Testerosterone doesnt change Body Dysphoria

This video was sent earlier to me in an email, (see video here) it is a video made by one of the trans(men) that made a recent video gripe about me/my blog. It is clear from this particular video why s/he was so upset at my posts. Because my posts spoke to her fears and insecurities, fears and insecurities that testosterone hasn't erased and for which more often times than not only increase body/gender dysphoria in the patient when the result do not match the delusional expectation. I suspect my posts also spoke to the beginnings of her male attraction, which is seen in so many many lesbians who transition through the use of testosterone.

Also, check out her earlier videos before "T" and then tell me this young T female doesnt hate herself/her body.



  1. Interesting !

    By the way, it looks like mohawk hair style or total shaving are the common ways, for FTM, to hide as far as they can, their male pattern baldness ;)

  2. Anon,

    The mohawk thing, I've noticed it too among 20 something trans(men).

    Baldness is another area of trans myth. I've seen on every website, including medical, that perpetuate that females who take "T" will only lose their hair if they have baldness in the men of their mothers side. Yet in trans(male) communities across the net, behind closed doors trans(man) after trans(man) is claiming there wasnt baldness on their mother's side and yet they're still bald or balding.

    Testosterone isnt going to act in the developed female body the same way it acts naturally in the male body. There are ZERO guarantees to how synthetic testosterone will work in the female body.


  3. I watched this pathetic video awhile back, and s/he would be a cute Butch Dyke...and like no buddy, you don't have anything down there....and those dudes ain't gonna want you, unless they're bisexual and are going after the woman in you....cuz gay guys,they want the pork buddy..no you ain't a dude, and well, you've rejected your womonhood, so where does that leave you?

    How about really going after the 3rd, 4th, sex idea, or integration of both, rather than having to be a male, or a female who has taken away her breasts and now is on T with some facial hair. Tools available, strap ons, packers, ect...why not just be yourself? Why do you GOT to be a 'dude', cuz you NEVER will be one, buddy...never, never, never as much as you want it....anymore than in my mind an MTF is a female.

    As much as I love mohawks and want to wear one, I don't these days because it's so 'in' with the FTM crowd, and I DON'T want to be mistaken for one in ANY WAY! It's more trendoid than an attempt to hide the baldness...cuz young FTM'/Genderqueers often have the more severe hairstyles these days..but there are still dykes who do wear them, from time to time.

    This is another arguement that transfolks need to define and CREATE their OWN trans identity and not usurp, coopt or vampirize the dyke, gay, male or female communities.....S/he knows s/he's a man, but is missing or lacking something...Yeah a flesh dick...just like even if an MTF cuts off their dick, they won't have a workable clitoris, yoni, cave that bleeds the sacred blood or has the power of creation even if it's never used.

    We cannot change sex, but why not allow ourselves to have more fluid identities without this need to conform and wring hands cuz you'll never 'measure up'? Ever. No matter how good the surgeries become. It's all cosmetic, but the hormones do make real changes in behavior, and NOT for the better.

  4. Hello Dirt,

    I don't think you have mentioned so far bottom surgeries FTM have to go through when they are in desesperate need to "cure" this dysphoria by surgeries :

    1/ Look at this creepy video of a phalloplasty surgery (it is really vivid and explicit) you can see there (click on the arrow in the video window):


    2/these photos of phalloplasty: http://www.genitalsurgerybelgrade.com/phalloplasty

    3/photos and cases of metoidioplasty



    (other cases available in the menu)

  5. Anon,

    Thanks for the links, I will post the video in a post on its own, very important for women to see.


  6. Aydian Ethan Dowling is a nice hairy woman but not a male to me. His curves are too female...

  7. Anon,

    Regarding Miss Dowlin's curvy body,

    I find if you see any ftM naked or near naked you can see they are unmistakably female. "T" can only redistribute body fat, it cannot change bone structure/child bearing hips, which are the natural curves all females are born with.


  8. Wow, last time I checked two xx chromosomes means you are a woman; have/had breasts; have/had a vagina; have/had female reproductive organs; can have/could babies; and all the other side affects of Estrogen (your dominate hormone). I guess you had all that removed to entertain your fantasy that you are a male, huh? I bet you even took testosterone treatments so you could grow more hair on your body, and build more muscle so you could be a like a male, huh?

    Just because you pretend to be a tiger, doesn't mean you are a tiger. Just because you get facial implants, doesn't mean you have whiskers; just because you get tattoos resembling stripes all over your body, doesn't mean you are a tiger. Just because you file your teeth to look like a tiger's incisors, doesn't mean you are a tiger, etc. Check out Dennis Avner if you want a real example of somebody like you; this person thinks he is a tiger, in spite of all the evidence saying he isn't.

    You know, I applaud how far you have taken this, but according to the definition of bigot, that would be you. You are intolerant of other people's view of the facts, so you deny them, and then try to distort them to get society to accept you under your terms. But the problem is this: you need to adapt, not us. Just like everybody else who grew up in this world with unacceptable sexual fetishes and severe psychological identity issues; they had to adapt to society, society doesn't have to adapt to them.

    The arrogance of you people is what angers me often. To think you have two xx chromosomes, go through a bunch of surgeries trying to pretend to be a male, even take testosterone and lift weights so you can have muscles like a male.....but it never occurs to you what you are trying to brainwash society is inherently wrong of you and selfish.

    I think you need to look in the mirror with your real face--which is probably gone due to all the treatments--and really ask yourself, is your selfishness and sickness a good reason to change how the rest of the normal world works?

    Just an fyi. I despise organized religion. I am an atheist, and have been since I was 15. I am not a Christian bigot. In fact, I am not intolerant of anybody. I do love facts, and I base my understanding of the surrounding world and all my relationships on those facts. That is why I dislike what you stand for. I think you--like many different examples in our culture--are on a war to rewrite facts--like Christians constantly re-interpreting their book--and I despite that, also. I don't hate you, and I am not intolerant of you. (I actually think you've done an excellent job of playing this role) I could care less if you think you are tiger in the bedroom or in your personal life, just don't expect us to welcome your forceful changes on our society. And among many other fantasies of yours, don't expect special consideration to use the opposite-of-your-sex restrooms with our sons and daughters. I think they are already getting confused enough due to all the exceptional confusions in our country.

    Please stop trying to force society to accept your fantasies and identity problems. My kids don't make fun of anybody, they were taught not to. And I don't want you women (or the real men) to get hurt ever. I do not support that. I do like that our kids are raised to accept fact, though, and I would like to keep it that way.

    And remember when you go to sleep tonight, despite everything you've unnaturally did, when you fall asleep know this: you have two xx chromosomes. You are in denial, but you are a female no matter what you do. Surgery can't change that. But I do wish you luck.

    P.S. I've done this before. I know you might try to refute me with "facts" that aren't facts, or don't apply to you. You may try to continue to distort and side-step the problems with what you are saying. But, either way, no matter what you say, you know you are a woman. It doesn't matter if you identify with being a tiger, you aren't.


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