The Trans Community-If they cant Beat us, they'll KILL us

A comment I received last night addressing not only me now, but any trans detractor whose made a detracting comment on my blog.



  1. I read this blog quite often because it is really educational, really unique, with information you can't find somewhere else.
    It saved some of my friends life when they were questioning and chose at the end to enjoy their butch self instead of swallowing the trans preach...

    We like to comment and we appreciate that such spaces and freedom of speech exist on the web away from the mainstream FTM brainwash and oppression.

    And we all sense that this blog is a pioneer in telling out loud what has been kept silent so far due to the trans pressure and butch oppression...And that in the future, with so many lesbians having more and more a critical eyes at the damages done by queer and trans people on their life and their community, this blog may create a movement...

    Ah btw to the angry commenters: you don't scare us...

  2. There is a time when enough is enough...
    I am sick of the "LGBTQI" bag !

    It was ok to join force with gay males when it was for civil rights, marriage, fighting homophobia, for visibility, positive action...
    But have mixed with trans-people and the Queer undefined was our biggest error as lesbians and we will regret for years as:
    * we have been kicked out of most academic fields and representation, student affairs diversity leadership to the benefit of FTM (and no ! no! no! a FTM, transmale, transguy is not a 3 in 1 product doing male, trans and women studies: they are transmale. Period)
    * we are now loosing our meeting spaces (women only bar, disco, community center) because they accept now transmales...and will accept in a near future bio-males (it happened at one of the leather party I used to go: they opened it to trans so then transguy were mixing with lesbians, no comment, and the last time I went there a "queer" bio-male held a safe sex practices workshop for lesbians...).
    *Our last remains of political visibility are dying as we are more and more forced to be silent by trans (cf all the comments and video and forum talk this blog telling out loud the truth) who add to the century long burden of mysogyny...

    So it is time to wake-up !
    Trans are not my friends...And I even feel like we have opened the doors of our own house to predators, invaders, snakes who are now attacking us !
    All women (queer, lesbian, straight) who give more power to trans than to lesbian women are not my friend neither !
    They are not my community !

  3. That's what happens when women take T I guess.

  4. Ok that's it. I'm totally cancelling my subscription to Trans Hellfire Monthly. x

  5. The spelling and grammar in that "comment" alone is enough to make me cringe.
    I'm not even sure what the commenter is complaining about exactly.
    Makes me rather sad and a touch ashamed actually...

    Don't ever change to accommodate another, no matter how loudly they demand it.

  6. He/she could at least learn how to insult with style. That, that was just rubbish.

  7. The angry commenter didn't even make sense... I'm not sure I even understand his/her point?

  8. It already has, it already has, but now we really need to rise up, and become more visible than ever, but bide our time building and building our tattered Sisterhood again, one Dyke, one Female, one Butch, Femme or other Female Identified Lesbian at a time, to throw off these yokes, these chains of oppression, and convince our young ones they need not mutilate their bodies to be truly accepted, powerful, and THEMSELVES.

    They need not cater to men, the male born, or those who want to be men.....and you can see why: the true hate and misogyny, just as if we're dealing with the extreme Rightwing....the same MENtality, the same hate of strong women speaking their Dyke truths....the same threats and silencing, hexing and threat of murder for ANY strong womon who speaks out against the crimes of men....or their brainwashing. Keep on keeping on Sisters!

  9. Also see there about the invasion of women spaces...

    @Dirt, this "invasion" of virtual or real life women4women spaces by FTM deserves a whole post.
    It looks like transmales want to play on "both side of the fence" :
    -to have their mutilation, oups sorry "transition", paid by the medical system, they fake it and suffer from GID and feel "male"
    -but when it comes to cruising, they reconnect with their "female" self and invade women for women spaces...And are shocked when told to leave the place...

    I have no sympathy for those transmales, transguys, trans FTM double agents...;o)

  10. I disapprove how hateful you are, but here is an interesting fact I don't know who else I could report to:
    1- Search "year old FTM" on Google.
    2- Look at the numbers.
    3- ????
    4- Profit.

    I did that because I wanted to read about older FTM but I don't think they exist. What's up with that?

  11. someone must have taken one too many of their T-pills..

    can this comment be the reason why the Michigan's Womyn's Fest stays bio-female only? a person on hormones is clearly dangerous to female only safe spaces.

  12. My email account was hacked and a fucked up virus put on my computer, and I know it was a trans activist blogger who did it. They feel justified in threatening and actually taking action against anyone who not only disagrees with them openly, but even those who simply refuse to do their bidding, as I did. Where are the "hate-filled," "harm-causing-by-their-hate-filled-beliefs" radical feminists or lesbian separatists who are harassing and threatening and damaging trans people or their property?

    Occasionally one of the trans bloggers will *claim* that threats were received and that it was from a radfem blogger, but they will never even quote the threat, let alone publish it, the way any of us do when we are genuinely threatened.

    I didn't used to hate any of them. Now I do. And I still wouldn't lift a finger to hurt or cause any of them any trouble. Wait, unless it's my middle finger to wave it in their direction, but that's it.

  13. I was at the local bar we go on Friday night with my friends. It is a dyke bar, more butch than lipstick lesbian, with the full pack (beers, pool tables).
    Suddenly we spotted in the dark side of the pool table, a very small guy alone who was starring at us. He had a beard, was very a basketball cap and was trying to make eyes contact with me...
    I told my friend "who is the old pervert", joking about it.
    We were surprised and so asked the bartender about the guy.
    She said "He is a FTM".
    We said "it is written "women only space" on the door"
    She said "yes but "she" used to be a good customer before she was a "he" so we still let him enter in"
    We said : " yes but he is starring at us for 20 min. We feel like looked at by an old pervert and we are not into men anyway that is why we come here on Fridays night..."
    "She said " yes but he has nowhere to go"
    We finally went to another spot, a lipstick lesbians bar where NO men are allowed to enter in (even gay guys)...

  14. Anon #1,

    Thank you so much for this comment! Saving lives is why I do this more than anything and it is so rewarding to hear that the info here has saved lives.


  15. Anon #2,

    Exactly! A community chock full of severely disordered narcissistic people who in the last dozen years have not done one single thing for the lesbian community besides fuck us over is not my community either!

    The proof is in the puddin, and the trans community have contributed nothing to the recipe. It is about time lesbians stop worrying about being labeled as un-PC and get this negative group out of our midst. If we EVER hope to make any progress as a group, this has to be priority number one.

    We dont have to be mean or cruel, we can wish the trans community well, but we do need to take a stand against any group or community that co-ops our identities and is blatantly misogynistic.


  16. Anon #3

    Trans(men) continue to invade our lesbian spaces and prey on our lesbian comrades. Its frightening to hear more and more stories of trans(men) raping women/lesbians who refuse them.

    I'm also hearing more lesbians speak up about trans(men) utilizing their now "male gaze" to stare/stalk lesbians in LESBIAN bars/spaces! We go to lesbian bars/spaces to get away from that male privileged rape filled gaze. The absolute disrespect a trans(man) has who enters women only spaces is mind boggling and equally disturbing.

    I hear the trans community all the time saying "oh thats just a few trans(guys) etc etc. Okay so if thats the case, where are all the other trans(men) who "T" hasnt swallowed up publicly admonishing those trans(men) who are hurting women? Where are all those trans(men) who've banned together to form task forces etc to stop domestic abuse/rape in their groups? Where are all the trans(men) warning women/lesbians from those trans(men) they know personally who have abused/raped women/lesbians? They have proven themselves to be just like all men, as an individual they'll say abuse/rape of women is wrong, but as a group do nothing. I dont know whether this is because of their cowardice or because once on "T" long enough their brain has changed so much that they could give a fuck.


  17. Anon #5,

    We know as women how hormones regularly effect us, imagine a dose of hormones at a level not congruent with your body/system being administered?


  18. Anon #6,

    Sorry to hear you were hacked, I was hit a few years ago myself by a virus from a trans person. It is clear this group will do anything to silence any voice of reason, the worst I've seen is their use of slandering a dissenters children. No fucking excuse for that! Plain SICK shit!

    I'm going to make a note for myself to work up a post to warn dissenters on trans silencing tactics.


  19. Anon, #7,

    I've heard this very same thing over and over and over. The poor trans(guy) has nowhere to go so like good lesbians we should take them in. BULLSHIT! From that first time a woman insists on male pronouns she should asked to leave lesbian spaces. Men arent lesbians, never have been, never will be and they do NOT belong with us.

    As a "man" with male privilege these trans(men) can go to any straight bar the world over and cruise straight chicks. If you are now a "straight male", go find yourself a nice straight gal, simple.


  20. It looks like those comments are evolving into a discussion about "transmen and women space".
    I have read this very interesting analysis made by a transman:

    and @ Dirt, what do you think about it ?


  22. "Camp Trans attendees started talking about how much they wanted a violent, physical confrontation with festies"

  23. Oh my Goddess, I just watched that video of the MTF that was at Camp Trans and the violence of the FTM/male oriented genderqueer and other types that wanted to confront Festies in a violent way, while at the same time intimidating the MTF's...thats' what happens introducing large amounts of testosterone into a female body, and taking on those sexist roles...even the MTF's don't feel safe.....this misogyny, against born females at MIchfest, or their own so called MTF allies...and the lack of responsibility hyped up on that testosterone..well we see what happens with men hyped up on testosterone, the wars, the rapes, the murders, the street violence, the gangs, ect ect. now we're seeing it played out by those born female hyped up on testosterone THEIR BODIES WERE NEVER MEANT TO HAVE, and in relation to one of the last Dyke Spaces and Refuges we have: Michigan Women's Music Festival!
    -Keep on Keeping on!

  24. in the article by anarchafemme, I noted that there was no mention made of what a violation it would have been to force their way into Fest and storm a stage, nor any mention of what Camp Trans owed not just its "own community" but the Festival goers, who members of its (Camp Trans') community were threatening with violence, whether they carried it out or not.

    Nope, all just about how a bunch of biological males and Testosterone-poisoned biological females owed each other better than to fight over how best to traumatize Festival goers.

    Cry me a fucking river that *that* shit is being "torn apart." The sooner the better in my opinion.


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