Transgenders Transsexuals Transmen "Hate it"

I shared a reader's email recently within a post (see post here), I have at the bottom of each post three boxes that can be checked based on the reader's feelings about each post, the reader can check [love it]-[hate it] or [informative]. The reader's email that I shared dealt with the honest feelings and experiences from a Butch/butch lesbian who worked through her self hatred, confusion and body/gender dysphoria that has become so prevalent today.

The reader who was on the path to transition, discloses that the two main turning back points for her, were her current love, who helped her to see the beauty and perfectness of the woman that she is and to love the perfect woman that she is, along with discovering my blog and its firm frankness. For all intents and purposes THIS is the ultimate trans success story, a woman who overcame her dis-ease without needing drugs or surgeries and is now trans-free. She makes no mention of hating trans people, her email is about her experiences with transness and what helped her to overcome that transness. It is as honest as it is brave, and yet a dozen different (we can assume with accuracy) trans readers ticked off [hate it]!

I find it absolutely mind boggling that this trans disorder disturbs those suffering from it to such a greedy extent that they would HATE (hate, which this community constantly accuses ME of), would HATE it for someone to come through their self hatred, confusion and body/gender dysphoria without succumbing to drugs (that have no long term studies) or surgeries (that even at their best leave its victims mutilated) to do so! I don't know about you, but when I read this email, by the end of it my cheeks were streaked with warm salty tears and when my sweetheart after mentioning the email to her, asked me to read it, I couldn't do it for choking on more tears when I tried.

I realize we're all of different sensitivities and I've long since learned most do not have the depth and degree of sensitivities that I possess, but to HATE seeing someone get well? To HATE seeing a woman and a lesbian who is forced to function under historical male systems that practically insure that she hate herself, LOVE herself instead? Not only is there no room for dissent within this community, there is no room to change ones mind once on the transition path and that to me is as dangerous as holding a gun to a suicidal person's head if they change their mind and choose to step back from the cliff they were about to jump.

This isn't my community, this community preaches tolerance and acceptance but practices neither. This community would prefer to see others make the mistake of their lives so long as that mistake legitimizes their mistakes, that's not community, that's a cult expecting all its members to drink the crazy kool-aid. It is NEVER too late to put the kool-aid down, whether you've only wet your lips with it, drank a half glass or swallowed the full glass. No matter where you are on the transition path, it is NEVER too late to turn back around and meet your true authentic self, a self that cannot be purchased with a prescription or carved from a doctors knife.



  1. That's like hating that a depressed person has stopped cutting herself, or that a bulimic has stopped making herself throw up. Sick.

  2. How does this post not have more comments... it's one of the best things I have read on here. Exposes the hypocrisy perfectly. Cheers to you, Dirt. :)

  3. That is not a "success story", that is someone who realized they were never transgender to begin with. If you are truly transgender you are unable to get over it..or be comfortable in the wrong body. That is a completely ignorant assumption, like those who claim they were cured of their homosexuality and chose to be straight, and you can too! if you try hard enough..bullshit. I am someone who since age of 8 strongly believed I was transgender. I realized that I was not transgender around age 18, I realized I was just insecure about being a lesbian. I never felt uncomfortable in my body, but I was uncomfortable with conforming to certain feminine practices and thought being a man would solve this issue. For example, I can remember being forced to wear a dress for 2nd grade picture day, I hated it and couldn't stop crying the entire day. The only way I can explain it is I was just so uncomfortable, humiliated, embarrassed and just knew ...this isn't me. This is the way I imagine real transgender people feel in their own skin, like an uncomfortable humiliating dress they can never take off. Transgender people do not hate themselves OR women anymore than I hate dresses... I do like them very much, just not on me :)


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