The TRUTH about Testosterone effects and Transmen (ftM)

The TRUTH about Testosterone effects on Transmen/FTM (a series)

Due to underwhelming and overwhelming information on testosterone dangers in trans female subjects today and the high numbers of lesbian youth (being influenced to transition/being pressured to transition/being forcibly transitioned by an authority figure), I'm going to do a series of posts on changes from (high dosing) testosterone in females, all of which I'll later locate in full on a future post.

In female transition at this point in time, there is a general (standard) outline/timeline/possible issues of the effects of testosterone therapy on the female (brain) body (short term). These standards are used by general practitioners who may have never served a transgender patient or who've served hundreds. These standards are shared among GPs, endocrinologists, psychologists, therapists, gender specialists, academic etc. These standards are then shared by mental/medical professionals with female clients seeking transition or parents seeking to transition a child (or supposed to be shared).

These standards have come to be standards based on a combination of self reporting and various medical studies involving females treated with testosterone for GID/GD (gender identity disorder/gender dysphoria). Testosterone is the hormone that will chemically construct the female patient into her new transgender mind/body/life. So long as testosterone is maintained throughout the course of the female patient's lifetime, her mind/body will remain in an ongoing transitional state, with her natural brain/body fighting for control.

Females seeking transition or parents transitioning a female child/teen can expect to find a general outline of testosterone induced changes on (rarely in) the female brain/body. There is a perceived notion of changes based a basic/intimate knowledge of male bodies (as a comparison) as well as knowledge gleaned from already transitioned females in the form of friends/online acquaintances, online blogs/vlogs-videos of trans females.

This series of posts will remove perceived changes, call into serious question (when required) self reporting and place a magnifying glass on some of the more cited medical studies/journals used to sell transgender hormones as safe to patients, medical practitioners, psychologists, therapists, gender specialists and the general public.

Covered/dissected in the Testosterone Changes and Dangers in Female Transitioning will be as follows:
  • Mood/mental changes
  • Hair changes-head to toe
  • Body odor
  • Epidermis (skin) changes including acne
  • Voice changes (thicker vocal folds)
  • Breast changes
  • Vaginal/clitoris changes-including menstruation (periods)
  • Appetite/weight gain changes
  • Virilization of face/body-reordering of body fat/increase in visceral fat
  • Sex drive changes
  • Romantic attraction changes (not to be confused with core sexual orientation)
  • Aromatization of high testosterone dosage (on various organs)
  • Blood changes  
  • Endocrine system changes
  • Ovarian changes
  • Uterine/endometrium changes
  • Liver/pancreas changes
  • Heart/cardiovascular change


  1. After recently speaking to a gay friend he advised me that some gay men who identify as a "top" will fuck anything, and for them an FTM is like a new party trick because they can fuck one whole while another gay man fucks another. For these gay men, all they want is someone to suck them and someone to fuck. He noted that this is all about sex and those soliciting FTMs would be doing so for that reason.
    Over the years, several gay male friends have outed numerous FTMs/transmen known to us that were supposed to be in committed relationships with Femmes and other lesbians.

    It is seriously disturbing that these 'threesome' sex encounters are highly risky and without the confidence to negotiate safety, I wonder how many FTMs/transmen become used, abused and diseased.

    FA x

  2. FA,

    My brother is also gay and he has said similarly. One of my closest friends whom I've known for over 25 years said recently that in and around the gay community he frequents there are a handful of trans(men) that are HIV pos. and that like other HIV pos males, there is a "warning system" so that other gay men do not sexually interact with these trans(men) because "they have the bug". He said also several claim to have "g/f" who dont know!


  3. Yeah, I've wondered this too. I know one FTM who got into SMBD, and turned into a gay man. Really shocking sick stuff. I wondered at how many people were going to get HIV because of all the unsafe sex. I'm still meeting young gay men who are HIV positive and could care less-- they frequent sex clubs where straight women go.
    Meet just about any gay man of a particular age and they are so contaminated with sick SMBD nonsense that you literally feel the contamination and degeneracy. Read the works of FTM "scholars" and they advocate all this disgusting stuff and teach women's studies...

  4. Tori,

    There is no such thing as "trans" Butch, Butch stands on its own and she aint trans!


  5. I've personally visited too many TGS websites that coach people on which specific "medical providers" to seek out to get what they want, including SRS.... These sites coach people about what to say, how to behave, how to falsify personal history, "symptoms", etc. - in other words how to LIE.

    Thank god someone is finally putting the truth out there.

  6. It's sad but true. I think being "Trans" has become a fad over the last few years, and people are infecting eachother, especially over the internet. Of course the medical world is happy to have willing test subjects to see what the long-term effects of testosterone on the female body will be. I guess I feel sorry for most of them (FTM's)who will never be men, no matter how much they kid themselves now.

  7. Totally true and also if you want to know more about abuses done by transmen and why, despite of T, transmen will always be different from bio male in the eyes/for straight woman go there

    so think twice before going on T because lesbian woman will not desire you anymore and you will not have what it takes to please a fully straight woman...
    The "market" of women who maybe interested by you post T and by your hybrid body will be smaller than before your transition that is the reason why most FTM finally end up as bottom (passive) gay male. That is the only way for them to still have a sexuality...

  8. Also keep in mind that "converting" a butch to make her entering into a FTM transition process is really juicy for the medical staff.
    If we refer to Ethan website (see the cost of a total transition is 270,000 $ so you see those people prefer to convert all those bodies than to have the woman staying as " butch" and just having a beer at the local dyke bars...The economic impact is quite different...So you understand why they brainwash people...And why they support non profit and conference to do so...

  9. I have read the comment from one Anonymous above about the economic impact of a transition versus non transitioning. It is obvious lobbies are behind and are doing a viral marketing and psychological work to convince butches they should transition to male.
    I found it very interesting because nobody talks about it.
    @Dirt, can you inform us through a documented post ? Who are the doctors and non profit and main lobbies which benefit from this ? And how can an isolated butch can fight for her identity despite those lobbies pressure ? Or how can a transgender choose not to go in the transition process (T, surgeries) if he already "passes" ? Is there any other solution ?

  10. Thi video prooves that being on T change those people to the point of being more mysoginist than the rudest guy...

  11. ay Dirt I must admit when i first began to read your blogs, i was under the impression that you were some FTM hating person just out to slander the names of Tansmen everywere. however being that im not who jumps tp conclusions about people i continued to read on and realized that you are just here trying to inform the butches or tansmen about the effects that the doctors dont exaggerate enough.reading your blogs and follow ing up with some of my own research has helped me to make a decision i have been fighting over sense i was 10yr. i did research back then but it just was'nt as much available to me as it is now. I my self or should i say was what you would call trans pre-op, but from a small age i knew how important the bottom sergery was to me witch is what held me back for so many years. i suffer from alot of body dysphoria, but i realize that so do everyone else in the world, although i'd like to think of mine as stronger than most of the population. throught proper research andgiving my mind time to develope and mature i realized that transitioning is not the step for me. as a "Butch" female a pass very well as male or more androgynous and i have grown to apreciate my self a little bit more althought there are things i'd like to chang. I feel that if we pushed the LGBT who identify as trans to develope there body in to the ideal butch they whouldn't mind living as instead of being transit might help them like its helped me. through alot of exercise and herbs i hav sculped my bady into a figure acceptable to me.i realize i may never be completely happy,but i figure very few people are in this world. I rather be an slightly unhappy dyke then very unhappy, unattractive fat hairy guy who sleeps with men to make me feel better about my mistakes ( i found that part the most disturbing) they acctually become bottoms for gay men, witch is really no better then being a streight girl with no boobs. I went to a site that said "jus for trans men" and must of it was about satisfying gay men, i was appalled. i really think thats a step backwards.

  12. So much of what you're posting here is right on. (male dominated) society's "solution" to butch women is to (subtly yet forcefully & unrelentingly) encourage medical transition. Which ultimately only further subjugates these people who fall for going through with the medical process. Sad. Very sad. Each of those people transitioning FTM need a full course in feminist studies. The answer to becoming more butch is NOT to become a man (isn't THAT cognitive dissonance for you). Thank you, thank you for trying.

  13. A very interesting update about baldness:
    This FTM is surprised to discover is hairloss

  14. Thanks for your perspective on FtM testosterone use... at times you seem a bit hateful

  15. Thanks for posting this. I am genderqueer and for a while I thought about going on 'T'. From what I read, I want to reconsider my choice. Like so many other people, I thought T was a miracle drug and if I took it, all my problems would be solved. Looking back, I can't believe how stupid and naive I was. So, thanks! I think you mightbhave saved me.


  16. Anon @ 4:30 AM You can be a very happy Dyke on the premise that you did the right thing... by doing nothing & working towards accepting yourself. Mother Nature doesn't make mistakes but people sure can. There have been many sad mistakes in medical history & most are not merely innocent either but have had sinister profit making agendas behind them.
    What Dirt mentioned is right about body issues being common in pretty much all women regardless of sexuality or looks etc. I strive to spin that shit into gold by consciously loving my body hard everyday & taking very good care of it. I have felt that way towards my past partners/girlfriends/lovers too.
    Butch will never go out of style or be uncool in the eyes of some of us. Never forget that... anyone who is reading this & wondering. Butch & Femme is as old as time & exists in all cultures. It will certainly outlast any misguided temporary trends. Butch women are completely acceptable, attractive, lovable & entitled to hapiness. . I think many people overlook or forget that they are (or lesbians generally for that matter) as diverse as any group of people & there are no set in stone rules. Each woman is entitled to be herself. The problems are with society & culture, not with people who don't gender conform.

    I will conclude with my answer to my mother's question a week after meeting my Butch girlfriend of the time when I was at uni (aka college).
    My mum: (after some beating around the bush) well, your father & I don't understand why you would want to be with a girl who looks like a boy. Why not just be with a boy?
    Me: (after some hesitation, wondering what to say & deciding to keep it simple & true) well, she might be butchy or masculine looking or whatever, but she's not a boy & she's more attractive & appealing to me than any guy could ever be.
    Mum: I'm not sure I understand.
    Me: stop trying to understand. I'm just telling you the truth.

  17. I just want to say really quick, if you're butch and take testosterone and regret it (basically if you're on this website at all) your face & body shape WILL revert back to normal later. After your body starts to make estrogen again, the fat will redistribute and you will regain your andro-look and curves.

  18. Wanted to just say thankyou to the author of this blog as well as to all the folks who left comments. I've had issues with my identity off and on for years- and I feel like this settled a large aspect of my questioning for me. I don't need to transition- just be my boi-ish self. :> Thanks again.

  19. I found this page when I searched "FTM BDSM" looking for porn. Dunno how I managed to end up on this page.

  20. I read with interest how T can reduce the sensitivity of the clit and I wish that this fact was made clearer from the start. Soon after starting T I was constantly craving sexual, relief. I had always been multi orgasmic before, but on T I find it increasingly difficult to cum, and when I do my clit goes numb and I cant go again. It's really frustrating, especially as my orgasms don't actually seem as intense as before. Is this normal, and something I will have to learn to live with, or is it a passing phase?

  21. Hi Dirt, I think we should find the way to help these women who are being abused and brainwashed by the psychologists. A professional psychologist myself, I've seen that happening too often. My colleagues get paid 600 dollars a visit by the transsexuals themselves, then they get paid by the endocrinologists and cosmetic surgeons who do breast removals. It's a little mafia who laughs their heads off behind those poor abused people's backs.
    I'm thinking of starting a Facebook group "Thinking About Transition: Stop!" If anyone here wants to join, let me know on Facebook - Mor Nel. There is too much propaganda by people who seek to convince people to transition and absolutely nothing to convince them not to.

    1. Professional? You're not supposed to convince people to transition, you're supposed to be objective.

  22. Mor Nel, if you'd like to talk contact me at


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