Female Transition-Progress for Women or The End of Womens Progress??

I've been thinking historically how the male medical establishment has used its highfalutin medical authority to assist in the control of women. Women have been and remain the dominant sex diagnosed with mental illness. They also have been and remain the dominant sex tortured, experimented on and locked up for those mental dis/eases. Disorders "discovered" no less by men. I wondered where would Freud's Anna O or Dora be were they alive today, with all the new disorders available to Freud and the "treatments" to go with. I then thought where would all our great god mother's be had the patriarchal medical establishment had the current "treatments" we have available them then?

And so I take you on a historic tour of the future of women through the women of the past bearing that in mind:

If wondering what instead of furthering the advancement of women would have been in the hearts and mind of these medically "treated" nonconformist woMEN of the past, I leave you with what is on the minds of the medically "treated" disordered women of today snapped from several major trans female forums:
Here is the future concerns of women. Thank the patriarchy on your way out.


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  1. Yep, I'm hearing alot of that crap already, on several different dyke/queer sites. Butches and boyish types are talking about breast binders, 'T', transition, top surgery, ect. all the things on this list on a regular basis where lesbians congregate in certain sectors of the dyke community. It's very sad. Very few Butches are talking about personal empowerment as a female/woman, feminism of any sort, even the most basic, or loving women and themselves as women and finding a way to fight back against the Man, and patriarchy. Instead they're choosing to conform to it, and 'pass' as male. And YET redefine the dyke community as 'queer and trans friendly'. Queer, queer, queer, not Dyke, Dyke, Lesbian, Butch, Woman,Female, Empowerment!

    I'm sick of hearing about hormones and potential surgeries and insistence on male pronouns everywhere I turn. Indeed, they are trying to shed their womonhood as fast as possible! And yet still wanting to remain, and feeling ENTITLED to remain in Dyke/Women's space, events and organizations!
    Go figure! And then they whine and picket and threaten if we don't want to allow access and make it women only. And some say, "I'm Female, but not a woman!" SHEESH..makes no sense to me. Well, if you're NOT a woman, then heck, quit bothering us,our organizations or our women's events, and quit asking us to accomodate you! Then you're no better than 'the Man'!


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