"Femme" Imposters-in a Femme/Butch community near you

Since the Queer Theory stormtroopers ripped the door off the hinges of the Femme/Butch community leaving it wide open for any and all to enter, our community has been flooded with "femme" imposters. While a smidge of those imposters are "trans" disordered homophobic straight men, it is not they that I am addressing with this post.

And before anyone asks why a homophobic straight Mtf-man would join an F/B community, I'll clarify. There are a small number of Mtf-men now in our F/B communities seeking relations with Butch women. And no I have never heard of a single Butch woman EVER dating/relating with an Mtf-man. The reason these straight homophobic Mtf-men use their male privilege to parade on into F/B lesbian spaces seeking Butch women is (depending on how faux female hormones affect the individual man) after injecting faux female hormones for a spell, many straight Mtf-men's brain structures/chemistry/sexual attractions begins to change and many find themselves attracted to men. But like your typical homophobic straight dude they often fight the urge (especially after SRS when their penis loses its focus because it has been mutilated to the point it no longer works properly) to seek sex with other men, they seek out instead women who in their pathologically binary thinking are "mannish" as a way to escape from their homophobia. Meaning they know Butches are women, whom to them "look like men", so if they direct their attractions towards Butch women, they arent being homosexual. Its not the homophobes outside the community we need to worry about as you can see, it is the thousands we've let into our gay and lesbian communities that we need to worry about.

The "femme" imposters I'm speaking of are the emotionally damaged straight women co-opting "femme" identity. These are women who have been sexually/emotionally/physically abused by males at some point/or repeatedly as children/teens. But rather than look their demons in the eye, hold those who hurt them accountable (patriarchy) and work through their pain, they deny their heterosexuality while remaining sexually attracted to men and use Butch women and Femme/Butch spaces to selfishly satisfy their sexual/relationship needs.

"Femme" imposters harm the F/B community on three different levels:

1) One way "femme" imposters hurt the F/B community is how they treat/affect actual Femme lesbians. These "femme" imposters being the straight women that they are, internalizing hetero-patriarchy as they do, bring those negative hetero-patriarchal norms into F/B space, utilizing hetero-patriarchy's hierarchical norms that are designed to keep women apart which in turn keeps women from challenging hetero-patriarchy in massive numbers which could challenge hetero-patriarchy. In F/B spaces this takes the form of  "femme" imposters vying for Butch attention through a "femme" hierarchical system such as IDing as "high femme"/"stone femme" in order to make themselves seem more desirable, more femme (as if) thereby out femming the real Femmes. And in doing so this creates a division between Femmes by creating Femme competition. This competition is made worse by a decline in healthy minded Butch women and the small decline in Butch numbers (will expand on this more in my #2). The hierarchical hetero-pat-systems femme imposters bring to our F/B community then creates a certain distrust between even actual Femme lesbians, shutting them off from one another for fear if they get too close to another Femme, said Femme may in fact either steal their Butch or if single curb the chances Femmes may have of finding a good Butch. This doesn't affect all Femmes and Femme friendships but where it has it has been detrimental to the community bysabotaging any chance of real Femme sisterhood.

2) Another way femme imposters harm the F/B community is in how they hurt Butch women. Because the femme imposter is NOT a lesbian she naturally has no inclination or capacity in participating in a full on complete mutual loving relationship with a Butch woman. This takes the shape in a few different ways; the femme imposter's compulsory heterosexuality prevents her from the commitment to the patience and intimacy needed to aid the average Butch woman in working through her Butch body/sexuality issues in order to achieve a healthy fulfilling F/B relationship, in fact more often than not the femme imposter does just the opposite. The femme imposter encourages Butch shame either subtly with hints of disgust towards the Butch woman body (minimal physical contact/lack of sexual desire for the Butch body) or to a greater degree in insisting Butch women are male like or worse actually men and therefore should trannify in order to achieve the maleness the femme imposter claims Butch woman have/are. The latter scenario obviously more dangerous than the first as it is irreparable, but do not discount the psychological damaging pain of the former.

3) And somewhere circling the harm the femme imposter causes to both Femme and Butch women the damage done can linger, harming the potential for healthy future Femme/Butch couplings. In the sense of Femme's internalizing the hyper hetero-femininity femme imposters impose on our community creating self doubt and insecurity where before there was little and in deepening Butch shame to those Butches who have the strength and presence of mind not to trannify from femme imposter pressures but whose fragile natures still get hurt from femme imposters selfish processes. Femme lesbians worry are they femme enough and Butch lesbians are so shamed and hurt they fear letting another Femme in regardless of the authenticity of the Femme.

It is time true Femmes and Butches reclaim our rightful identities and spaces! Say NO to femme imposters!


True Femme

Just as I regularly publicly strip off the male-centric hetero-istic gloss covering over much of our Femme/Butch nations, revealing the true Femme/Butch body politic hidden underneath. I feel I must also publicly illuminate occasional individual shadows cast in comments here. In one such recent comment a radical butch claiming to have full understanding of Femme/Butch couplings said she had no interest in Femme's who complain when they break a nail or in Femme's who do not "pass". And that because she values equality within a relationship she prefers "butch on butch" relationships hinting that Femme's in general do not pull their weight within Femme/Butch relationships and if they do its because they happen to be "dykey femmes" (her words not mine). Not only is this misogynistic and sexist, it is completely untrue!

You may get tired of me reiterating this kinda thing but before I continue due to all the ignorance floating about out there, when I say Femme I'm speaking solely of Femme lesbians who couple with Butch lesbians and not all the fucked up straight women co-opting Femme space and Femme identity. 

I know our own individual experiences/lives colour and inform how we experience everything. But with any group despite how we as individuals with individual experiences interpret meaning, there still remain the solids that the group formed itself around to begin with. Of the Femme/Butch community that I have known(in some cases the world over) for the past 20+ years despite the temporary "queer" surface deceptions, the solids, the foundations are still intact. The Femmes I know and have known have always "passed" as heterosexual. Hence the dilemma and discussion that has been ongoing for over 60 years concerning "Femme Invisibility"!  Passing can take the form of make up, heels, skirts and dresses or flats, jeans and Tshirts without make up if your are Femme. I've known Femmes to change a flat tire with manicured nails, 4 inch heels and a short skirt, Femme electricians, Femme chefs, Femme body builders, Femme construction workers. Femme is about BEING, not DOING! Why is it that lesbians are always so quick to slam, undermine and just plain pick on Femmes? Are they so threatened by a feminine lesbians skills, presence and power??? And I cant say I have seen a Femme with long nails, kinda defeats the purpose of being lesbian (wink wink) if you know what I mean, so the breaking nail thing I cant speak to.

Inequality with Femme/Butch relationships by Femmes on the other hand? That I definitely can speak to, starting with its just plain false! I wont go into detail (my blog is littered with them) of the myriad of difficulties Femmes endure in their relationships with Butches but believe me you they are numerous and often difficult with no quick fixes! Femmes in general not ONLY pull their own weight but usually more than half of their Butch's weight as well! And I am not Butch blaming, I'm Butch reporting. As Butch women still very much invisible and invisible to each other especially growing up we tow a hard lonely road that is only made worth it where our Femmes have paved the fucking way! Where our Femmes have put in sidewalks, and built and furnished homes for us, planted trees and flowers and given us the sun and moon! Where all we Butches have to do in return is give our Femmes our smile, our hand, our hearts, ourselves. And within those gestures the true Femme calls it equal.

But this privileged Femme experience is one that ONLY the capital B Butch is privy to. For that I am truly blessed to have been born a capital B Butch!

capital D Dirt                   
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Dirt's Weekend Women's Day of Remembrance





Removing Gender Identity Disorder (GID) from the future DSM

Since I'm seeing more and more medical authorities vocalizing the removal of GID from the new DSM I'll start posting their reactions and reasoning's as I get them. I think in the short term the removal of GID is best, especially as it is being utilized to pathologize gender "roles" in or to eradicate homosexuality/lesbianism. This is why GID "treatment" began 60+ years ago and this is why it is still being employed by a homo/lezbo-phobic medical community today. This diagnosis sanctions the medical community to drug and mutilate homo/lezbo-sexuality from the patient, by deceiving both the patient and society that the patient can and will be heterosexualized through "sex change" treatments.

How many gay and lesbian lives have been lost to the ignorant sick homo/lezbo-phobic medical communities hetero-sexualizing "treatments"???? How many more will be lost????

If you are gay or lesbian this issues affects you! Because as/if "transgenderism" becomes mainstream you may find yourself pressured by friends, family , co-workers and society in general to become heterosexualized.

Remove GID from the DSM!


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Part Job Posting for Lesbians

A good opportunity for a part-time position for the right lesbian.


A Word on the Sexual Dynamic of the Capital B Butch

After a conversation yesterday with Femme Avenger (her comments can be read in the last post) regarding some comments left on my last post (too Butch too fuck) I wanted clarify and specify the unique (sexual) difficulties of the capital B Butch, who is who I write about/for.

I'm sure if you arent a capital B Butch or a Femme you're wondering what the hell is a capital B Butch? When I write about Butch I use a capital B to differentiate from lesbians who are butch persuasioned. While there may be a multitude of similarities and shared experiences between the two, they are essentially quite different and distinct. The capital B Butch is the Butch original, she is a born butch Butch whose romantic and sexual attractions/connections are strictly with Femme lesbians. She is the woman the term Butch was explicitly written and specifically defined. Granted among the post-modern-gung-ho-queer-theory-genderqueer nations "butch" has sadly been co-opted by anyone from softball dykes to jeans and T-shirt wearing Mtf men. This doesn't change the capital B Butch, but it does promote the invisibility of Butch women by diluting the Butch pool with imposters and posers confusing Butch to those outside Femme/Butch spaces. I mentioned there are some shared experiences between Butch lesbians and butch persuasioned lesbians. I post this not to deny any lesbian's experiences, but to hone in on the capital B Butch (sexual or lack thereof as the case may be) experience.

The capital B Butch sexual experience is quite different from the butch persuasioned lesbian experience because our primary sexual relationships are with Femme lesbians. It is a critical difference. The small b butch lesbian may share some of the capital B Butch body dysphoria issues growing up but usually for the small b butch those issues do not get magnified when she reaches adulthood and enters the lesbian community, magnified to greater degrees now since we have females IDing as some form of "trans" while other "non-trans" females have allowed themselves to be shamed out of IDing as female period. Small b butch lesbians usually couple with other small b butch lesbians by and large. These are usually the butch lesbians we see/hear IDing their sexual proclivities as "butch on butch". Some of these butch women have dated/slept with Femmes, but thats usually only while both parties pass each other on the road to their true sexual destinations, not because either has an affinity towards each other.

The sexual dynamic between "butch on butch" is quite different and much less troubling than Femme/Butch partnerships. The internalized misogyny isnt as out loud and present within "butch on butch" relationshipsattractions. These relationships arent built on hetero-patriarchal hierarchy pressures to the extreme that Femme/Butch couplings are constantly fighting. There is more of an equal ground within "butch on butch" that sexually scares the hell out of most capital B Butches because we have been shamed out of it. While there may be a top/bottom to the small b butch on butch relationship, there still exist a freedom to sexually explore those spaces without the shame of one's femaleness blocking the way. There is a greater freedom to be sexually vulnerable within "butch on butch" and other lesbian couplings that only with a great deal of love, trust and work have the possibility to exist between Femme/Butch couplings.

If there are these similar shared experiences and early/teen body dysphoria both small b butch lesbians and capital B Butch lesbians share why the fork in the road when it comes to sex? In a word-Femmes. Not Femmes in and of themselves or anything they do or don't do so much, but the dynamic of the Femme/Butch relationship itself complicates Butch shame, fear, sexuality and vulnerability. How can the type of partner we seek, desire with all our hearts and souls and pussy's even affect/complicate capital B Butches sharing those hearts and souls and pussy's? Because of the complicatedness of the Butch life (Butch invisibility/lack of Butch role models) amid misogyny and hetero-patriarchy.

A subject you will find on many a Femme/Butch forum/website is something to do with Butches and "feminizing touch". What is "feminizing touch"? Besides nonsensical, something quite real to many Butch lesbians. It is a Femme partners sexual touch. Touch that rarely is allowed with the same kind of excitement and zeal Butches freely touch Femme bodies with. Due to the small numbers of Femmes and Butches it sometimes seems a miracle when we meet, given that miracle one would expect that first time to be a crazy sexual frenzy of mutual kissing, stripping off clothes, licking, caressing, sucking, fingering and fucking. It should be, but sadly it isnt. Butches are granted all that usually, but there are negotiations that must be made before a Femme touches a Butch. These issues rarely crop up let alone dominate the sexual relationships of other lesbians, like they do for Femme/Butch couples. There are pathologically fucked up insane pressures/expectations put on Butch women in Femme/Butch spaces that hinder and sometime halt Butch sexuality altogether. Pressures and expectations of shame, with little to no one questioning those pressures and shame so they continue being perpetuated.

Despite the fact that both Femmes and Butches are WOmen, hetero-patriarchal sexism and misogyny have been dragged in and bragged about within Femme/Butch communities. Butch have been allowed and some Femmes have allowed Butches to employ hetero-male sexist mimicry with Femmes in order to feel some sort of delusional Butch pride based on male sexism and Femme objectification. So what happens to Femme/Butch couple in the dark then, with no one to perform hetero sexist behaviour for? Far too often what happens is...nothing. Butches fear they cannot sustain their Butch identity with a mutually sexual relationship with a Femme lover. Because the Femme's "touch" is being regarded through hetero-patriarchy that views all women as less then. So when Butch women stop seeing themselves as women(through lack of Butch role models/queer theory influence), their value of Femmes disappears. Therefore the equality within the Femme/Butch sexual dynamic gets blatantly skewed whereby Butches being at the high end of that skew cannot allow someone of a less than status (the lower end of the skew) to make love to them without intense shame afterward which leave both parties unsatisfied and ashamed.

I am glad small b butches and other lesbians can related to some of what I write, you are all important to me as lesbians, but when I write about Butch, I am writing from a capital B Butch position. Hope this post clarifies that.






Too Butch to Fuck?

After reading my "Washing your Back" story a Femme said elsewhere to me "how can you write a story like that and look the way you do"? While being a Butch totally abreast of the Butch experience, I completely understood what she meant by her question. But within the parameters of my Butch understanding to her question I must take offense! Not with her mind you, but at the fact that such a question has become possible! I want to rage and pound my fists on the table where I'm sitting sipping my tea at my local coffeehouse at the thing or things that have made that question possible!

Before I continue, for those maybe not so versed in Butch as to understand the question or its all too sad implications, let me clarify. What was being asked in that question was this; How could I as a quite butch Butch or as some deem a "Hard Butch" write a sex scene seemingly about myself that involves a Butch/me letting, desiring, wanting her Femme to lick her/my pussy? To those not versed in Butch this may seem ridiculous (my point here in a nutshell), but to illustrate just how ridiculous it isn't let me say this, I guarantee you non Butch readers, every single Butch or butch persuasioned women  who has read  that scene and every one that will or might for years to come felt an assortment of sick, shame, uncomfortable and repulsed afterward!

Butch sexuality is the ONLY sexuality whereby the person is systematically shamed out of their sexuality in order to maintain their identity! It is an either or position. Either you are Butch with a dysfunctional sexuality that isn't much spoken of or you have a healthy sexuality and you arent a real Butch. This is partly why so many in the Femme/Butch community  find me so fucking threatening because I dare to challenge this fucking nonsense by being a capital B Butch  with a healthy Butch sexuality! I know right! How dare I??? Well fucking dare I do! And I dare you too!

People have always drawn superficial parallels between Butch women and men in how we're "so much alike". Harmful, ignorant, problematic, but I digress. The parallels range from Butch women "looking" like men (mannish/manly/handsome), Butch women "acting" like men (playing/watching sports, adept at fixing things, mechanics, map reading, physical strength, humour) and an assumption of Butch women objectifying women with a male-type gaze due in part by Butch women imitating male behaviour through using (not usually meaning) objectifying comments ( "damn I'd fuck that shit", "check out the rack on her", "I'd drink her bathwater"). I wont deny there is a thin thread running through these parallels, but that thread reaches its end when one tries to draw a sexuality parallel between Butch women and men. You will NEVER see a woman begging, pleading day after day after day after day to suck a man's dick and have said man refuse her each and every time. While Femme after Femme after Femme is experiencing just that (replace dick with clit) day in and day out, year in and year out.

There are so many aspects of male behaviour that Butch women will freely, proudly even, imitate except where sex is concerned. Why should the imitation end there? The desire for ultimate pleasure supercedes male loss of power and male vulnerability when men allow women to suck their dicks. Men have learned to create/imagine a sexual situation whereby they feel/are all powerful through an all vulnerable position (a woman being in complete control of their sex and sexual pleasure). So why is it then that Butch women when in the same vulnerable position freeze, panic, feel ashamed? Why arent we teaching/guiding/helping our Butch women to feel the power that Femme women feel when they make themselves vulnerable to us? Why are we tolerating the fucked-up-ness instead of Butch women being constantly shamed out of their natural sexual urges/desires???

So I am led back to the original question, how can a Butch enjoy her pussy without shame and while remaining Butch, simple. There isnt a fucking thing wrong, unButch or shameful about enjoying the finer things in life, and there aint much finer than a HOT Femme with her HOT tongue stroking your clit till your eyes roll back into your head!


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The End of Sex Change Surgery-Sometimes you have to lose a Battle to win the War

While it is obviously frightening to read such news, especially in light of the changes I posted about regarding the future changes to the DSM which in its current draft is issuing "sex change" procedures to children via the kinds of clothes they prefer and the kinds of toys they like, there may be some hope here. One the largest problems facing the medical establishment with regard to the "trans" issue (besides patriarchal gender conformity) is accurate studies post op "sex change" procedures, due to the pathological narcissism informing the "trans" disorder i.e. "trans" person saying whatever they feel the must to maintain their "trans lie".

How would our state and federal tax dollars being spent to mutilate the mentally ill help with more accurate post op stats? Given we live in a sue happy nation, you can bet your bottom tax dollar those persons who come to their senses can and WILL sue the pants off the state/fed that paid for their being unnecessarily drugged and permanently mutilated as a result, which in turn will have the state/fed holding these "gender specialists/mutilationists" accountable because the state/fed aren't going to wanna lose monies over mistakes made by the medical establishment. The lawsuits can/will then be used to help with a more accurate "trans regret" stats.

So in between the lawsuits, the state/fed angry/embarrassment/tax dollar waste, the state/fed holding the medical community responsible to pay out those lawsuits, the trans machine will have a serious wrench thrown into its workings which in turn will cause the medical community to deeper examine these barbaric "treatments" like the ice pick lobotomies before it and like the ice pick "cure" finally put an end to this barbarism, in favour of a more humane treatment.

As an aside think for a moment about this as well, after the first time someone sues the state/fed over a wrongful "sex change" and wins (and wins BIG), the crazies will in droves seek the "trans cure" just so they can sue. If you think I'm crazy for proposing that there will be people crazy enough to do so, there has already been multiple (in the US alone) "sex change" surgeries sought by criminal men whom have never before suffered from any GID issues in the past in order to be put in women's prisons rather than the more scary mens prisons.

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Another Job Op.

Another job op. for women/lesbians. Take this opportunity if you're in need of a job and/or pass this job op. to a woman or lesbian you know in the position to apply for this job.

Here is the link containing the job app.

good luck


Secret Shame

Someone past these secrets onto me recently.

How terrible that because of an ignorant hetero-patriarchal medical community's "treatment" of the "trans" ill, they have created a whole new form of shame: Trans Shame.





Women's Job Op.

Here is another job being posted to various "trans" list trying to co-opt jobs for women.

If you know of any REAL women qualified for this job, please pass this info on.

Women taking back women's positions!


Butch-Femme-Bad Touch

When you have the time, I would like it if you could tell me how *you* came to understand all of these things in the face of queer theory and all this stuff that's flying around out there.  Did you used to buy into the same ideas - "they're just trapped in a (x's) body" and all that?  If not, how is it that you didn't?

A Femme friend asked me these questions in a recent email and I thought I would answer her here as my answers might be beneficial to other Femmes and Butches just seeking out Femme/Butch spaces or coming into their Femme/Butch identities.

When I first came onto the Femme/Butch "scene", I was in my mid thirties and out of an 8 year relationship.  What I found was more or less a milder version of "butch/femme" of the one that is out there right now. Milder in the sense that there were less Mtf/FtM's, a few less "he/him/hyms" and less over all blatant misogyny in general. Did I buy for a minute that there were some who were "trapped in the wrong body"? Of course not. While not having the expert knowledge I currently hold, I did have the basic common sense to know how absolutely ridiculous and impossible such nonsense was. I did quickly find out that there were some very ignorant and backwards people out there thinking and supporting otherwise to the sad determent of others. For a spell and to illustrate the ridiculousness of the whole "born in the wrong body" nonsense was, I did proclaim I too was born in the wrong body. That I was really a millionaire trapped in a paupers body only I hadnt figured out which body parts needed to be hacked off in order for me to received my desired millionaire bodyrific results....lol

As far as the "male ID'd" nonsense, it quickly became apparent the women most adamant about being "male ID'd" werent Butch at all, but your run of the mill  tweener dykes whom are still those primarily using male terms to over compensate for their lack of butchness as well as the same women who are primarily trannifying. As a Butch this stuff was quite obvious to me, I probably hadnt thought through the hows and whys of it to the extent I have now, but I could see pretty clearly through the bullshit within a short time.

When at first checking out these forums and communities I had the feelings of an uncomfortableness.
 This may sound extreme, but it is fitting I think, its kinda like when we're children and adults are explaining "good touch/bad touch". We KNOW intimately in our deep selves when we experience even the mildest form of "bad touch", no matter the age. We may not be able to explain it or put it into language, but we KNOW this is just NOT right. And thats the feeling I got straight away when I first began getting into the Femme/Butch scene. I think that is what needs to be pressed to new/young Femmes and Butches, if it feels wrong, it is because it is! Here I had defended myself sex since about age three, and now as an adult I was expected to just give myself up on being a proud Butch woman and pretend to be a fucking cowardly second rate man? WHA? After all the hetero-normative bullshit I grew up gagging on, the struggles, the embarrassments, the fucking "sir's", the ever present Butch shame and to get to a point in life where I finally felt how unique and awesome I as a Butch woman am, and then to think great, bonus I found "community" as well, only to discover what in fact I found was the fucking Twilight Zone instead!

So to the Femme who posed the question and to anyone Femme or Butch new to Femme/Butch, the short of it is, if it feels wrong, feels like that "bad touch" you were warned about as a child, it is because it is. Like your mom told you as a kid, if anyone tries to "bad touch" you, run away and come tell mommy.

If any of you feel that sense of "bad touch" in the current Femme/Butch state, dont be afraid to tell/talk/ask your mommy dirt.



Female (Butch) "Masculinity"????

A Femme friend recently sent me a boatload of Femme/Butch writings/publications dating from the last 15 years aka post-queer theory. Besides the shit loads of general inaccuracies and ignorance's there was one distinct ignorant inaccuracy that ran straight through every single piece: the application of "masculinity" as a descriptor of the nature of Butch women. That is not to say that there wasnt also the ignorant inaccuracy of hetero-femininity being liberally applied to Femme lesbians, but that is another post for a different day.

For all of Queer Theory's Pat Robertson aggressive pulpit preaching of gender "fluidity", once you strip off the white collar from around their preachy necks and toss their gender troubled bible into the nearest fire pit you are basically left with the very same hetero-normative patriarchal confines of gender that Queer Theory claims to have been subverting since Queer Theory first broke and illegally entered Lesbian Theory's backdoor in the early 90's.

Queer Theory's slight of hand revealing no trick at all, may be a great crowd pleaser to the ashamed, unhappy, depressed, miserable wannabe special snowflake worshipers, but it has seriously harmed through its deception the Femme/Butch community with its underlying hetero-normative male/female role requirements/expectations/pressures/demands of our community beginning with the notion of Butch as "masculine female"!

There is an unimaginative laziness that like the slight of hand Queer Theory uses with regards to gender that it uses also with words/language.  It pretends to be creative and utilitarian with redefinitions of the meanings of already well established  words, which gives Queer Theory this hip happening cutting edge glitter that colours and memorizes its multi ID'd worshipers, which unfortunately has spread into our community with hopes, promises and validations most of us (especially Butch women) have never had. And often times even when those validations ring false, it is better than no ringing at all. So that when the notion of a "female masculinity" arose, Butch women felt a sense that they were understood and finally SEEN. Women so desperate to be seen they didnt bother to see the falsehood of such notions, nor worse, the misogyny. Most were too busy believing they were "redefining masculinity" to include them as women.

None questioned and still aren't questioning why they feel the need to be included into "masculinity" in the first place! Queer Theory's Pete and repeat and repeat some more "gender fluidity" clearly fails here, when it, like hetero-normative society can only think/live in binary categories such as "masculine" and "feminine" in relation to how men and women appear. Literally as I'm working on this post, as I sit here right this very minute the perfect example of what I'm babbling about takes place. A woman just friended me on Facebook. I check to see if it is someone I know. She isnt. I send her a message asking why she has friended me. She says she thought she knew me. That I dont buy, but thats not my point. I ask her if she knows I'm a woman/Butch lesbian because she lists herself as "straight" and here is her response capped:

Actually I do not look "masculine" at all, let alone "more than a man". I may look/be butcher than men, but certainly not masculine/more masculine than men. But she can only see/think in hetero-normative ideas of masculinity/femininity-male/female because that is the dominant thought regardless of the tens of thousands whose brand of masculinity/femininity goes unseen-such as Butch women's. I just looked up masculinity in my wordweb dictionary and here is what it says:

Well as a Butch WOman, I clearly do not possess male "characteristics"; I do not posses strong odors, excessive body hair, course body hair and skin, pronounced jaw line, large feet/hands, larger skull/bones to list a few. The fact is, if we were to take a dozen or so Butch women and a dozen or so non Butch woman, all of various fitness levels, put a bag over the heads of all and asked your average person in the street are these bodies "masculine" or "feminine", I've no doubt all would be considered "feminine" bodied. We could do the same experiment and instead of a dozen Butch women, replace them with a dozen FtM women and we would get quite different answers. It would be obvious the ftM women weren't men, but the effects of years of testosterone use and body carvings would give the impression "masculinity" aka "masculine women".

FtMISOGYNYST and sports women who take steroids are the only true "female masculines", NOT Butch women. I do not take steroids nor am I an ftMISOGYNYST. Butchness is the prime characteristic of my being Butch. Any women (or man for that matter) could inject all the "T" in the world and they will never acquire "butchness". Because being a Butch woman is the absolute requirement of butchness. When ftMISOGYNYST begin injecting "T" into their female systems, the changes that occur are characteristics of masculinity, NOT characteristics of Butch. Even those ftMISOGYNIST that were Butch, lose their butchness by way of masculinity's maleness effects. When the category of "masculinity" is applied to Butch women or when Butch women apply the category of "masculinity" to themselves, Butches are in effect ignorantly being put/putting themselves into the same category as ftMISOGYNYST. Which goes strengthens the idea of Butch as a version of male and butchness as a version of masculinity, both of which neither are as we're women.

Queer Theory may being Houdini-ing the queer alphabet at the moment, but dont let it fool you. There is a rabbit in the fucking hat because the rabbit was put there long before it made its way up onto fucking stage! Queer Theory is a proponent of the more things change, the more things stay the same, the more things must BE changed in order to stay the same! Dont be fooled. If you are a Butch woman or love a Butch woman, validate her butchness, yes. But do so with the legitimacy of her as a woman, and not as the illegitimacy of her as an other/male.

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Michael Bermant-Mutilater of the Mentally Ill

Help stop the mutilation of mentally ill women. This doKtor needs to be STOPPED. He is profiting by mutilating mentally ill women with promises of "male" chests, rather than the mutilated female chests end up with and must live with for the rest of their days. These doKtors and these sick misogynistic practices MUST be stopped. Please write to a letter of complaint expressing the insanity of these out dated "treatments" of mentally ill women.

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Whats in a Name?

I received what I thought was a strange comment the other day regarding my real name. A Butch asked why I dont change my real first name, which I thought particularly odd. She said she had changed hers because it was "too feminine"????WHA? I'm a Butch, i.e. a FEMALE, therefore have a female name. Not masculine, not feminine, FEMALE. Are we now ascribing gender behaviour to NAMES too?????

It is pathetic enough that some women are so insecure and self hating as to refuse the use of female pronouns, but to think because one is a Butch woman one should alter their name to a name predominantly male is nuts! Well frankly I just dont have that kind of insecurity nor the time to waste on such utter nonsense. Butch has nothing to do with what I do, how I do it or what my name is and everything thing to do with my biological Butch nature. Butch isnt something that can be stripped off by letting a Femme make love to us, being emotionally and/or physically naked, being proud of being a woman, liking and enjoying our breast and pussys, being referred to as she's and hers or proudly answering to our names, be they Barbara, Lisa, Alice, Hester or Phoebe!

My ma named me Lynn and I will proudly remain Lynn until they put in my fucking grave.


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