Featuring Trans Mutlilater: Doktor Marci Bowers

Marci Bowers regularly performs female genital mutilation surgeries on ftMISOGYNYST women. Marci (Mark) Bowers also happens to be a MISOGYNISTtfaux (Mtf). Here are some samples of what he's doing to the "trans" disordered women (who pay out the nose btw) to see him.

Looking at the Doktor's work here I cannot help but ask wtf did this poor woman pay a minimum of $4000 for?? Your average women could shave her pussy and achieve the same results!

This is yet another example of misogyny in action! This Doktor is charging "trans" disordered females exorbitant amounts of money for results (a male penis) he cannot provide. The ftMISOGYNIST who see Doktor Bowers go in with an idea in their poor disordered brains of the "man" they are going to be when they leave. But what happens to the already disordered self image when one looks in the mirror and still sees their pussy staring back at them? Even the pussy's w/plastic balls STILL look like pussy's w/plastic balls!

I have to wonder how much jealously also plays a part in Mtf Doktor Bowers practice towards is female patients.

At any rate, here is another doktor whose mutilative practices are harming women, both physically and mentally, permanently! Doktor Bowers email is at the bottom of his website let him and the complaints board know these "procedures" are UNFUCKINGEXCEPTABLE!





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  1. You are an amazing reality machine, Dirt.

  2. Herr Doktor, sounds like a Nazi experiment, 'cept it's on bio-females...same MENtality though...we can't just be ourselves. A Nazi experiment being wreaked in particular against the lesbian community, and the most potentially obvious of dykes especially, and forcing them into other camps..not to be the powerful BUTCH WOMEN DEFYING MEN, that they could be, but kowtowing or becoming 'one of them' instead....sounds like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"! One day we wake up and all the Butches are gone! And we're the last ones left...till they catch us!

  3. are you sure that's an "after" pic? sure looks like a "before" to me!

  4. Thats my point Cass! That cost $4000 grand! She could have went to a wax shop, paid $30 bucks, got her crotch waxed and ended up with the same results!


  5. Letter of complaint written and faxed per your blog info.

    Keep up the good work L.

    *proud to know you* ;)

  6. The more of these pictures I see on your blog the more I think, who do they think they are fooling? I'm guessing that things is supposed to be a penis.....right?

  7. I just don't understand. That looks *nothing* like a penis. Why would a girl do that to herself?

  8. So maybe the person who had that procedure done to her hates herself. But why are you adding your own hate? You don't change anyone's self-hatred by showing that person more hate.


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