This Weekend's Who is Transitioning

All the females pictured here are in various states of "transition", from pre-op/pre-T to post op/post T. All are also under the age of 25, therefore none of their prefrontal lobes were fully formed when they decided they were "trans". Prefrontal lobes are responsible for decision making, "It is believed that at least some of the human abilities to feel guilt or remorse, and to interpret reality, lie in the prefrontal cortex". 

There are no studies or studies in the works that measure how such a powerful hormone such as testosterone will affect the immature still growing brains of females who take "T".

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  1. looooool what a comment. Keep on Dirt! Just ignore these stupid
    crybabys. They can't anything but hate and whine about someone who dares to question their transition. You are the one who has arguments. Sometimes I think it's better to let them fall into the T trap. One the one hand it's their own fault after all but on the other hand your blog saved people. So please don't stop. There are people out there who need help.

  2. Thank you Elzi,

    What she hates though, isnt me, its woman.


  3. Dear Dirt:

    Although I don't necessarily agree with your posting pictures of other people on your site without the permission of the person being posted (whether it is "public" images or not,) I do think it's good that your are giving people considering transition a reason for questioning their decision.

    Transitioning (for any reason) is still a VERY serious choice, and all aspects of transition need to be well thought out before a final decision is made. Any FTM looking to start hormones need to know the risks associated with it (medically) and they need to know EXACTLY what will and wont change (body size, basic structure, etc.)

    Even though I don't necessarily applaud the attitude your posts seem to exude, I do applaud the fact that it makes people seriously think about their choices before going "too far."

    Much love,


  4. You know, I can't help but think that part of the reason that so many of the kids are doing this is that the "trans community" is providing them with a support group of sorts, and giving them a sense of belonging, that they aren't finding in other places. Plus, the resources for gay & lesbian youth seem to have a heavy emphasis on the T of GLBT these days. If they go to a "queer youth center", they'll get all kinds of info on how to be trans. I'm getting the impression that being FTM has more street cred/higher "coolness" factor than being lesbian or being butch, especially among the under 30 folks. There isn't a strong feminist movement like there was in the 70's when I came out. I'm glad I'm not a kid coming out in today's environment- I don't envy any young dyke having to deal with the mess out there! And then there are the straight girls that don't want to be a straight female in this society, and who can blame them for feeling that way either!

  5. So how old were you when you came out as a lesbain? Was it under the age of 25? B/c if it was then certainly your prefrontal lobe was not fully formed when you discorvered you were a lesbian? I am not trying to be rude or hateful, but think of it this way, doesn't everyone make hard desisons at every age?

  6. Why is your name Dirtywhiteboi? I don't get it. I'm not asking to make fun of you even though I disagree with everything you're doing, but I'm actually really curious and confused as to why that's your name.

  7. "the "trans community" is providing them with a support group of sorts, and giving them a sense of belonging, that they aren't finding in other places. "

    I do agree with DM : I think the love bombing they receive from the community is a huge driver behind the transition.

    *They want a sort of loving family in a very tough society (let's be honest, those kids where sacrified by their baby boomer and seventy's parents who took all the wealth leaving them a destroyed world in ruin)

    *They want a "predicatable" future (the transition journey with its milestone) that our society fails to give to all 20 something individuals (apart from paying the bills of their parent's parties).

    *They also want to delay the moment where they will have to belong to this society as adults (as being a 20 something adult in our modern society means having no hope) and transition offers a new cozy teenagehood ie an opportunity to delay by 5-10 years their adulthood...

  8. Anon @11:36

    I didnt "come out" as a lesbian, I was born a lesbian, do people "come out" as black?

    Also I didnt take a magic injection to be a lesbian, nor did I remove healthy body parts to be a lesbian.


  9. Anon@1:35am

    As I've written a thousand times before, about 12 years ago long before had profiles/pics and the like, when it was a very basic internet chat space some Butches and baby Butches began using "boi" in order to differentiate themselves from other dykes. My partner at the time despised the term, I thought it equally ridiculous, but I didnt despise it the way she seemed to.

    Fast forward some years later when we broke up and needed to communicate via email regarding joint financials and I was seeking to distance myself from my past online email/nick as it was closely associated with her, I turn the radio on one morning going to work and Foreigner comes on, and BANG! I could kill two birds with one stone, piss the ex off by communicating with her using an email that had "boi" in it, and it was a cute play on their song.

    And the rest as they say is dirtstory.


  10. "You disgust me."

    Haha! They don't even have arguments anymore! Only these silly phrases: "I hate you!","You are stupid!", "you are transphobic!"...and so on. What a bunch of sissys.

  11. Most studies estimate the age at which gender identity is formed at around 2-3. Just sayin'. If you like, I'll look them up for you.

  12. "I didnt "come out" as a lesbian, I was born a lesbian"

    So who says a Transman can't be born transgender?

  13. ftM,

    Thats personality, "gender identity" is a social construct based on rigid gender roles, it isnt hard wired.


  14. Anon@11:12,

    Because no doctor would medically be allowed to inject a fetus while inutero with synthetic hormones of the opposite sex or remove body parts of a living fetus inutero.

    And were "trans" not the cosmetic medical creation that it iscreated originally for the sole purpose of eradicating homosexuality btw), and were merely another state of human, it would exist like male/female/intersexed, on its own, unassisted by drugs or surgeries.

    No one "born trans" would suffer from body dysphoria, they would be comfortable being who they are and merely occupy their born body differently. There would be no "transition" from A to B or B to A, there would be no need if they were born "trans".

    Born "trans" means NOT transitioning.


  15. ftm,

    That was John Money's idea. But there are good criticisms of it, some arguing that gender identity is fixed at birth or in the first few months of life, and other critiquing the concept of gender identity or the idea that it is fixed.

    Culture, and then therapists, bundle a lot of tings into gender identity, so it's hard to see what if anything is original.

    You might also want to look into the David Reimer case.


  16. Anon at 1:13-
    Never realized a naughty public bathroom fuck could be incredibly boring and lame until I checked out that link. I guess injecting all that "T" doesn't cure the boring.

  17. "You might also want to look into the David Reimer case."

    There was a case in Australia about a girl who was raised as a boy since birth. She lived only with her father and as he died her mother took care of her. But she wanted to raise her daughter as a girl now. But the girl didn't liked it she wanted to be a boy because she never learned how to be a girl. In the end doctors gave her T to become a "man".


    Perhaps you might be interested Dirt.

    Sorry for my english

  18. No, dirt. Gender Identity is hard wired. Gender roles are rigid and socially consructed, and people try to cram them into the binary boxes to make them more socially acceptable.

  19. No "allen",

    John Money created the term "gender identity" which is based on socially constructed roles, hence GI is socially constructed.


  20. Elzi,

    You english is perfect, I will definitely check out the links, thank you hun.

  21. I think it's brave of this website to make the kind of statement I've wanted to make for a long while. I see all these beatuiful women unable to accept themselves and their sexuality and change almost to fit what society wants us to be, or the kind of relationship that's expected. A heterosexual one. Most of this ftm trannies don't want anyone to know that they were once female. Why? Because they're ashamed.
    I don't understand. I've known true transgendered people. They have that inherent spark, that gentle taletell thing that just sings. "Hey my biology was effed, I'm going to turn to the available science to fix what should have been right in the first place". It wasn't a form of friday or saturday night entertainment. It wasn't promoted in drag troupes. It was apart of their inherent being and nature. And certainly not capitalized on.

    These girls don't know who they are yet. Most of them are supported by their parents. Have no jobs. Haven't lived anywhere but Athens and make it a sport on who can bed the most straight women.

    These are things that aren't going to change no matter how much you pay someone to assess and you and remove the parts you don't like.

    Why would a women that is unattracted to men, want to become the thing they are the most unattracted to?

    There are millions of different kinds of women. Just because you haven't found the one you want to be yet doesn't mean you have to be a man instead.

  22. seriously bitch ?
    who the hell are you to judge any one or their decisions in life ?
    im quite the admirer of the ftm transitioning & i find it the most fascinating thing ive ever been able to experience.
    body modification comes in all forms.
    not just piercings and tats.
    transitioning can be considered a form of art.
    these young men are brave enough to deal with people like you bashing on a daily basis.
    It takes courage to admit the kind of person you are & if they want to be men then LET iT BE.
    you have no right to out them or try to convince other people that is wrong for them to be who they want.
    you need to wake the fuck up to reality.
    before some one finds you.

    love always, KUNT!

  23. Just want to share my testimonial. I used to date a woman who at that time self identified as "butch". She was beautiful and funny, full of joy.
    Unfortunately she has also a tendency like a lot of 20 something to go for the latest hype & fad and to like the exposure the web gives to her.
    Then the FTM fashion came to her small european country and altough her gender was not an issue before, once she discovered that people were transitioning in the country capital, she started to have doubt about her gender and wanted to be the first to transition in her small town. It was a sort of obession of the cool thing to do, to still have a competitive edge.
    So she entered in a process of transitioning. Although in her country it is very long because doctors are very cautious (one year and a half to have a diagnosis, another 3 months to start T, an additional year to have the surgery), she waited all that time.
    Meanwhile, her attitude changed : she was like a drug addict craving for her dope.
    I did not recognise her : while waiting for her diagnosis, she started to feel horrible everytime it was her period week, she started to be happy everytime someone call her dude, she experienced a lot of moods swings and she needed so much attention about her transgenderism.
    It became so first priority in our couple that soon we broke-up as I was in the feeling of dating a baby needing permanent care & attention instead of the young adult woman I fell in love too and who I expected to grow-up along the years in a mature relationship.
    She is now on T for 8 months.
    I have left the town we lived together because it was too painful for me to cope with the break-up and to cope with her daily changes (it is a small town).
    But she has already changed : she looks like a he now, her voice sounds very male ie very deep, her face has changed and she has manly bones, she is proud to have a lot of facial and body hair and will go for top surgery next year. Something noticeable has changed in her attitude: I don't see the light, the joy in her eyes anymore. She behaves like a bull. She has male attitudes she never had before but it is just about attitude...Her center of interest has narrowed to the main topic of transitioning, transidentity, transpolicy, transactivism whereas in the past she could be curious for everything. When in front of her I feel like I am in front a huge waste of potential...
    Before knowing her and living this story, I used to be open minded about FTM.
    When one of my good lesbian friend (who have been through this already with her partner transitioning) told me that this transition will make me suffer, I laughed : I tought she was "transphobic". I was pretty much in love with my ex and I thought I was different and stronger enough to cope with the moods swings, with the body changes, with the cult like obsessional thinking she has now.
    But the point is I couldn't. It was too much for me. I am a lesbian : seeing my partner becoming a manly freak without a dick was and still is my worst nightmare...

    Dirt, you dont mention anywhere in your blog the ex-partners' point of view, you never mention our suffering. You don't write how it feels when you see the woman you loved fading away. You don't tell people how it feels to be in front a person you use to love and to have the feeling you are facing a zombie who talks like a cult member or a drug addict (when it comes to T).
    To give you an idea of our pain, I just want to let you know, It is more painful than knowing she died one night in a car accident...Really....

  24. you know dirt, youre just like the bullys who bullied gay kids to death. Youre just like the fucked up ppl who say homos go to hell. it's SO immature of you to pick on individuals on your stupid blog and spreading stupid ideas. And you know how stupid your stuff are because you named yourself as a piece of SHIT.

  25. @ Anon 10:49

    "you have no right to out them or try to convince other people that is wrong for them to be who they want."

    And YOU have also no right to bash other people for their opinions just because you don't like what they say.
    I don't know if you know "free speech". I guess this term doesn't fit in your little facsist world.

  26. Dear Dirt, there is a new wave of videos against your blog that were posted in the past days on Youtube.
    Whereas in the past, your blog was defined by those people who hate it as "transphobic", there is a trend now to surf on the anti-bullying campaign and so to categorize your blog as "cyber trans bully". (see there : but do also a search to see all the past video uploaded on youtube under "dirtywhiteboi67").

    I think it deserves an answer from you.

    But if I may comment as a reader of this blog :
    *First of all cyberbulluing is defined in wikipedia ( and on the cyberbullying campaign website (
    *from this article, we read that cyber-bullying is targeting one individual. It is not the case of this blog
    * the individual who target the other must be a teen ( I don't think you qualify anymore in the "teen section" (with all my respect ;)
    * we read also that cyber-bullying = "to have one individual tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted' by another cusing text messaging, email, instant messaging or any other type of digital technology". I have read carefully your blog and I don't see any of these inside. You just express opinions about the FTM fad using your freedom of speech and you invite opposite opinion very friday to express themselves...So it is more an open tribune.
    *But in opposite, I think that having all those video campaign targeting you as an individual is obviously adult cyber-harassment or cyberstalking against you.

    -> So I do invite you to sue them.

  27. To the person who hate this blog and post hateful comments : why on earth are you reading this blog ? We don't go on Youtube and insult you or put hateful speech on your transition blog. There are a lot of regular readers who support this blog because it reflects what we think ! It is our freedom of speech ! Period !

  28. All the "haters" of this blog must understand that its content can be uploaded anywhere including on a server outside the USA ...

    So it is childish to cyber harass Dirt just because she is using her freedom of speech and show you a mirror of who you are.
    We are sorry if you don't like what you see.
    Sorry for you if you will get bald and have liver cancer in a few years.
    But you are the one taking T and going for ugly surgeries.
    Sorry if your past lesbo friends don't want you in their women spaces and sorry if gay males only see you as 2 warm holes to fuck in public restroom.

    Dirt is not forcing you to go for T or surgeries : you are harming yourself kids !

  29. “In time we hate that which we often fear.” - William Shakespeare

  30. Do you believe in God?

  31. Do you dislike biological males?

  32. Issac,

    Great quote and spot on regarding those who transition. What is it that is so feared and hated in their female minds and bodies?


  33. Anon at 10:54,

    If you actually read this blog, rather than a line or two, you would know the answer to that.


  34. Anon@10:52,

    I believe in madmen, in the maimonidesian sense. As in when he wrote "without madmen, the world couldn't exist". Some may call that "god". If you are asking if I believe in religion, no doubt it exists, I do not however support any.


  35. A reposted comment from an Anon. Reposted for purposes of deleting a real name.

    To the sissy readers of this blog who do not agree with the posting of private pictures, at least one of the Tguy here is doing pornography videos of himself on xtube.

    See here : (377896 views)

    Among explicit videos, you can see him being fucked during 30 min by his bio-male sugar daddy (the tguy self defines as "gay" ie which means "he" is a woman who likes being sodomised as a male) in public restroom (see the 2 videos called "public toilet transfag fuck" in his personal video list :
    When you disclose this level of privacy and when 377896 people (the size of a small town) have seen you being fucked, I imagine that having your portrait in an educational blog like the one Dirt proudly manages should not be an issue....
    And yes the picture Dirt took was from a video the guy called "being stealth"....
    You want to laugh ? You should : it is pathetic ! Those "privacy complains" are pathetic...

  36. You really make me sick, stupid lesbian.

  37. Vin,

    Spoken like a true self hating lesbian.


  38. I would just like to say, 'your a complete arse-hole'
    Everyone has their own opinion, they can think what the hell they like. But to post your opinions on a worldwide internet with peoples' photos without their consent and to state your opinion as fact is utterly disgraceful. Who are you to question these people, it doesn't effect your life one way or another if they deceide to have this done.You rant on as if you know whats best for them, what their going through, and how to solve it by victimising innocent people. You are a FACIST, a NAZI- my explanation being; if you posted this page as ALL YOUR OPINION, with advice, and by taking no-ones picture without consent, Then no-one would have the right to leave hate messages(such as this) on your site as you would only be adviseing people the mistakes they could OR could not make.
    HOWEVER you are takng pictures without consent, forcing your opinions on other people, and steryotyping them THEN judging them all the same. THAT is a facist. You might just aswell be a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler with your transphobic/homophobic/sexist judgments!
    And in case you use that ridickulas arguement that i am sending this because i am a famale who hates females--your so wrong.,
    I am Hetrosexual, BORN A STRIAGHT MALE. I dont hate women, ive got a lovely beautiful fiance who i intend to marry. Women are all different, just like men are all different. But belive me, i do despise you! I find what you say is neither true nor flattering and how ANYONE could find your views thoughful, kind and considerate is beyond me. Of course i find the whole transexual thing rather puzzleing and i certainly wouldnt walk on a gay pride march. but i will not have you saying unjust things about people. I dont what sort of trama these folks go through but im sure it cant be pleasant, so i look at it like this-
    -Are they hurting anyone-NO
    Have their life choices got anything to do with me-NO
    Am i perfect therefore allowing me the right to make critisizams-NO
    So get a life, leave these people alone---WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU?

  39. you do know that before going on hormones or anything else like the operations and stuff, trans people go to THERAPY with an SPECIALIST and the specialist needs to approve that the trans guy or girl go under hormones if the specialist does not approve the hormones therapy this person cannot go under the hormones, so, all of the guys that you post up there did this procedure, about going with the specialist, so if someone who studied human mind and body and has a major degree than you or me, or all the other people that actually agrees with you, approved them to go under hormones who do you think you are to say that they cant make that decision because of their age? did you studied the human mind and body? do you have anything besides your thoughts or your criteria to make that statement? i really don't think so.
    so Dirt leave those statements about trans people to someone who actually knows what he or she is talking about, i'm not saying that person is me but i'm not making any statements about something i don't fully understand


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