The Top Ten Signs You are NOT a Transman FTM

1) You felt like a "boy" as a child.

2) You disliked "girl" clothes, "girl" toys and "girl" things in general.

3) You had a preference for "boy" clothes, "boy" toys and "boy" things in general.

4) You felt wrong (shameful) having to use the "girls" bathroom at school.

5) When playing pretend games you often (always) imagined yourself in the "boy's" roles.

6) Your preferred playmates were often (always) boys.

7) When puberty began you felt depressed because you felt as though your body had betrayed you.

8) You wanted to die or disappear the first times you had to (buy) wear a bra.

9) Even if athletic, you felt a sense of physical weakness (inferiority) because your body wasn't changing the way males of similar ages around you were.

10) As a teenager you felt more and more alienated from your body until you began feeling a mind/body split. dirt
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  1. just started reading your blog on the random. living in a town where a trans community grows with every lesbians 21st birthday the one question i constantly have to ask these apparent men who are "Queer" identifiers:

    why the HELL do you want to become a hetero male in America?

    especially the Caucasians. i am not trying to be sarcastic in the least. who spends money, changes their body and does everything in their power to become a white straight male in America?

    so much for being socially conscious. cause what the world needs more of is men? i mean i can imagine that the power associated with being a man in the western world is somewhat alluring. but lets get real, what former lesbian, i mean binary woman/FTM transperson looks at the objectifying, entitled, power hungry, imperialist, rapist, abusive, sexist, racist scumbag fucking men of America and say to themselves: "HEY I FEEL LIKE I AM JUST LIKE YOU!" fucking scary thought.

    consider me confused and offended.

  2. Except for 4 and 10, I went through all of it. I still feel extremelly anxious when I have to buy clothes. I don't shop at the men's departments, I'm not butch. Their clothes would be too large in me, but I don't like women's clothes either. I get into the stores longing to leave asap. I even start to sweat. It's just something I can't get over. Tips?

    Anyway, I'm not a trans FTM or anything. Since I found out about Feminism I never felt so well as female. lol

  3. Anon,

    The Trans community has nothing to do whatsoever with social consciousness, trans is a pathological inward gaze only and you should be offended.


  4. Fem-les,

    Butch women have the same problems with the "mens" section, unfortunately there isnt a Butch section of clothes to accommodate.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is being asked "why do you (Butches) dress like a man"? It amazes me still that folks are so ignorant to ask such nonsense, when the answer stares back at them from the "mens/womens" section in every store world wide.


  5. Yes, it is very disturbing that Mattel and The Gap (as examples) have the power to assign/reaffirm or re-assign our gender. They really should provide advisory warnings on their toys and clothes:

    "ADVISORY WARNING: playing with this item long-term may lead to GID diagnoses."

    "ADVISORY WARNING: This item is marketed to men. If you are female and chose to wear this item because you are a mature female and unable to fit into the minuscule sizing of items in the women's department, or you are not interested in wearing clothing that you hate, please note wearing of this item may lead to GID diagnoses."

  6. Brilliant as usual FA! A tragic comedic social commentary about the reality of the "trans" situation at large and the sick medical community fueling the insanity with bogus "science".


  7. Ah :o) Bright this article !
    Of course, I don't need to go through a costly and mutilating transition to buy my clothes at the men's department !
    I would say to butch who may be brainwashed and maybe tempted to enter in the transition trap: hey allow yourself to be free before doing harms to your body !

  8. Those are REAL signs of being transgender. All trans men wear mens clothes not because they can't fit into women's clothes, but because men's clothes are simply more comfortable for them. Though I don't think wearing men's clothes in general makes a person trans nor is playing with boy toys. My mother played when cars when she was little and shes not trans by any means. Some people just don't like playing with dolls. You know your going to have to accept that transgender people are REAL they aren't a mythological creature.


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