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Topic Tuesday

Trans Trenders and Who is Transitioning

Trans Trenders-the New Goth and "themagazineproject" caving to Transfascist Hormonally induced Rantings

Being and Doing

Trans Trenders...The New Goth?

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A Blessed Day To All

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Topics Tuesday-Dysphoria

Topics for Topics Tuesday

Transmen: Who is Transitioning

Female Body/Gender/Sexual Dysphoria Normal-Not Trans

Poll Question Discussion

Top Surgery and the distorted vision of the Trans Eye

Topics Tuesday-The "Queer" Alphabet Soup Mix

Transmen: Who is Transitioning

Because I'm in a Mood Today

Dirt's Open Comments Day

FTM Top Surgery-Where the Best is Bad and the Worst is Abominable!

My "cool" Gloves (a repost)

Another Trans Regret

Trans.........MAN enough to Rape?

Butch-4th grade

Confining gender "norms" and do "men" belong on Women's sports Teams?

This Weekend's Who is Transitioning

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Dirt's Comment Open Day

When Lesbians Lose a Lover to Transition

Transmen, the Trans Community and Rape

William Blake's America, 2010 and Trans Youth

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