More attacks on this blog from the "trans" community

This is the fourth of such posts I've been notified about/found myself in the last two days. Interestingly this group is the first to claim "everyone is entitled to an opinion" except when that means only if that opinion is stamped and approved by them. Slandering, attacking, smear campaigning, bullying and all around patriarchal gang male tactics are typical to this group in order to silence truth-sayers. Even an individual woman maintaining a tiny blog in the vast blogspace whose writings(primarily about Butch lesbian experience) do not have the special "trans" stamp of approval must be silenced/stamped out. Because if just one thing I write or other radical feminists write, gets in, the whole "trans" identity (which isnt the core identity but the fragile weak made up identity they use as a crutch) might go up in flames and them with it. This is what happens when identity is carved from without with surgeon's knife, rather than healed from within.

A few bigger names who have been the target of similar attacks from the "trans" community.

Guess the repeated "dirts and idiot/no one listens to her, we have nothing to worry about" malarkey isnt holding any water or else the calculated organized attacks by the thousands on me wouldnt be in full force, now would they!

dirt-proud Butch WOman standing proud for a future visible Butch!

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  1. Dirt,

    Since you mention Bailey, what is your view of Ken Zucker and the Clarke Institute in general?

  2. Dirt,

    Many trans activists are up in arms about Zucker. Apparently he runs a reparative therapy program to try to keep very feminine boys and very tomboyish girls from growing up transgender or transsexual, by forcing them into stereotypically-masculine and stereotypically-feminine roles.

    Now the majority of such kids - in these programs or just left alone - don't grow up trans. And the majority of trans adults didn't grow up like those kids.

    If these programs grow more widespread, they could become sex-role control centers. That wouldn't do anything to prevent transsexualism and could create trouble for butch womyn among others.


  3. I agree. Thats why a face must be up on Butch women and Butch femininity recognized.



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