National Womens Studies Conf. waste time with MENS "issues" pt 2

Here is the other email I referred to in my last post. More idiotic than the "discussion" regarding men in women's private spaces.

"Getting rid of gender"? Are you fucking kidding me? Wouldnt that be better discussed at say a national _____ conference, rather than a WOMENS conference?

There isnt a thing wrong with gender, there are men, there are women, and a small minority of in-betweens who are themselves predominantly male or female and live as such (provided they are allowed).

The problems arise when individual males and females are too cowardly, too ashamed, too ignorant, too self hating (due to patriarchal misogynistic systems in place which they fail to fight/see through) to live being the kind of male or female they naturally are. (and I am not speaking of autogynephiles (hetero Mtfs) here-clearly thats a serious mental illness) There isnt anything wrong with male or female, there is everything wrong with how post modernism has easily convinced the desperate that male and female is more than male and female to the point some actually THINK they are one sex "on the inside" and another sex "on the outside". WHA? Gender equals sex, always has, always will. You can thank post modernism for some ignorantly thinking like "sex" they can mutilate words into a whole new meaning mid-way through as well. But to the majority who live and breath reality, those changes only occur in the heads of ignorant or disordered.

Getting back on track, this is more of men doing what men do, wasting womens time with BULL SHIT in order to keep women from working on REAL WOMENS issues.

Fucking sicking!



  1. Amazing that I can read this "women's studies" crap today, and except for a few word changes, its the same crap I read 30 years ago:

    * Mental masturbation
    * Completely out of touch with real people's lives -- including real women's lives
    * Self-serving
    * Assuming that using a lot of big words and complex sentences proves how "smart" you are
    * Dangerous like a gas leak is dangerous, pushing out the good air and leaving the bad

  2. Its worse today, because at least 30 years ago it was women behind bull, today is men posing as women.


  3. Sickening, truly sickening. How can theory change the reality of biology? It can't. we ARE different. Women are the cornerstone, the foundation of humanity. Mothers are essential. children REQUIRE their mothers bodies for gestation, and then lactation for a minimum of two years after birth. Males are an adjunct to that. if done well, through hard work, and devotion to the support of the mother, they can demonstrate that they have earned a relationship with a child. otherwise, men are purely decorative and if allowed to have any kind of real power waste human lives and energy with destructive pursuits like war and architecture. that basic biology cannot be denied, it can be mindfucked by bored unnecessary men who create complex bullshit patriarchies to justify their existence and pretend their superiority, but it remains despite the centuries of lies. women are essential, men are, like drones in a beehive, at best pleasant distractions and sources of gametes, at worst a drain on the hive and source of destruction. that's the truth the dumbfuck apologist liberal feminists will never dare speak and it's the truth that bites us all in the ass.
    we don't need to get rid of gender, we need to put the men in their place. doing what they're told, when they're told by the ones who are always ultimately responsible for the REAL reality. the ones who feed, clean, clothe, educate, hell, CREATE, everyone else: WOMEN.

  4. Cassaundra,

    Theory can change biology through brutality, knives, and shame. The foot-binding of centuries of Chinese women. The mutilation of intersex children. Anorexia. Forced sterilization. Cosmetic surgery. Trannification. Theory can also interpret biology.

    "Gender" is an ill-defined term and invites illogical thinking. The queer theorists include sex in gender. The trannies seem to redefine it whenever they need to fudge their arguments.

  5. I find this sort of thinking frightning. It's like a license to bash and hate anything female.

  6. This is what women's studies has come to: 'Gender studies', instead of Lesbian groups or the Dyke March, it's for the 'gender fluid'. Gender fluidity and gender arguements are now the norm in the LGBTLMNOPXYZ community. A bunch of fucking claptrap. Where IS our Lesbian only or even WOMEN ONLY space? Where are our women's bookstores, printing presses, women's/lesbian newspapers, mags, hangouts, lesbian centers, lesbian groups ect. ect. ect. lesbian businesses? Gone gone and more gone, cuz of JUST THIS CLAPTRAP. Does that mean that women are no longer the spoils of war, that women rape men as much as men rape women? that women batter and fuck and hold men down and don't let them advance in their careers or even allow them to get a nontraditional career, the way that men do to women? What about the genitally mutilated 80 million women across the world that are almost nothing more than cows for men, with very few rights and veils covering their faces, threatened with horrible threats should they step out of their role or assert independence, much less become Lesbian and walk away from men, men's religions, men's political systems, men's social systems, men's medical systems, and on and on and on. Do women have 100% of the rights that men do that we can 'overcome gender'? This is one of those grandiose tasks that is so unattainable as to be virtually meaningless. I guess with Thomas Beattie we now have 'pregnant men'! So do men get a womb implanted in them too so they can take part in reproduction or have to worry every time they have heterosex they'll get pregnant too? Do they have to worry about a single man/woman or a group of women standing on a street corner chasing them down and raping them if they're dressed too scantily? How much do they have to worry about sexual harassment or jobs that don't pay much compared to women?

    What a bunch of crap! Like Nat said! Just like so many of the queer conferences where you won't see hardly ONE workshop exclusively for Dykes! So man and trans heavy these days!

    I'm a DYKE dammit...I'm ALL WOMON...and I ONLY DATE/have sexual relationships with BIO FEMALE WOMEN/DYKES!

    If gender is eliminated, then my sexual orientation is eliminated, but honey, whatever you call it, I don't want any penis between us friends! No flat chests and no penises, only bio female yonis, and breasts...that are naturally grown. Thank you very much. I'm not pansexual, nor do I want to DOES matter to me. The term gender these days is meaningless to me....Proud to be Butch but All Dyke, and ALL Female and that's all I another who is the same, whether Butch or Femme, but all bio-Female and Dyke all the same........

  7. Once we win the war against sexism, that is the diminishment of ALL women by men's institutions which I listed in my last post, and ALL women are free from violence, rape, discrimination, lesser pay for work, deprivation of food so the male human lion can be fed first, control by male centered religions and dieties, THEN maybe we can talk about'dismantling gender'.

    Once Lesbophobia is overcome, that Lesbians are treated with equal dignity that straight women and men take for granted, and even gay men with their much greater privilege than dykes because they're male and have male only networks, and that trans and bis aren't crashing our spaces but actively creating their own AND RESPECTING OURS, and that ANY WOMAN who desires across the world can become a Lesbian, and center her most intimate energies, love and passion towards other womyn only without having to fear rape, violence, censure, censorship, shame or even the death penalty in some countries or discrimination on the job and out in the world...then MAYBE we can discuss 'getting rid of gender/sexual orientation' But better to get rid of sex/gender/sexual orientation discrimination. And allow us Lesbians to have our unique womon and Dyke centered and womon loving ways about us, and our love for women, cuz THAT's the sex we crave. NOT the other, nor do we want to mix and match!

    For Butches, if you get rid of violence against us as Butch Lesbians, Butch Women who are actively being invisibilized by the trans movement, or so much pressure is being put upon us to give up our Lesbian spaces/herstory/identity to take on the MALE identity, whether genderqueer/FTM ect. destroying our Female bodies in the process, as well as our unique Female Minds and Spirits, that transition or identifying as male is the process to our liberation rather than knocking down the doors of sexism, lesbophobia and Butchphobia(like Dirt mentions, attitudes towards her in the bathroom, but not just there, out in the world and on the job and with family as well), then MAYBE we can talk about overcoming 'gender'. But really,
    we ARE gendered sex BEINGS. Women have a lovely luscious Yoni/Cunt/Labia/Gateway to the Goddess, and I love my hand inside one, and a woman's hand/fingers inside mine. It is a multiorgasmic ecstasy that cannot be denied. Can the other sex do that? No, they can only orgasm once.....Lesbian sex is unique, as Lesbians are unique, and I DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP MY UNIQUENESS for some fakely nightmare fiction of a genderless society where we all wear grey suits and everybody looks and acts just like everybody else!

    Sorry if you're a penis wearer, were a penis wearer, or want to be a penis wearer, I HAVE NO INTEREST IN YOU! I want to give up the lockstep of gender roles and boxes that any little girl is forced into, but not the girlhood, womonhood is the Female I crave, sexually, emotionally, politically, psychologically, psychically and SPIRITUALLY. It is absolutely revolutionary. 'Getting rid' of gender is NOT. It's total bullshit.

    The Super Bowl was today. How many MTF's and FTMS and women were on the Super Bowl Football teams? NONE. My point exactly. Which sex keeps war going to feel alive? The MALE one. Who benefits from the spoils of war and who are the victims, the males are the benefitters who rape and plunder, the women and children are the victims.....end of story. work towards getting rid of sexism, lesbophobia, Butchphobia and WAR. And women and Dykes will then be so completely liberated the energy released on this planet will be unimaginable...and positive.


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