Narrow gendered thinking lends itself nicely to GID

This is the backwoods thinking that perpetuates the ignorant notions that there are only very narrow ways in which to be a female (or male for that matter). Once upon a time this narrow nonsense robbed females of reaching (even imagining) their full potentials, these days it is literally robbing females of being females.

Hetero-patriarchy has colluded with the hetero-pat-medical establishment that is hacking, carving and mutilating females into passing "male" eunuchs in order to maintain the narrow gendered status quo hetero-patriarchy has diligently worked centuries contriving for females. The GID (gender identity disorder) is being slapped onto younger and younger females, some still in fucking diapers! And once labeled "transgendered" because the female child may prefer toy cars to dolly's, jeans to dresses or the outdoors to helping mom bake cookies in the kitchen, the life (the FULL life) that that female child was naive enough to believe was her natural right as a human first, gets the rug pulled clean out from beneath her tiny feet where a few short years later she's flat on her back on a gurney having her natural, normal, beautiful breast exterminated from her then cremated like yesterdays refuse!

For all the fucking lip service the "queer/trans" machine pays to the almighty "fluid" gods, the hetero-patriarchal straight-gender-jacket they all wear betrays each and every one of them.

Rend the seams of female till she fits you like a glove!
Wear her well, do her right, she deserves all your love!



  1. Notice how the author automatically blames the mother for not fulfilling her duty as token torturer/gender enforcer. That's misogyny at work, folks!

    And I think her new haircut is cute.

  2. Wow, that is unbelievable. OMG, Angelina is obviously a jealous bitch who is making her daughter look "frumpy". Or maybe she could let her daughter pick her clothes? I mean, why not just go with the reasonable answer.

  3. Yeah, just like my grandmother trying to put me in hip huggers(low slung jeans/pants) and body suits because that's what SHE'D wear and attempt to put me in low heels and wear some makeup, just to reject it all in a month once I was away from her summertime influence, but when I wanted to wear vests that was absolutely verboten, so I bought my own at the affordable vintage clothing store, along with tux pants, shirts, ect...and that was right BEFORE I came out!

    The family was mad that I rejected dolls at age 7, and feminized clothes...refusing to wear them, unless it was for a fancy going out family dinner, and then they forced me to wear that b.s. with many tears and fights...all thru my childhood and teenage years....I HATED formal events because of it, till when I finally came out as a Dyke at 21 I told my family I wasn't doing ANY formal events if I ever had to wear a dress or skirt again!

    There's just no legitimate place to be Butch, sometimes not even in Dyke communities anymore...we look manly, but we're women, or on the other side 'when are you taking 'T'? Or they're scared of us for taking up our space so boldly and NOT passing as men, as straight, or anything else, cuz a TRUE Butch woman spells DYKE through and through....

    But jobs and family and hetero society and even GBT society doesn't really know what to do with us....
    P.S. Even as a kid, I don't remember the walls and walls of pink for the girls section, like I see today, all in that horrible Pepto Bismol color! Damn, you know, there are MANY other colors to choose from in the color spectrum!

  4. MA,

    I for one am Butch and do not look remotely "manly". My Butch femininity is 100% in accordance to my female gender. I may be perceived as "manly" but thats simply because of the narrow definitions of what a woman can look like rather than what women actually looks like.

    This an area that seriously harms lesbians because a great many of us (and I am not strictly speaking Butch/butch here) but a great many of us do not find ourselves within the acceptable parameters of our female gender.

    There used to be a safe haven within lesbian spaces but since the "T"(trans) has invaded our spaces reinforcing acceptable notions of female (Mtf's performing men's ideas of femininity and ftM's drugging and mutilated themselves from female when they do not/cannot perform male notions of femininity). This is what leads to the questioning of Butch/butch (and a whole slew of other women) being asked "when are you transitioning"?

    Transgender/sexual has created the idea within and without lesbians spaces that if you do not conform to societal expectations of female, something is wrong that needs to be fixed.


  5. PS



  6. Well, like they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" And we ain't broke, we're FEMALE through and through..AND Butch Dykes!
    P.S. AND Butch Dykes ARE Female. Period!


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