More "Who is Transitioning"

 With the ever growing numbers of female youths jumping aboard the trans trend bandwagon, I'm going to start regularly posting a general look at just who is succumbing to this trans trend by putting a face on the young girls/women who are doing so. All the boys girls here are on testosterone and most have had their breast butchered off, none from the info available, appear to have had hysterectomies. Which means the longer they continue injecting large doses of synthetic testosterone, the greater their chances of developing PCOS/Cancer,  a hormonal syndrome caused from hormonal changes, in the case of transmen deliberate hormonal changes due to injecting synthetic testosterone.

Some facts about PCOC:

Characterized by multiple abnormal ovarian cysts, PCOS symptoms include high levels of insulin which stimulate the ovaries to produce large amounts of the male hormone testosterone

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome causes disruptions to the normal menstrual cycle - irregular menstrual periods and the absence of ovulation cause women to produce estrogen, but not progesterone. Without progesterone, which causes the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) to shed each month as a menstrual period, the endometrium may grow too much and undergo atypical cell changes. This is a pre-cancerous condition called endometrial hyperplasia. If the thickened endometrium is not treated, over a long period of time (this time period is dramatically shortened in transmen) it can develop into endometrial cancer.

Studies have shown that women who have never been pregnant have up to three times the risk of developing endometrial cancer.

Another troubling statistic is that women who are 21 to 50 pounds overweight run 3 times the risk of endometrial cancer, while women who are more than 50 pounds overweight have a ten-fold higher risk. Obesity is often an underlying symptom of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
Any doctor playing fast and loose with their patients health by providing (trans) females synthetic testosterone while they have not had a full hysto should have their license revoked!

All photos can be found publicly on Youtube.

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  1. OMG How old is the "kid" first row in the middle ? Is it legal ?

  2. I remember once speaking with an FTM who said that a large number of them suffer from PCOS and other debilitating conditions. Now I understand why.

  3. How old will these young folks be before someone starts to talk lawsuits against the "doctors" and "therapists" who talked them into believing this garbage? Sounds like a class action lawsuit needs to get underway.

  4. Something that strikes me is the fact that most FTM see the mutilation of their secondary sex characteristics (breast) or change (hair grow) so urgent an do not consider what they can achieve for the whole body.
    None of them is informed : their transition will never be complete whatever the bottom surgeries they may have, they would always have a non realistic male body.
    If I had to rate from 1 to 10 (10 being a cisgender body and 1 the opposite sex body), I would say that some MTF transition can go up to 6/7 but a FTM transition stay at 4/5 because of the top butchery scars that make them noticeable at beaches and in summer or in intimacy (you can't take you T off or you are not stealth anymore and phallo scars are horrible) and the lack (dickclit), small penis (metoidioplasty) or dysfunctionning unrealistic penis (phalloplasty) they can hope to have.
    Being a FTM means belonging to a very visible cult whose scars are trophies...Scars saying "hey we use to be a fad in the 90's but all I got was this lousy body at the end and side-effects I regret)...

  5. The chipin community fundraising trend.

    I have identified one of the girl above as the owner of this fundraising blog:

    Apparently, there is a growing trend among young FTM from the US (other countries may have a total refund social care/health system so external funding are needed) to have their top surgeries costs (around 7000 $) covered by fund raising.
    It is also used for revision surgeries (see there with Meiko Elias Xavier who raised 108% of his goal:

    In the meantime, how many non profit dedicated to lesbians received this amount of money ? And do you understand that you fund a butchery ?

  6. To the Anon regarding lawsuits,

    In the next few years as this trans trend reaches its peak, the majority of the females (like those on this post) will by age 30 become trans regrets. Many I wager will try to sue, but many more will not due to shame and few from trans repercussions if they do.

    For those that do sue, given they did sign the waver and pay for these trans mutilations, its unlikely they will receive much in the way of compensation. And even if some will millions, its not going to get back the 10 or 15 years they wasted under this disorder or whats been done to their bodies. Its a lose/lose.


  7. To the Anon regarding trans mutilation funds,

    I've seen this for at least half dozen years and I agree it has increased 500% fold with not a single contributor who understand exactly what they are contributing to, the murder of women.

    I wonder for those that use fund raising to pay for their mutilations who become trans regrets will try and sue along with the doctors for helping them destroy their life.


  8. @ Dirt, I think non-trans people fund those mutilation because:
    *they want to be useful when watching those painful stories and do not get they help the person getting worse
    *they need public recognition and like to do hype/trendy stuff
    *they want to fund something "real" ie they want to see where their money goes and with a plastic surgery like this, you see when the breast is gone...

  9. I love that you are using pics of me, i could send you more if you like? try to get me shirtless next time, my chest surgery came out amazing! also i'm almost 30 and my trans partner is almost 40 so we don't really fit into the young folks category. maybe you could do a special post about us and how disgusting it is that we both used to be butch lesbians? i'll supply pics if you need. shoot me and email thanks


  10. Jll,

    30 IS young and the mutilation of your body isnt "amazing", the fact that you believe it is only emphasizes your disordered thinking and all point this blog regularly makes.

    And as someone who actually is Butch, knows Butch, lives Butch and writes about Butch women, there isnt a single Butch among this group of pics and that includes you. Every single pic here even after taking "T" for months/years are clearly basic feminine women, again, yourself included.

    I suggest you put the "queer" co-optioned notions of "butch" aside and actually do your homework of true historical Butch.


  11. Dirt,

    So much of your blog talks about the butch that transitions. I was wondering if you could write a blog about the high-heel-wearing-underwear-model-super-femme that transitions? It may not happen as often but it does frequently happen.


  12. @ Judah Liam Love, listen, I had a look at your youtube channel and your top surgery is not amazing at all : you will never pass and the scars are very visible. Everytime you will be shirtless, everybody will notice you are just an hybrid, a trans.
    Last but not the least, your tattoo is old fashioned (I don't mean old school, I mean you look like someone who used to be trendy in the 90's)...You should stay away from hardcore/major bodyfication (including transition), you are not wise at choosing them...
    And don't tell I am transphobic,I have a lot of transmale friends : here I (we) are just targeting you, the moron who thinks he is trans and just follows a fad without any self-introspection about motivation and consequences...
    Oh and I supersede : learn more about "butch history" because it is not a matter of attitude but more fitting in the whole political picture. A butch would never had transitionned because Butch is a fullfilling and unique identity in itself...Not something you feel you are betwenn 18-25 old to evolve to trans...


  14. Dear Dirt, can you inform me what your basic femine woman is? I'd say that's someone.. that I see when looking down the hallways at univeristy. Not me, and not other trans I've met (provided that many tyrans people hold on to femine love of things such as cooking, etc.).. anyhow. I'd like to hear your input on why you consider all thse trans people in your blog basic femine women.

    And by the way, how do you think your blogs help in making trans youth feel accepted - with the recent rise of suicides.

  15. Oh god here we go with the pity party. Being sad is not a reason which explains why your beliefs are valid. And frankly that is the disordered thinking of a child.

  16. I wonder why these kids don't feel they can live their life in the body they were born with. I don't see why your body (or your gender, or genitals, or breasts, or whatever) should define who you are, what activities you can perform or what you can do with your life. Is it some kind of attempt to fit in or conform with society's narrow gender roles? Is it to feel more accepted by other people or to be accepted by society- like maybe if you're trans, then people might hassle you less than if you're butch? Why would you want to be dependent on the medical establishment for your identity? And the amount of money this shit (plastic surgery, lifelong hormones, etc.) costs is mind-boggling! Think of all the worthwhile things a person could do with that money- buy a house, travel, go to school, give $ to a worthy cause....

  17. "feminine love of things such as cooking"

    Oh my.

  18. To the last Anon,

    I know, I plan on addressing that comment in an individual post tomorrow.


  19. I've held onto my feminine love of things such as military history, my feminine loathing of skirts and dresses, and my female body, despite the very loud choruses of both queers and right-wingers trying to persuade me that items 1 and 2 don't go with item 3.

  20. Feminine love of things like cooking?

    Tell me how this isn't about conforming to narrowly defined binary gender roles?

  21. Thanks for giving me my own reply, I'm excited to read it!

    Sorry cooking was not the best example. I apologize to any that may have been offended by it. It was just something that comes to mind, as cooking is seen as fairly feminine thing where I was raised. I know the activity in itself is not feminine, cooking is a genderless activity. However culture I say screw culture.. I do it all the time. I was just trying to think what on earth you could be considering feminine.. love of pink and frilly things? Boobs? Vagina? Compassion and being emotional? Certain things that culture seems as more girly such as cooking and dolls? As a uni student.. female and males are fairly androgynous now and partake in many of the
    same activities and often are pretty similar personality wise. One group just have penis's and the other group has vaginas.
    Studying gender (i'm a psych major) - the average young person is now relatively androgynous personality wise- because that's the most suitable adaptation to live in modern day north america and getting ahead in life. So yes, please do explain what you consider feminine is. When I talk to trans people they often seem to associate cooking and pink frilly things with being feminine, and working on cars and such as masculine. But power to the people and an androgynous society!Perhaps if society continues to androgynize - there will be no such need for trans in the future. But then again, since the suicide rate is lower for fully tansitioned people then the national average and satisfaction rate overall is generally in the 90's.. and the suicide attempt rate is near 50% for people who identify as trans youth before begining transition.. maybe they are a group that should actually be taken seriously, just saying. And power to getting trans taken out of the DSM - I see you agree on that. Trans isn't a mental disorder, it's a physical issue IMO. Alot of trans want it taken out of the DSM!

    Oh btw. I have one other question.. what are your views on intersexed people - since they are quite common. Is it wrong for them to transition to the oppisite gender.. if they were raised as a male.. but have both complete sets of genitals/organs.. and vice versa.. females that have ovo-testes?

    Sorry for all the comments and long writings, I like to learn other peoples viewpoints and understand where they are coming from. Communication is key to creating acceptance. Diversity and acceptance is what makes our nations great.

    Love Tad.

  22. I was born with no real working gender. But my parents said I was a girl, even do i was born both a boy and a girl. Now when I'm 22 i feel that I'm more of a boy then a girl. They gave me female hormons when i was younger to make me become "a real girl".
    My legale gender is female, when i'm really both.
    So i have been starting to take male hormons insted, cause i feel like a boy and not a girl. And that makes me FtM.
    I really dont belong to one gender since i have no working genitals.

    Does that make me the same as all the other FtMs in your eyes?

    And I'm sorry for my english, but it's my third language.


  23. It is unbelievable to me that you present this information as if it is scientific fact and yet you have no research to back it up. Where is the factual evidence that proves use of T causes PCOS? Because from what I know of the disorder, the cause is unknown, cannot be created not cured by use of any synthetic hormone or drug.


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