An email from a "proud transman"

Received this about an hour or so ago, the subject was "DIE"-see green highlight, the message: "I seriously hope you get raped", sent from someone claiming to be a "proud transman".

I've never understood how committing, threatening, wishing violence against women inspires "male" pride, but then again I dont shoot up "T", nor naturally have high levels of it coursing through my system. Then again I also dont understand how the truth scares the trans community into threatening violence against those who report it. At any rate, the misogyny is overwhelming.


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  1. Jesus, what a fucking asshole.

    What is it with trans in general wishing rape on women?

  2. This person is insane. Anyone who's had to deal with rape doesn't wish it to happen to anyone else. Sadly, this person doesn't realize that just because "T" is slowly coursing a destructive path through her system, it won't prevent her from being raped by men who feel she is not and will never be one of them. She really needs to think twice and speak once. Don't wish on others, what you truly don't want to happen to you.

  3. I don't hope that anyone gets raped but I'd say you bring this kind of response on yourself because of the way you deny we exist. Does it feel nice to you that most of the world thinks you aren't actually a lesbian? That you are just some damaged, fucked-up, misled pervert who needs to be straightened out? Or that you just need to get over yourself and transition? Having had access to alot more of straight culture since my transition, I can almost see their point. And that's really sad.

  4. Nothing a little rape won't fix!
    How original.
    This FTM is a GOOD MAN (RAPIST).

  5. So what exactly are you saying, last anon? You don't wish rape on anyone, but you kind of do, if they don't agree with you?

    If you're so secure in who you are, what are you doing here? The internet isn't exactly teeming with critiques of transsexualism. But you seek out the one blog that does, and announce that you "kind of see" why "most of the world" wishes violence on the lone blogger who dares to criticize the trans trend. Newsflash: your friends, if they exist, aren't "most of the world." Also, that straight culture you think you have access to really doesn't give a shit about this, as it affects very few of them.

  6. From the full header of the email you can retrieve the IP adress (see there : and give this information to your local police department and legally prosecute "him". They will find the anonymous yet proud abusive individual who is behind this threat...

  7. For the person who wrote : "you bring this kind of response on yourself because of the way you deny we exist".
    That is exactly the same narrative rapists use to qualify their victim: the usual "she provoked us, she deserved this" and so she is the one who causes the rape not the victim.

    Dirt is just using her freedom of speech on her blog with fact based posts.

    *Why on earth, do you think she deserves to be raped for that ? *And if you think, as a transguy, that a butch lesbian, should be raped for using her freedom of speech and having different a different voice, why on earth are you asking for acceptance from the lesbian community?
    *We have suffered centuries of male oppression, do you really think we are interested in being oppressed by transmale ?
    *Do you think that such violent threat against lesbian and so tolerant narrative your wrote support the "T" cause in LGBTQI ? *Do you really think you will be welcome in our women only space with such words and opinion ?

    I am not exactly a transphobic person : I think transition maybe good for some people but I also think that the transfad is putting a lot of women on the transition journey who have nothing to do there : that is exactly why I support Dirt blog because you will never see an ex transguy crying for the loss of her boobs on Youtube or the desire to remove her facial and body hair after a wrong transition move but I know it exists...

    By supporting such violent threat, you are ruining 2 decades of queer and trans advocacy efforts...

    Congratulation !

  8. This "proud transguy" is more violent than 90% biomale around the block...

    To this "proud transman", I would like to ask :
    *" Can you tell us why reading this blog put you so much to the edge?
    *"Can you tell us why you think you can cross those boundaries towards violence and to a threat for which he can be legally prosecuted and charged?"...
    *As this blog is a mirror of the transfad, just a mirror so "proud transman", "Can you tell us what you did not liked when you saw yourself in this mirror to be so angry and violent ?"

  9. I'm a transman and I am sickend to see such hateful words spoken to anyone, especially a woman regardless of her views or orientation. Although I don't completely agree with Dirts findings on the trans community I do value and appreciate her views and opinions. And through reading different comments left by hateful trans people I can understand why she has come to the conclusions she has about the transmale community.

    To those transmen out there reading this I want to say that leaving comments like this does not make you any more of a man. In fact in my opinion it does quite the opposite. It degrades the community as a whole and shows just how insecure you are in yourself. A real man can stand up for what he believes in with poise and respect. Hateful words only show your inability to be sensitive and understanding of others.

  10. I'm a proud transman and I would NEVER threaten violence against another person. And having narrowly escaped rape myself (I was scared shitless at the time), I don't see why any person would wish it on anyone, even their worst enemy.

    Not to mention that even men can and do get raped, so even though he's transitioned, this man isn't safe from rape. I hope he realizes that.

    I don't agree with most of what you say about FTMs and transition, Dirt, but I definitely think that this email is ridiculous. But maybe I'm just a different kind of guy from most people who say they're FTM.

    I'm so sorry that somebody I might have called my brother has stepped over this line against you.

  11. @John Doe. Just wondering -- what do you call women who can stand up for themselves with poise and respect? Real men? Real women? Or just plain adults?

    What do you call an adult bio (cis, man-born) man who can't stand up for himself with poise and respect? Not a man? Then what -- a woman? A pussy? Or a man, but just not a very mature one?

  12. This shit is evil. Nobody deserves to get raped, or to be threatened with rape, or to have rape wished upon them. There are some egregious instances where I can understand (but not condone) wishing harm upon someone...torturers, abusers, genocidal dictators. But not someone giving her opinion on a blog. Not even close. No words ever justify rape. I not only flatly reject this email as morally wrong and hateful, but I simply can't understand the mindset that generates it. It's pure misogyny.

    I'm trans. I'm on T. I've been on it for a while now. I've never had the urge to rape, abuse, assault, or threaten anyone. Hormones don't do that to you. They're not an excuse. This guy's a sick little wannabe-rapist shit, plain and simple...and was before any hormonal intervention. Sorry you have to deal with it. I've been there, and beyond.

  13. unless of course.. dirt made up the user ID and wrote this herself.. Or used some of her handy internet skills and paintshop to alter it. Look up user dirtywhiteboi67 on Youtube if you wish to see her obsession with ftm and other topics.

  14. Anonymous said...

    "unless of course.. dirt made up the user ID and wrote this herself.. Or used some of her handy internet skills and paintshop to alter it. Look up user dirtywhiteboi67 on Youtube if you wish to see her obsession with ftm and other topics"

    Spoken like a true man! Your "T" dose is clearly working. Its nothing new that when a woman is proven not to have asked for the rape, then of course she must be lying. Same old song and dance, only in this space, it doesnt fly.

    The fact is, I dont need to make that sick shit up. And if you like, send me your email addy and I will forward you the police report which was filed with my local police last night. Feel free to contact them yourself for verification.


  15. actually, I am not a trans male or female. I am comfortable in womanzone. I am not comfortable in harming other humans in any way, shape, or form. I don't steal others graphics under the fair use act which is being misused, I don't degrade people from within our community. See, this is the thing.. You are too quick to judge people without facts. I also do not believe in rape, but I am not so naive as to know people are capable of creating bogus accounts for attention.. Why you are attacking people online is beyond me. Why you are so anger filled is beyond me.. When you yourself have considered gender reassignment? Unless of course this is not you?

    In one of the earlier posts you minimized your accountability level should someone suicide as a result of you misusing their pictures. If they do, you are the person behind the trigger, no different than the LGBT suicides in September.

    How sad for the LGBT community that someone who is struggling will have an increased struggle should they run across your blog and/or be misused the same as you are misusing others and the intent of the fair use rulings. You are not an educator and fall nowhere near the legal defines of this type of use.

  16. The last thing I will say on this.. I do not know who hurt you in your life, but it is clear someone has. But secondary abuse (those who have been hurt hurting others) is just as damaging. Lets say on the outside most you had the right to do what you are doing. Does this make it right and any less hurtful? If there was a 1 in a 1000 chance someone would kill themselves or self harm as a result of your actions, would you hang onto the right to do so?

    Life does not have to be this hard. Covering a topic with I feel statements is one thing. But to ghetto blast and to come across as an expert in a field using stills you had no permission to use is horrifying.

    I had just gone out and purchase a flip to start doing videos on YouTube. I am beginning to second think on this because I am afraid things will be taken out of context and misused. My topics would have been self help and self harm.. Now I do not dare for fear sharing my experiences in life will hurt myself and/or others. Actually, I am glad I found out about your blog before I fell into the YouTube trap.

  17. Welcome to the internet. You sound extremely naive, but you seem to have become a little less so. Do some reading abut copyright law, too -- please.

    You are going to have to do a lot better than dismissing someone's arguments by saying, "you must have been abused." That's called an ad hominem attack.

    Do you have an actual, logical rebuttal? Or do you just have a lot of "I feel" statements?

    Even gay activists don't want to take away the free speech rights of anti-gay Christians. You seem to want to shut down anyone whose opinion you can't refute with an argument that is a) non-sexist, and b) logical.

  18. "When you yourself have considered gender reassignment?"

    She did and realized that she doesn't need this. There is no problem with that! She learned to love herself and she didn't fell into the trans trap like other people.


    No, that isnt me. I've never consider transition. Although once upon a time I did have an "insanejournal" which can be found here:



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