Friday is Open Comments Day

I've decided to have one post, one day a week (Fridays) that I will allow open comments and this is that post. I would prefer intelligent disagreeing comments but I will not prevent nor delete any comment. I only ask that you do not spam. I may or may not respond.

On that note, have at it!



  1. Another proof that the author of this blog is a peaceful & intelligent person opened to constructive debate and not the "transphobic" devil depicted on some transguys youtube channel or blogs or Facebook page...
    So Aydian Dowling, Meiko Xavier, Seth Corbin, Jackson therabbit,heyjude, TJ Jourian, Dominic Scaia, all the people on L chat and others, why not writing something meaningful?...

  2. Anon,

    Thank you. Despite the closed doors of the trans community which do not allow any form of dissent including from other trans folk, I wanted to none the less to allow at least one post a week for dissenters to have a voice here.


  3. BC,

    I thank you on behalf of Butches/butches!


  4. I am so grateful for your courage.

    This fad/trend can be so destructive to so many people, physically and psychologically, and yet it is near impossible to voice any concerns about it. I find I just stay silent. Whenever I try to voice my concerns, instead of anyone answering any of the issues I raise, they simply dismiss them all by saying I'm "transphobic." But I notice, they never do answer even one of the concerns I raise--I think it's because they can't answer them.

  5. As it is an open tribune, I would like to say that the popular transman Charles Asher is a fraud.

  6. To the Anon regarding courage,

    The term "transphobia" has become synonymous with silencing by trans/trans apologist. What you need to remember is, very little of what "transphobia" is applied to by trans/trans apologist resembles transphobia, so do not let this silencing tactic hush your voice/your concerns.

    There may be 9 people screaming "transphobia" at you, but there just might be 1 who is listening and needs to hear what you have to say.

    Thank you for your courage for posting your concerns here, it is a brave start!


  7. What do you think of this blog: ?

  8. To the Anon regarding CA,

    A new name to me(keep me posted), but I wouldnt single out one trans person as fraud, the nature of transition is fraught with fraudulence.

    If your entire "identity" is based on/relies on a regular drug injection, that "identity" is fake/fraudulent.


  9. Hi. I was asked to comment here by "N."

    My response doesn't fit your comment board, but you can read my full answer here:


  10. There's a false narrative out there that all ftm's are tragically at odds with their bodies, that our surgeries are especially painful or expensive. We are essentially told that we must feel suicidal before we can be legit enough to transition. This is part of the agenda of mainstream culture-to re-write trans people's stories to make them seem pathetic and maladjusted. It creates a gateway that people must cross in order to gain access to transition, which in turn sometimes creates an over-identification with a tragic narrative that's not always the truth for a person. And there's nothing quite like the truth, is there? My story is completely different from that cartoon narrative, and so are the stories of many, many transmen I know. I never hated my breasts or my female body-I just made some physical adjustments over a couple of years. My chest surgery cost less than most people's used car and it looks *amazing*. I have found true love with a woman who sees me for exactly who I am (a smart, funny, articulate, thoughtful, compassionate and strong person) and that love has made me feel whole in only the way that love can. Any person who has ever been in true love knows that you bring your whole self to that love and you show yourself without artifice. My gender, my surgery, my journey matters not a whit at this point and I lost NOTHING in that process. I have gained a connection with my physical male self that is incredibly fulfilling, but it's not the real stuff of life. Luckily, I can have both.

  11. Why do you people insist on believing that there is a tragedy inherent in transness? I know that the media sells us an image of a forlorn, lonely, twisted, misguided and self-hating trans individual who must either transition or commit suicide, but you dykes have been fairly good at sorting out the media's and culture's portrait of yourselves from the truth you know about yourselves. Why can't you figure out that there are thousands of happy, fulfilled, intelligent, conscious transmen out here doing good work who have *always* loved themselves. Whose reclaimation of their own bodies and stories from the lies told about them are no less powerful than your own? Are you afraid to see us for who we are? Are you just blinded by jealous rage? Can you just not handle the truth? You have zero credibility because you refuse to admit the things that will challenge your beliefs. That makes you a coward, an armchair social scientist, and a stooge for the mass-culture's agenda. Furthermore, you reinforce the gender binary by espousing the theories of biological determinists. Nice work, stooge. One thing you have done for me is made me tell my true (happy) story louder and louder. So thanks for that.

  12. To the last two posters... some of us do have some tragedy in our pasts, but if we didn't live in a cissupremacist society, that probably wouldn't happen so much. I do, but I'm glad that that's not your narrative, or everyone's narrative. That is also part of my past, and not my present. Facing down adversity only made me stronger, more sure of myself and in being myself, my narrative has a happy ending.

  13. I don't agree with all that you say Dirt but i am grateful for your information regarding butches and butch othering. I came out to my parents as trans when i was 14. I applied for gender therapy when i was 21. I had only heard butch as either an insult or a term to describe women who don't resemble me physically or dispositionally at all such as Ellen Degeneres and Rachael Maddow. The clinic called me back and told me that they didn't accept my health insurance. I was crushed and depressed. Months later i came across your blog. SO much of what you have said regarding butch invisibility struck a chord with me. My first reaction was to reject it since i had been identifying with male for so long. But truly i am not male. I'm just a different kind of female with many traits that resemble male traits but aren't quite the same. While i don't agree that all trans people should remain exactly as they are, there is a whole group of individuals who feel that the word "female" cannot truly describe them who only need fuller understanding of butch to persuade them otherwise! I am not the only one.

  14. Wow! Well, this is a rare opportunity, and I must take advantage of it. I do hope it will still count after midnight.

    I am a lesbian, am have been dating an MTF woman for the past year. In some eyes, this would make me “straight” or only enforce the belief that lesbian MTFs only transition to encroach on all-woman spaces. This, is far from the truth. My partner is the sweetest, most beautiful girl I have ever met, and I can assure you that she is all woman.

    That being said, I will admit there are a few points I do agree with you on. While I am firmly against your belief that transmen do not exist, I will admit that I have known a few butch woman to begin the transition, only to realize that they had only done so due to society's demand for femininity. In addition, I do not believe that transmen should be allowed in woman's spaces. They are men, not women, and wishing to be a part of such communities and events is ridiculous.

    Finally, I would like to say something about you yourself. I hate your viewpoints, and the slander that you bring to the trans community. I believe that, without such views, the suicide and hate crime rates towards transgender individuals would be far less. However, as the saying goes; though I may not agree with what you say, I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

    I must say that I admire you, Dirt. No matter how much I disagree with what you say, I still come back to read your blog every chance I get. You write with a sublime eloquence and passion and I cannot help but respect. You have the confidence and courage to be who you truly are, no matter what society may think of you. Some on my side of the fence claim you are secretly a closeted FTM, but I have absolutely no doubt that you are as much a woman as myself and my partner. I truly believe that the world would be a much better place if there were more strong, confident women like you.

  15. " Some on my side of the fence claim you are secretly a closeted FTM"

    So a masculine woman can't be a woman huh? It has to be a FTM...

  16. To the Anon above who asks why some “see tragedy inherent” in the medicalization of gender-nonconformity and the “othering” of femasculine women and other naturally occurring female body taboos:

    You claim that most trans people do not actually have GID and have also escaped the more generalized dysphoria and body shame so common among those socialized as female.

    By this argument you imply that medicalized gender-based body modification is purely a matter of superficial fashion, and further that such fashion is divorced from political and cultural influence. The poster above you reinforces that claim by insisting that SRS is inexpensive and not painful and not much more significant than buying a used car.

    You go on to state erroneously that those who protest against locating gender expression in the physical representation of the body reinforce biological determinism.

    The claim that gender expression is tied to one’s physical manifestation is the essence of biological determinism. Alteration of physical bodies in relation to gender roles and expression is biological determinism in action.
    Questioning the prescription of hormonal and surgical body modifications as treatment for natural gender-variance under a patriarchal constructed gender system is directly in opposition to the biological determinism on which the trans movement is based.

    We do not subscribe to the primary tenet of transsexualism, which is the belief that sex=gender expression. Biological determinism is the basis upon which the transsexual philosophy of body modification is founded.

    Our questioning angers you as evidenced by your calling us cowards and stooges (insults which don’t even make sense). Our purpose in questioning is not to anger or shame you. You say you want to proselytize “louder and louder” when your beliefs are called into question and that is certainly a common reaction among believers of various types, and is your prerogative.

  17. @Mina, quoting you "In addition, I do not believe that transmen should be allowed in woman's spaces. They are men, not women, and wishing to be a part of such communities and events is ridiculous."

    We all agree : having FTM desesperately pushing doors of women's spaces or even more : lesbian's spaces is a mystery for a lot of us feminist women or lesbians. We just don't get why they such desire : after all, they self-define as male, uh ?

    Some answers were given here (read also the comments)

    But having own personal opinion of FTM about it, will be a must. Any clarification ?

  18. I've had the opportunity to get to know the person behind 'Dirt'; she is a sweet, kind, loving, gentle and sexy woman. A fantastic cook, animal rescuer, a wicked (and I stress wicked) sense of humour, a divine lover with the softest skin, beautiful buff body and delicious pussy. We don't agree on everything and our debates are often as wild and intense as our love making. Listening to her de-construct Plath's poems, Fromm's commentary and first generation holocaust prose all to the sound track of Patti Smith is pure joy. But waking up in those arms pure bliss.

    Thank you for all your stories told from the heart and for your honesty in revealing your own journey and truth as a Butch woman.

    You've captured my Femme heart and I love you. You crazy bugger!

  19. M,

    You are without a doubt, the light, before the light.

    I love you too.


  20. Hmmm, it occurred to me that funfems don't benefit from entering any woman-only space unless it's a rape crisis center. Funfems love hanging out with men, and don't notice the constant parade of sexism right under their nose. So why would they even desire to hang out with a bunch of women who are gathering together because they ARE sick of the male privilege and entitlement?

    There is no benefit to funfems who enter woman-only space, unless their purpose is to create disruption and strife -- and have you noticed that ALL transgendered people are funfems?

    My point is that it's perfectly legal to exclude funfems and/or disagree with funfems without triggering cries of "transphobia".


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