Gender Therapist ONLINE and their dangerous Contributions to the Trans Trend

Like any marketable niche product there are always business sorts exploring every angle, inspecting every nook and cranny so that they too can profit from exploiting the commodified product for their own greed. Where the consumeristic trans trend is concerned, enter the Online Gender Therapist. Yes, you read that right ONLINE gender therapy, meaning no face to face consults, pay the fee, do the prescribed sessions, receive a prescription for hormones and/or "gender" appropriate surgeries.

These online "gender specialists" determine whether you're "trans" or not based on say if you are a female whether your play or interests veered outside the straight-jacket prescribed gender roles for females. Such as whether as a female child you preferred to play with "boy" toys or wear "boy" clothes or preferred boys to girls as play mates. The young person merely has to answer the questions with the appropriate answers, then begin their "counseling". There is none of that tedious face to face contact, none of the therapist having the chance to read eye contact and facial markers that can indicate lying to deal with. This says to me that the online "gender therapist" have no serious investment in the mental health of their potential "trans" clients and are invested only in the money they can make from them.

There is no question that the trans trend has been created not simply from patriarchy's backlash against feminism, but equally from the pure greed of the medical community who has seen and is exploiting "transness" from a purely consumeristic standpoint. Transgenderism is now a full blown business, with our young people becoming in greater and greater numbers the commodified products of a medical community more vested in getting and keeping people on the lifetime of drugs "transness" requires, drugs that have no long term studies and performing substandard surgeries at outrageous prices rather than using available treatments that would resolve "trans" feelings without drugs or surgeries and wouldn't cost the patient a lifetime of financial maintenance nor a mutilated unnatural body.

"Online gender therapist" such as this seem to be the norm, the norm being "gender therapist" with no educational background or degrees in gender or gender related issues, but instead a fat bank account, while hundreds of healthy breast are incinerated by means of their signed "consent forms".



  1. Wow.

    As a therapist myself, I find the whole online counseling trend kind of alarming in general. There is so much information I get from the non-verbals of my interaction with clients. The MOST I feel comfortable doing is the occasional phone/skype session with a client I see regularly in person but has periodic circumstances out of their control that make it impossible to get to the office.

    Anyway, this seems to fit well with something I've noticed about the attitudes of trans folks and their allies that there needs to be no careful examination of what's going on; that they are the only experts on themselves. And if they say they're "really" a different gender then questioning that is transphobic, so doctors, therapists, etc. are only there to sign the papers. A hoop they "have" to jump through. I was just reading a blog entry by a MTF ranting about not being given a prescription for T at a Planned Parenthood when she had called them to tell them she needed "hormone replacement therapy" and said nothing about being trans until she showed up. As if the Nurse Practitioner had done something so terrible to deny her a prescription that SHE WASN'T QUALIFIED/TRAINED TO GIVE. I just do not understand that mindset. These are drugs with serious effects and major potential for unwanted side effects, not lollipops for being a good girl and asking nicely.

    It occurs to me that I could probably make a lot of money doing what these therapists are doing, and that thought makes me physically nauseated.

  2. i agree its not the best thing, but for trans people with little options provided who feel helpless in their body it may be a life saver. but i know you dont believe in a trans identity to begin with.

  3. the reality is you cannot change your sex with hormones and mutilation
    its seems as easy as getting a nose ring or tatoo nor is it a common ill like ADHD or Chronic Fatigue
    if anything what should be new and fashionable is being genderless strong proud and not some whiny victom that will never live up to what they think they are or should be and stay away from therapists Ive never met one that was well adjusted

  4. Dude your a man yourself. Just stop bitching and fuckin admit it. Lesbians wont like you because your a dude. And Dudes wont like you because your a dude. And if a gay guy DID want a boyfriend he would go for a dude thats not a Red neck and wants to be a girl. Are you a girl trying to be a dude? Are you another Chris Crocker? Shit dude you are Nothing. Give up on life

  5. Come on Dirt,

    For a 5 year transition

    *Tcosts :
    *Chest surgery & revision costs :
    *hystero costs :
    *bottom surgeries (incl revision) costs :

    Global cost see there :, = 270 000 $.

    I don't know if any medical professional reads your blog, but do you really think those people have enough integrity to refuse such an amount of $$$ ?

    A butch or a female in general will bring no significant turnover to the medical community but look at a trans :
    *you bill them for all the surgeries
    *and hormon
    *and when their dysphoria will get worse despite this, they will have to pay for a therapist
    *and in their 40's, they will pay for all the treatment of the transition's aftermath (cancer, fybro...).

    Trans are s naive to think the medical community is neutral in their journey...

    Maybe in countries with a different healthcare system than US but not US.

    And oddily in Eu country where the healthcare system is still managed by the states, the transition process is very long to avoid this patient/consumer shift and protect the transpeople from themselves. And also because the transition is mainly free in most Eu countries ;o)

    Have a look at this report about it : "Transgender EuroStudy: Legal Survey and Focus on the Transgender Experience of Health Care (April 2008)" here

  6. Thank you for having written this, Dirt. This is a real scam, one that has to stop soon. This man uses the COGIATI and has a paragraph on how autogynephilia is bollocks. I know one person who got her T approval from this doctor and really, was he even reading what she typed?
    Or maybe he couldn't tell the lies by just looking at the screen and not in the eyes? This is callous greed, pure and simple.

  7. Selah, you wrote: "I was just reading a blog entry by a MTF ranting about not being given a prescription for T at a Planned Parenthood when she had called them to tell them she needed "hormone replacement therapy" and said nothing about being trans until she showed up."

    Why the hell would a MTF (Male to Female Transsexual) want a prescription for T? And you say you're a therapist?? Ha.

  8. @Anon at 10:56am,

    It is quite common for post-op Mtfs to take low doses of testosterone so they can have a sex drive.

    Perhaps you should do your homework before commenting, by not doing so you appear ignorant.


  9. Your friend Aydian has posted his one year on T timeline. Woa, he was really a cute and sexy "she" (RIP)

  10. I did one of the gender recognition tests and got a score of 53%, which means probable transsexual...and if I did it when I thought I was one, I'd have scored even higher!

    Do they REALLY take them seriously?
    Or do these doctors just want quick money?

  11. @Anon at 10:56

    Way to pick out one of the inconsequential details of what I said. Even if I had misunderstood which hormone it was or made a typo, it wouldn't affect anything about the salient point of my comment.

    Also, psychoTHERAPISTS don't prescribe meds (that's a psychIATRIST), so it's not even in my professional purview to be an expert on them.

    So as Dirt suggested, perhaps it would be a good idea to do some more homework before making ridiculous accusations.

  12. ftM,

    I'm well versed in both Money and his murder of David Reimer and his twin brother along with his misdiagnoses of Janet frame which placed her into 8 years of mental asylums along with 200+ shock treatments when there wasnt a single thing wrong with her.

    Interesting that Johns Hopkins allowed Money's "gender" experiments/notions but didnt fire him and discontinue "sex change surgery" there until Money began promoting "consensual pedophilia", which clearly rendered in their minds that GID was a crock of shit.



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