Exposing Trans lies and misogyny under the guise of a Transman

I try and generally do keep this blog and its posts here drama free, as I much prefer the serious and serious discussion/commenting because the issues here ARE serious, ARE life and death in fact for many. That said, I hope this doesnt come off as dramafying, as I post it with the same seriousness as I do when writing about Butch Shame or Femme invisibility.

I received an email last night claiming to be from a female who was forced (it seemed) to take "T"/transition, they wrote to me according to their email subject because they wanted me to use their story to warm other females about the negative effects of testosterone etc. Here are the pertinent snippets from their email to me:

Reading through this I was immediately suspicious because (besides it sounding totally contrived) they contradict themselves. They claim on one hand to have began "T" at around age 12/13 (7th grade) then after high school claimed they were going bald despite not having used "T". Not to mention there arent too many 6'3 200+ pound females out there and "T" might create male secondary characteristics, it isnt a growth hormone!

Needless to say I did a bit of research and found that Sean Tisdall, the man who sent the email claiming he was a trans(man) by force, was really Sean Tisdall in real time, Valerie Keefe online. See here:

Then researching a bit further for a more thorough verification I found this along with the same "weekend and Bernies" reference he made in his fabricated trans(man) email story to me.

Once I figured out this man's LIES, while skimming through a few of his journal posts I spotted this recent comment made about trans(men):

I post this for several reasons, one because this kinda bullshit needs to be exposed, I dont know the motivation behind this guy's LIES but I do know he is clearly unbalanced. (no, this isnt me saying every trans person under the sun is a nut job, this is me saying this one IS)

Two, I post this as a warning for any trans(men) that may know or think this guy is your friend. He isnt. He hates women and it seems he hates trans(men) even more. I wont say that this man is a typical autogynephile, but I will say he is a definite autogynephile! One whom it seems has such a deep seated hatred of women he's transferred that onto trans(men) as well. Which indicates he despises them for their natural female biology(which he'll never possess) and because once transitioned/passing he perceives them as a threat/competition for what his male privilege informs him belongs only to "real" men which to him they are not.

And lastly I post this because throughout the posts I read from him in various places, he has some SERIOUS pathological anger and hatred of what he calls "radfems" as in radical feminist and radical lesbian feminist (he fancies himself a 'lesbian'). So to any radical feminist who has dealt with this guy under his "valerie" guise, beware and remember he is a 6'3 340+ pound man first and foremost.



  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    I love it when these tyrannies are exposed. That is one crazy male. He needs professional help, and not the type that will pump him with hormones but the type that will provide real therapy.

  2. Totally in agreement there Kitty! Seriously disturbed doesnt even begin to cut it!


  3. Wow, Dirt. Just wow. I read your post and some of the posts from this guy and the words "disturbed", "crazy", and "lunatic" come to mind. I would not want to be within 100 feet of him. And if he was at Michigan, I would feel unsafe. I think what this guy needs is some serious counseling and psychiatric medicine, not hormones.

  4. Wow! This guy seriously needs help!

  5. He has been camped out at our joint for some time. He even has a weak ass post up with a billion links to our blog trying to send people over. So far even the crazies are staying away from him. Now, you know you are a delusional when even the other delusional tyrannies are staying away from you.

  6. Dirt I'm glad to see the language you use on this blog getting less and less offensive and more and more appropriate. Really makes me happy. Keep up the good work.

  7. Oh my god. That is really fucking disgusting. I mean, this man, Sean, has to realize that the only woman who would ever be interested in his penis is a straight woman, right? He has to know that he'll never actually be with a lesbian woman.

    That's what really pisses me off about this shit. All the straight fun-feminists have fully accepted these males as women, and bully other women into accepting them, lest they be branded "transphobic." And yet the trannies aren't satisfied with the straight women who welcome them with open arms. No, they've got to go the further step of calling themselves lesbians, of demanding access to lesbians' spaces and lesbians' bedrooms!

    It's so fucking disgusting. I mean, really, it makes me want to gag.

  8. Kitty,

    I noticed that from skimming his LJ, I just wanted to make sure other radical feminist were aware. He also has a buddy who calls himself "marjaE" who complains generally of you all and specifically of myself (because I dont see him dick/balls and all as the "butch lesbian" he claims to be) at a forum of livejournal rejects called oxymoronically "trueselves"!

    I would suspect in the real these men are quite dangerous and wouldnt think twice about using force to "make us" believe their trans delusions.


  9. Margaret,

    Regarding men and their delusional notions about lesbians? I blame hetero porn. When I was younger and used to weekly go out I always found it interesting when some husband and wife team would show up, have that one drink, look around, then leave when none of it measured up to their pornographic lesbian "realities".

    The other problem, as you said and I agree, the straight women now occupying lesbian spaces inviting/demanding these men have access not only to our spaces but to US as well! More lesbians need to start learning and using the word NO!


  10. Wow. Serious nutjob.

    I also second the comment about getting really tired of straight women demanding that that lesbians have sex with these guys.

  11. THIS straight woman ain't buying the bullshit! I find FTMs repulsive as sexual partners and the same goes for MTFs. Lesbians I can appreciate esthetically and I understand why they are attractive to each other, but I am attracted to men, and trans are not men! When i want to be around men, whether sexually or just as friends, that's what I want. When I want to be in a woman only space, that means no people with prostate glands! Aside from that, i interact happily with trans, i just want honesty. What i get really angry at is the doctors who think they get to decide who is a woman, think they have that power. They don't get to decide who is a woman anymore than the white men in government get to decide who is an indian (or the preferred term, First Nations) or the Nazis get to decide who is a Jew.
    WE get to decide who is a woman, and if you've got a prostate, you ain't in, no matter how powerful your delusions are! No rubber stamp from a bureaucrat can make you a woman, only the Goddess can do that!

  12. does showing off other peoples flaws make you feel good?

  13. Anon,

    There is nothing wrong with "flaws", flaws are something we work to change or accept about ourselves with grace, lying however is something quite different. Lying isnt a flaw, it is pure deception.


  14. wow! really wow! so effed up!

    and check the misogynistic, feminist-hating link posted on the MWMF bb:

    Joined: Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:05 am
    Posts: 190

    Re: Unintended(?) Consequences
    Rabbit: I am a womon, who was born a womon, who identifies as a womon. If you're identifying womon as posession of two holes, I tend to think my definition is more progressive and more expansive.

    Again: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/35a5km/


  15. Valerie Keefe is abusing natural-born women -- especially feminists -- up and down the Huffington Post.

    He's so abusive -- and the moderators enable him so repeatedly and openly -- that I closed my account.

    I reported him several times but apparently they don't care that he lies and stalks people to abuse them.

    Thank for your post -- it confirms what I already suspected about this liar.


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