The dirt from Dirt now on FaceBook

I've started a dirt from Dirt group on Facebook which can be joined by clicking this link. The group has an open membership but will remove members/content that spam. With the new group changes added by FB, members can use group chat to participate in discussions real-time if they/we so choose. The FB group will be used to discuss some posts from here (this blog) but primarily used to discuss a broader range of topics since members will be able to start topics.

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  1. Hey Dirt,
    Thought you'd like this one....

    1. You say the word "heteronormative" at least 8 times a day
    2. You breathe Judith Butler whether you like her or not
    3. You know how to pronounce 'Foucault' correctly
    4. You think Judith Jack Halberstam is 'hot' and join her/his Facebook page
    5. You know more about queer theory than you do about pop culture...
    6. You know the difference between post-structuralist, postmodern, psychoanalytic...or at least you think you do
    7. You understand the meaning and appropriate application of the word “cis”
    8. You believe nothing valid or important happened before Postmodernism or the year 1990
    9. By 8:30am you have discussed buying a great strap-on and suggest great pro-feminist porn.
    10. You can say that you watched trans and gay porn for credit...
    11. People ask you what you actually study in gender studies...
    12. People ask you what will you do with your degree.
    13. You believe Lady GaGa is an important feminist voice and icon
    14. You introduce yourself with all of your identities; "I'm a postmodern pro-porn, post-feminist, post-patriarchy, queer theorist, anti-establishment ally, queer-straight, gender-free"
    15. When you find yourself drunk, at the uni bar, you're STILL talking theory!
    16. You say "discourse" at least twice a day
    17. You go to the bar/club and all you see is 'gender performativity' and 'gender variance' everywhere you look
    18. You do arts and crafts and interpretive dance in class for credit
    19. You plan activist projects as part of your tutorial participation
    20. You sit down at a pub making event notices and apply for jobs as a foot fetish model
    21. You debate the politics of the chest-binding while waiting for Idol to start on TV
    22. You post YouTube videos to mark your gender discovery
    23. You broadcast your political ideas and posturings on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and YouTube under your internet profiles featuring your avatar as your profile photo
    24. Getting your tits out in class is all part of 'de-constructing notions of the pre-inscribed gendered body as a site and vessel for sex and gender normative labeling'
    25. Your you think that anyone that doesn't subscribe to your new world view is a homophobic/transphobic/nazi/oldschool/outdated/uneducated/HATER!
    26. Your friends are either fed up or just as self indulgent, middle class and boring as you


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