"Queer" Campus Groups and a College Near You

Having the emailer's permission I wanted to share a recent email I received that covers the "queer" (queer meaning not gay, not lesbian but anything else) trend taking place at colleges across the states and across the globe. A trend that began in the early 90's when "queer theory" and "gender studies" began eradicating Lesbian Studies (which no longer exist) and Women's Studies (which are on the verge of extinction).

Sadly this young lesbian's voice and experience has become the trend among college lesbians seeking a home with other lesbians on campus's within the campus GLBT group/s, but instead of a home they find themselves alienated from the dominant group/group discourse. The tragic part of this, besides the co-option/erasure of lesbians by the hetero-privileged "queer women" reigning supreme over the lesbians within these groups is what happens to the lesbians these "queer women" have convinced to transition? These "queer women" who after they've turned in their cap an gown are going to simply graduate back into hetero-patriarchy and be married/married with children by the time they reach their thirty's. The fact is were they then to run into a single one of these transitioned lesbians on the street they will proceed as if they had never laid eyes on them before, despite having held their hand through the removal of both their HEALTHY breast.

On one hand they are no different than the 4 year lesbians of yesteryear, on the other much worse and much more dangerous because in the past a lesbian was merely left with a broken heart, today she is left drugged and mutilated into a monstrosity along with that broken heart. Take heed young lesbians, take heed.

I am receiving more and more emails along these lines, some who like this young woman who have allowed me to share her story with you and others too afraid of being "slandered", "attacked" and called "transphobic" to have their stories made public. What are your GLBT campus experiences as a lesbian? I would like to hear and like others to hear these stories, stories that have become the norm rather than the exception. Please email me at dirtywhiteboi67@yahoo.com if you would like to share/vent. And specify if I may utilize your story publicly here for the good of other lesbians going through similar and as a warning to lesbians considering joining campus lesbian groups.

I am thinking about creating a space for lesbians who are being pressured to transition, thoughts?



  1. This is the same kind of crap we got in college 25 years ago. Then it was mostly heterosexual women who'd "decided" to be lesbians (though almost all recanted years later when it wasn't "fun" anymore) and then invaded lesbian campus spaces, but also lesbian music, organizations, and more -- and they judged the real lesbians according to their own screwed up heterosexual lives, and making us invisible and miserable. Back then, the academic fad was that anything that wasn't "androgynous" was "bigoted", so just existing as a butch lesbian meant being treated like a piece of crap, pressured, ignored even worse.

    Today - same garbage. But now its the bisexual and "trans" who are doing the same thing to us - judging us by their own screwed up lives, making us miserable and invisible.

    Now, though, it is worse -- and not just on college campuses. It's worse because the younger generations are the first to have spent their whole lives indoctrinated into the idea that drugs (street drugs but also psych drugs) -- even when they damage your body and brain -- are "normal" and something to be lived with ones whole life. For someone who hasn't yet seen to lie in that indoctrination, what's screwing up your body and brain with testosterone/etc?

    We have GOT to come up with our own spaces, and FIGHT to keep them. Last year, we lost the lesbian writing group we were attending because two men who claimed to be women showed up and began dominating and ruining the entire thing. The lesbian running it didn't want to kick them out, so the group fell apart under their continued influence. Duh!

    Well, several of us from the group later decided to start a new lesbian writing group (announced as only for lesbians) - only to find that 2 men who claimed to be women and 4 bisexual women showed up, also wanting in. We said "NO, there are lots of spaces for you elsewhere, you don't need to be here and we do." And we stuck with it and each other.

    That's how it's got to be, because these folks and their sorry, domineering lives cannot rest until they've invaded and remade everything into their own image. They remind me of white people who pretend to be more Indian than Native Americans, even to taking over Indian spaces and rewriting what it means to be an Indian. Like at Michigan's Womyn's Festival one year, when the Native American tent had to put up a sign outside that said "for Native American IN THIS LIFE ONLY".

    There is NOTHING WRONG with having lesbian-only spaces, and our own lives and histories and so on. Completely our own. No one claims that African Americans are racist when they maintain separate organizations and histories and so on from Asian Americans. When it's different, it's simply different.

    It's way past time to stop letting these folks - bisexuals, women wanting to claim to be men, post-modern/academics, etc - define who we are, what our spaces look like, and when we are "healthy" and "normal".

  2. Good for you and your group Nat, for maintaining its lesbian integrity! No one is stopping these others from forming like groups, yet they insist on ours!

    And I agree and have heard similar that once in our groups the group no longer is what it was and instead TRANSITIONS into something else altogether with the original members alienated from the thing they started and which represents THEIR names/identities.

    Femme/Butch-lesbian in general, we need along the lines of "take back the night", TAKE BACK OUR IDENTITIES AND SPACES!


  3. Wow...even to me that's just crap. It sucks that the "queer" community is egging on that kind of behavior.
    I've been looking through your blog you make some good points, but I have to ask,coming from a transman btw, is it the entire trans community that your against? It just seems like your against ANYONE transitioning, even people like me who have always felt as though they were in the wrong shell, and am not doing it as a way to solve all my problems.
    Mind you I am not here to bash or start an argument, truly just curious : )

  4. This is a great post, Dirt! May I link to it at my blog?

  5. Ez,

    The operative word being "FELT", not are. Why is the medical community treating "felt's" with physiological drugs with no long term studies and physiological mutilations of healthy body parts?


  6. Dirt,
    I see where you are coming from. People that have the slightest feeling of being the opposite gender, instantly going through drastic changes. That is what your against? I have heard all to many stories about these cases, and I can see why your upset that the medical community isn't looking more into it before allowing these people to do so.

  7. Great post as usual, Dirt, and YES young Lesbians and even other Butch Dykes need a safe space where they DON'T feel that pressure to transition, can talk about it openly, and embrace their FEmale and Dyke Selves without having to take hormones or cut off body parts! I've heard simply too many stories about this very real pressure especially for those below 40.


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