Buck Angel the even BIGGER "butch" LIE!

Like Maddow (although not nearly quite as "butch" apparently since Maddow placed number one on the "butch" top 100 list of 2009) Angel merely placed a measly 62, but very much like Maddow, Angel clearly is NOT remotely a Butch or even butch for that matter!

An Angel before and after pic:
There are two MAJOR problems with Angel being "butch", first as you can tell she wasn't any variation of "butch" before transition let alone an actual Butch woman, just a seemingly feminine woman and second after transitioning to a male variation s/he obviously cannot be "butch" because Butch/butch exist only in the female form. Angel's testosterone induced masculinity supercedes Butch/butch or the possibility had it (which it didnt) existed prior of Angel being a Butch/butch woman. All the tattoo's and "T" and steroids and pumping iron in the fucking world cannot create a Butch female, those products instead create a synthetic masculinity and Butch women are NOT masculine. We are butch! With regards to Angel, s/he is clearly masculine, but if you have ever heard her speak or see her how s/he holds and moves her/his body, s/he isnt the macho still seen here but instead a very feminine speaking/moving trans(man). And I do not say "feminine" as a dis, because unlike many I do not see femininity (in any of its forms) as something to be ashamed of or any less than masculinity.

Again as with the Maddow post what really annoys me, no, ANGERS me is that because someone like Angel (who is masculine NOT butch) is on a "butch" top 100 list, Butch is then assumed to be something that it isnt. And by labeling a trans(man) "butch" this leads to the ignorant notions that have plagued Butch women for centuries that we arent nothing more than some male variation rather than the women that we actually are! And to be clear, my anger is NOT towards Angel, but towards the idiots who continue co-opting and colonizing Butch identity for their own sweet purposes or cant be bothered ignorance's.

For Angel I only feel a deep sense of sadness and pity, much in the same way one pities and empathizes with an abused child or a battered wife or a rape victim. Because judging from these drastic photo's I would wager some BIG bucks Angel was a child of some form of molestation. While certainly every trans(man) wasnt a product of child/teen rape, far too many are for us not to conclude it a significant factor in the transition process of many.

And speaking strictly of Angel, I find it abhorrent to think that this poor woman had done nearly everything medically/cosmetically possible to murder that first image, to bury her alive in the second image punishing herself for god know what and yet that wasnt enough punishment and torture, her self hatred runs so fucking much deeper. Deep enough to put whats left of her female anatomy into sick gay male porn, being fucked by men in every possible orifice, punishing and punishing and punishing the female anatomy that remains.

When O fucking WHEN will women STOP punishing themselves for the fucking crimes committed against them and their bodies by sick fucking MEN and the sick fucking patriarchal systems that continue to keep this sick FEMALE HATRED going!!!

dirt-embracing the women of the world, even those like Angel, whose girl child perhaps needs it most.


  1. Umm, there's a big difference between being trans and being a woman. I never thought of Angel as a woman or a man but as trans. I've always thought there are more than two genders.

  2. Nels,

    In the wise words of my dead granny, "thought is a lie".


  3. A comment from the supposed "Angel" themselves. I apologize blogger isnt working properly.

    Buck's comment:WOW How hateful you are!
    First off those pics are from my modeling days and no way represent how I looked before my transition.
    You have some really bad self esteem issues you need to work on. How can I make you rant so hatefully like that when i am just living my life?
    I have lots of respect for butch women , But I have to say you need some work "dude"
    Also those photos are copyrighted material by Buck Angel Entertainment so please remove them or add my URL http://buckangelentertainemnt.com
    Thank you

    Buck Angel®

  4. Angel,

    There is nothing "hateful" about embracing women and one's self as a woman, but sadly with the misogynistic fog hovering over the trans community I wouldnt expect you understand that.

    With regards to "self esteem" issues, you've lost me. Last time I checked I had never done porn nor as a capitol B Butch lesbian ever entertained having been pummeled seven ways from sunday by a dozen or so true males. Please feel free to explain though.

    Lastly, had you actually "respected" Butch women, you would have demanded to be removed from that list and declared yourself the trans(man) that you are. And you most certainly would not have referred to a Butch woman as a "dude".

    dirt-proud radical Butch feminist WOMAN!

  5. Another comment from someone calling themselves "tigertiger":

    The whole "butch/femme" dynamic is a dying, soon-to-be-obsolete construct that was scraped together to give people with no cultural touchstones models of how to conduct themselves.

    The whole thing is tiresome, stagnant, and needlessly limiting - and people like Buck Angel, who throw out the map and are just *themselves* rather than slaves to some arbitrary label like "butch" or "femme" are the present and future of Queer.

    Shrill, humorless rants like yours serve no purpose other than to reinforce the long-held stereotype of "butches" as rigid, brittle misanthropes with a chip on their shoulders. If you're content with yourself, what could it possibly matter to you who gets called "butch" or "femme" or whatever?

    Nobody's trying to steal your identity here - least of all transmen like Buck (or myself) - but your breathless, totally unnecessary defense of it sure makes it seem like you're not so sure of it yourself.

    Calm down and go find yourself a smokin' hot girl (or boy) to fuck. That always makes me feel better when I'm out of sorts.

  6. Tigertiger,

    Spoken like a true misogynist. Constructs are creations, man-mades. A woman created Femme/Butch, from her natural womb.

    The only constructs are hormone induced and cosmetic mutilated bodies/lives.

    As long as women give birth, Femme/Butch will remain forever.


  7. Wow there's a lot of transphobia and anti-butch sentiments in this article. If one identifies as he, she, trans, etc. that's what they are. One YOU own your own sense of identity and referring to Buck as something other than a 'he' is clearly saying that YOU own his sexuality. This is not only disrespectful on many levels but reeks of insecurity.

    Trans = molestation! Give me a break! Gender identity is innate and while there are biopsychosocial factors that impact one's gender identity, it's certainly not linked to sexual trauma. That bull is the same argument used on gay, lesbian and bi people by reparative therapists and the religious conservative right.

    Who exactly owns the definition butch? I fully acknowledge there's history attached however identities evolve on a continuum where there's room for diversity within the butch framework.

    And so what about his gender expression. Butch or variations within the masculinity spectrum is exactly that... a spectrum. Such attitudes reinforce sexist stereotypes. If a butch woman has a hint of femininity, that certainly doesn't supersede her butch identity. Same goes for Buck. If he has a hint of femininity, that certainly doesn't supersede his masculinity - unless he, and only he, says so.

    This article clearly shows that you need to do some self-reflection, face your own issues, respect others if you wish to be respected yourself, and most importantly OWN your own identity and not someone else's.

  8. Mike,

    You lost the argument when you coupled "butch" with "masculine". Butches ARE feminine, they/we are women!


  9. Mike, here's some Feminism 101 for you: Sex is innate (biological). Gender is socially constructed (cultural). If you don't know that much, you shouldn't be commenting on a feminist blog.

  10. it's sad that a 43 year old woman would still be lashing out, trying to find herself by focusing on what she hates... you may feel sorry for buck, but i feel sorry for you :(

  11. Hi Dirt,

    So from your post, do I gather than you don't believe in the notion of female masculinity?

    Asked with genuine curiosity and respect.


  12. I am currently a "butch" woman, although I identify as a butch genderqueer, but I have female genitalia. Now are you saying because I see my gender as queer that it makes me not butch, simply because I am not a woman? WTF? How can you tell anyone what they are or are not? Would you dare tell me that my gender is something other than queer?

  13. First of all, I must apologize myself for my english. I'm spanish and I know that I make a lot of mistakes.

    Rachel, what you just said it's also a social construct based in the tendences of modern medicine. If your are going to correct someone, you should read a bit more. I reccomend you beggin whit the research of Dr. Zhou about BSTc, and brain sex, which gives some (discutible) evidences about how the gender is also inscribed in the brain. Then, you can go on reading to Thomas W. Laqueur "Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud" which will throw light over your tipically sotially constructed thinking about sex and gender. Finally, you can read to Beatriz Preciado "Testo Yonky", but I don't know if it has been translated into english.

    Dirt, this lectures will be also good for you. I can recommend you also reading to Judith Butler, and some erotic literature, because I think that you have a lot of this religious junk in your head, and you can't enjoy propoerly your sexual relationships.

    I'm a bisexual transman, and I'm not punishing my female body with nothing. I'm the sovereing of my body and I use the medical technology to change it in the way I want to do it. When I put me a shot of testosterone, I'm empowering myself to claim that no one but me can decide how is my body, my personality, my sex, my gender, with whom I fuck, and how often I fuck.

    You say that you are feminist, but I think that you are a poor resentful puritane women, not better than these others who say that to be a butch lesbian is bad and that you are sick and you will go to hell.

    Seriously, read more, speak less. Learn. On the while, I will be also learning more english.

  14. It's people like the OP that make me less proud to be a butch woman. So full of misdirected hate, no wonder everyone takes the term feminist as a joke, that's what feminists have become in recent decades. I'm sure you'll have some pissy, rude comment, go ahead, let it all out. I'll probably forget about this blog by morning, so don't feel too hurt if I forget to come read your witty rebuttal and concede.
    But I will leave you with this tip: you owe Buck an apology, for such shameful behavior.

  15. First off...This is probably going to go in one ear and out the other with someone like you, but using terms like "It" and "S/he" are so ignorant and rude I can't believe that a GLBTQ person would stopp that low to HATE speech and improper terms. HE is a man. Period. Not a lesbian woman. So, of course HE isn't butch. He doesn't identify as butch and never has. Just because he wasn't born with a penis and testicles doesn't mean his GENDER is not MALE. Learn the difference between sex and gender. Also take some proper training in trans terminology before you post a public blog of ignorance. It sickens me that even in the queer community trans people get attacked and called "S/HE" and "it". What is your problem with this guy anyway? Do you think he's going to compete for one of your Femmes? That's not even his style, and not all queer people still subscribe to that old-fashioned "Butch/Femme" dynamic anymore. Study some things about gender and society.

  16. Why is it that people can't be happy for Buck in the fact that he is not denying who he is anymore? Why are people so focused on the fact that "He's betraying his original gender." The truth is, just because he was born and designated as one gender, does not mean that he is that gender. I think he should be commended and you should maybe think about getting your facts straight before equating gender with orientation. The fact that he has sex with men is his business and his business alone and should not make comments about things that you know nothing about.

  17. Newsflash: transmen aren't women. We don't want to be women. We never were women. We're men. I may indeed be wrong, but I imagine Mr. Angel isn't terribly thrilled at his being included in a list of 'Butch Women', either.

    If you want to rant and rave at society at large about how women aren't respected, might I suggest not tearing down other human beings that have spent a good amount of time being *treated as women* and who just might understand how that feels. We're not the enemy, here. Godsforbid we might actually be on your side, until reading hysterical shit like this post.

  18. What one person perceives as 'butch' another may not. You seem to think it applies to lesbians or women only, but some people use it to describe the way men are. There are men 'butcher' than others.

    I think this whole post is really insulting to Buck, and how about you stop calling him 'she' throughout it?

  19. very transphobic female, very disappointed. I can only hope that you get the help that you clearly need. I feel very sorry for you.

  20. Christina,

    Masculinity is physiologically male/ness, as a woman first, there obviously isnt anything physiologically male about me.

    I have a female/feminine body so it makes zero sense to utilize male lingo to describe myself.

    I may be invisible on the femininity scale, but thats simply because I do not conform to the masturbatory male notion of femininity, not because I as a woman am not feminine.

    Do you consider yourself a "female masculine"??


  21. Variablex, gender is social by definition. And I've already read enough refutations of sociobiological pseudoscience to pursue it any further.

    Anonymous, clearly you're the one who needs to learn the different between sex and gender. Male is a sex, not a gender. Gender is a caste system based on sex.

    Again, anyone who doesn't know this much shouldn't be commenting on a feminist blog.

  22. @ Rachel: Of course I know difference and there's no need for you to be patronizing. I'm just more forward thinking, or call me queer, and are very supportive of any trans (or gender variant person) and their decisions. I believe we just have no business owning other people's sexuality.

  23. If you knew the difference, you wouldn't have referred to male as a gender. There's nothing "forward-thinking" about queer politics, and trans itself is deeply conservative.

  24. k honestly wtf? Buck is more of a man then most i've met let him live . When i met him i totally got confused when i heard the stuff about him having girl parts or w/e ive heard his story before but even knowing it hes too much of a man to understand and comprehand the 'female aspect'. As for the rest of bs your talking about someone needs to buy you a dictionary so you can learn the defenitions of things like butch , masculine , man , transgendered you should also look up mentally insane and asshole because you're name is probobly under their . If someone is being true to their heart 1 there's nothing wrong with it , 2 its better than feeling punished internally and lieing to your self your whole life and 3 why do you care so much ? mabey you feel the same way but have chosen to supress those feelings by attacking Buck . You need to know ITS OK TO FEEL THAT WAY in todays society . As far as Bucks conserned i just consider BUCK / BUCK i dont think about gender i look at BUCK as a wonderful person with a great heart what people do behind closed doors is their buissnuss yea i did a tripple take when we met but w/e that confirmed my belife that people are just people so let them live. Writing this disrespectful garbage is only hurting people including your self so go face your self in the mirror for once and stop digging your own grave and filling it with over compensation.


  25. @dirt. chill. simply chill. buck is who he is.

  26. Ana,

    Butch is a female butch lesbian,(a female in the range of butch femininity on the femininity scale) according to what you are saying with regards to Angel, they arent that. So your point if there was one escapes me as I merely stated the same thing.


  27. "If you don't know that much, you shouldn't be commenting on a feminist blog." because you think feminist identification is entirely dependent on being knowledgeable? why shouldn't people with more limited knowledge and or differing opinions from yours be allowed to comment on a "feminist blog".
    I feel like you're totally over simplifying what it means to be both trans and a feminist.

  28. Though I dont' agree with the femininity thing, because that too is a social construct, and something I've resisted all my life, I'm fully a Butch Dyke and proud..and sorry, but Butch(as it relates to those born bio-female), is a term related to Butch Dykes, the original "genderqueers" so to speak, that is, who go outside of the straitjacketed box men put women into, whether they are straight, bi or Lesbian.

    Butch is NOT a term for someone who is FTM. The term there is male/masculine/dude what have you. To use our term for those of us born Female living as a different aspect of FEMALENESS, is to coopt our rich Lesbian culture, whether you're Butch on Butch, Butch/Femme, both or all of the above and everything inbetween.

    No Butch Dyke can compete with FTM's on the scale of 'male appearing'. And it's a very, very funny sick little secret, that many, many FTM's these days are really Femme, or feminine in the real sense of the word, and since they can't keep as Butch Dykes or are basically fag hags and male lovers at heart, transition to then seem more 'masculine, male, "butch"' than real, honest to goodness true blue Butch Dykes!

    STOP ripping off and coopting our cultures, and being on the top Butch 100, because I'm sorry, on that scale, NO FTM belongs on a Butch scale...you have left that scale once you decided to take those hormones and have those surgeries. And especially if now you're fucking gay men. There are many, many FTM's I've seen that have a one down power over relationship with "gay"/bi men, who are the ones running the show, just as if you're a hetero female fucking a straight/bi dude! Bonus holes and all.

    See, the trans insanity, IS insanity and makes no logical sense anymore. Used to be those who could not fit into the Butch Dyke community, were just too male acting, identifying and appearing, quietly transitioned and took their lives up as 'men', and haunted the worlds of bio-men, trying to 'fit in' with them. They didn't pull on Lesbian purse strings, to stay behind and haunt our communities with their maleness, wanting the best of both worlds, your cake and eating it too: when it's convenient, crashing our Dyke/women only spaces, and EXPECTING us to cater to your 'male' asses, and then going and 'passing' in the world of men when it's convenient, selling our women and dyke spaces up the river for queer everything for YOUR selfish convenience.

    No, the early FTM's were respectful. They saw themselves as dudes, left the Dyke community, and lived their lives as dudes out in the world. But see, you simply havent' the guts to do that for us, instead you coopt our Butch Dyke identities, our women only and Dyke spaces, and attempt to convince any hardcore Butch that she too is more male than female(that Butches aren't really female) by the use of male names, pronouns, hormones and surgeries ultimately, and then invite yourselves to get fucked both by dudes and dykes, exposing us to gay/bi male diseases ect. ect. ect. You are NO ALLIES of True Blue Butch Dykes! You are coopters, just like this Buck is...

    Go live your life, but don't rip us off!

  29. i am so sad to see that shit like this is still happening in the queer community. there is a huge difference between feminism and hate, and as a queer lady, i find this blog horrifying and incredibly hateful.

    there are pictures of my friends on this blog, and it's just heartbreaking to see that. this blog rides the line of internet bullying, which is a fucking crime. we'll be watching.

  30. Well "queer lady" as a Butch lesbian I find it "horrible" that "queers" are colonizing Butch/Femme and lesbian spaces!

    thank the goddess our numbers are coming to together and our voices are rising.


  31. What's REALLY sad is that a small but incredibly vocal and aggressive minority of the Gay/Lesbian community has (with some others) so absorbed Post-Modern bullshit that they think the only way to "be who they are" is to completely distort who they are - and then attack anyone who refuses to play pretend with them.

    Sorry, but women who take testosterone are still women, just like women with polycystic ovarian disease are still women. It doesn't matter if you mutilate your breasts or your genitalia or grow hair (or lose it) on more parts of your body.

    STILL a female.

    STILL a woman.

    You're just a woman who's visibly fucked herself over, and is so out of it she can't / won't see it.

    Is there a difference between a woman who takes testosterone and one who doesn't? Yes - the woman who takes testosterone is bludgeoning herself internally, slowly (sometimes quickly) damaging her heart, liver, and other organs beyond recovery so she can die a twisted death 20-30 years earlier than she would have otherwise. She's also building up weird cancers that will show up in 10 to 20 years, so she can rot in agony from the inside-out.

    Painful, pointless early death! What a 'manly' thing to do! At least you can shrivel up and die with extra hair on your face! Whoohoo!

    Spare us the "you are oppressing me by refusing to go along with my hurting myself (and wanting to help others do same)".

    Truly, I am all for people being able to do whatever they want to do. You want to give yourself cancer? Go ahead. You want to do meth? Go ahead. You want to pretend you're a space alien with extra glands? Go ahead.

    But stop the mind-fuck that says what you are doing is normal, healthy, and makes you just like (or even more than just like) everyone else NOT doing those things.

    Buck Angel is not a man. She's a woman who enjoys making herself look like a man. If that's what she wants to do - FINE. But stop the play-pretend.

    1. Your right on the money
      Susan has enablers who support her self destructive behavior and that is a reality of how degraded our seciety has become.

  32. "because you think feminist identification is entirely dependent on being knowledgeable?"

    If you don't understand the basic tenets of feminism, you shouldn't call yourself a feminist.

    "why shouldn't people with more limited knowledge and or differing opinions from yours be allowed to comment on a "feminist blog"."

    Posting typical anti-feminist arguments on a feminist blog makes you an ignorant troll.

    "I feel like you're totally over simplifying what it means to be both trans and a feminist."

    That's because you fundamentally DON'T GET IT.

  33. One thing I would like to know is this:
    How many of those "get with the times" advocates that posted to this blog are:
    1) White
    2) University educated (or currently in college)
    3) from generation Y ?

    The very scary reality to all of this is the vacuous adoption of 'medical science' in order to facilitate the change/altering of the body in order to make it into a 'trans', 'male', 'genderqueer', 'transmale' etc.

    If gender is so fluid, why the surgery, why the need for testosterone? I wager the answer to that is “to pass”.

    What are the long-term effects of testosterone on the biological female body? One word CANCER. And what is so terribly sad is these brave new things, the generation of trans and queer young people that are advocating for others (in numbers that far out-way any GID percentile) to do the same. That taking ‘T’ is a ‘cool thing to do’. This is not like the punk or goth movement, you cannot change back, this is permanent and it will continue to affect your biological self for the rest of your (now shortened) life.

    FA x

  34. Here's how it goes:

    Be female and show up in an MD's office with slightly elevated testosterone levels, and they will freak out about all the damage Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is going to do to your body, and do everything in their power to get that hormone level back to female-normal.


    Be female and show up in an MD's office with normal, healthy female-levels of testosterone and say you believe you are a man, and suddenly it's vitally, medically important to pump you full of more testosterone than your ovaries could ever do, no matter HOW cysted up they might get, even though that's going to hurt/kill you (it's call "iatrogenic" - meaning, "doctor-induced illness/harm").

    Funny how that works (if you think the built-in, centuries-old "it's ok to mutilate women because it's just women" mindset of modern medicine is funny).

  35. Dirt said "Do you consider yourself a "female masculine"??"

    In answer to your question Dirt, I think that while I physically present as stereotypically "feminine" that is only my physical appearance. I am female and Femme, yes, but I do have some very masculine qualities.

    I don't use the term 'butch' just to describe a Butch Woman (I use a capital B for Butch Woman and I use Butch as a noun), I refer to straight or gay men as being "very butch" (adjective), just like I might refer to a either a straight or gay man as being "feminine".

    I suspect it's just our use of the adjectives that differ, to you it's about the biology of a person (therefore, only a woman can be 'feminine'), but to me, the adjective describes a characteristic, or way of being, not necessarily related to birth sex. Hope that makes sense.


  36. Christina,

    Define "masculine qualities", then please explain to me why you call those qualities "masculine".

    May I also ask why is it you straight jacket masculinity and femininity? Are you so entrenched in hetero-patriarchy you cannot see beyond your conditionings?


  37. Your a fuckin Cunt for posting this. I Myself am a Trans Man and find this Blog very disgusting.

    There are Pleanty of BUTCH men out there. They Tend to have more bulk then your average man, they tend to have a better work out schedule, and yes, they carry them self a little more on the tougher side.... As theer are butch woman as well...

    maybe I should post a picture of my before and after and maybe you will rip me a new hole... I would like to see you try. You should really post a picture of yourself so the rest of us can blow u a new hole.

    I have an idea, why don't you get a real job and stop trying to make yourself feel better by bringing others down.

  38. Thank you a perfect example of how much trans(men) love and respect women. "Cunt", sounds just like every other bloke out there, nice transition.


    ps and my picture is out there, right in front of you.

  39. The TG/trans intentionally confuse and conflate gender with bio sex - It's part of how ya'll try and get over on people, especially people who aren't well informed. Hormones and SRS are symptom management --- there is no cure for GID.

  40. In my opinion, claiming terms like masculine is a concession to patriarchy - ESPECIALLY - given queer "theory's" appropriation of EVERYTHING. Terms like "masculine" have become increasingly suspect because of queer "theory".

    Once was a time when butch said it all.... Butch and/or stud still says it all in my community.

  41. proud_ftm_feministJuly 14, 2010 at 2:59 AM

    I like how you're definition of what butch is, is the definition for all people who use the word butch.
    Way to claim ownership over a large community.

  42. Define "masculine qualities", then please explain to me why you call those qualities "masculine".

    May I also ask why is it you straight jacket masculinity and femininity? Are you so entrenched in hetero-patriarchy you cannot see beyond your conditionings?

    To me (my personal definition, not quoting the dictionary), masculine qualities are those ‘most commonly attributed to and seen exhibited by men’.

    I’m not sure that I do straight jacket masculinity and femininity? I have no issue with women displaying feminine and masculine qualities and men doing likewise. The issue is only that by your definition, only women can display femininity, as to you, the word implies ‘from or by female’. I do understand that of course, there is role conditioning going on here (why should baking a cake be a ‘female’ thing to do?), but I struggle labeling something like power lifting say, an ‘act of femininity’. Can a woman do it? Of course! But is it an act that is inherent in how femininity is perceived? Not to me.


  43. Christina,

    One you evaded the question, two I can easily bench over 200lbs and I am a feminine bodied woman, therefore everything I do is feminine.


  44. I reject the notion that any woman has to be compared up and against male/masculine, ever. Anything a female does IS female - not some replica of male/masculine. How small minded and unimaginative, not to mention sexist, to think that behavior and or clothing is gendered. By that logic, my 10 year old becomes a lesbian when she wears a rainbow T-shirt. How silly.


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