body Hatred Is Not An Identity.

  7. Right on! Finally some sense in the world! Women should run from anything that smacks of male medical anything. Do we ever learn?
    Why aren't male gynecologists out of business by now? e.g.
    I think het woman world is very uncomfortable with the proud butch woman. They really don't know what to do. The proud butch Amazon is the warrior woman, and we need to celebrate warrior women everywhere in every way!
    This article was your best yet Dirt, thanks for being proud butch you, and you give me a real butch shot in the arm!! What a thanksgiving treat.

  8. Dirt,
    I have to say that I have become a big fan of yours..(femmemystique) ;) Love this blog and speaks the truth!!! Awesome how well spoken "fuckyoudirtybitch" is huh? Keep the comment up; those words are worth a million dollars :) xo

  9. Beautifully put, Dirt.

  10. This is one of the things that bothers me the most about the trans ideology: that people who don't transition are "cis-gendered," that is, happy and fine with our bodies. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you eloquently articulate in your post. Trans theory erases all the problems and issues women have toward their own bodies, and acts like hatred and disgust toward female bodies is an aberration rather than a larger social pattern. It's one of the many ways trangender theories erase women's actual lived experiences. Thank you, dirt, for your unerring and unwavering analysis on these matters.

    (and what's up with the stupid hate comments by "fuckudirtybitch"? Seriously, some people just need to learn anger control! Someone who would post something like that deserves no respect or consideration. It's also emblematic of the kind of serious, thoughtful, and intelligent reasoning that people engage in when they decide transitioning is the solution to society-wide hatred of women.)

  11. "Trans" and "cis" are just terms, they don't mean "you evil cis-gendered people." It's just a way to draw a semantic distinction.


  12. Anonymous,

    Some of the opposition to the term is, in my view, misguided. E.g. the argument that "well, we don't need any qualifiers for our genders," which just leads trans folks to say "well, why should we use any qualifiers either?"

    But some of the opposition is to sloppy theory on the part of trans activists. Just because someone would never transition doesn't mean that person hasn't experienced any gender-related dysphoria. Gender roles are confining, and arbitrary, and cruel, and they can be painful whether or not someone is trans. Gender identity is supposed to refer to something much deeper, and it seems harder to describe, but few or no women experience any "congruence" with gender roles and few if any women would be "cis" at that level.

  13. I agree with Bluetraveler, as a frequent reader of your blog, this is one of the best posts I have seen.

    And people wonder why I can't contain my rage when I read "cisgender privilege" checklists like this:


    The notion that any woman on earth actually experiences the privileges on that list would be comical, if it weren't infuriating!

  14. Bluetraveler- I LOVE your blog! I can't comment there without having an account so I thought I would post it here (hope that's ok Dirt).
    P.S.I would start my own blog if I did not see how bad the trannies stalk, harass, bash and threaten anyone who discusses gender politics.

  15. "Trans theory erases all the problems and issues women have toward their own bodies, and acts like hatred and disgust toward female bodies is an aberration rather than a larger social pattern. It's one of the many ways trangender theories erase women's actual lived experiences. Thank you, dirt, for your unerring and unwavering analysis on these matters."

    Quoted for truth.

  16. That list is unbelievably naive. As Anon@6:41 points out, whoever wrote it clearly has no idea what most women's lives are like.

  17. @Turtle
    Yes the discomfort of straight women with lesbians is something butch and out lesbians deal with all of the time. There is a myth out there that straight women are more comfortable with homosexuals then men are...don't you believe it

  18. The bit you talk about when you say that if someone is born trans they would just know they were different, there would be no dysphoria just a sense of being different. Well thats what i felt like when i was young, i kind of saw myself as a masculine person in a female body and because i believed the female form was stronger then the male in many ways, i saw it as a gift other men did not have, i got to be amongst women and free of the male pecking order and still my self. but somewhere along the line i tryed to pass more as female as i believed that others could see my male persona shining out and i was scared they would feed me female hormones and make me like other women. I created a female personality to hide under, she was like my passport in the world. I had some kind of break where i decended into anger and depression and lost touch with who i really was, and began to think the personality i created was the real me, so when it broke away i thought i was going mad. I could not navigate the world anymore and my true masculine self returned along with lots of suppressed memories as i has a big void of a few years of my life i could not remember.

  19. After living all those years acting, i got dysphoria. im at a crossroad now, one where im working out weather my issue is caused by failing to be myself and internalised gender roles caused me to think i was a male mind in the first place, or if im trans. there is a small feeling in my heart which tells me to hold of on trans identity and instead build my strength as a lesbian and i wonder if im what all women would be like if things were different. I have never hated my female body in the way many women do, ive always thought women are better then men but that most women act as if there not until they become less. I want to unpick the dysphoria and stay a lesbian as if nature though it was ok for me to exist then who is man to say i have a missmatch. I know i got the dysphoria by trying to fit in, which could mean it was not inborn.


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