The mid-term visual effects of Transmen FTMs on "T" Testosterone

I'm going to begin making posts that document transmen on "T" over 3 plus years, illustrating the visual effects "T" is having on their physical being. So before the young transmen or wanna-be transmen pipe in that this is only one example and doesn't prove anything, this one example is only the first example, there will be plenty more going forward. And before some queer or trans type whines that the point of being a transman is to look like a real man, those females who have fallen into the trans trend seek transition to appear andro-pretty boyish like their favorite anime character or their favorite teen male idols, not because they desire to look like the balding/bald man with a paunch, that they will become in a matter of years.



  1. @Dirt, seriously, is he really 30 years old ? I have male friend who look younger at 45...

  2. Hi Dirt. I can say that i think you are right on some points, for example that that anime and manga make girls/women that are not trans, believe that they're, because of some weird image of being in maybe one of does "yaoi" relationships.

    And i hate all this fucked up gender-queer stuff.

    But my point being, I'm trans. Or legaly that's what i'm. Tomorrow will be the day of my surgery, after that I'm legaly male.
    It has taken me almost 8 years so come to the point of actually doing this, I know all the risks, how i will look later.
    But i prefer to look like and old happy bald man, then a unhappy female.

    I dont think you should trash-talk transgender people, saying stuff that just is your way of saying that they're "unhappy dykes", or what ever. Ignorence is not pretty, and that's something you are sending out, not all the time, but most of it.

    I'm just a normal guy who wants nothing to do with the LGBT-community.

  3. @Anon,

    He has listed on his youtube, the last pics are at only 6 years on T. Imagine him on T in 10 years, 20 years, if he lives that long?

    We know men age/die quicker than women, we know women who bare male children age/die quicker than women who dont have children or have only female children, due to the high testosterone level created for the male fetus in the mothers womb, so what can we expect for a natural female body being injected with T over and over and over again for years/decades? And dont forget that whatever rapid aging you see outside, think about the aging effects inside.


  4. Trans Anon,

    I cant wish you good luck with your mutilation, once thats done a huge part of who you are is gone forever.

    And I'm sorry you're an unhappy female, you dont have to be, there is real help out there for that. Ways to not simply feel comfortable with yourself, but ways to love and feel pride in being female. In realizing how strong and superior your female body is.

    You say you would prefer to be a happy fat bald man, but unless you were a happy well adjusted female to begin with, there is no chance of that. You will go from an unhappy female who had a chance for happiness, to an unhappy balding fat man who will never have that chance.


  5. Dirt, I'm not unhappy now, not when I'm knowing that I will have surgery tomorrow, and when i started T i hade never feelt so happy, it feelt so right.
    I have never been more sure of something in my life.

    And i know there is "other help". I went in to therapy about this over 10 years ago. And i learnd alot from it, like that i could never be truly happy if i did not do this. If i did no become who i'm on the outside.

    I have been trying to be female for so many years, but it only made me try to kill myself.

    I'm a man, it just that easy.
    And i want that part of me to be gone forever.
    I know who I'm. I'm not some random 18 year old who is trying to be acepted.

  6. Have you seen his one :

    The sexiest so far Yurk :D

  7. Hun,

    If you were so happy and well adjusted you wouldnt even know about this blog, or the kids fallen into the trans trend trap. The fact that you do betrays your self proclaimed happiness. The T didnt make you happy, so you've turned to surgery, then where will you turn when you realize that isnt going to be the thing to make you happy either? Because you will realize that.

    Happy people move on, they dont linger in transness.


  8. I found your blogg after you trash-talked a friend of mine, i read it because you make me really pissed from time to time.
    And the thing about the trans trend kids, i have meet some of them, it's not like i go looking for them.

    Haha, you should go in to politics, because you're so full of shit Dirt. You dont even listen to what i say, and that's ignorence.

    T made me happy, every day on T have been better then the one before. And the day i got my time for surgery, i was so happy that i cryed of happyness. I just feelt that surgery where the next step in order to truly become me.

    And i dont linger, i will do this, and then go on. It's you who linger in ignorence.

  9. Only 4 years on T for this FTM:

  10. Some kids think they can take "T" for a while to "masculinize", like this woman:

    but the visual effects of hormones are based on a genetic crapshoot and are unpredictable in the short term.

    This is what she looks like since she stopped "T":

    The only way to truly "pass" is to look "mannish" prior to T, and to administer T until the bald unnaturally aged look which occurs after 3-6 years.

  11. Anon-trans,

    It is common for trans persons to feel euphoric during each major step of transition, it is also common between those steps and especially after there are no longer any changes, for depression to set back in.

    Clearly you are lingering, were you truly male, there wouldnt be a need to "move on", nor would you feel the desperate need to convince me of your "happiness".

    You dont have to pretend here, I'm not your trans buddies judging you.


  12. Anon-trans

    Tell me, what is it that surgery is 'giving' you that will suddenly make you happy? You said you're an unhappy female then after you say you're not that unhappy. Which is it? You're going have your surgery and things are going to be different, physically that's for sure. Once all the hype dies down everything is still going to feel the same.

    It's also interesting that Dirt only pisses you off from time to time...perhaps cuz she hits a nerve? Cuz she makes sense? Cuz a lot of the stuff she shares is real and isn't found in books?



    Note the most recent inquiry from a post-op FTM who is thinking of " stopping t, and going back to being femme".

    She posts to inquire whether she can grow back some breast tissue on her double mastectomy site by taking Estrogen.

    The answer is no.
    She will always have nerve damage and lack of sensation across her chest, and the weird side-lumps/flaps under her arms that stick out and get pinched will require further surgical revision to remove. There is no going back.

  14. You're having surgery tomorrow and you're here reading this blog??? Maybe you're having second thoughts.

  15. Qutoting the trans Anon:
    "T made me happy, every day on T have been better then the one before."

    Are you sure you are taking T and not cocaine instead ? You react like an euphoric drug addict or a person who just entered in a cult and found the Happiness with capital H or a bipolar person in a huge maniac phase...

    T is not an anti-depressant: it is just an hormon who will make your facial and body hair grow to look like a bald chupaka...Yurk !

    The point is T on born-women does not make the same effect than the natural T born male have : I don't know if it is linked to the dose but on women, it creates premature baldness combined with a very severe and constant acnea (on the back, on the face) with fuzzy facila hair grow so you look like Bin Laden...A born male guy will have his good-looking era between 20 (after acnea) to 40 (hair loss) but a woman on T, it will be during one or two year only (before total baldness and as long as the acnea is not too disgusting).

    Who can dream of looking like a bald Bin Laden chapaka ?
    ->If something like this would happen to me, I would not be happy, I would kill myself...

  16. There is a Yahoo group for people who decide to stop or de-transition (either FTM or MTF) :

    I am not surprised it happens now as the FTM fad is behind us and so people are dealing now with the aftermath.

    A pioneer like you Dirt who always warned abut the FTM fad and risks has probably a role to play to gather information for those people about stoping and de-transition (did not find any post on your blog about this topic : do plan to document ?)...

  17. Trans Anon, if you're out there and still reading, please, please don't do it. It breaks my heart that women do this to their bodies.

    We are taught from birth to hate ourselves and be ashamed of our bodies. Therapy never works because it is flawed and will always be tainted and manipulated to serve male supremacy. Please, I implore you, think. It is the most female-hating think you can do, to destroy your female self.

  18. stopping T is possible:

    and here is a guy who should have stopped but did not look at this video and then this one only in 2 years...

  19. I guess what I find the saddest (and most mind-boggling) about it all, is that after they go thru their hair growth, figuring out how to use STP devices (and all other gear), voice etc. they all suffer from extreme "bottom dysphoria." I just can't understand why they don't see that coming. I've never seen a really confident, secure FtM at any stage in their "transition."

  20. I am just so disgusted that this is decimating the lesbian community... that is women who, again and again, are going to pay the price for ridiculous academic theories and ideas. This conformity to very specific and rigid ideas of sexuality and gender, the shame of being a tomboyish lesbian or a softball dyke, the games funfemmes play on a butch's head... What is the lesbian community going to look like in 10, 15 years after this madness has passed...

  21. This guy is 33 and hes been on T for 6 years. It depends on genetics.

  22. Anon,

    You left out the bald spot on the back of their head, the MASSIVE back acne they are still getting after SIX years on "T", the breast flaps under their under arms and the obvious female body they still have retained after SIX years on "T", nor that their age would easily be assumed mid 40's.

    What (if even possible) you should try to understand is you're viewing through a distorted body dysphoric lens, while I view through the clear eye of reality. I think this is greatly where the trans community and I part ways.


  23. Can't not comment! I tried, but I can't.
    If you're going to accuse someone of being IGNORANT at least spell it right! then maybe, just maybe there's a slight chance you'll get a definition when you look it up.
    Ignorant means: lacking in knowledge. Clearly this is NOT the case for Dirt, who has done the research both from an academic text-based point of view and also using feminist methodologies such as participant-observer studies.

    If you can't even spell ignorant correctly, then you are automatically the one who is ignorant, ie: lacking the knowledge of how to spell the word! However you are also apparently lacking the knowledge of what the word MEANS. It does NOT mean obnoxious, or rude, or unpleasant. All it means is, lacking in knowledge.

    Lady of Sorrow! Why must ignorant people be so obnoxious?

  24. Hello Dirt,

    I was wondering if you plan to do a follow-up to this post ?

    Me and my boyfriend who is on T for 9 months and has a ton of health issues (not linked to T) are interested to know long-term effect of T.

    He fears the consequences mostly baldness as his father was bald at 40's : he is 23 and would like to know when he will be completely bald.

    Do you have any idea based on your knowledge of transition.

    Do you think he will be bald at a early age than his father ?

    It is really difficult to find photos or even testimonials or video so we will really appreciate your answer.

    In addition to your post, I have done my homework and I have found those Youtube video:

    so it seems the baldness is severe (45% of the head bald) after 5 years so for my boyfriend, he may be severely bald at 28 years. Is-it right ?

    Thanks for your work and for the answer !

  25. Anon@3:34pm

    Not trying to lecture you but if you both already have health issues, I would be more concerned with how the T could effect those and other health issues.

    As to your question, what you posted is basically what I've seen. Most ftMs have a high percent of baldness after 5 years on T, earlier, depending on your genetics. Also note the excessive aging of those on T after 5 years.

    Email me if you would like to talk more


  26. 5 years on T for Meiko (the transguy who was off T during 18 months):

  27. Is there a life post-transition ? Another astonishing video:,

  28. Hi Dirt, just watched this video: where Meiko admits publicly the possibility to become ugly when getting old and as T is doing its mid-term effects...

    I don't want to be mean but all those FTM where obsessed by their look when beginning their transition and now that they see the uglyness of its effects, they start to serve us the usual inner beauty bullshit...
    For me it is a proof their transition completely failed in making them confortable with themselves...
    Have you watched it? What do you think about it?

  29. Hi Dirt, I think you've been smoking the funny stuff. And I don't mean pot, like you gotta be on meth to be this fucking stupid. Whatever, you go throw your arms up some more about people just trying to live their lives. It's all good.


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