The Top Ten Signs you might be Butch, butch persuasioned or some form of tomboy

1) You felt like a "boy" as a child.

2) You disliked "girl" clothes, "girl" toys and "girl" things in general.

3) You had a preference for "boy" clothes, "boy" toys and "boy" things in general.

4) You felt wrong (shameful) having to use the "girls" bathroom at school.

5) When playing pretend games you often (always) imagined yourself in the "boy's" roles.

6) Your preferred playmates were often (always) boys.

7) When puberty began you felt depressed because you felt as though your body had betrayed you.

8) You wanted to die or disappear the first times you had to (buy) wear a bra.

9) Even if athletic, you felt a sense of physical weakness (inferiority) because your body wasn't changing the way males of similar ages around you were.

10) As a teenager you felt more and more alienated from your body until you began feeling a mind/body split.


  1. I felt all those things.

    Nevertheless, had no idea what to do as a teenager except to be a "failed femme". (I don't use the word Femme in the way that you do, more in the way the Battleaxe Dykes do.)

    Caved in to the pressure to act out heterosexuality. Married, kid. Then busted out, boom!

    I admire you for maintaining your female integrity under such horrific pressure, and threats of violence.

  2. rejected dolls at age 7, dresses by age 10, never wanted to marry a man or have children and knew this by age 12, and always fought with my parents that I wasn't a 'girl', meaning feminine,frilly, ect. but knew I wasn't a boy either when they'd say that, so I'd say I was 'an alien from outer space' when they asked what I was...(being the Trekker(Star Trek fanatic) that I am).

    I did play with the boys cuz the girls games were stupid, boring and housewifey....but I DID connect with particular Greek Goddesses who left the men's world to live in the woods, amongst only other women in independence and freedom...

    And yes, I did always imagine myself in the men's/boys roles cuz the girls roles were helpless nitwits who couldn't defend or take care of themselves without some man's/boy's help.

    I never had a big deal about the bathroom thing, cuz I didn't want to share that with boys, they were the enemy and mean to me cuz I didn't 'fit in'. Always preferred pants and androgynous clothes to anything 'girly'. Yes, I didn't like developing breasts, refused for several years to wear bras(and mostly don't anymore anyway), but was teased mercilessly by feminine girls in P.E. for not wearing them, till finally I succumbed so I could be left alone, and also pressure from my mother and grandmother to wear them.

    Fortunately, in puberty, I got into martial arts at age 14, which became my lifelong niche as a young Amazon, and I could 'kick ass', and no longer got picked on once I acquired some skills and much greater athletic ability as a result. The martial arts gave me a power, strength and self-confidence that many other teenagers, girls and women lacked. It gave me purpose and pride in my body and it's growing strength. This was at a time not many women were doing martial arts..some, but not many.

    I LOVED that men had one weakness, despite their superior strength, which of course I envied...that one kick to their nuts could put them on their knees!

  3. All those except the disgust with my female features or revulsion at girl things like bras. I don't mind when maybe once every two years I dress up and everyone is surprised that I'm a pretty good looking girl. Yeah, it's an ego thing.

    Weird fact: My sister convinced me I was a boy when I was too young to even know the difference. I once uttered the phrase "I'm not going to wear a dress, boys don't wear dresses!" (But I know my tomboyishness runs much deeper than my sister messing with my head. She was exploiting obvious traits that were already there.)

  4. On second thought, I think I don't mind dressing like a girl for special occasions because it shows people I could be a pretty, girly girl if I wanted, but that I refuse roll over and do tricks to appease everyone. Still ego, but it is what it is.

    I am not comfortable wearing men's or women's clothes actually...I guess as a hetero part of me knows I have to do those tricks for sexual/emotional fulfillment (and I haven't even had sex since I got cancer 4 years ago, so not sure why I even bother). But basically that means I'll wear fitted Ts and jeans instead of baggy Ts and jeans.

    Ok, I suck, talking about myself constantly. Anyway thanks for the post, it's good knowing I'm not the only one.


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