This comment earlier brought me to tears

Other than two radical lesbian feminist blogs who honored Mary's legacy, I didnt see her death mentioned anywhere. How horrific that "feminist" are trashing her because she dared to care about women, even those mentally ill women who cannot see to care for themselves. She was gift who will be missed.

Lewis, thank you for a most lovely comment and I'm utterly flattered to be put in the company as Mary Daly! You have my word I will do whatever I can to keep the torch going; to put a public face on Butch WOMEN, fight Femme and Butch invisibility, reestablish a radical feminist ideology within Femme/Butch, fight misogyny on all levels and dismantle the LIES that surround trannification by disseminating the TRUTH!






  1. Actually as soon as I found out, I mentioned it on the Michfest list(political section) along with her Pirate Amazon quote which I LOVED. She'd be appalled at the state of Lesbian Nation and what's happening to Butch/boyish young women these days and how they're so readily identifying as male!

    Keep on keeping on, and there are MANY of us Butches in this struggle right there with you, on different forums. We need to intensify the flames, come out of the shadows, and be FULLY VISIBLE to carry on Daly's legacy. And looking at all her pics, with Labryis and all, unlike so many other lesbian feminists, she indeed is decidely Butch!
    -Labryis Swinging,

  2. Dirt, you ARE doing some heaving lifting here. Thank you.

    "LOVE YOURSELF." Oh, I love it!

  3. Thanks Dirt for being the torch bearer. I just can't believe how ungrateful feminists are to the woman who gave her all for radical feminism. We have a complete trans derailing of the radical lesbian feminist philosopher, and most of the people commenting haven't even read her books.

    You have women who are actually afraid of someone who stood up to men, stuck by her convictions. No mention that for eons Boston College banned ALL women from the university, nor a mention of what the male/female ratio was at the college later. I took college classes where women were maybe 1-2% of the class, and felt I got a lesser education. Dr. Daly tried to remedy that.
    So the women she freed don't remember, don't give a damn and would rather support the men or former men... I get it. MTFs are still more important than women born women. Keep exposing the medical attrocities, and let all those women who have no clue what doctors are doing to butch bodies take note.


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