Thursday, July 29, 2010

Misinformation and the FTM Trans Community

This screen cap was sent to me last night, a screen cap from a well known and well populated ftM forum. While the person who sent the cap didnt send any comments along with, they did say there were about two dozen, all of similar opinion and agreement. See screen cap here:

Frightening though this may be, this is just a drop in the bucket of the misinformation being bred in trans forums, websites, email lists and real time groups across the globe. This girl (I'm assuming girl as she sounds positively young) doesnt even have the first clue about human biology let along how her own body works!

These misinformation's are made worse by those who are informed but choose not to disseminate truthful info because the truthful information is counter productive to the notions/goals of transition. There is a HUGE pathological need found among most of those who are seeking transition or have transitioned, to the extents that they can, to have everyone they know/encounter to buy into their trans ideas of themselves. Dissent is intolerable! Therefore truthful information and those broadcasting it become intolerable as well. Think Pro-Ana (anorexic) spaces if you need a close comparison. (not surprisingly anorexia is a regular guest among ftMs-but that's another post)

So with regards to this particular post and any misinformation generated from posts like these, in the name of TRUTH and DISSENT some basics about human development and basic female biology.

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  1. This poor young woman doesn't realise that the problems she is suffering just before her period can't be cured by testosterone because they are CAUSED by testosterone. Testosterone peaks in women before and during menstruation. In fact, the "bitchiness" attributed to menstruating women occurs because we are hormonally, more like a man at that time. If she were to take T, she would have permanent PMS, not an end to those symptoms! Estrogen actually sharpens mental acuity and increases compassion and conflict avoidance. If you learn a bit about neurotransmitters, hormones and how they affect mood, behaviour and personality, you find out that contrary to stereotypes, WOMEN are the more rational, calm and reasonable of the two sexes. Testosterone makes men ten times "bitchier" every day, than the worst PMSing woman on her worst day.

  2. This is the biggest bunch of b.s. I've ever read, and is so unscientific to further the trans agenda! I've heard some FTM's justify their transition in just this way. Well, I'M BLEEDING right now, and PMS does get worse as one ages...doesn't mean I want to become violent and intensely more sexual by taking testosterone. One only has to see that the world men have created with testosterone, and those with double Y chromosomes are the most fearsome murderers and rapists and child molestors in much of the twisted Y, the broken off X. The TRUTH is all humans are FEMALE first, then the testosterone washes over them, changing them to male.....DAMN...anything to further
    the misogynist trans agenda!!!