WOMEN'S Studies Position

As promised I bring to you another Women's Studies position that is being channeled through "trans-academics". If you are a REAL woman/lesbian in a position to apply for this job or know someone who is, please put your name in the hat if you wish to preserve WOMEN teaching WOMEN'S Studies rather than risking male privileged Mtf men and/or ftMISOGYNIST who either know nothing about women/women's issues or pathologically HATE women period!

Dirt-a Woman for Women taking Women's Studies back!


  1. Hi Dirt, love your blog. Would you prefer only lesbian women apply for the position, or any "nature made" women?

  2. Thank you Cilla,

    Any woman who O natural woman will do!


  3. Why do you hate trans women so much? We don't have the male privilege you assume we have. Plus, most of us aren't trying to "appropriate" jobs from "real" women. We're just trying to make it in this world, just like you are.

    And, maybe we don't see our experience as women in the same way as you see yours. But we are no more part of the patriarchy than you are.

    By the way...I dress the part of a het woman--albeit a middle-aged and not terribly glamorous one--because it is what suits me best. Your being a butch is what suits you best. Why can't you leave it at that instead of imputing motives to me that I simply don't have or demonizing those whose gender identities and sexuality just happen to be different from yours?


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