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  1. This a message from "the committee to re-introducing boobs on this blog"

    Here are nice samples to balance the scary mutilation photos :

    (o )( o) or ( . Y . )

    Enjoy ! :D !

  2. Why haven't you responded to this

    and this

  3. There was a time when only the most dysphoric hardcore butches went the FTM route, but now we're seeing young, confused kids who really don't even know who they are yet.

    Who ever came up with the word "post-feminist"? Seems like a lot of the sexism has gotten worse over the years, especially with gender roles and stereotypes. You turn on the TV news, and the female newscaster's wearing a low-cut blouse and a ton of make-up. It's Halloween, and all the costumes for girls and women are some variation of a hooker costume. Words like "bitches" and "hos" are common usage. If a high school girl decides to dress comfortably and gender-neutrally, then she'll get taunted by the other kids and called "gay", which is the number one insult word in the schools these days. Sexual harassment is rampant down to the grade school levels and the teachers & school administrators ignore it. This sick social environment is making many girls wish they were male instead of female.

  4. Boobie Anon,

    Thanks for sharing the boobies! Boobs are great! Boobs are beautiful! Boobs are sexy! Boobs are comforting! Boobs are warm and soothing! Yeah for boob love!

    Cheers to those who love their boobs!

    I suggest every woman who reads this, spend 1 whole hour this weekend with her shirt and bra off, just letting your boobs roam free. Its a great esteem booster!


  5. DM,

    I agree with everything you said! This seems so obvious and yet parent after parent not only allows their girls to dress that way, they buy them the damn clothes!

    I hate to be a pessimist, but I fear until large numbers of young girls seek "transition" as a way out of their sexualization at younger and younger ages, there is going to be a whole generation of physically/mentally scared females dying of strange cancers in their late 20's/early 30's or worse, killing themselves.

    Do a search on youtube of ftm or transman and you will find what is already looking like the early years of a Brady battlefield.


  6. R,

    What is it that I am suppose to respond to?


  7. Lighten up, girl!


  8. DM thanks for pointing out that girls do get taunted pretty severely for not being feminine enough. People think it's just the boys who get gaybashed in school, but "lesbian" is probably the worst possible thing most kids can think of to call a girl. Including "slut."

  9. OMG, have you seen this transguy? What do you think?


  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM9XtxzP3eo&feature=player_embedded

    A few months ago, I would have been inspired by this transman's 'poem,' but now it makes me sick to listen to how much this young woman hates herself and her body. Thanks for opening my eyes Dirt and letting me know how disgusting and misogynistic this trans fad really is.

  11. Dirt, I was directed to your blog, and I must say that I whole heartedly agree. I think that alot of people are just confused, not just sexually, but with their identify, and they seek to become something that they are not in an attempt to find themselves thus continuing down the path of confusion and despair. It's one thing to be a butch, and something totally different to try and change your gender, which ultimately is impossible because its genetic. But I think that in this case being butch would exude more pride, and gets more respect, then trying to become something that you clearly aren't. That's just my two cents, great piece.

  12. I just wanted to say great job on your blog dirt. Your analysis of the current ftm fad is incredibly poignant in todays world of T on demand from doctors. I just hope that somebody out there is listening and we can stop these young girls from mutilating themselves. I do however have a question. Your blog has done an excellent job of deconstructing FTMs, but I have noticed scant attention paid to their MTF counterparts. Are you ever planning on doing an in depth look into MTFs like you have for FTMs? These men in dresses have been invading and encroaching upon womens and lesbian spaces for far to long. I think its time we took the mask off their charade.

  13. To the anon who left this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM9XtxzP3eo&feature=player_embedded...she said "gender is in our head, AND gender is socially constructed".

    Then why doesn't she just discard "gender" (as a social construct, going by her definition, it doesn't have real consistence!) instead of making her life revolve around it by modifying her body through hormones and surgery?

  14. How do you feel about bisexual women going to lesbian bars?

  15. Yo.
    I'm an ftm. I'm saying this simply for the sake of honesty, though I'm somewhat concerned that anything read after that acronym might be disregarded, or worse.
    None the less, Hi.

    I flick through your blog occasionally, simply because I'm trying to understand what would make another person hate me or judge me without knowing me at all.
    The thing is, I don't think I'm like these transmen you complain about.

    For example, I don't hate you, or any woman for that matter. I don't even hate my body for being female, It's just not me.
    I tried everything I could to be a girl but it did not take. I am who and what I am.

    I'm not terribly masculine per say either, I'm no "alpha male" and I make no attempt to be.
    I have a great friend that's a hockey goalie, far more intelligent than I am, and an all-round awesome person, and she's all woman. (She's more than a foot shorter than me and she could kick my ass at things both of physical and intellectual nature. Love her!)

    I actually find it a little offensive to assign certain interests to be masculine or feminine as if she's less of a woman for having "traditionally" masculine hobbies, and the inverse for me.

    I don't think transition's for everyone and I've been an advocate for patience, and therapy in my trans circles.
    I think we need to take care to be sure that this is the right thing for us to do before we start it.
    I don't pressure others to live their lives "my" way at all nor do I rush 'em on their path.

    I know that little or nothing I say will serve to change your mind about transmen, but I'd just wish that you'd judge individuals for what they're worth rather than to generalize so harshly 'bout everyone under the same tag.

    Anyways, thanks for reading.

  16. I'm actually a gay trans man so it might surprise you to know that I really like some of what you say. I think a lot of your posts especially on butch/femme identity and visibility / invisibility, and the pressures to transition in today's society are really positive and powerful, and what keep me reading here - because I think you have a really worthwhile message. What I think sucks is when your posts are, for example, pictures of people who (regardless of legality, etc) would certainly rather their photo not be up. A lot of your analysis as to why people transition FtM, and the percieved escape from lesbianism for some is really interesting, and I'd like to read a lot more of your serious posts, with a bit less of the... photos of individuals.

  17. @last Anon,

    I think all (especially minorities)should respect minorities spaces and right to congregate amongst themselves.


  18. (mr) ftM,

    I dont "hate" nor "judge" you, if thats what you get from reading this blog, you arent reading too closely.

    I critique what informs transition. As in what is informing you that would make you say/feel your arent that "masculine"?

    Testosterone creates masculinity, no male is any more or less masculine than any other male.

    Would you consider a male who carries himself in a queenie way to be less masculine than a man who carries himself in a macho way?

    They both possess course skin, they both possess excessive body hair, they both possess male patten hairlines/baldness, they both possess a masculine build and jawline, they both possess a male smell etc. So is one actually any less masculine than the other? Of course not. You're judging how they carry their masculinity rather than judging masculinity in and of itself.

    It is through those kinds of misjudgments that transitioners fall.


  19. Thank you for your comment Alex,

    I'll keep what you said in mind.


    PS Alex would you mind answering a question for me. Your "gay-man" identity, did it exist before "T" or did it develop after "T"? If that feels to personal, just say so. No pressure to answer if it feels too public.

  20. "I flick through your blog occasionally, simply because I'm trying to understand what would make another person hate me or judge me without knowing me at all."

    Faux-naivete + staw man = fail.

    Here's the faux-naive part. If you have at least a 12 year old's understanding of history, you are already familiar with the many reasons someone might hate or judge another person without knowing them at all. Are you telling us you have made it to adulthood without some understanding of prejudice?

    Here's the straw man part. You, personally, are not being hated or judged here, and I think you realize that, deep down. What's being judged are the gender ideologies being used to convince some young women that they need a sex change because they aren't comfortable in the female gender role. Even though it's been expanded a little to allow some women to play hockey. What's being judged, and legitimately hated, is the real phenomenon of transition pressure.

    In other words, it's not all about you.

  21. Dirt:
    I'm not on hormones yet (although I live stealth, with nobody I interact with day to day offline or live with knowing I'm trans), so it's hard to say whether it'll still be there when I go on hormones, but it's the way I identify now.
    I really appreciate your engaging.

    Also, I may have misinterpreted your comment to Mr FtM, but... for me testosterone is a tool that will enable me to pass better as male. It's not about a more or less masculine identity, just about appearance and bodily integrity, at least for me. My identity is the same regardless.

  22. Sorry, the anonymous that began "Dirt:
    I'm not on hormones yet" was mine

  23. Dirt, what if someone wrote a blog trashing butch women? You're doing a disservice to the GLBTQ community with your hate speech here. You're just as bad as those who criticize butch women for not being "real" women (i.e. feminine). Gender identity is SEPARATE from sexual preference. There are a lot of gay transmen out there, too. I may not understand what it's like to be born in the wrong body, but I do try to understand where they're coming from and try to learn more about transition. From what I've seen, these guys have struggled their whole lives for being born in the wrong body. Transitioning is a very difficult process, so it's not something that they would take lightly. Why must you post photos of them and mock them? Transgendered people have (and will) always been around. The only difference now is that they have a voice and have created their own community. Just as the rest of the GLB community have done prior. I'm not entirely sure why you've put so much focus on FTMs on your blog, but perhaps you have a few skeletons in your closet. Make peace with the fact that there are transmen and transwomen in this world. Blogging about it won't change that fact. There are plenty of butch women out there who disagree with your views, too.

  24. (suffring from migraine, so this may be poorly written, I apologize in advance for this)

    @ dirt, regarding masculinity

    I don't agree that testosterone is the same as masculinity per say but I did point out that I pretty much agree with you on the prospect of behaviour/habits not being masculine/feminine.

    I decided to use the term in it's commonly used manner because I don't quite know how else to explain my unusual position.
    I know it was very poorly worded.

    What I mean to say is, I don't conform to the stereotypical idea of what a "man" should be like. I'm not into sports. I'm not good with cars. I like to bake. I like to ball up in a blanket, knit, and watch tv (though I prefer action and horror to most other things).

    I don't see these as things that make me any less of a man any more than I see my friend's hockey playing, or comic book collection, or whatever, as things that make her any less of a woman.

    I think that's what I was trying to get to.

    re; Strawman comment.

    I was referring to this blog specifically. I know about prejudice. I read this blog in under to try and understand This specific one.

    And there's reason to believe that the hate is directed at ftm individuals, and thus me, because there's several references to us, and thus me, because of the many comments regarding how transmen are this way or that. The blanket statements. Many of them quite a bit negative.

  25. Modern Social Science indicates that there are two distinct classes of men who pursue SRS. 1. Those who were born gender-nonconforming homosexuals, and 2. Those who have an erotic obsession with inhabiting a female body: Autogynophilia.
    Homosexual Transsexuals are very feminine men who change apparent sex in order to better function in society. Being born feminine, they tend to transition young, “pass” well, and those who will not pass well- don’t tend to pursue SRS. This type transsexual holds no illusion about a “female essence” and transitions merely to improve the ease with which they pass through society and mate with the masculine males to whom they are attracted.
    Autogynophilic Transsexuals have a paraphillic sexual need to erotically inhabit a female body. They are masculine heterosexual men, usually crossdressers, who tend to transition later, often after marriages and children, as their paraphillic erotic obsession progresses. Since they are not naturally gender-nonconforming they do not tend to pass well, and they do not transition in order to improve the ease with which they can pass through society but instead to indulge their autogynophilic needs and fantasies.

    The two types of transsexuals have distinctly different etiologies and distinctly different social/political agendas as a burgeoning transsexual rights movement. The “homosexual transsexual” seeks to blend into society as seamlessly as possible. The autogynophile seeks to resolve an idea that they can inhabit a “female essence”- “Born a woman in a male’s body”. But since this is a paraphillic objective it is an urge that can never be resolved. SRS does not resolve a paraphilics objective, which is unresolvable. That’s why type 2 transsexuals haunt lesbian spaces, confused that lesbians don’t want to sleep with them, and why they try to destroy rape crisis centers and Take Back The Night marches and women’s health clinics and any other female centered space. Such spaces exacerbate the paraphillia by destroying the erotic autogynophilic fantasy that they have often thrown away their marriages, jobs, and social status to pursue hopelessly at any cost.

    Here’s an article about autogynophiles and the lengths they will go to hide this truth:
    and another:

  26. When I'm bored I like to go on different cities' craigslists and flag mtf or ftm posts in the w4w section. I used to see tons of ftm posting in "lesbian" spaces, but now most of the ones I see are in the Casual Encounters section looking for guys. Is that the testosterone poisoning?

  27. Dirt,
    I respect so much the way you are representing a minority and creating a voice for the butch community. I also agree as a woman, that patriarchy is very present and REAL today.
    Though you are critiquing gender and sexuality with well informed theories, your thinking is taking us backwards. It's 2010, there is more variation in gender and sexuality than ever before. This is because we live in a media driven world that allows for people who feel the same way to communicate, and you're opinion is included. But, what I really don't understand is the way you exploit the entire trans community without recognizing it's a complex and hugely varied population. Your hatred of men and patriarchy is flawed and misconstrued. It's obvious that you have experienced hate and misidentification of your butch identity. But, in what way is this marginalized attack on what you view as misogyny, eg. Trans men, at all achieving anything for butch women? . It's so obvious that you feel threatened, when you shouldn't. Voices of the community should be promoting inclusivity. I hope that you consider toning it down and realize that you are causing stress and pain to many trans men by putting up their pictures and attacking them just as im sure you would never want to see butch woman exploited. You shouldn't feel so threatened as to demonize trans men.

    I hope you find hope from the youth voice of the LGBT etc. community.


  28. What happened to that alaskan bitch with the litter of kids?

  29. No one is posting personal pictures of FTM women and attacking them. The women have contributed their own pictures to the public record of the FTM transition fad. They have posted their own pictures to be used exactly as they are being used here.
    And what "hate"? I see nothing but compassion.

    "your hatred of ... patriarchy is flawed". Uh, no.

  30. What I don't understand is why trans people throw people with Body Integrity Identity Disorder under the bus. People are killing themselves because they can't get treatment to help align their outsides with their insides, and trans activists ignore and practically shun them. Seems so discriminatory and hateful.

  31. Posting pictures of people without their consent or knowledge, then writing terrible things about them is a form of bullying. Dirt (a well-deserved nickname, btw) is obsessed with these guys, scouring Youtube and Facebook for her next blog post. She spends a lot of time watching videos and looking at photos that it borders on creepy.

    Imagine the uproar if there was a butch bashing blog created by femmes. There are indeed a lot of femmes who aren't attracted to butch women because they are just too masculine (especially those who are stone butch).

    Dirt, perhaps you've been bullied or made fun of in the past for being too masculine. So why are you doing this? What's the point of putting others down? You've already made your opinion loud and clear months ago. No need to continue bashing these guys.

  32. You have posted my picture on your blog and I don't appreciate that. I don't post pictures publicly of myself, it's just videos...so that means you had to view one of my videos, pause, and take a screen capture of it in order to be posting the picture. I don't appreciate you posting them and slandering transgender individuals in the process. Please stop and take the pictures down, it's unnecessarily rude.

  33. Anonymous,

    Nobody is born gender nonconforming. Society imposes roles on each gender. Society creates gender nonconformity because it demands certain habits, personality traits, tastes, etc. for gender conformity.

    Unfortunately, most of the research on transsexualism, including John Money's early theories, as well as Ray Blanchard's and Anne Lawrence's, comes from the same people who control access to medical transition. People who wanted to transition had to tell their psychologists what they expected to hear. It doesn't just mess up the theories. It also sets people up for self-delusion when, whether transition is a good idea or a bad one, they need self-discovery instead.

    I know that some people transition early and consider themselves lesbians. Based on what some of the other anonymous writers have said in the past couple weeks, I'm wondering if those who transition early are less likely to enter straight relationships than those who transition late, or more likely to romanticize lesbian relationships – e.g. seeking a “passion for friends” which some idealize in lesbian circles but which seems pretty much impossible in straight culture.


  34. "Butch" is a desperate attempt to be and look and act more powerful than feminine women. If it were not, there would be no need to wear men's clothing and haircuts and adopt the brashest, worst behavior of men.
    Butches are cartoons characters. It's a blatant power-grab- not some precious identity to be
    cherished. Every single thing that's defined as butch is passed down from the world of men. At
    least transmen have the balls to actually deal with the consequences of passing in the world as male rather than constantly borrowing from male culture and then claiming to be a victim at your convenience. When it suits you, you can always turn and run back to the crappy little enclave of gay culture and be the biggest little rooster in the henhouse.

  35. Actually, they don't have balls. That's the whole point.

  36. to the last Anon at 12:39 AM, I don't know what you're trying to do or say but it's not working.
    masculine=powerful, feminine=weak is a lie that has been perpetuated by men(and bought into by some women) for centuries. Butch women have nothing to do with trying to act like men. We act like ourselves period. We are truly not masculine in the literal sense of the word.Those who the adopt brashest and worst male behavior are simply not being butch, THEY are trying to be like men. We are truly as feminine ("like or of being woman")as so-called feminine women, but because our feminineness does not cater to male desires we have been branded as masculine.

    We do not wear these clothes because they are from the men's section. We wear them because they are comfortable to US. Honestly they should be in the women's section also just as so-called "feminine" men should have some "women's clothes" in the men's section to choose from. Or we should destroy the gender divided sections all together.

    I'm going to address two of your asinine comments.
    "At least transmen have the balls to actually deal with the consequences of passing in the world as male"

    Many butches "pass" as male quite often; some more often than certain fully transitioned trans folk. We just don't go looking for it and it is not our intention. So sometimes that means dealing with the terrible terrible consequences of being seen as male in this society.Such as.... People try to have conversations with me! They use eye contact! Now i'm some stranger's Buddy! Women flirt with me! I'm suddenly respected! how horrible!

    "When it suits you, you can always turn and run back to the crappy little enclave of gay culture and be the biggest little rooster in the henhouse."

    I really don't know what rock you are living under if you think that butches are respected in the gay community. We have been at the bottom of the barrel for a few decades now. Sure there are some femmes but the REAL ones are few and far between. I actually have yet to meet a real one. In the meantime i will continue to live my female life in my female way.

    P.S. if the crapola you just spewed was an attempt to fight back against Dirt's "transphobic" blog (which i don't entirely agree with either), it was not a good plan. Find a way to defend yourself and what you are rather than lashing out at her and what she is. have a good night

  37. You truly are obsessed and at this point, after feeling upset and angry at your blog for some time, I mostly just feel sad for you.

  38. I thought this was a blog on butch women not transmen. I obviously was mistaken.

    The world is vast, explore some new topics.

  39. Amber have you spent more than 5 minutes in ANY Butch/Femme space in the last 10 years???

    Also Amber, people arent born in the wrong body, they are born in the wrong SOCIETY!


  40. Alex,

    I dont subscribe to "shoulds".


  41. Rachel,

    Trying actually reading the blog itself rather than a sentence or two, because clearly regarding where men fit into my life, you are clueless.

    And regarding "misandry", there isnt a class of female in existence on the planet that have power systems in place that can support "misandry", therefore "misandry" exist only as a means to bash women with, which is misogynistic.


  42. @anon from 9:32pm,

    I agree.


  43. @Anon at 9:42pm,

    All pics are PUBLIC pics and NONE are made fun of by me.

    Second, I'm a WOMAN, therefore I cannot by nature be "masculine".


  44. @anon at 12:39,

    Butch is a way of occupying the feminine body differently, has zero to do with greater or less than.

    And I will gladly where Butch clothes when they make Butch clothes. And haircuts arent "male" or "female", they are simply haircuts.

    I'm sure there are Butch women out there who imitate bad male behavior, although personally in my 20+ years on the scene I never met one. Butch women in my experience and the experiences of past and my current sweetheart, are usually timid, a bit shy/awkward, passive and totally lovable.


  45. Rachel are you stupid? Read the blog first and then try to complain about it!

  46. Where is this so-called hate? Can someone please point that out to me?

  47. I just wanted to share this, here is a really interesting blog geared towards young anime-fan women who want to be boys:

  48. Interesting blog sunny! This girl didn't fall into the trans trap.

  49. I know open comments day is officially over, but since there's been a lot about MTFs, I don't think it's necessary to endorse either J. Michael Bailey or Alice Dreger's work to question the need for any man to transition. Bailey and Dreger are creeps, pure and simple. Bailey writes with thinly disguised contempt for both women and gay men; Dreger is an opportunist who has latched onto controversies about the medical treatment of intersex people in order to make a name for herself. She's not a scientist, her training is as a historian. Lately, she's been dabbling in trans issues. Like Bailey, she seems to live in some sort of fantasy world in which there are no social forces influencing gender expression. Neither of them has critiqued the practice of transition from a feminist or social justice perspective; I don't think this interests them at all.

    I have read some of the critiques of Bailey and Dreger's research, and their professional conduct, that MTFs have written, and I have to say that in this case, I agree with the MTFs. And I'm saying that as someone who is strongly critical of transsexualism as a phenomenon. These people are as sexist as any "I played with trucks as a girl therefore I'm a man" FTM.

  50. Please don't listen to the people who complain about the photos being posted, Dirt. The photos, together with your analysis of them, present a truth which is just too hard core painful for some folks to deal with.

    Trans put these photos up FOR A REASON and so it makes sense for us to ask what their reason is. They use those photos to push their own agenda and to push their own interpretation of them, and it is their own narrative and their own pity party which they want everyone to remember without any alternative viewpoint ever being available. But then you come along and ask everyone to reconsider, reflect, to analysis to a greater degree and after someone has read your correct interpretation it is no longer possible to accept everything they claim without question.

    It's obvious you're not ridiculing these people, you're only asking everyone to notice that what they say is not what they do. You're asking people to notice that their fantasy does not match reality. They cannot walk the talk and it's profoundly embarrassing to them when you point this out, which is why they will say ANYTHING AT ALL to get you to stop.

    You are doing a tremendous amount of good here Dirt, so please don't make it easier for trans to continue with their lies.

  51. To the Anon regarding Bailey and Dreger, Dreger merely defended the slanderous, violent, bullying and aggressing behavior Mtfs pepetrated against Bailey, his wife and even his CHILDREN! Not to mention his livelihood!

    I dont have to agree with a thing either of them said, but for a group of militia Mtfs to come together for the sole purpose of ruining Bailey's career (which they freely participated in btw), his marriage and harm his children is utter BULLSHIT!

    And only went the prove that the male leopard doesn't change his spots no matter how many synthetic female hormones he injects into his system, when he doesnt get his way, he attacks and worse he attacks innocent children who had ZERO to do with any fucking thing!

    There is NEVER a good reason to attack a child and if you think there is then you are as fucking sick as those Mtfs who attacked Bailey's children merely so they could blackmail him into silence!


  52. Miss Andrea,

    Dont you worry, I will continue to post pics of these young girls in various states of trans as long as they continue to publicly post them.

    Parents need to know the signs of this trans trend in order to protect their children and I will continue to supply them with honest information undiluted by ignorance and drugs.


  53. Open Day is officially closed.

    Thanks to all who took the time to comment!

    Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!


  54. Part of me does think it's pretty brutal to put the those pictures up; on the other hand, women who are considering going this route need to know how it could turn out. All of it. The premature aging. What botched surgery looks like, and how often it really happens. The high chance of a non-passing, recognizable FTM appearance as opposed to a male appearance, even when fully clothed. The fact that the female body geometry is there to stay.

  55. (Just wanted to say, no I don't condone the attacks on Bailey's children for a second, or the terror campaign against him. But I still think he's an absolute sicko.)

  56. What's the point of Dirt providing medical info? Because in 20-30 years, when all these FTMs are getting cancer, or have really destroyed their bodies, and have serious health problems, they are going to get angry at the lesbian community for not warning about this.

    That's why. And it doesn't appear that anyone else out there is providing info on how dangerous the "transition pressure" is getting.

  57. I know open comments are officially closed, but I just wanted to tell Angela @9:42 am that there could never possibly be a "femme blog trashing butches." Because a true Femme is a lover and supporter of Butches; you must be thinking of lipsticks. Being feminine + lesbian does not = femme. Learn the history of the word.


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