Trans (Male) Violence-Camp Trans and Michfest 2010 (Part 1)

I begin this post with the assumption that those reading are well versed or at least familiar with Michfest and her nemesis Camp Trans. This post will deal with the threats of male violence and male violence perpetrated by trans(women) and trans(men) on Michfest goers as well as Camp Trans members at this summers events.

I'm going to start out with some highlighted screencaps by a group of Camp Trans trans(women) followed by several accounts from "queer women", closed by a four part video made by a trans(woman).

This first screencap can be read in full here: "Let the Trans Women Speak!": A Response to Camp Trans 2010

The full text for this screencap can be read here: Camp Trans and the Spirit of Community, by anarchafemme

Full Text here: MichFest: Yes, I went

Make sure to read this!

 Full text here: A Statement on Accusations Made Around Camp Trans 2010

This next screencap was written on a flyer that trans(men) and their apologists were mass distributing to women at Michfest.

And this
along with with Tstirts that stated "Trans women belong here" being worn by women on "the land" including one of the HIRED performers.

Another trans person's account can be found here: iphisol's livejournal The comments made by trans folks here are MUST READS!

There is a four part youtube video made by one trans(woman)'s experience at Camp Trans and all the hell that broke loose. Video can be found here: CDCandy's Camp Trans Video

Before I continue with more screencaps which are from Michfest goers, there are a few things that need to be noted regarding some of the above, specifically the reiteration by both trans(women) and the queer women who support them. Camp Trans began initially as a uniformed protest by trans(women) and their supporters who were against Michfest's "womyn-born-womyn" policy. Performers, workshops and other educational venues at Camp Trans were contrived to inspire trans(women) that through their constructed "womanhood" they possessed the same right to be at Michfest like all the other women. This was Camp Trans and the trans(women) looked around and said it was good.

Within the last five years or so there has been an explosion of trans trending, an explosion whose victims has largely been female youths. Due to this explossive trans trend Camp Trans each year has attracted more and more trans females; females IDing as ftM, transmen, genderqueers, gender benders etc along with an entourage of "queer" women groupies. For decades the trans community in general and trans(women) in particular's biggest gripe has been about "inclusion". That once they have made their chosen gender choice, they should now have access to everything and all that their choice of gender naturally has access too, such as; locker rooms, showers, public bathrooms, gender specific sports AND Michfest (an event for born and raised females) to name a few.

Michfest has been demonized for its "non-inclussive" womyn-born-womyn policy by trans(women) for at least three decades. So I must say I find it quite interesting to see trans(women) and their supporters now with Cinderella's shoe on the other foot. Trans(women) and supporters now demanding in some instances and griping in others for a non-inclussive policy at Camp Trans!!!! Complaints of too many trans(men) and female gender queers taking up all the space at Camp Trans, of malecentric youths gone wild. How the focus, because of the inclusion of trans(men) and the like, has been lost! How Camp Trans because of the inclusion of "men" no longer feels like a "safe space".

Well I have to say, I find it fucking ironic as fucking hell that Michfest has been demonized for decades for desiring the same fucking thing! A clean space for women/lesbians who have in common the experience of being females, born and raised, in a world of misogyny, rape culture and sexism, to get together once a year, and for a single fucking week have the feeling of intimate sharedness and personal safety!



  1. The worker sounds like a transapologist to me, and the sharpened drag queen with daggers and knives attitudes of the MTF's are just as patriarchal as the FTM's/Masculine Genderqueers bio females with 'male privilege' they condemn. MTF's have LIVED as males in bio male bodies, and that experience will be part of them till the day they die, and their readiness to 'fight back' against bio Female Michfest women is just as patriarchal as the FTM's agitating to 'burn it down' crash the gates(as they have year after year) and crash the space and INSIST on their way or the highway.

    All in all, the premise of the entire trans movement is deeply, deeply patriarchal, and leveled against Dykes and other alternative bio female women who have no other refuge to go to that is as large, as spiritual, as affirming as a place as Michfest is, that is indeed a slice of what the matriarchy and women could aspire to and does for the magical time it exists. By no means an ideal society, but definitely one in which this DykeAmazon felt completely empowered and full in her Powers and Being that she simply cannot feel anywhere else out in the 'man's world'. And that includes the male inside the MTFs and those FTM's embracing that patriarchal identity.

    Neither am I a pacifist Feminist. As a DykeAmazon I am a Warrior and have been since age 14 when I first entered the martial arts, and I will defend bio female sacred women's space, including Michfest to my dying day...

  2. I still don't understand what happened with the tow truck driver, or why Michfest women got blamed for what a male person supposedly did. It is hard not to read it as a convenient excuse for members of camp trans to talk each other and themselves into threats of violence against festival goers.

  3. Anon,

    I'll get more into that in part 2 of this which I'll post tomorrow.


  4. Thank you for sharing this brave expose dirt. It's important that FAB womyn know the extent of deluded male fantasies of what they THINK female-ness is like.

    "Well I have to say, I find it fucking ironic as fucking hell that Michfest has been demonized for decades for desiring the same fucking thing! A clean space for women/lesbians who have in common the experience of being females, born and raised, in a world of misogyny, rape culture and sexism, to get together once a year, and for a single fucking week have the feeling of intimate sharedness and personal safety!"

    I can't help but find it a little bit odd, either.

  5. It looks like I missed part of the text and details of that flier. See Rabbit.Leaps' post here (6th one down):

  6. Thanks for this, Dirt! I am really looking forward to the rest of this series.


  7. I didn't see that green flier, but did see others from the TWBH contingent posted in the Porta-Janes. Not soft enough to use as toilet paper, but they did all end up in the shit tanks below.

    MasterAmazon, did you attend this year? I think I saw you in the night stage crowd.

  8. "I wrote that flyer, and believe me; I don’t care if Im ever allowed in MichFest or if Im ever included into the definition of “womyn”.

    Destroy em both for all I care. I just wanted to make a bunch of dick-bashing cis womyn angry.

    Comment by Suzie™ August 18, 2010 @ 1:40 am

    This says it all.

  9. I am disheartened by the inclusion of trans...each year I find myself less excited of this wonderful women's space. I had looked forward to seeing Sia perform but the entire catwalk being taken over by TWBH put a huge damper on the occassion. I understand discussions or even workshops discussing that issue FOR the people who want to discuss it. Mtf's are not women born women, period.

    I find myself torn between wanting to unite with other women to uphold the WBW policy but this year it felt like every other woman was in support or 'opening up' to support of trans folks...I found myself shocked. And saddened. Now I think, maybe I won't go next year but by not going, I'm not supporting what needs to be supported.

    I wonder with this pressure will Michfest continue much longer...?


  10. Greystreak, don't lose hope! A bunch of us feel the same way, we just haven't been as visible — yet. That should change next year. Check out this thread:

  11. Hmmmm, I suspect that the underlying issue is one of denial. Most funfems do not want to admit that men hate them because that's just too unbearably painful, so in addition to casually explaining away any evidence of men's hatred towards females, these funfems are EAGER to believe that genuine egalatariansism is possible.

    But you know, we only have to look at the history of male cruelty towards women to wonder if sexism is inherent. This is a great post on the subject:

    It is odd to me that some festies are worried about some funfems infiltrating mitchfest and the ensuing pressure to open up mitchfest to trans, because as I said in the follow-up post, in my experience the non-feminist world is becoming even more opposed to transgenderism. Perhaps the funfems sense this as well, and are trying to increase the pressure on radical feminists in the hope that a unified front will save their precious patriarchy.


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