FTM Transmen on "T" (testosterone)

Warning Explicit links, click at your own risk if over 18, if under do not click.

Someone linked this site a few days back, haven't had much time to give it the once over until today and trust me, once was all I could stomach. I do not believe all ftM's resort to pornography after injecting "T", I do believe however that "T" was a PRIME factor in making pornographers out of the "T" females you see here.

Click here and here for a small sample of just what testosterone can do to a woman.

Make note of the amount of vids concentrated on their clitorises, I dont know if it is more pathetic than horrible that through their warped body image they're under the delusion their clitorises are something other than average clitoris (which comes in all shapes and sizes naturally). Perhaps those in these vids are hetero females and not familiar with clitorises other than their own. Distorted body image either way.

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  1. That's so sick! Do they really think because of T a clitoris is now a penis? What the fuck!

    (sorry 4 my english, I'm from europe)

  2. Elzi,

    Yes, apparently they do and your english is fine.


  3. It's sad isn't it? They want to be men so badly that they are willing to destroy their bodies. Beside of this they are extremly aggressive if you dare to tell them the truth. That's the part I don't understand. If I want to become a "man" then I have to look at the risks too.

    I hope your blog can save people fromt his madness.

  4. Wow that's really sad. Testosterone seems to make hair grow on their torse while it falls out on their heads, and that's about it. Even their physical shape doesn't change from what it was before. And the "penis" is just a slightly bigger clitoris, maybe.

    No wonder they're more depressed afterwards. But hey, I learned females can jack off lol. Still very sad, though...

  5. Now you are obligated to get me drunk enough to forget what I just saw.

  6. Jesus, I hope you guys do know that women have testosterone too, do you? Both women's and men's bodies naturally produce testosterone and estrogen, but in different amounts.

  7. To the last Anon,

    Women's ovaries produce low levels of natural testosterone, levels that are suited to female biology.

    The synthetic testosterone that is injected by the trans disordered are at high levels not suited to female biology. Levels which increase breast cancer, PCOS and uterine cancer.

    Our human bodies naturally rely on vitamins and minerals for nourishment, but when taken in high does they too regardless of natural need are deadly.


  8. (I'm the person who posted the last "Anonymous" post up there.)

    While it's true that testosterone increases the risk of cancer, PCOS is only a concern to biological women who actually want to keep their body as it is (afaik). But it's their bodies, not ours, and it's their responsibility to decide whether it's worth the risk or not, not ours.


    A transman is one of my best friends (no, I'm not trans) and I'm not shitting you that his character hasn't changed and neither has his sexual orientation. He has a very masculine voice, is athletic and looks ripped. And you know what? He's happy, happier than he's ever been. He's truly one of the best people I know and I'm very glad to have that person in my life.

    Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but I'm telling you that you are grossly misinformed. There's no denying there are those unfortunate cases with less than ideal outcomes when they go on testosterone and those who regret it, but most don't.

    Somewhere on your blog you also criticized those who only go on testosterone, but don't have any surgeries or only have top surgery. And you also said that trans people reinforce the gender binary. In my opinion it's exactly these people who shatter the gender binary.

    You also addressed rape in one of your posts. Well, unfortunately women - lesbian women - rape women too, not just men.

  9. Anon,

    Your friends "ripped muscles" at merely the result of a shot, nothing mind boggling about it. The fact is, she could have worked hard and attained a similar body without drugs. Take away her drugs, she's nothing, her body/masculinity/maleness is solely dependent upon drugs. Drugs that DO affect her mind as well as her body, for every change that occurs without, an greater change is occurring within. Whether you see that or not is irrelevant, and she of course is going to claim to be happy as a clam, because if she doesnt, this disorder that is informing her decisions will scream her that her drugs will be taken away and when totally in the throws of the trans disorder that seems a fate worse than death.
    And if she was a lesbian before she began "T", within a few years of "T" her attraction will/has changed. Most ftM's keep the fact that they crave being fucked by a real man hidden because they are ashamed of it.

    Regarding lesbians who rape, few and far between and for those that have committed this horror upon another, it wasnt because they took a drug that drove them to it, something easily preventable.

    And you need to brush up on your postmodernism/queer theory if you think trannyism transgressive. Someone claiming to be male, who changes everything they can to be male, living as male, not exactly grounding breaking.


  10. (Part 1/2)

    No, they're not just the result of a shot; he's training. It's true he could reach a similar physique with tremendous effort and dedication (just look at Heather Cassils, whew), but that's not all he wants - he also wants the facial hair, the deep voice, he already had a mastectomy and hysterectomy, and he'll also have genital surgery. Plus, if his masculinity/maleness hadn't already been there he wouldn't have started taking testosterone in the first place. Just like you can't just "turn" butch - either that's who you are, or you aren't.

    And he's always been honest to me about his sexual orientation. He identifies as a Kinsey 1. He did before the testosterone and he still does. Even if he didn't - jeez, gender identity and sexual orientation are two entirely different things. Some transmen do report a change in their sexual appetites and some don't. Some transmen become calmer after they get on testosterone, some report no changes and some do get more aggressive. There is no one-size-fits-all-model of transsexuality and transgenderism.

    There's recently been a legal dispute in Germany because the statutory health insurance didn't want to pay the medical costs of a biological female who went on testosterone and had some surgeries but not others because that person identifies as a gender different from man or woman. The Austrian and German statutory health insurance normally pays the medical costs, but only if you get the diagnosis "transsexual", not if it's "transgender" or "other gender disorders". That person spent 13 years - yes, 13 friggin' years - in therapy. The legal battle is still going on and do you know why? Because that person was honest to the therapist, to get the "right" diagnosis. This is also the reason why many transgenders who want hormones are forced to lie to their therapists; if they're honest they risk not getting the treatment. That's why all the websites that tell people what to tell their therapists exist. Not because transgendered people are the bad guys, but because of a medieval medical system. Nobody wants to lie about who they really feel they are; they're forced to do so.

  11. (Part 2/2)

    You know, I can sing you a song of body dysphoria too - it's just that mine isn't as strong as some transmen's. I chose not to go on testosterone and instead work on my body the hard way - because I don't want to pay the social price attached to that; because the queer women's community and my place in it are something that is too important for me to lose.

    Look, there really are people who feel so uncomfortable in their bodies that the only way to feel better is to change the body. Transsexualism and transgenderism are as little "curable" as homosexuality. The only way to get relief is to attune the physical body to the feelings. Anything else would be akin to forcing a lesbian to live a straight life (horrible, as we both know; mildly put).

    Oh come on - that's like saying all men are rapists. They're not. Either you already are an a**h*** or you're not - testosterone doesn't change that. The motives behind a rape are always similar; it doesn't matter who it's committed by. An a**h*** is an a**h*** is an a**h***.

    There are other transgenders who don't change everything they can to be male because they actually don't identify as such (think of Leslie Feinberg - who else is shattering the gender boundaries if not the likes of Feinberg?). And they don't claim to be male. They just change their bodies to represent on the outside what they feel on the inside - they feel most comfortable with an androgynous body; some even stop taking testosterone so they can become even more androgynous (some things do change back). It's not their fault that they're consequently read as male by people who don't know them. Hell, I'm read as male by most people - they usually don't get it until I open my mouth and speak to them (and obviously I can't talk to every person I see on the street just to make sure they don't mistake me for a man; am I reinforcing medieval gender models too?).

  12. Feinberg bought the "T" boat for YEARS, she shatters nothing and only god knows how many lives she has ruined/murdered with her "novel" StoneButch Blues.

    Agree, there is no one-size-fits-all trans person, yet the current "treatment" IS one-size-fits-all! Go figure. But thats neo-liberalism/capitalism at its most marketable! And dont think for a minute that if there werent money to be made, there would still be "trans" person. There would be autogynephiles and others suffering from BDD related to their sexual areas.

    You friend in nothing more than a product of patriarchy, the difference between you and her is, her internalized misogyny was far greater and rather than intelligently dealing with that, she caved to the binary straight jacket.

    I as a Butch woman pass 100% to the general public whether I open my mouth or not, but as a proud Butch woman I correct people when "sir'd". Butch visibility is key.


  13. I know Feinberg's history and I very much respect this person - and her work for the transgender community. I'm just reading "Stone Buch Blues"; it has nothing but reinforced my decision. I considered going on testosterone, I considered all my options. And I came to a decision that is the right one for me with the help of the trans community; I never felt pressured to do anything, they warned me against taking medical steps if I'm not absolutely sure about it and they opened my eyes to even more options. No cult there. These are mostly genuine people just like you and I. Of course there's also the occasional know-it-all but really, they're few (and of course the wrong people might also catch a Tartar; it's unfortunate, but don't blame all trans people). Yes, dealing with this topic can temporarily heighten my body dysphoria, but so does being around men because they remind me of what I want but don't have (and never will have without testosterone).

    Why do you think the current treatment is one-size-fits-all? There are hormones (which you can take for a while and get off again; some effects stay, others don't; that's what some people want), there is top surgery, several different options for bottom surgery, the option to legally change the forename and/or the status of one's sex (so far only available to ftm's and mtf's; legal cases like the aforementioned help change that), the option of physical training to change your body to a certain degree and more choice than ever before to find a label/an identity that fits your perception of who you are - you can choose one, some, all or none of these.

    Yeah, autogynephilia is connected to sexuality (but not to sexual orientation); transsexuality and transgenderism are not though.

    I think my friend is a product of biology and he dealt with it quite intelligently (including with a therapy). He found a way to make his life less miserable and I don't see anything wrong with that. I also think it's natural that more people choose to take medical steps today than it was 30 or so years ago. The options are more widely known and available and the stigma is becoming less too.

    So... I'm wondering why you have the pictures of all these less than ideal outcomes on your blog? Why not also mention more ideal outcomes? Like, for example, these two:


    (Yeah, that lucky dude still has his girlfriend - the same he had pre-transition. She's not a lesbian or straight though, for the record.)

    Personally, I sometimes correct people and sometimes I don't. I like to confuse them as much as I can (to get their brain cells working like that). ^^ And I think there will be no true freedom for any of us, as long as all of us aren't free to be who we feel we are (without being pathologized).

  14. Um... i was wondering if i might ask you a question. why exactly do you dislike transmen so much? I hope that you don't feel disrespected by me asking you this as that is not my intent. I really am just curious.


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