This Weekend's Who is Transitioning

All the young women here are injecting synthetic testosterone and some have had their breast hacked off their female bodies.

All pics can be found publicly on Youtube.

Help end ftMYSOGYNY
You can start by telling the girls/women in your life, that they are loved, beautiful and the most powerful humans on the planet, then go a step further and represent that female love/beauty and power.



  1. I was first exposed to your blog because my teenaged stepdaughter was reading it. She was saying "isn't it terrible that this Dirt person is putting all these kids' pictures up on her blog, isn't this transphobic", etc, etc. So I read the blog, and I told her, actually I think that Dirt has a lot of very insightful things to say- it's about time somebody challenged this trans fad and started asking some questions. It reminds me of the old story of the Emperor's New Clothes where everyone was complimenting the Emperor's beautiful clothes when in actuality he was parading down the street naked. I think people, especially in the lesbian & gay community & progressive community, are so hung up about being politically correct that they won't ask questions or say what they think, and therefore the trans fad remains unchallenged. I think that a lot of these young women take a look around at the sexist society, and just plain don't want to grow up female. And I think this is very, very sad. We need to change society, not our bodies!

  2. Anon,

    Thank you for the insightful comment and I hope your step-daughter hasnt fallen prey to this trans trend.


  3. Thanks, Dirt- it's been hard for me to watch all of her confusion, and it seems her identity changes from one week to the next. I think at that age kids do try on a lot of ways of being. I would say she is questioning. She's mostly straight/heterosexual, says she's bi but I haven't seen any real evidence of that, dresses kind of boyish/Goth, was referring to herself as ambigendered. When she started bringing up the trans stuff, it worried me. We are dyke parents- for a while I even was kind of wondering if the fact she has been around gay & lesbian people her whole life had anything to do with her issues. Her mom tells her that "transitioning" (I can't stand that word myself-seems like such a nice euphemism for something so drastic) is an adult decision, not a decision to be making before you really even know what you're all about.

    I wonder if all the Japanese Manga books have anything to do with this trend. Has anyone brought that up here? There are all these Manga stories about cute gay boys who fall in love with other cute gay boys. These stories are very popular with teen girls. I think maybe some of them are identifying with this.

  4. Anon,

    First, if you would like to speak privately you can email me at

    Second, kids have always explored their identity by trying on different identities that washed off, such as "punk" or "new wave" or "goth", but at the end of that exploration they go back to themselves, they could wash off the make up, let the hair dye grow out, remove the extra earings etc. The problem with this trans trend is, it doesnt wash off or out, there are serious permanent changes (both mental and physical) that can and will ruin many lives, some that may later cuz some to take their life.

    Third, I havent written specifically on the anime thing, but I have mentioned it as a trans influence to females in several posts. I actually just had a conversation with a young woman who brought up this same issue a few days ago. I planned already to write about this issue this week.


  5. Manga and CosPlay have been a huge influence on young hetero girls "transitioning". Not sure if I've seen it discussed on this blog but I've seen it discussed elsewhere. There's a whole Eastern/Western standard of beauty wrapped around the image of young, thin, genderless bodies. It's pretty much the standard ideal in fashion modeling, etc. A whole fantasy ideal of the forever young Peter Pan that plays out so harmfully in the transgendering and anorexia "communities".
    I remember a "gender therapist" stating about her clients "The idea of occupying an adult womanly body terrifies them". The same norms and ideals that inform transgenderism inform anorexia and other body dysphorias in young people especially.
    What the kids who watch the YouTube transformation videos don't realize is that testosterone enhanced androgeny doesn't actually wear so well after the first year or two. When you see transmen after 3-5 years when they are thick-skinned, bald, misshapen and bloated with swollen ankles and fibromyalgia it's far less appealing. You can often see this beginning to occur in the last postings of the video bloggers right before they stop posting.
    It's great your stepdaughter is able to discuss these social pressures with you honestly and openly.

  6. Hey Anon -- your comment about girls identifying with boy-on-boy manga made me think of a couple statements I've read by high profile transsexuals. Don't have citations (sorry), but they should be Googlable.

    Susan Stryker (MTF), if memory serves, has mentioned the (supposed) solidarity and equality of lesbian relationships as a motive for going the MTF route. (The term "transition" bothers me, too.) Apparently, Stryker did not feel able to have that kind of relationship with a woman without having a sex change. That's both an over-romanticization of lesbian relationships (we're human, we have the same flaws everyone else does), and a horribly pessimistic way to look at heterosexual relationships. (Btw, Anne Rice, who appears to be straight as hell, has made similar wistful statements about how pure and wonderful gay male relationships seem compared to straight ones.)

    Unfortunately, there aren't all that many images out there of truly egalitarian straight relationships. Self-help book authors make money hand over fist promoting the idea that inequality is sexy. I hope I'm not overstepping, but your daughter may need to hear an emphatic statement from you, speaking as her mother, that the quality of whatever relationship she ends up in is going to depend far more on her and on her ability to choose a partner who's good for her than on the genders involved. If she's straight, her job is to ruthlessly weed out the sexists early on. If being "courted" by a guy, being the recipient of gallant little gestures, "chivalry," etc., makes her feel like vomiting, well, she doesn't have to settle for that. If a guy refuses to go dutch, for example, because it makes him feel emasculated, she can dump him. There are men who don't need to play that kind of game. Not as many as there should be, but they do exist.

    Aaron DeVor (formerly Holly DeVor), an FTM sociologist who doesn't seem to toe the queer theory line as much as most trans academics, has commented that all women -- straight, gay, feminine, masculine, whatever -- experience distress about gender, because the demands society makes on women to be "feminine" are so extreme they're incompatible with mental health. (Btw, DeVor published a book called "The FTM in Society," while still under the name Holly, which is unusually honest about the many not-so-wonderful, not-so-pc reasons women decide they're FTM. DeVor is still pro-trans, obviously, but at least avoids sweeping the role of sexism completely under the rug.

    30 years ago, girls may have had fewer opportunities (I remember, because I was a girl then), but there wasn't this constant barrage of sexist, biological-determinist bullshit in the media. In some ways, I think kids are being gender-policed much more these days, and sometimes "support" comes at the price of being labeled a "gender variant kid" instead of a girl who likes cap guns or a boy who likes dolls.

  7. The woman in the bottom right hand corner had made a video saying she did not have chest dysphoria and did not bind. In the video she said that she only felt self-conscious around transmen. I'm sad to see that she became uncomfortable with her breasts enough to have had surgery.

  8. @First Anon, nothing is said about the family relationship broken by transition and how transitioning is a kind of late teenagehood rebel attitude against parents.
    Here is a very interesting video : where a trans-apprentice recorded his talk with his mom. I find this exposure of family matters disgusting moreover on Youtube when there is this viral phenomenom.
    If my kids where doing that to me (I mean recording family private talk and then expose them to Youtube), I would be certainly devastated and non supportive of a transition....
    Apparently recording the suffering of a family facing transition at a early age is the last fad for transguys...
    And the mother is right when she says "you will never be a man".

  9. The "one that gets sacrified" or how the couple dynamics/pressure work in the desire for transition.

    I don't know if you noticed but there is a lot of channels where partners are playing a big role in their loved one's transition and so partners benefit from the FTM transition by gaining a sort of Warhol like fame on Youtube (ex:

    Look at this obvious lesbian couple tempted by transition, and see how there is only one that sacrifies to become a guy see there this channel :

    We can imagine the transition is done to conform/to fit a straight couple scheme and so to have the privilege to get married. How many of those transitions would be avoided if gay marriage was legal ?

    In our example, what will happen in a few years when Kylie will leave Ayden and so Ayden will be alone with a modified hybrid unattractive body (Look at Ayden hair -male baldness started - and at Kylie hair, prefectly beautiful, she is not on T her ;) ? What will remain of those couple years ?
    Kylie who is a photographer will have certainly at that time a lot of pictures of Ayden.

    The relationship would have been pure benefits for her:
    *a "subject" to photography at home,
    *no harm on her body
    *benefits of being engaged with a FTM (last fad opens doors)

    Maybe her photographic work about Ayden will at that time have contributed to her local fame and then maybe she will go for other adventures.

    So what will happen to Ayden when at 30's he will look like your ugly bald uncle and will be single and less attractive due to T and surgeries effect ?

    Just raising the attention that transition is not like writting your loved one's name on an arm tattoo...

    If you need to transition to attract or seduce people or still be in your couple, it means you are wrong. And don't listen to your partner pressure or enthusiasm to have you transitioning fast, it is your body not hers or his...

    A relationship can always be broken. A body cannot be de-transitioned once you went too far....

  10. @Anon who posted

    This girl is obviously transitionning because she tries to fit in the religious scheme her parents have ie a man + a woman who get married instead of living freely her homosexuality. So she thinks that announcing she will marry her partner will make her more acceptable from mum and dad than being a lesbo living with her partner...

    The sadness of this video is to see that despite her huge effort to fit in a male identity she obviously does not belong to (she doesn't pass at all despite the T), her religious parents reject her...because they think of what they want from her first ("having grand-children"). Although I don't suscribe at all at her parents' extremist religious belief and I am shocked they have their own plan for their daughter future instead of letting her expressing her own needs and sexuality, they make a point when they say she is not a man and will never be...

    It is a pity because if they were more tolerant, maybe she would not go for transition and instead would live happily her L life...

  11. @Dirt, do you plan to do a sort of follow-up about the "ones who have transitionned" ie to show before/after photos of people who are in the transition process for a long time (3-5 years) ? Just curious to see if they look so sexy and attractive or if they went worse ?

  12. Anonymous Dyke Mom here again...the trans fad has definitely created conflict in our home. We are dykes in a long-term relationship, we're in our 50's & 40's, & our teenaged kid is explaining queer theory to us, and what "cis" is, and what gender-neutral pronouns are, and on & on, till we finally say, hey, we're the ones who have been living in our community for years- we really don't need you to explain this stuff to us! We're the ones who have lost butch dykes in our community and we feel a sense of loss around that. (In the past it was more frequently butches who "transitioned, although this no longer seems to be the case.) It has caused arguments between my partner and myself, because my partner thinks that if we confront the issue, then it will only get worse, and I am so offended by it, it's hard for me to keep my mouth shut. I do think that in our kid's case, it's a phase, she's into being unique, different, transgressive, etc. I have pointed out the the trans thing really buys into the "binary gender system" in a huge way, and really perpetuates stereotypes of what it is to be male and female. Things seem to be getting better around here lately. I'll keep you posted.

  13. I'm a member of several yaoi focused websites such as and there are definitely many young women who either "identify as men" or are ftms on the sites. It's a well known phenomenon on this type of fandom and many "real" ftms are annoyed with those they percieve as only being male identified because it's trendy and the male body and relationshios are what is desirable in that type of fandom.

    I also definitely think it's a connection between this and other disorders such as aneroxia, which can be an unconsious fear of groving up and get a vulnerable (to male attack in sexist society) adult female body.

    Thanks for writing, Dirt. Not many others are calling out the trans trend.

  14. It is so great to trash your own parents -> you can get huge fame in 2 days :

    So Jerry Springer

  15. @Anon dyke mom -- your kid might be interested to know that queer theory peaked as an academic fad about ten years ago, maybe even earlier. (I don't think it's really been hot, hot, hot since 1998.) Even the original celebrities in that field -- especially those people, in fact -- have moved on to other things. If you go to an academic conference, usually the only people giving jargon-laden papers on gender-related or queer topics are graduate students from institutions that are not, shall we say, top-ranked. (I hate how that sounds, but it's the truth.)

    Queer theory and all the related intellectual fads that got started in the nineties have enjoyed an unusual half-life in pop culture, but the writing's on the wall that this is coming to an end, too. Five years ago, it was hard to find a critique of "sex-positive feminism" anywhere on the internet. Now there are quite a few, and even the term "sex-positive" is starting to sound kind of quaint. The pendulum's going to swing back on the FTM trend at some point. Probably right around the time enough people notice that every book that purports to find evidence for "brain sex" gets demolished in peer review. Or when the current generation of girls gets tired of being told that they're wired to like pink, to enjoy multitasking and being underpaid, and to want a "provider."

  16. Quoting last Anon "The pendulum's going to swing back on the FTM trend at some point. Probably right around the time enough people notice.." that people who used to be cool and hype FTM 5-10 years ago are now struggling with an ugly body and loneliness as they are not sexy anymore...

    Receipe for disaster:
    1/ Take a cute girl/young women a bit paniked by growing up and the new adulthood challenges to come either she is straight, lesbo
    2/ Brainwash her with past queer theories and how it is cool to be a FTM (after the 10th Youtube video, I garantee you will feel male "inside" ;)
    3/ Then you will get a FTM so our previous girl lifespan as a sexy and cool person will be 2 years...

    You will end up in 99% of the case @ 30's with ugly bodies and personnal issues not solved...

    So what do we do with those "FTM" after that, do we send them to Ripley's ?

    It raises public health issues & questionning ...

  17. Dyke-mom,

    Please do keep us updated and again I'm here if you need to talk.


  18. To anon regarding "follow-up",

    Where the 3-5 year "T" span is possible to document, I'm going to start posting those pics/vids to show how quickly that "pretty boy" phase fades into ugly male truth.


  19. Adding to my last comment,

    I'm going to start today with that because I happened upon such evidence. If anyone here runs across videos spanning "T" changes for 3-5 years, please link/email them to me.


  20. @Dirt, as requested:


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