Transmen FTMs Testosterone Cancer and Fibromyalgia

Since we are seeing more and more cases of trans(men) developing various "T" related cancers and an up swing in Fibromyalgia cases among trans(men) I'm trying to gather infor for a post about these "T" related issues. If you have any pertinent info regarding either of these issues, leave me a comment or email me at (email corrected)


  1. For cancer, you have those documents: *
    * the abstract of this uk document:

  2. There's gotta be at least ONE truthsayer in the least ONE DykeAmazon that says "no" and "no more". Cuz you're right, even Pat Califia has come down with terrible fibromyalgia and has basically been out of the community for years because of it...ever since s/he transitioned to FTM.

  3. I know some FTM newbie who has fibromyalgia prior to transition...

    And I still don't understand why this person chose to be on T despite her prior medical condition...It is like suicide because it is likely T will make the fibromyalgia worse...
    Also, it looks like the health insurance companies or the medical professionals are irresponsible: they allow to go and to pay for T for people like her who have a pre-existing fibromyalgia...
    So the health insurance will agree and pay:
    *for the transition numerous surgeries
    * for the T
    * and then for all the medical expenses due to the side-effect of the above transition: fibromyalgia, cancer, ...

    In the meantime as "normal" lesbian, you can dream of having anything paid by your health insurance...

  4. Fibromyalgia, as I've come to understand it by my medical professionals, to be commonly caused and/or aggravated/perpetuated by "stress".
    That is to say, great emotional and/or physical stress can trigger and/or aggravate the fibro.
    Fibro also affects women a lot more than men.

    I doubt that testosterone is a factor in the fibro statistics in ftm's, but dysphoria or transition could easily be.

    I've had fibromyalgia symptoms most of my life and had the diagnosis for three years now.
    Testosterone has alleviated my symptoms a bit actually.

    'Course, one person does not a statistic make, so I may very well be the exception to the rule for all I know, but I just figured I'd offer this bit.

  5. It IS well documented that hormones raise your chance of cancer. Male(testosterone) or female(estrogen) both raise your chance of getting cancer, the difference is probably only in the type.

  6. Artificial hormones are poison. Birth control pills alone gave me migraine headaches painful enough to trigger suicidal thoughts. How can anyone think that injecting yourself daily with these man-made toxins is a sustainable or healthy practice?? Oh yeah, drug culture.

    DIRT, THIS WORK IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. No one is concerned about the health of trannies--mtf or ftm. The medical industry wants their fucking profit$ and the queer community is so invested in I-dentity politics that it happily throws the rest of us under the bus. That's why it's not tackling the larger gender system. Instead, it seeks to allow *individuals* to switch from one side of oppressive, existing system to the other. It's not radical in the least. And those of us to support ANY GENDER ON ANY BODY are branded "transphobic" and silenced.

    Maybe persuasive evidence of actual, physical harmful consequences to long-term hormone "therapy" will finally bring critical analysis to the movement. I know, I'm a dreamer!

    HELL YES, DIRT. I support this 1,000%.

  7. I've wondered about how an FTM transition would affect existing fibromyalgia. A vast majority of FM sufferers are female, so I've wondered if transition may actually relieve the problem...


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