Vanderbilt University Nora Spencer TJ Jourian and another "man" gets the Job part 2

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Going forward, next step TJ Jourian...Some basic background info first shall we? From a 2005 interview...
"When T.J. Jourian first came to the U.S. from Cyprus in 1999, his name was Tamar, and the gender box on his passport said he was female. That classification had always felt arbitrary to him, but it wasn’t until he started college at Michigan State University that Jourian began exploring his gender identity in earnest"...." So when emails about a new documentary about transgender students began circulating on queer and trans listservs, Jourian, now a graduate student at Michigan State, signed up. TransGeneration, a new eight-episode television documentary that started in late September on the Sundance Channel, follows four college students through an academic year"...When asked when he decided he was trans he says: "It wasn’t until the fall of 2001. At the time I identified as a lesbian and I went to a training to learn about what it meant to be a lesbian and be allied to the transgender community. I was listening to other peoples’ stories, especially about their childhood, it was like a light bulb went on, and I thought, “Wow, this so totally makes sense now.” When asked about taking "T" he responds:  "I can’t take T right now, but I wish I could. Once I graduate and get my master’s degree, I have to return to Cyprus for two years as a part of visa regulations. During my time in Cyprus I’m expected to be a woman, preferably a straight woman, so to start T would jeopardize that process"... This reads to me like not only is he not suffering from any real body/gender dysphoria, because clearly this is something he can turn on and off like a light switch, which begs to differ from all the other trans stories that claim their lives were/are dependant on transition, someones lying. TJ also indicates he can turn his "lesbian" sexuality right back to that of "straight" with just as much ease, sounds like TJ is nothing more than a cameleon who camouflages himself when it suit him best.

TJ goes on in this 2005 interview fully embracing anti-essentialism and postmodernism's bastard child queer theory..."I think that’s one of the beauties of the FTM community. We can take these words that we hear on an everyday basis and reinvent them. I can decide I don’t like the traditional way that males bond. I don’t like this grunting, this punching each other on the arm thing. I want to be able to hug my brother and feel good about it and feel masculine about it. Masculinity is not about being this perceptive caveman. To me, masculinity is very personal, very fluid. It’s not a matter of “this is how men act,” and “this is how men feel,” but I, as a masculine person, I as a male person, feel this way. Society can’t decide what those words mean anymore. Individuals need to forge new language". TJ clearly (like queer theory) contradicts himself, he claims language needs to be "reinvented" then says we need a "new language"?? What he miserably (like queer theory) fails to comprehend is that there is no need for either. We can change the word car to apple, has the car then been reinvented? We can change the word car to xyz, does either of those changes alter the car's colour, the car's engine, how fast the car drives? No, it changes absolutely nothing! Changing or draining words of meaning, doesnt lead to revolutionary change, it only leads to confusion. Expanding confining measning that surround words, now thats revolutionary!

Continuing, the interviewer asks TJ: "As you look ahead to the next ten years of your life, do you anticipate living your life as a man or as an FTM transgender person"? TJ's answer: "I will always definitely be an FTM trans person, no matter how far into my transition I’ll be. The trans identity part is very important to me because it reminds folks of where I’ve come from and my roots are very important to me. I want to acknowledge the fact that being raised and socialized in this world as a female has made a considerable impact on me as a person". More on this later.

In the summer of 2008 TJ began working at the University of Vermont...see below:

It was TJ's job to implement safety procedures so that things like this didnt happen again at Vermont University while on his watch. See below:
And what brilliant idea did TJ come up with to keep young women of VU safe? See below:

"Moving beyond gender", I'm afraid I don't see what this has to do with residential safety nor do I see why implementing a change that affects 12,000 for the 12 or so that signed up is really useful or a good use of tuition funds/donations. This clearly is a trans MALE person in a position of power that impacts thousands on campus who has used their post to implement policies that benifit only a handful of trans minded individuals. Funny, I cant say in the recorded history of lesbianism, even where thousands of lesbians were affected, has anyone ever done us such a favour. Let alone a favour at the expense of young college women who already face a 1 in 4 chance of being raped while at university. Call me crazy but if suddenly I turned into a man that was in a position of power, my every course of action would be to implement policies that work toward changing (at least on campus) the rape culture women live in. But you would have to like/love women to do that, and any woman who despises women on the pathological scale that trans(men) do, its obviously asking a bit much of them isnt it?

Earlier this year Nora Spencer hired TJ Jourian as the Program Coordinator for the Office of LGBTQI Life. What is TJ's educational background that qualified him for this position? A BA in General Management and an MA in Student Affairs Admin, oh wait and for less than a year he was an assistant for an LBGT Resource Center! I wager it was the trans/male status that clinched the position, what about you? The LGBTQI office at Vanderbilt now has zero lesbian representation.

Funny though, with job in hand TJ has dropped the "trans" status from his identification, despite claiming umm what was that again? Oh yes, claiming and I quote: "I will always definitely be an FTM trans person, no matter how far into my transition I’ll be. The trans identity part is very important to me". Lets take a quick look at TJ Jourian's short evolution from lesbian (when it suits him), transmale (when it suits him) and now male (but you'll see, even that is when it suits him). I dont have any pictures from his straight female cover he uses when he goes home, sorry. Oh wait, this picture just in from a private emailer, TJ when he was last home, including lovely purse.

Ah the happy lesbian couple...
The lesbian break up and transman phase...
Now the much higher paying phase and I quote "STRAIGHT MAN"! Oh but wait, will return to trans status for extra cash. See below:
I do not see how a "straight man" can possibly understand or effectively do a job that has absolutely nothing to do with him. But straight man TJ got that job because a straight (queer) woman (nora spencer) hired him! Together they back up each others queer BS, together they strengthen the "queering" blueprint and together they are hurting the hundreds of gays and lesbians at Vanderbilt alone who truly need gay and lesbian resources. 


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  1. Um, there's at least one major flaw in your argument: Spencer is a lesbian. Maybe you should stop trying to unseat someone from your own community doing good and important work and focus on actual injustice!

  2. Seems like a garden variety sociopath to me. Geez, this really opens the door to this stuff doesn't it. Or was it about the visa status?

  3. One point I don't understand and we would like Vanderbilt (as an American institution) to answer at is why did they hire TJ Jourian, a non US citizen, while they are so many people unemployed in the US those days and certainly a lot of them better qualified than TJ?

    It looks like they hired him only because he was in this documentary Transgeneration...

    I imagine easily this Nora Spencer having dinner with her queer friends bragging "she had TJ Jourian" like someone would say "I have a new pet" ...

    It is pathetic and so anti-american from her....I can't believe Vanderbilt Dean is approving this....

  4. TJ is Cyprus so a EU citizen (a job market of 27 countries) who wants desperately to become a US citizen so he will do whatever he can to stay here including body mutilation (oops transition) or turning on/off his sexual orientation….

    His aim is to stay longer as he can to become a US citizen whatever the means but as he can't claim for being a refugee (EU is a stable political region), he doesn' have a lot of opportunities left to become American like:
    *by getting married (hence Stacy Gunner and OK Cupid ….)
    *or by working and studying (he plans after his 3 years at Vanderbilt to enroll into a PHD in “Social Justice”)

    He is even ready to be in a grey area when searching job in the US. For example, after his 2 years in Cyprus, he went back with a tourist visa to do job interviews (which is forbidden by US laws) and that is how he got his job as Residence Director at the University of Vermont…

    Those University (Vanderbilt and University of Vermont) are to blame because they hire foreigners like TJ while they could hire US citizens...We need job !

  5. This is disgusting: this TJ (Tamar) Jourian had a Fullbright scholarship so his education was paid by the Federal State.

    The aim of such Fullbright scholarship (see there: is to have the graduated student coming back to his home country, to have him finding a job and living there. He is supposed to contribut to teh economic development of his country with the competencies and knowledge given by US education...

    The aim of the Fullbright program is not to have the ex-sponsored student coming back and working in the US and so stealing job opportunities to unemployed US citizens....

  6. This "guy" was hired on a H1B visa @ 35000 $/year + a very interesting package.

    We can suspect the process followed by Nora Spencer and Vanderbilt HR was not compliant with the reference recruitment process:

    USA is not a country in shortage of competent citizens to be hired at this job position and at this salary...

    So how it happens Vanderbilt hired a non-US citizen (and not even an American lesbian or an American gay male) ?

  7. Would be interesting to know what the members of the Vanderbilt gay & lesbian association ( think about it ?

    Because it is a worldwide premiere: Vandebilt is the first university in world to appoint a straight male as gay & lesbian program coordinator...

    Thanks Dirt for having raised our attention to this nonsense

  8. To the first anon,

    There is one major flaw in your comment, Nora Spencer per Nor Spencer conveniently ID's as "queer", see part one of this post.

    And holding a spotlight to the straight men and women who are co-opting gay and lesbian identities/spaces/jobs etc is IMPORTANT WORK!

    In fact given the state of the economy right now and the extra oppressions out lesbians face, I see nothing more important!


  9. @ Dirt totally agree with you and totally disagree with #1 Anon, this woman self-defines herself as queer. There is no public evidence that she is a lesbian. She defines herself as queer.

    And SHE is the ONE FAULTY, the one who has unseated an American lesbian from the Lesbian community(Sarah Benanti) from her job position as lgbtqi program coordinator to replace her by a non-American person who self-defines himself as a straight male...

  10. Poor Marilou Jourian (the mother of Tamar aka TJ Jourian), it must be such a pain as a woman to see that your own daughter does not even accept her own body and has internalised homophobia to the point of mutilating her own body....
    She must think she has totally failed...

    see there:

  11. Are we talking abiut this Marilou Jourian ?

  12. @Last Anon : yes and you can also see on the photo Talin Jourian Kalamkarian who is TJ/Tamar's sister with her husband Raffi Kalamkarian at their wedding.

    As reference, FB profiles (you have to be connected):
    * Talin Jourian Kalamkarian
    * Raffi Kalamkarian

    Apparently, they doesn't look like a poor family from third and fourth world countries...but like usual wealthy EU citizens...

  13. As I state in this post and have stated in other posts, if you as a woman have pathologically internalized misogyny to the point you will do ANYTHING possible to murder yourself as a woman, you can never truly love another woman and that includes your mother.

    The oxymoronic thing about pathological narcissists is, while they can think of nothing but themselves, at the same time, they despise themselves with as much fervor.


  14. On Trent Jackson (Tamar) Jourian video channel (trannytrent), you can view 2 videos that confirm/proove what you explain above Dirt:

    (Part 1)


    And the last video he made one month ago about his new job position:

    Note the baldness pattern...

  15. To the first anon: It seriously annoys me when people can't even use the word "logic" correctly. In order for either valid or invalid logic to be an issue, there must first be the presence of a thing called an "argument". Do you see any actual argument in this post?

    Because I sure don't. Nothing wrong with the post -- Dirt's writing and points are excellent as always, but this isn't positing an actual argument, this was what is normally referred to as "descriptive". Please read more carefully next time.

    Here's an actual argument, if you want one: Gender fluidity does not validate biological sex fluidity. In other words, my assertion is that regardless how easy it is for a biological female to feel as if her character is more attuned to traits which are currently associated with masculinity, there is still no reason to claim that she is a biological male who was abducted by aliens or mistakenly inhabiting the "wrong" body.

    My evidence which supports my assertion is: Any physical body is perfectly capable of expressing whatever trait it wants in the body it was born with, and is only barred from doing so by current social norms. And so my conclusion becomes: Therefore it becomes true that the transperson is merely conforming to social pressure.

    In order for transgenderism to make sense, they must assert -- I'm not kidding, they absolutely must make the claim that "mentally healthy people need to match their perceived biological sex to changing social norms". Notice I did not use the word gender at all -- because the sum total of gender is more accurately described as "changing social norms" and genuine logic requires precision in order to quickly weed out the bullshit.

    The only thing transpeople do is reinforce very old-fashioned sterotypes. You feel like expressing traits which are currently associated with monkeys, so you must be a monkey. How many times do you have to hear this before it sinks in? Because normal people only have to hear it once.

  16. One more thing. :) Personally, I can see a great deal of advantage if gays and lesbians started their own campus and national orgs, which did not include trans (or queer if they could help it). By leaving in droves, it would be obvious that two trans are trying to herd twelve thousand and direct their own agenda. They're like parasites, directing their host for their own ends.

    Sexual orientation is not the same thing as bodily dymorphism, they are quite different, so why lump them all together? I have no idea what the percentage is, but there is a great many gays and lesbians who are fed up with trans.

  17. @ MAndrea: I so fully agree. Mixing gender issues and sexual orientation activism has led to the non sense described in this post: the historic "founders" of the LGBTQI activism, the ones who did all the work were gays and lesbians.

    It is a shame to see that gay and lesbian centers, studies, student affairs all built by gays and lesbians...are now given to trans-people who self identify as straight (like this TJ Jourian) at the expense of gays and lesbians...

    If I were student at Lambda Vanderbilt, I would protest outside the KC Potter center !

  18. What if they replace TJ Jourian by a trans MTF who self identifies as lesbian ? Would it be an acceptable solution ?*

    *it is a joke but you never know at Vanderbilt ;)

  19. In a certain way, I have more sympathy for transmale like Jordan Furrow ( who after being for years a LGBTQI (bless you) activist, is doing now a nice career in the field of social work, social justice, is living his life as a straight male with his "novia" (even if he is non stealth) without interfering in gay or lesbian activism or studies or student affairs....

    I think that transmale who are true to themselves and their dysphoria may understand what I mean: if you are a real straight transmale, you can't accept to steal a gay and lesbian program coordinator position from a lesbian like TJ Jourian (the cameleon) did....

  20. "A fraud and a coward"

    In his blog Hye Trent (which has been protected since Dirt post but can be viewed in Google cache ;), TJ Jourian self-defines himself as

    "I'm finding myself in front of the computer again for no good reason. Unable to go to sleep, incapable of making my mind or my overactive imagination calm down, too aware of how loudly my heart is beating. The sound of my heart and the vibrations it makes across my chest keep me up late, making the days go by slower and even less productively.

    I can feel myself giving up, wanting to disassociate, pull away and isolate. If something drastically doesn't change soon, I'm not sure how much longer I can pretend.

    The combination of fraud and coward is truly a rare low, and I'm embodying it right now, making myself sick to my stomach, unable to see myself as worthy of anything more than what I'm getting. In fact, I'm probably getting too much.

    This too shall pass. Right? "

  21. all these labels are confusing me;) Does anyone think we should just probably be mad at the people that hired him and not him?
    Anyways, it was a very interesting read.

  22. If you browse the links to each main university LGBTQI center in this directory :

    You may be surprised to notice what happened in Vanderbilt is not an exception but a huge trend...

    Vanderbilt got exposure because they replaced an unknown lesbian at the LGBT coordinator position by a famous guy (TJ Jourian famous because he did a tv serie called transgeneration) but otherwise nobody would have noticed it...Nobody care. Lesbians do not care.

  23. I do not have a problem with the LGBTQI office hiring a FTM transgendered person who identifies as a straight male. People should be able to self-identify or not identify.

    I do think it is a concern that there is no longer a lesbian representative at the LGBTQI center at Vanderbilt. If we are speaking in generalities, Lesbians are often underrepresented in these settings and discussions.

    The Women's Center at Vanderbilt is also under Nora Spencer's leadership. It appears to have lesbian representation (by the self identification of some members of its's staff). However, there is an alarming trend of women's centers and LGBTQI centers merging or being merged under one center. I continue to think this dilutes the issues of feminism, gender issues, sexual orientation issues and gender identity issues. Women and LGBTQI are already minority populations on most campuses-- so why dilute their power, messages and activism through being merged?

    And maybe another point to be alarmed at on Vanderbilt's campus-- if you go by pictures of the staff of both the Women's Center and LGBTQI center, there does not seem to be any ethnic or racial diversity. Of course, I am only going on visual pictures-- so that is not necessarily a viable conclusion.

  24. Comment in 3 parts Part 1/3

    "LGBTQI" is a non-sense because "queer" is a word which does not cover a reality in practices, which mean nothing :
    * a lesbian or a gay male covers a reality : homosexuality
    * bi also
    * transgender, gender issues
    * intersex is based on body characteristics

    but "queer" ( ?
    "Queer" is a political concept.

    It was supposed to be used to self-define non-white or non-normalised homosexual, intersex, bisexual, transgender and sometimes straigth people. "non-normalised" being a politically correct acronym for "Bdsm"...

    But look what this "queer" concept led to:
    *having straight women dating FTM as they want look hype during their college years to finally dump them for bio-male when it is time to think at marriage & kids
    *having bisexual voices not heard once again
    *having the lowest representation ever of minorities in LGBT center or student affair history (look at Vanderbilt, do you see any black or latino or asian among the LGBT or women center, all led by Spencer ?)
    *having FTM so confused about themselves that they invade women spaces in the name of queerness
    *having gay & lesbian bdsm not visible...
    *...(sure Dirt you will find more examples that deserve a whole post)

  25. Comment in 3 parts Part 2/3

    The word "queer" has only helped academics who were not qualified for job positions in gay, lesbian or cultural studies or in lgbt student affair to enter the place and lock it to lesbian and gay people. It was a way for white straight people to come back and have a huge (if not all) the cake. If those people where telling out and loud who they are (straight white people), they will loose their job position…

    Look at Spencer's example...100% white staff in the women center and in the LGBT center. 0% balck or asian or latino. 0% lesbian. At least Spencer and Jourian who identifies as queer so as “straight but I am afraid to tell it as I don’t want to loose my job position”

  26. Comment in 3 parts Part 3/3

    Look at TJ Jourian who is the typical queer fraud : this guy is a 100% caucasian straight christian identified male.

    Despite what he tells in the media, TJ jourian is not Middle Eastern but European:
    * Cyprus where his family live is in Europe
    * He was born in Lebanon, Middle East, but from Armenian parents so his ethnicity is 100% Armenian so 100% pure Caucasian
    * and his religion Roman Christian
    * he belongs to a wealthy family

    So he is not a transgender of color belonging to a minority eager to "social justice".

    That is what he "markets" to have job position and to benefit from positive action.
    He lures people around him including the usual Black, Asian and Latino American.

    He is ambitious and he will trasvestite himself in whatever you want to hear to have his life in America.

    Look at his "ok cupid" description and it supersedes this...

    TJ Jourian and Spencer are the ultimate queer fraud. My darkest nightmare made reality...
    And when I see black or latino people or asian supporting him, I just wonder if those people have a brain,...?

    So it is the point about "queer", having straight white people leading our life once again…

  27. I knew Tj back when he was Tamar.... And I'm very pleased to see that people are catching on to what he is doing. VERY PLEASED!!! :D yay!

  28. @Anon of November 3, 2010 11:34 PM

    Can you tell us more about Tamar (the civil girl armenian name of TJ Jourian) ?

  29. Dear Dirt,

    if you look at those file, you can see that TJ Jourian is still recorded as Tamar Jourian.

    So If I got it well, Tamar aka TJ Jourian was paid 30 000 $ in Uni Vermont (but with housing) then his salary raised to 30 600 $ then he was hired at 35 000 $ (without housing) at Uni Vanderbilt.

    My 1st comment: it is good to be a trangender in a lesbian world because you dont' know experience unemployment and economic crisis
    My second comment: for 35 000 $ do we really have a shortage in the US, of qualified lesbian to have this job position ?

    Why do they need this foreigner trans poster boy at Vanderbilt ?

  30. see there:


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