A few words on Bits and Junk and Chests

So who the hell is squatting on our Femme/Butch-lands these days? A bunch of fucking three year olds and their mommy's??? I cannot for the life of me remember the last time I've seen in Femme/Butch spaces/company a Butch's tits and pussy actually referred to AS tits and pussys! What is with the fucking pathological female shame that demands Butches refute their tits and pussy's and replace them with "bits" and "junk" and "chests" IN supposed safe Femme/Butch spaces??? I mean if it isnt the Butch referring to her breast and pussy as "bits" and "junk" and "chests" then its the Femmes using such childish terms for Butch bodies reinforcing Butch body shame.

Femmes are beginning to be more vocal about their lesbian Butch desires, but frankly how can Femme's possibly expect Butch women to respond sexually with their breast and pussys when their shame is made clear by Femme's using infantile lingo for adult desires? And how are Butch women suppose to feel when their breast and pussys are erased in Femme/Butch spaces by Femmes and Butches?????? Why do we continue to pretend Butch women do not possess female bodies? Female bodies Femmes want to lick and touch and suck and make love to??? And why in the fuck arent we discussing these issues IN the safety of Femme/Butch spaces rather than play childish fantasied games of Butch equals something NOT woman??

If you are a Femme reading this and you are partnered with a Butch, if only today, if only this once TELL HER how much you love and desire her tits and pussy!


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  1. Great post, Dirt. I never understood the point of describing our pussies as "junk." Junk!? As if something to throw away.

  2. Thanks LeFemme! Its sad to see how so many Femme/Butch women have internalized men's hatred/jealously of women's superior bodies.


  3. I've noticed this too. There is an incredible amount of denial and shame amongst butches about their female body parts. It's EXTREMELY disturbing.

    I try to give shout-outs to butch breasts and pussies when I can, but it's not nearly often enough. THANK YOU for sharing these few words. :)

  4. Dirt,

    Sometimes, when I need a feminist, pro-woman infusion, I reread your posts--months or years after initially digesting them.


  5. Good post! I remember back in the day before everyone and their dog were transitioning, there were butches and then there were the super stone butches that refused to be touched in intimate areas or even to be seen nude by their lovers. I wonder if those same people were here in "trans free for all times" if they would decide to transition or at least claim body or gender dysphoria.
    Maybe this has been going on for a very long time and only relatively recently has medical industry started catering to and validating (encouraging) body dysphoria in an effort to make a tidy profit.


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